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Benjamin Moore Lenox Tan HC-44 [Paint Color Review 2023]

By: Susie
Updated On: August 30, 2023

Sprucing up your living space is no easy endeavor, particularly when selecting the perfect paint shade for your walls. In this post, we're honing in on one versatile color that has been stealing the limelight in the world of interior design - Benjamin Moore Lenox Tan HC-44.

This color review will provide valuable insights to help you understand why this hue might be just what you need for your next home makeover project.

Color can skyrocket a room from average to stunning, and the right shade has a major influence on the aesthetic and mood of your living space.

With its classic elegance and warm undertones, Benjamin Moore Lenox Tan is a quintessential choice that could harmoniously blend with various decor styles.

If you're looking for a neutral backdrop for bold furniture or an inviting wall color that creates a cozy vibe, this review will showcase how Lenox Tan could be an ideal fit for your preferred style.

All Eyes On Benjamin Moore Lenox Tan HC-44

With an exceptional blend of brown and beige, Benjamin Moore's Lenox Tan HC-44 emerges as a timeless neutral that complements various design elements.

This shade leans more towards brown, yielding a warmth that radiates comfort and coziness while still holding onto an elegant neutrality.

Its versatility is an unbeatable asset, qualified to effortlessly adapt to different spaces and decor styles. This color renders a subtle vibe of sophistication and serenity that can enhance your space without overwhelming it.

If you favor classic, modern, or rustic aesthetics, Lenox Tan HC-44 offers immense potential in transforming your rooms into chic dwellings.

Breaking Down the LRV of Lenox Tan HC-44

Breaking Down the LRV of Lenox Tan HC-44

The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of a paint color indicates how light or dark it is on a scale of 0 (black) to 100 (white).

Understanding the LRV of color can help determine how it looks and feels in your space, particularly the room's lighting conditions.

Lenox Tan HC-44 from Benjamin Moore boasts an LRV of 43.14. This value suggests that Lenox Tan is in the medium range, neither too light nor too dark.

Why the LRV Matters

The understanding and application of LRV can be instrumental in achieving your desired aesthetics:

  • Lighting Conditions: The same color can appear differently under various lighting conditions, and understanding its LRV can help predict these changes.
  • Room Size Perception: A higher LRV makes a space feel larger and more open, while lower values create a cozier atmosphere.
  • Energy Efficiency: Lighter colors are more reflective and can help reduce lighting requirements, contributing towards energy efficiency.
  • Mood Setting: Colors with different LRVs create distinct atmospheres; lighter shades often feel uplifting, while darker hues imbue depth and intimacy.

Being aware of the LRV allows you to investigate how Lenox Tan could add visual warmth to your rooms and whether it will meet other practical considerations related to space perception, energy use, or mood setting.

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What are the Undertones of Lenox Tan?

Benjamin Moore Lenox Tan HC-44 showcases pronounced yellow undertones, resulting in a rich, creamy hue. The presence of these undertones allows Lenox Tan to emanate warmth and comfort.

These yellow undertones might become more noticeable in different lighting conditions or when placed next to contrasting colors.

They endow the color with an inviting creaminess that differentiates it from stark neutral browns, adding a breath of soothing color without straying too far into vibrancy.

This attribute makes Lenox Tan perfect for creating an embracing ambiance that invites you to unwind after a tiresome day. It also allows this shade to enhance wooden furniture, rustic elements, or decor with warmer hues.

Are Undertones Important?

  • Aesthetics and Mood: Undertones subtly influence the feel of a paint color. A warm undertone adds coziness, while cooler ones invoke freshness.
  • Color Harmony: Recognizing undertones is essential when coordinating colors in your space for smooth transitions and balanced composition.
  • Light Behavior: The way a color reacts under different light qualities can be largely attributed to its undertones.
  • Size Perception: Similar to LRV, the type of undertone can also infiltrate our perception of space size - cooler for spaciousness and warmer tones for intimacy.

Recognizing these subtle nuances' importance is vital when selecting paint colors. In simple terms, considering undertones enables you to tap into the full potential of any hue - including Benjamin Moore's Lenox Tan HC-44 - during your interior design journey.

The Interior Impact of Lenox Tan HC-44

The Interior Impact of Lenox Tan HC-44

When incorporated into interior spaces, Benjamin Moore Lenox Tan HC-44 creates an ambiance that is both welcoming and full of depth. Let's take a closer look at its impact and recommended applications.

  • Living Rooms: In communal spaces where you host or unwind after a long day, Lenox Tan introduces a comforting warmth—the balance between cozy yet sophisticated results in an inviting space.
  • Bedrooms: For bedrooms, this hue instills tranquility. Complemented with light-toned beddings or furniture, it can evoke a soothing atmosphere that promotes rest.
  • Home Offices: In workspaces, the neutral essence of Lenox Tan fosters focus and productivity while bringing in an element of elegance that is pleasant to the eye.
  • Kitchens & Dining Areas: Paired with sleek white cabinetry or used as a backdrop for open shelving displaying your favorite dishware, this color can make these areas feel richly layered yet fresh.

Lenox Tan is worth considering for those seeking versatility in a neutral shade without sacrificing character.

It is a testament to the idea that neutrals don’t have to be boring - they can be just as impactful as brighter hues when wielded correctly.

An Exterior Perspective on Lenox Tan HC-44

Opting for Benjamin Moore Lenox Tan HC-44 in your exterior spaces can create a charming aesthetic. This mid-toned neutral is incredibly welcoming when applied to home exteriors, setting a tone of understated elegance.

Interplay with Architectural Elements

From siding and porches to doors and window trims, Lenox Tan is a stunning choice that effortlessly merges with various architectural elements.

Whether you've got a vintage ranch-style dwelling or a chic contemporary abode, this color harmoniously enhances the built form.

Landscaping Complement

Lenox Tan also blends seamlessly with nature, beautifully complementing greenery and other landscape features.

If you enjoy creating visual cohesion between your home and its surroundings, this color provides that tasteful blend.

Consider also trying it out as an accent color for shutters or doors to add subtle dimension to your exterior facade. Lenox Tan carries an unrivaled charm in both small doses and broader applications.

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Is Lenox Tan HC-44 Warm or Cool?

Is Lenox Tan HC-44 Warm or Cool?

Lenox Tan HC-44 is a warm paint color. It is a golden warm beige paint color that falls under the earth-tone category in the color wheel and carries subtle yet discernible yellow or golden undertones.

These gingerly undertones perpetuate a gentle, inviting, and comforting warmth - making any space feel like home. Nevertheless, it's not so warm to the point of being yellow or gold; instead, it maintains the understated elegance of neutrals.

Understanding a color's temperature can be crucial in achieving your desired aesthetic as the color temperature can determine the overall 'mood' or 'feel' of a room:

  • Warm Colors like Lenox Tan: They are vibrant and energetic. They can stimulate conversation and appetite, making them ideal for social spaces such as living rooms and dining areas.
  • Cool Colors: They recede into the background, creating a sense of calmness or tranquility, making them most suitable for bedrooms or bathrooms.

Therefore, being aware that Lenox Tan is on the warmer side means you can play to its strengths in spaces where you want to elicit feelings of warmth, comfort, and friendliness.

Paint Samples

Ordering paint samples before committing to gallons of paint is a small step that can significantly impact your final satisfaction with a color. Here's why this minor investment is so crucial:

  • Color Accuracy: Colors may appear different in online images due to varied screen calibrations. A sample ensures what you see is exactly what you'll get.
  • Lighting Influence: Lighting drastically affects a color's appearance - daylight, artificial light, and even the direction your room faces can alter shades. Testing samples allows you to examine the color under these varying conditions.
  • Furniture and Decor Harmony: A paint sample facilitates testing the color against your existing furniture and decor, ensuring they harmoniously blend.
  • Color Cohesion Across Rooms: If you're planning for an open space or creating a whole-house palette, having samples of potential colors will enable easier comparisons for achieving cohesive aesthetics.

By testing Benjamin Moore Lenox Tan HC-44 through a paint sample first, you’re allowing yourself room to experiment and visualize how well it melds with your space before making a larger commitment toward gallons of it, thus minimizing chances for regret or dissatisfaction later.

The Magic Wands - Trim Colors for Lenox Tan

Selecting the right trim color can elevate the impact of your wall color. When paired with Lenox Tan HC-44, these Benjamin Moore shades could be the magic wands that pull together your room's look.

  • Benjamin Moore Cloud White OC-130: Cloud White offers a timeless, classic appeal. This gentle white tone makes your space airy without being stark or too bright. Its soft undertones can perfectly complement Lenox Tan's warmth, adding a touch of sharpness and refinement to your rooms.
  • Benjamin Moore Marble White OC-34: Staying in line with Cloud White's inviting aura but with a slightly cooler undertone, Marble White sets up an elegant contrast with Lenox Tan. This harmonious mix creates a sense of depth and layering that's soothing to the eye.
  • Benjamin Moore Knoxville Gray HC-160: Knoxville Gray is a bold yet balanced option for an interesting deviation from the white family. Its cool bluish-gray tint makes an appealing contrast against Lenox Tan’s warmer and earthier tones.
  • Benjamin Moore Rockies Brown 2107-30: Dark colors create dramatic detailing when used as trims—cue in Rockies Brown. When paired with Lenox Tan HC-44, this deep brown hue can deliver stunningly contrasting visuals that further accentuate the walls and add sophistication to the overall space.

Considering trim colors isn't just about enhancing visual appeal—it also affects how we perceive space and shape within our rooms.

Whether through contrasts or subtle grading through similar hues, trim colors are instrumental in any design scheme.

Selecting one from this curated list can undeniably add to your room's aesthetic while complementing the richness of Benjamin Moore’s Lenox Tan HC-44.

The Play of Light – Interactions Between Shade and Sunlight

The Play of Light – Interactions Between Shade and Sunlight

One of the most intriguing aspects of paint colors is their interplay with varying light conditions - natural sunlight streaming in from different directions (North, South, East, or West) or artificial lighting.

The same color can take on different personalities under differing light conditions, and Benjamin Moore’s Lenox Tan HC-44 is no exception.


Northern light tends to cast a cooler, bluer tone on color due to its indirect nature. As such, colors with a good balance of warm undertones are preferable for north-facing rooms.

This is where Lenox Tan shines. Its intrinsic warmth counters the blue tinge and retains a pleasing brown-beige hue that keeps your space cozy yet well-balanced.


Southern exposure brings abundant light, making colors appear more intense during the day. The ample sunlight complements the beautiful golden undertones of Lenox Tan without causing it to lose its innate sophistication.

This earthy shade in a southern-facing room during the daytime will exude a sun-washed look akin to honeyed beige. At the same time, in the evening, it will subtly transition into a richer tan, mirroring warm terracotta clay.


Rooms with an Eastern orientation enjoy morning sunlight, which has a cooler glow attached to it. Lenox Tan can soften this coolness with its warm notes and respond vibrantly by displaying some contrasting deeper brown hues under this morning’s light.

As daylight progresses and direct eastern light shifts away, expect an elegant shift towards more nuanced tans - giving your rooms an inviting allure throughout the day.


Rooms facing west receive abundant afternoon sunlight accompanied by warmer tones. Under this golden hue, Lenox Tan adorns the walls with extra warmth and depth.

But come evening, when indirect westerly rays seep in, you'll find how gracefully it morphs into its trademark neutral elegance without getting overwhelmed by these changing conditions.

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FAQs About Lenox Tan HC-44

What kind of color is Benjamin Moore's Lenox Tan HC-44?

Benjamin Moore Lenox Tan HC-44 is a warm, neutral paint color, showcasing a harmonious blend of brown and beige.

Does Lenox Tan complement other colors well?

Yes, given its neutral character, Lenox Tan pairs beautifully with contrasting colors like blues and greens and complementing shades like whites and creams.

Is Lenox Tan appropriate for large wall spaces?

Absolutely! Its mid-range LRV ensures it won't overwhelm large spaces while adding warmth and richness.

How does natural light affect the appearance of Lenox Tan?

Natural light can subtly shift the perception of Lenox Tan, making it appear slightly lighter or darker based on the direction of light in your room.

Can I use the traditional and contemporary interior designs of Lenox Tan?

Due to its timeless appeal, Lenox Tan works wonderfully within traditional and modern aesthetics.


If you're searching for a versatile, timeless, and elegant hue that upgrades every room in your home, Lenox Tan HC-44 is an exceptional choice.

Its ability to blend seamlessly across various style aesthetics alongside its inherent warmth and charm captures a perfect balance that can transform your space with both subtlety and significance.

To sum up, whether it's lending comfort to your bedrooms, sophistication to your office, or inviting charm to communal spaces, Lenox Tan earns a solid recommendation from professional designers. It's not just neutral; it's neutral with character and depth.

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