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Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice 7647 [Paint Color Review 2024]

By: Susie
Updated On: September 15, 2023

Looking for a versatile and elegant shade to brighten up your space? Look no further, as the Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice 7647 color is here to take home decor to a new level.

In this Sherwin-Williams Crushed Ice 7647 color review, we’ll delve deeply into its unique attributes and why it’s becoming the talk of the town among homeowners.

Knowledge of trending paint colors elevates your style, and this cloud-gray-hued Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice makes noise for all the right reasons.

Its simplicity and calming nature offer a timeless elegance beyond fads. So, let’s unlock its potential together to create that perfect ambiance you’ve dreamed of for your home.

Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice 7647 Color Specifications

Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice 7647 Color Specifications

Crushed Ice 7647 is not just a color; it’s a complete package that delivers a chic and soothing ambiance. Here are its precise specifications to guide you:

  • Hex Value: This color’s hexadecimal value is #D6D3CC, which is helpful if you are looking for digital references.
  • RGB: Its Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) color values are 214 / 211 / 204, providing a clear idea of the mixed shades in this paint.
  • Location Number: Sherwin Williams identifies it using the location number 255-C6.
  • Light Reflectance Value (LRV): With an LRV of 66, this shade reflects a substantial amount of light, making your room feel brighter and more prominent.
  • Availability: This versatile shade can be applied on interior and exterior surfaces.
  • Color Collections: Falling under the Minimalist collection in the Color ID, it’s also featured in the Colormix Forecast 2021 (Continuum) and among Sherwin Williams’ top 50 colors.
  • Color Family: This white-family hue has grey undertones that provide incredible depth to your walls.

Adding to its specifications, Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice carries a saturation value of approximately one, signifying its purity.

It’s almost like starting with a clean canvas that offers endless possibilities for designing your dream space.

Brief Analysis of LRV and Undertones

The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) and undertones of color play significant roles in achieving the desired look in any space.

They can determine how a color will look in different conditions, influencing mood, perceived size of your room, and overall visual aesthetics.


Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice 7647 has an LRV rating of 66. But what does this mean? The LRV scale runs from 0 to 100 — 0 being absolute black and 100 being pristine white. Therefore, a color with an LRV of 66 is pretty light, reflecting about two-thirds of the light that falls upon it.

This makes Crushed Ice 7647 ideal for smaller rooms or spaces with less natural light — it will help make them feel brighter and more spacious. Notably, the higher the LRV number is, the bigger your room will feel as more light is reflected off.

Consider how much natural light enters each space when decorating your home. The amount and quality of light significantly affect how colors are perceived, especially those with moderate or high LRV, like Crushed Ice 7647.


Sherwin Williams’ Crushed Ice favors a slight green undertone, adding depth that keeps the color from appearing flat or washed out.

This touches lightly on one spectrum of cool colors but doesn’t overpower, adding just enough vibrancy to maintain balance.

An undertone filters the color itself – it peeks out when illumination changes throughout the day. Recognizing undertones will help you make more informed decisions about how colors blend and correspond with furniture and fixture choices.

So, when selecting wall paints to ensure they match your intended decor style, considering the distinct undertones is just as crucial as looking at actual colors.

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Identifying its Warm or Cool Nature

Identifying its Warm or Cool Nature

Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice 7647 is identified as a warm color. Though its name implies an icy and cold hue, it’s a light gray with neutral undertones. It doesn’t sway too much to the cool side; it’s more of a neutral gray, which provides a serene and sophisticated feel to spaces.

Despite its cool appearance, it can create an inviting atmosphere when paired with warm-toned furnishings or accents. This versatility makes Crushed Ice an excellent choice for any room.

Please remember that colors can appear differently under various lighting conditions. Before committing to it entirely, always see how the color looks in your room and lighting.

Effect of Lighting on Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice 7647

Lighting plays a critical role in how a paint color is perceived. Crushed Ice 7647 can appear slightly different depending on the light direction and quality. Here’s a lowdown on how differing lights may impact this color.

North-Facing Light

Rooms that face north typically receive cooler, bluish light throughout the day. These light conditions can make Crushed Ice’s green undertones more prevalent, infusing a subtle cool effect into your room.

It won’t turn your rooms cold due to its higher LRV that counteracts the cool light to keep the space bright and inviting.

South-Facing Light

On the contrary, south-facing rooms are kissed with warm, golden sunlight all day. In these conditions, Crushed Ice 7647 will mirror an even warmer hue, imparting a comforting ambiance. It creates a vibrant feel without being overwhelming, as some richly saturated colors can be.

East-Facing Light

Providing soft illumination in the morning that gradually grows cooler as the day rolls on, east-facing rooms offer unique light play opportunities for this Sherwin-Williams shade.

The early morning rays will highlight Crushed Ice’s innate brightness while maintaining its serene grey-green undertone throughout the day.

West-Facing Light

Sunset’s warm glow beautifully enhances Crushed Ice 7647’s warmth in west-facing rooms during late afternoons and evenings.

The color retains its sophistication even when bathed in a lovely pinkish glow of dusk or when left under afternoon shadows.

Application of Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice 7647

Application of Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice 7647

Whether planning a complete makeover or just injecting some new life into your living space, the color choice for walls can be bewildering.

With its appeal in simplicity and neutral undertones, Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice 7647 presents as a perfect solution.

Best Interior Spaces for this Color

Regarding interior application, Crushed Ice 7647 is an unrivaled choice for creating peaceful vibes. This color is perfect for living rooms where you cultivate a soothing atmosphere while maintaining an elegant aesthetic. It’s also fantastic for bedrooms, helping you to create a relaxing retreat away from the world.

Aside from these functional areas, you might consider it an ideal color for your home office. Being neutral and calming, this shade supports focus and tranquillity. It offers a blank canvas for creative spaces like art studios or kitchens without stealing focus from your artwork or culinary scenes.

Even small rooms like a cramped laundry room or narrow hallway can benefit significantly from the light-reflecting properties of Crushed Ice. It helps magnify the area while offering an elegant look that’s easy on the eyes.

Exterior Uses that Enhance Curb Appeal

In exterior design, Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice 7647 skillfully helps you enhance your home’s curb appeal while making a lasting impression.

  • Outdoor Walls: The uncomplicated elegance of Crushed Ice lends itself beautifully to exterior walls, elevating the overall outlook of your home. Its light-reflecting properties make it an excellent choice for houses with limited exposure to sunlight.
  • Front Porch: Opting for this color on porches can create enticing visual continuity from the outside and seamlessly connect with indoor spaces if used there.
  • Trimming & Accent Walls: Alternatively, it works wonders as a trim color or on dividers and pillars as a complementary shade. Pair it with darker hues for contrast to make architectural elements pop. Besides, using it on trimmings around windows can magnify their prominence, making them an outstanding feature.

To verify its suitability for your case, consider the material and texture of your house’s exterior surface. Crushed Ice will provide different finishing nuances for brick surfaces or wooden structures contributing to your property’s ultimate look.

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Importance of Sampling Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice 7647

Before committing to a full-scale paint job, it’s crucial to understand how certain elusive elements, such as lighting conditions, furniture, surrounding colors, and even time of the day, can impact the appearance of your chosen paint color on your walls.

This is where sampling comes into play. It allows you to test the color in real scenarios to avoid any unfavorable surprises down the line.

Why a Sample Paint is Essential Before Full Application

Colors often transform when applied on different surfaces and under various lighting conditions. Buying and applying a sample can save you time and money before fully investing in gallons of paint.

Imagine painting an entire room with Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice 7647 based on how it appears inside a well-lit showroom or on online swatches, only to later realize that it doesn’t look quite right in your space with its unique light sources and surrounding colors.

It could turn out too cool or too warm than expected, or perhaps its green undertones become more prominent than desired.

Purchasing a sampler should be your initial step in painting projects. You can apply samples directly onto your walls or on large boards that you can move around to test their appearance under natural and artificial lighting throughout the day.

Best Coordinating Colors of Crushed Ice 7647

Best Coordinating Colors of Crushed Ice 7647

Finding an ideal coordinating color ensures your room’s color palette blends seamlessly. For Crushed Ice 7647, several colors enhance its elegant aesthetic and bring out the best in your interior’s overall look.

  • Extra White SW 7006: This super clean white shade emphasizes the serenity of Crushed Ice. It’s excellent for trims or ceilings and can beautifully offset the gray undertones of our primary color.
  • Magnetic Gray SW 7058: As a deeper hue, Magnetic Gray can provide an exciting contrast when used for furniture or accent walls, thus intensifying the cool elegance of Crushed Ice.
  • Mountain Road SW 7743: Here’s a bolder choice! If you’re looking for a bold, intense accent to contrast with Crushed Ice, Mountain Road is perfect with its deep green-blue cast.

These colors would create a sophisticated palette that exudes calmness while providing ample depth and interest to the room.

Remember that other elements in your space, like natural light availability, existing furniture pieces, flooring types, and textures in your ambiance creation, should also influence your choice.

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FAQs About Crushed Ice 7647

What style does Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice 7647 best suit?

Crushed Ice 7647 enhances modern and traditional interiors due to its versatile, calm, and clean aesthetic.

Does Crushed Ice 7647 work in kitchens?

Absolutely. It offers a simple, clean backdrop for kitchen walls or cabinets, offering a gentle contrast with most countertops and appliances.

Can I use Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice 7647 for exteriors?

Yes, it’s suitable for exterior surfaces, too, as it reflects a good amount of light and doesn’t easily show dirt or stains.

What ethos does Crushed Ice 7647 evoke in a room?

Crushed Ice creates a serene and peaceful ambiance perfect for relaxing spaces like bedrooms or study areas.

Will Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice look dull in low-light conditions?

Not necessarily! Even in low light conditions, its high LRV helps to reflect light, making the space appear brighter.


To wrap things up, Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice 7647 is a smart choice for those searching for a paint color that merges relaxation with sophistication.

With its warm undertones and high level of light reflectance, it’s perfect for making any room feel spacious and serene.

So whether you’re planning to revitalize a single room or your whole home, this color will undoubtedly add that elegant touch of minimalism to your space. The best decor reflects your style—and Crushed Ice offers a versatile canvas to let that style shine.

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