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Benjamin Moore Calm OC-22 [Paint Color Review 2024]

By: Susie
Updated On: September 5, 2023

How many times have you stared at your living room wall, desperately searching for the perfect color that can instantly refresh the room’s vibe? You’re not alone. Choosing a color is like defining your personality, and making the right choice is crucial.

Our Benjamin Moore Calm OC-22 color review will help you understand why this serene hue could be just what your room needs.

Imagine walking into a peaceful haven where a soft palette embraces you, eliciting an immediate feeling of tranquillity. Benjamin Moore’s Calm OC-22 could do just that.

It isn’t just about adding color to walls but creating the perfect ambiance for your space. Ready to explain why this color has been a staple in homes across America? Let’s find out together.

First Eye on Benjamin Moore Calm OC-22

Hailing from the esteemed Off White Collection, Benjamin Moore’s Calm OC-22, also known as 2111-70, sets itself apart with its understated elegance.

This color represents a gentle blend of beige and gray, catching your eye without commanding attention. Its greatest strength lies in its subtlety and versatility – it can effortlessly complement bold accents or lend itself seamlessly to an all-neutral room design.

Calm OC-22 exudes a quiet charm, which is where it gets its name from. Striking the fine balance between warm and cool undertones, this shade offers unparalleled beauty and flexibility, making it a beloved choice for homeowners and designers alike.

You don’t have to limit your imagination when choosing rooms to use this color – with an appearance that adapts to lighting changes throughout the day, Calm OC-22 can grace any room with its presence.

From antique-styled bedrooms to minimalist living rooms – whatever your aesthetic preference is, this subtlety-infused hue fits all decor styles like a dream.

Benjamin Moore Calm OC-22: Warm or Cool?

Benjamin Moore Calm OC-22: Warm or Cool?

Benjamin Moore Calm OC-22 is a warm paint color. It carries a soft, graceful shade of off-white with a slight touch of grey. The warm undertones give it a beautiful, neutral, cozy appeal that lends itself to any space and pairs well with other colors.

Its warmth comes from the subtle hint of beige that prevents the grey in this color from turning cold or stark. Enriching your living rooms, bathrooms, or bedrooms with Calm OC-22 can generate an inviting and serene atmosphere.

From sunny days to artificial evening light, this warm color softly illuminates any room. Benjamin Moore Calm is perfect for those seeking a warm-colored haven within their interiors.

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The Light Reflectance Value of Calm OC-22

The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of Benjamin Moore Calm OC-22 is 75.83. This measure indicates the percentage of light that the paint color reflects, and it plays a crucial role in assessing how bright or dark the color will appear once applied to walls. With an LRV of 75.83, Benjamin Moore Calm OC-22 is considered a relatively light shade.

Explaining LRV in Simple Terms

To put it simply, LRV, which stands for Light Reflectance Value, measures the percentage of light a paint color reflects. The number falls on a scale between 0 (absolute black) and 100 (pure white).

A higher number indicates a color that reflects more light and correspondingly feels more luminous and airy.

The LRV of Benjamin Moore Calm OC-22 is 75.83, which places this color in the higher spectrum of light reflectivity. This makes it ideal for spacious, bright, and welcoming rooms.

The Importance of LRV

LRV plays an underestimated role in creating harmony between the colors in your space. Comparing the LRVs of your chosen hues helps you understand how they interact with each other and with natural or artificial lighting.

Taking LRV into account also ensures suitability to room size principles – lighter colors are preferred to enhance perceived room size and darker ones for a cozier feel.

Specifically considering Benjamin Moore’s Calm OC-22, its high LRV makes it an excellent pick for small areas as it helps bounce light around, making them appear larger, or for large spaces where you wish to maintain a light-drenched atmosphere.

Utilizing Calm OC-22 on Different Surfaces

Utilizing Calm OC-22 on Different Surfaces

The versatile hue of Benjamin Moore Calm OC-22 offers a wide scope of usage – transcending walls to enliven various surfaces.

Its versatility allows you to add a tranquil touch to different elements, from furniture and accessories to the exteriors. Stay tuned as we explore its potential usage in interior and exterior settings.

Choosing this Color for Interiors

This cool-toned hue works magic in interior spaces, enhancing the feel of rooms with less natural light. It’s known for adapting remarkably to changing interior light conditions throughout the day, unveiling subtly different facets in various lights.

Try this shade on your living room walls for that cozy atmosphere, or invite tranquillity into your home office to promote focus.

Don’t stop playing around – be it the kitchen cabinets or fireplace mantels; Calm OC-22 can provide an unexpected dash of elegance where you need it.

Opting for Exteriors

An aspect worth noting about Calm OC-22 is its capacity to transform exteriors entirely. It lends a sophisticated charm when painted on exterior facades, harmonizing most architectural styles.

While it creates an eye-catching contrast against darker roofing or window trim shades, blending it with other soft neutrals gives an incredibly inviting appeal.

If you’re uncertain about coating your whole house with this shade, an alternative could be just introducing it on your front door – delivering a stylish first impression that prepares visitors for the beautiful interior.

Irrespective of where you apply Benjamin Moore’s Calm OC-22, always prep your surface correctly. A clean and primed surface helps achieve the best results by optimally showcasing the color’s depth and subtlety.

Consider testing sample swatches under different lighting conditions before committing – so you can truly appreciate how this tranquil color would perform in your space.

Where to Use Benjamin Moore Calm OC-22 in Your Home?

Painting your walls with Benjamin Moore’s Calm OC-22 elevates the ambiance of your home by adding a subtle, soothing touch that embraces you no matter which corner you’re in.

This universal shade adapts suitably to personal tastes and room functions, thus imagining an allusion to simplicity blended with grace.

Bathroom? Living Room or Kitchen?

Sprucing up your bathroom, living room, or kitchen just got easier with Calm OC-22.

  • Bathroom: The calmness of this serene color helps relax your senses during a pleasant bubble bath. Coupled with suitable lighting and accents, it can cultivate an inviting spa-like atmosphere.
  • Living Room: Welcoming you and your guests into a cozy yet open space every time, using Calm OC-22 in a living room radiates timeless elegance.
  • Kitchen: Often the heart of the home, kitchens painted in this color feel both pleasantly bright and comfortably warm – creating a lively setting for cooking up love.

Why Each Room May Differ

Even though Calm OC-22 is adaptable to various room settings, the effectiveness of color transition and overall appeal can vary based on several factors.

  • Lighting: As lighting varies from room to room based on windows or artificial lights, this shade may lend different undertones at various times in different rooms.
  • Furniture & Accents: The type and color of furniture and decorative items also significantly alter how this color looks on your walls. For example, while dark wooden furniture might make it look cooler-toned – light-colored decor pieces might bring out its warmth more evidently.
  • Room Size: Although its high LRV makes it suitable for smaller areas to provide a spacious illusion – larger rooms can also benefit from its brightness. However, be mindful that vast spaces might make the color appear somewhat washed out if not appropriately balanced with contrasting decor or accents.

Remember that each home is unique – depending on these factors, the same paint shade could look completely different in two identical houses!

Comprehending Undertones Of Calm OC-22

Comprehending Undertones Of Calm OC-22

Benjamin Moore’s Calm (OC-22) is a beautiful off-white paint color boasting subtle undertones to create a unique look.

Its purple undertones give this color its calming and serene effect. Even though these undertones are not specifically pronounced, they subtly contribute to the overall hue.

Adding depth and dimension to the white base, the purple undertones help the color blend seamlessly with various interior styles and shades.

This makes it especially versatile for use in any space or decor. Whether you pair it with other cool tones, match it with warmer colors, or use it as a standalone neutral, Benjamin Moore’s Calm (OC-22) brings an unassuming elegance to a room due to its hint of purple undertones.

Accompanying Trim Colors with Calm OC-22

Trim can be the anchor when executing a new color scheme to ensure consistency and flow. The choice of trim is integral to preserving unity within your decor, right down to the minutest detail.

Making a wise decision for your trim color can mean distinguishing between a cohesive look and one that doesn’t mesh.

Choosing a trim color that coordinates well with Benjamin Moore Calm OC-22 involves considering colors that contrast well yet subtly.

Here are some of our top suggestions:

  • Newburyport Blue HC-155: If you’re leaning towards something bold and dramatic, Newburyport Blue HC-155 can make an eye-catching pair with Calm OC-22. This deep blue-grey paint brings depth and richness to any room when used as trim against the elegant beige-gray of Calm OC-22.
  • Porcelain 2113-60: Another recommendation for pairing is Porcelain 2113-60. This lighter shade of off-white helps create an elegant continuity in keeping with the understated aesthetic championed by Calm.
  • Nightingale AF-670: Try out Nightingale AF-670 if you want something darker yet not too overpowering. This dusky lavender-grey hue draws out the subtle undertones present in Calm OC-22.
  • White Opulence OC-69: Sticking to timeless white but requiring some uniqueness? White Opulence OC-69 offers subtle warm undertones that ideally complement the neutrality of Benjamin Moore’s Calm.

The options above provide various approaches depending on preferred intensity – from quietly sophisticated Porcelain to more dramatically contrasting Newburyport Blue – showcasing versatility anchored in elegance.

Why Trim Colors Matter?

Trim colors significantly impact the overall appearance of your home or room. They create visual contrast, accentuating the features of your home and making architectural details pop.

Equally important, they transition and break up wall spaces, leading the eye around the room smoothly. Choosing the right trim color complements the wall and furniture colors, resulting in a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Trim colors can also manipulate the perception of space; lighter trims can make a small room appear larger, and conversely, darker trims in a large room provide a cozier feel. Hence, trim colors matter immensely in interior design due to their visual impact and versatility.

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The Importance of Lighting Cardinal Directions on Color

The Importance of Lighting Cardinal Directions on Color

When choosing a paint color for an interior or exterior space, lighting plays a significant role in how the color will ultimately be perceived.

Lighting doesn’t only refer to artificial sources such as lamps or chandeliers but also to natural light. The cardinal direction your room faces – whether North, South, East, or West – can profoundly impact how a paint color appears.

North Facing Rooms

Rooms that face north receive less direct sunlight throughout the day; therefore, they are generally cooler and have a bluish tint. Warmer colors can successfully counterbalance this coolness.

With its warm undertones and relatively high LRV, Benjamin Moore’s Calm OC-22 can effectively brighten up north-facing rooms and prevent them from feeling too cold or unfriendly.

South Facing Rooms

In contrast to north-facing rooms, those facing the south are bathed in warm, golden light throughout the day.

This gives you more freedom with color choices since more nuanced colors will be more easily detected in southern light. Almost any hue works well, but they will appear warmer and slightly more intense than expected.

East Facing Rooms

East-facing rooms offer an interesting challenge when choosing paint colors because they progressively get cooler throughout the day after receiving golden morning sunlight. This means your color choice must work well under warm and cool light conditions.

A neutral hue like Calm OC-22 can prove beneficial here; its flexibility allows it to adapt its appearance according to changing light conditions.

West Facing Rooms

Like east-facing rooms, west-facing ones also undergo considerable changes in lighting throughout the day – being cooler during the mornings and then intensely illuminated by the afternoon sun’s strong glow.

Choosing hues that complement this shifting lighting spectrum perfectly, Calm’s balanced undertones can competently do just that.

In conclusion, cardinal direction detection is indispensable when deciding upon paint hues for your rooms – impacting color perception greatly due to variances in natural light exposure across different times of the day.

Test out Benjamin Moore’s Calm OC-22 using either sample sheets or sample paints at various times – morning, afternoon, and evening – within your spaces; this will facilitate making an informed decision about whether it harmoniously interacts with existing spatial conditions as per your requirements.

The Necessity of Sampling Before Making a Decision and Why It’s Important

Before investing time and resources into painting an entire room with Benjamin Moore’s Calm OC-22, it’s imperative to sample the paint in your space. This process provides a more accurate representation of how the color will look on your walls under different lighting situations throughout the day – giving you a confident understanding and realistic expectations.

Sampling encourages you to live with the color for a few days, observe its mood during daytime and nighttime, gauge its dynamics with other existing colors in your room, and identify if it fits well with your furniture and decor.

Remember that every paint color is affected by surrounding hues through a phenomenon called color reflection. So, dealing with smaller swatches lets you visualize this effect without committing fully.

Gaining this full wealth of information ensures you’re making an informed decision rather than an impulse one. So, order that tester pot or peel-and-stick swatch before taking the plunge.

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FAQs About Benjamin Moore Calm OC-22

What color is the Benjamin Moore Calm OC-22?

Benjamin Moore’s Calm OC-22 is a light, versatile, neutral color with soothing undertones of beige and gray.

Is Calm OC-22 suitable for small spaces?

The high LRV of 75.83 makes Calm OC-22 a great choice for small spaces as it helps reflect light and make rooms appear larger.

Does Calm OC-22 work well in different lighting conditions?

Yes, this color shines in all lighting conditions as its neutral tones adapt dynamically to changing light throughout the day.

Can I use Benjamin Moore’s Calm OC-22 on exterior surfaces?

Sure! Its subtle charm and resilience make it an excellent option for interior and exterior applications.

What colors pair well with Benjamin Moore’s Calm OC-22?

The versatility of Calm OC-22 means it pairs beautifully with bold hues like blues or reds, other neutrals, or crisp whites like White Opulence.


Choosing the right paint color can be a daunting task. However, with Benjamin Moore’s Calm OC-22, you choose a versatile and highly adaptive hue that complements diverse decor styles and room conditions.

Its inherent balance of warm and cool undertones and high LRV enables it to beautify any space – whether small or large, interior or exterior.

Taking time for sampling is recommended to fully experience this color’s subtle variations in your home environment.

With thoughtful consideration of matching trims and controlled lighting, you can transform your space into an oasis of calm and tranquility.

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