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Sherwin Williams Tony Taupe SW 7038 [Paint Color Review 2024]

By: Susie
Updated On: September 1, 2023

Stepping into the world of color can often feel daunting. With so many hues and shades, selection can become a tooth-and-nail struggle.

If you’re searching for that perfect neutral shade that gives your space a contemporary yet timeless appeal, your search might end with Sherwin Williams Tony Taupe SW 7038.

We’ll look at this marvelously versatile color in-depth through our Sherwin Williams Tony Taupe SW 7038 Color Review.

Might it be your bedroom that needs a fresh visual backdrop? Or maybe you’re rethinking the color scheme for your office space?

Regardless of where this color is used, it adds an elegant touch that invites charm and subtle luxury into any room.

And the best part is – it’s amazingly adaptable! It pairs beautifully with numerous other hues and creates harmony in any design scheme.

The Basic Aspects of Tony Taupe SW 7038

The Basic Aspects of Tony Taupe SW 7038

Tony Taupe SW 7038 by Sherwin Williams belongs to the neutral color family. One fantastic thing about its neutrality is that it sits perfectly well in various color schemes and room settings.

Whether it’s your interior or exterior environment, this color is versatile enough to bring harmony to your space.

Its technical specifications are as follows:

  • Color ID/Location Number: 249-C3
  • Hex Value: #B1A290
  • Red, Green, Blue (RGB) Values: 177,162,144

A great feature of Tony Taupe SW 7038 is its Light Reflectance Value (LRV), which stands at 37. If you’re unaware, LRV measures the percentage of light a paint color reflects – it’s a crucial factor when deciding room colors.

The tone of Tony Taupe tends to veer towards warmer undertones, associating with an earthy feel. Meanwhile, the RGB values relate to your ability to mix this color digitally.

Having this data makes choosing furniture and other decorative elements much more straightforward! Remember these facts and let Tony Taupe transform your decorating journey into an exciting adventure.

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What is LRV, and why is it important?

Light Reflectance Value, or LRV, is a measurement commonly used in paint colors to indicate the percentage of light a color reflects.

It helps understand how dark or light colors will look and feel once applied to walls. LRV operates on a scale of 0 to 100, where ‘0’ indicates absolute black that absorbs all light and ‘100’ represents pure white that reflects all light.

Sherwin Williams Tony Taupe SW 7038 has an LRV of 37. This means it is considered a medium-dark shade that can absorb more light than it reflects, giving rooms painted in this color a cozier and more intimate feel.

The importance of LRV cannot be overestimated as it helps make informed decisions about painting various spaces. In spaces with minimal natural light, high-LRV colors are ideal since they reflect more light and can make the room seem brighter. Conversely, lower-LRV colors absorb more light, making them suitable for areas with abundant natural lighting or for creating ambiance.

Sherwin William’s Tony Taupe SW 7038 with an LRV of 37 can be an excellent choice for rooms where you want to create a warm and inviting feel without leaning towards too dark shades.

The Undertones of Tony Taupe SW 7038

The Undertones of Tony Taupe SW 7038

Tony Taupe SW 7038 from Sherwin-Williams is a popular neutral paint color. It has a decidedly mushroom undertone, which can be described as a medium-dark hue of brown.

The undertone gives an earthy feel to the color and is reminiscent of the soft brown-grey appearance found in certain variants of mushrooms.

This makes Tony Taupe incredibly versatile since it can pair well with various colors and designs while providing a grounding and rich feel to any space.

The Importance of Undertones in Colors

The essence of undertones cannot be stressed enough when it comes to home decor. These subtle, subdued hues determine how a color interacts within your space and complements other colors.

  • Compatibility: The right undertone can help a color blend seamlessly with the rest of your interiors. It provides an aesthetic cohesion that draws elements together, creating a visually pleasing environment.
  • Visual Appeal: Undertones can enhance the visual appeal of your space by adding depth and dimension to the color scheme.
  • Emotional Impact: Different undertones may elicit distinct emotions or moods. Warm undertones evoke a sense of cozy comfort, while cool undertones bring a calm and serene ambiance.
  • Lighting Impact: How lighting influences your chosen paint color heavily depends on its undertone – natural, fluorescent, or incandescent light all interact differently with various undertones.

When you choose Tony Taupe SW 7038, you’re dealing with a warm beige with grayish-brown undertones.

This unique combination allows it to offer warmth while remaining decidedly neutral. Remember this while picking out accompanying shades and fixtures for your room.

Implementations of Tony Taupe SW 7038 in Interiors

Implementations of Tony Taupe SW 7038 in Interiors

The adaptability and versatility of Sherwin Williams’ Tony Taupe make it an excellent choice for any interior setting.

By exploring how this hue transforms each room’s energy, you’ll soon realize why it’s a favorite amongst many interior design enthusiasts.

Living Room

Let’s begin this color journey with the most common area— the living room. Sherwin Williams’ Tony Taupe in your living room evokes a sense of modern sophistication and timeless class.

It complements natural elements like wooden furniture, stone fireplaces, and exposed brick walls. Coupled with white trims or ceilings, this hue becomes mysteriously captivating.


Moving onto another heartbeat of a home – the kitchen. The warm nature of Tony Taupe sets a cozy backdrop that takes the aesthetic appeal to new heights while providing comfort during your culinary quests.

Implementing this shade on your kitchen walls or cabinets alongside stainless steel appliances makes a stunning contrast that stands out impressively.


Now, imagine stepping into your bedroom after a long day and being greeted by the calming atmosphere produced by Tony Taupe.

This neutral taupe equates to relaxation and is perfect for bedrooms where peace and tranquility are desired. Try incorporating lighter-colored bedding or curtains for an exquisite display of color harmony.


Let’s not forget bathrooms – they need love too! Using Tony Taupe SW 7038 here is quite effortless as bathing areas usually contain tiles, ceramics, or glass, which naturally contrast and pop against the warm backdrop characteristic of Taupes.

Adding white bath towels, an off-white vanity, or silver fixtures can complete an elegant bathroom scene that screams luxury.

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Exteriors with Sherwin Williams Tony Taupe SW 7038

If you’re a person who wants to bring a touch of sophistication and charm to your home’s exterior, Sherwin Williams Tony Taupe is a perfect choice.

The neutral tone of SW 7038 complements natural light and landscaping, making it an excellent color choice for all homes – modern, traditional, or craftsman.

Best External Applications for SW 7038

Being in the neutral color family, Tony Taupe has a way of elevating the look of an exterior without taking center stage. Here are some ways you can employ this subtle color for maximum curb appeal:

  • Main Siding: Consider using Tony Taupe as your primary exterior paint color for a stylish yet understated look. The warm undertones work well with almost all architectural features and styles.
  • Accent Walls: Another great way to use SW 7038 is on accent walls or sections. Paired with lighter trims and shutters, it creates a striking contrast that adds interest without being overwhelming.
  • Doors & Trims: Enhance your home’s aesthetic using Tony Taupe on doors or trims. It pairs efficiently with other hues like whites, creams, light grays, or even bolder colors.

Decoding the Warm or Cool Nature of Color

Decoding the Warm or Cool Nature of Color

Sherwin Williams Tony Taupe SW 7038 is indeed a beige paint color. However, it’s important to note that it leans more towards being a warm color.

The warm undertones in this painting give it its cozy and inviting appeal, making it perfect for bedrooms or living spaces where comfort is key.

Being a taupe, Tony Taupe SW 7038 successfully balances gray and brown shades, combining the best cool and warm palettes.

This allows for greater versatility when integrating this color into various design styles, as the hints of gray introduce the sophistication associated with cooler colors without compromising on the welcoming warmth of its predominant brown undertones.

Concentration-wise, Tony Taupe SW 7038 falls on the darker side of medium-light paint colors, which means when applied to a whole room or large space such as an exterior, this color can appear much darker than on a small swatch.

Lighting And Cardinal Directions Impact on Tony Taupe SW 7038

Color can play a critical role in how a room feels, and understanding how light affects color perception is essential to making wise color decisions for your spaces.

Here’s a quick guide on how lighting and the cardinal direction of your rooms can influence the look of the Tony Taupe SW 7038.

North-facing Rooms

North-facing rooms can often pose a challenge since light from the north is typically cooler and bluer. However, Tony Taupe SW 7038 holds up admirably in these spaces.

The warm undertones in this color help neutralize the coolness of the incoming light, creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

It’s an excellent choice for rooms where you want to create a relaxing environment, like bedrooms or study rooms.

South-facing Rooms

In contrast to north-facing rooms, south-facing rooms bathe in warm, golden light for most of the day, which may lead to warmer colors looking more intense.

But thanks to its neutral nature, Tony Taupe SW 7038 does not overwhelm you with warmth in such scenarios.

The versatile taupe adjusts beautifully with brighter lighting conditions by reflecting just enough light- diffusing uniform warmth throughout space without making it overly bright.

East-facing Rooms

Rooms that face east catch the day’s first sunlight, providing warmer tones during morning hours. As for Tony Taupe SW 7038 being adorned on walls here, an early burst of luminosity brings out its latent earthy hue subtly – almost like whispers at dawn.

This exquisite morning lighting hits this neutral shade just right – giving it an understated glow that gradually softens as the day advances!

West-facing Rooms

Ending with west-oriented spaces., these receive strong evening light that could overheat some too-warm colors! Luckily, our hero – Tony Taupe – has it covered!

As daylight wanes and sunlight starts streaming into west-facing windows during afternoon hours- you’ll appreciate Tony Taupe’s pleasing neutrality more than ever.

It absorbs and bounces off this evening warmth without becoming uncomfortably vivid or intense – maintaining its elegant charm at all times.

Spotlight on Sampling Importance

Spotlight on Sampling Importance

Choosing the right color tone for your space shouldn’t be rushed. It’s necessary to sample colors under various conditions before making a final choice.

How to Choose the Right Sample

Sampling paint is essential; it helps you envision how your color of choice will appear when spread across an entire wall or room. However, ordering a sample isn’t as simple as selecting your desired color. Here are some things to consider:

  • Surface and Texture: Different walls have different textures, and paint color may look varied across them due to differences in light reflection and absorption.
  • Lighting Conditions: The appearance of Tony Taupe SW 7038 can vary significantly depending on the level of natural light, artificial lighting type, and time of day in your space.
  • Room Size and Layout: A shade may look one way in a standard-sized room with average ceiling height but can look very different in larger or smaller spaces.

Indeed, with Sherwin Williams’ samples, you’ll receive a two-square-foot sheet that can be repositioned around your space for optimal testing against these variables.

Coordinating Colors of Tony Taupe

When you bring Sherwin Williams Tony Taupe SW 7038 to your space, you also invite the freedom to play with numerous other colors.

The beauty of an excellent neutral is its adaptability and the ease with which it pairs with other hues. But choosing can feel overwhelming. Allow us to simplify that with a few top picks.

  • Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White SW 7035: Sherwin Williams’ Aesthetic White is another popular neutral that surprisingly gels well with Tony Taupe. With an LRV of 73, Aesthetic White is much brighter than Tony Taupe, a soft off-white paint color that brings warmth without the starkness often associated with clean whites.
  • Sherwin Williams Touch of Sand SW 9085: A pale taupe-enriched ivory shade, Touch of Sand from Sherwin Williams leans slightly into yellow-toned neutrals—a perfectly understated supporting act for our leading player—Tony Taupe. With an LRV standing at 58, this color can bring in gentle brightness to balance out Tony Taupe’s depth.
  • Sherwin Williams Half-Caff SW 9091: Contrary to what its name might suggest, 58 is anything but weak coffee! This rich brown shade is full-bodied and possesses red-brown undertones that work wonderfully in conjunction with Tony Taupe’s earthy charm. With an LRV of only 8—darker than all the coordinating colors discussed here—Half-Caff works great as an accent shade alongside Tony Taupe.

There are countless other color combinations with Tony Taupe. Your imagination is your only constraint when you choose this versatile color from the town named after it – Taos, New Mexico. It simultaneously brings ambiance and style – something not many colors can achieve.

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FAQs about Tony Taupe SW 7038

Is Tony Taupe a warm or cool color?

Tony Taupe is a warm, neutral, originating in the earthy tones that the natural world offers. It brings a sense of calm and serenity to any space.

Can I use Tony Taupe for exteriors?

Absolutely. The versatility of Sherwin Williams Tony Taupe SW 7038 also extends to external applications, infusing warmth and subtlety into your home’s curb appeal.

What are some good coordinating colors with Tony Taupe?

Tony Taupe pairs well with many other hues, but favorites among designers are Aesthetic White SW 7035, Touch of Sand SW 9085, and Half-Caff SW 9091—all from Sherwin Williams.

How does lighting affect the appearance of Tony Taupe?

Like most paint colors, light exposure can directly impact how you perceive Tony Taupe. In spaces with ample natural light, the shade may seem warmer with visible undertones.

Where can I use Sherwin Williams’ Tony Taupe SW 7038 in my house?

Thanks to its neutral tone and warm undertone, Tony Taupe is a great fit for virtually any room—your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom!


Undoubtedly, Sherwin Williams Tony Taupe SW 7038 possesses the quintessence of a top-tier neutral color, delivering versatility, subtlety, and timeless elegance.

Whether your indoor arena or curb appeal needs enhancement, Tony Taupe is here to redefine your space dramatically!

So, now that you’ve got the scoop on this refined color, all that’s left to do is get out there and experiment with samples. The first stroke of the paintbrush is only the beginning of your journey into the captivating world of color.

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