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Sherwin Williams Quietude SW 6212 [Paint Color Review 2024]

By: Susie
Updated On: August 23, 2023

When adding a dash of calm and serenity to your living spaces, nothing works quite like the right shade of paint.

This is precisely why I can’t wait to share my thoughts on Sherwin Williams Quietude SW 6212 in this paint color review.

Famed for its soothing sea-green undertones, this unique hue does more than brighten up your walls – it brings a tranquil ambiance that echoes quietude and peace.

Imagine walking into a room painted in this hue, where the atmosphere uplifts you instantly and transports you to a coastal oasis.

That’s the power of Sherwin Williams Quietude SW 6212. Surprisingly versatile, this color has become a popular choice among homeowners and interior designers.

Whether you’re into minimalistic décor tropes or love an eclectic mix and match of colors, Quietude SW 6212 might be just what your space needs for that much-needed uplift.

Describe the Quietude SW 6212 in terms of paint color

At the heart of Quietude lies its soft, serene hues associated with the green color family. Just as tranquil and calming as it sounds, Quietude SW 6212 is a paint color that spans interior and exterior applications.

At the 218-C2 spot on the Sherwin-Williams color chart, Quietude holds its own with a distinct hex value of #ADBBB2. This value makes it unique in the wide gamut of digital systems.

Regarding RGB (Red, Green, Blue), Quietude presents an interesting balance with values at 173 / 187 / 178, respectively. The beautiful interplay of these RGB values gives Quietude its soothing aesthetic appeal.

Another essential factor to consider when considering this paint option is its Light Reflectance Value or LRV, which stands at 48 for Quietude SW 6212.

The LRV measures the percentage of light a paint color reflects, and a value of 48 implies that this hue neither absorbs too much sunshine nor reflects excessively, making it ideal for interior spaces that receive moderate to ample natural lighting.

In essence, Sherwin Williams Quietude SW 6212 manifests as a subtle rendition of green that beautifully blends into both interior and exterior spaces while offering an alluring tranquility.

Is the Paint Color Quietude Well-liked?

Absolutely, yes! Sherwin Williams Quietude SW 6212 has garnered rave reviews from homeowners, interior designers, and paint professionals.

Its mild green shade has made it a favorite for anyone looking for a tranquil splash of color in their home.

Homeowners praise it for infusing their living spaces with an ambiance of serenity. On top of this, its ability to seamlessly blend with various décors and styles gives it high marks on the versatility chart.

Drawing on its calming aura, interior designers widely advocate for Quietude SW 6212 as a go-to color that straddles trendy and classical décor styles.

Meanwhile, paint professionals appreciate its superior quality in terms of coverage and durability. They also commend its less dramatic lighting shifts in different light conditions due to its perfect LRV index.

Online paint/color review forums are replete with feedback on Quietude SW 6212. Such widespread acclaim attests to its rising popularity.

Quietude SW 6212’s broad appeal stems from its versatile charm that effortlessly transforms any space into a tranquil retreat.

Sherwin Williams Quietude LRV and Undertones: What to Know

Sherwin Williams Quietude LRV and Undertones: What to Know

Before diving into the specifics of Sherwin Williams Quietude SW 6212, it’s crucial to understand the concepts of LRV (Light Reflectance Value) and undertones.

The LRV measures the amount of light a paint color reflects. In other words, it tells you how light or dark a paint color will appear under various lighting conditions.

The LRV scale runs from 0 (black) to 100 (white). With Quietude having an LRV of 48, it sits somewhat in the middle of this spectrum, neither absorbing too much light nor reflecting excessively, making it ideal for spaces that receive moderate amounts of natural light.

As for the undertones, they are subdued hues visible beneath the primary color when light strikes. When lighting conditions change, these undertones become prominently visible and interact with other colors in a room.

Quietude SW 6212 has subtle sea-green undertones that evoke calmness and tranquility, fitting into its namesake ethos. They beautifully complement Quietude’s main green shade under natural or artificial light.

So, when choosing Quietude SW 6212, you’re opting for a gentle sea-green hue with an ideal LRV that injects calmness and quiet tranquility into your spaces.

Which Areas of the Home Can Benefit from Quietude Usage?

Incorporating Quietude SW 6212 into different areas of your home adds a vibrant hue and infuses tranquility into your everyday living spaces.

This versatile paint color blends seamlessly into the bathroom, bedroom, living room, and home office, enhancing its appeal with its profound calming influence.


In the realm of interior design, bathrooms are often treated as sanctuaries – a space for self-care and relaxation.

Painting your bathroom in Quietude SW 6212 can be a game-changer in transforming these spaces into tranquil retreats.

Its lush sea-green undertones mimic the soothing elements of water and nature, making it a great antidote to the busy routines encountered outside these sanctuaries.


As for bedrooms, Quietude’s serene tones lend an element of calm and tranquility invocative of restful sleep and relaxation.

Bedrooms painted in this hue invite an overall feeling of calmness that is conducive to winding down activities such as reading or meditation.

Pair Quietude with crisp white bedding and perhaps a soft area rug to add textural interest to your bedroom decor.

This way, you’ll invoke an airy feel that contributes significantly towards turning this space into your retreat.

Living Room

Living rooms serve multiple functions, from entertaining guests to hosting family gatherings or binge-watching favorite shows.

In such multifaceted spaces, injecting peace and tranquillity with Quietude SW 6212 can be beneficial in balancing the energetic feel typically associated with these communal rooms.

A living room adorned in Quietude offers an inviting ambiance that draws people together while subtly promoting harmonious interactions amidst its calming surroundings.

Home Office

Lastly, our workspaces hugely impact our productivity levels. Adding Quietude to your home office can induce an environment conducive to focus and concentration thanks largely to its tranquil vibes – it’s like bringing the calming effect of nature right into your workspace.

Quietude’s sea-green tones can help reduce stress levels, too – ideal for those overwhelming work-from-home days when you need assured serenity around you.

Sherwin Williams’ Quietude SW 6212 proves once again how impactful paint choices can be when it comes to influencing the overall mood within various spaces in our homes.

Whether you’re livening up your bathroom sanctuary or setting up a peaceful workspace- nourishing any part of your home with this tranquil shade will welcome a new level of calmness.

Best Trim Colors With Quietude SW 6212

Best Trim Colors With Quietude SW 6212

Selecting the right trim color when accentuating Sherwin Williams Quietude SW 6212 is paramount.

It frames the wall color and adds depth and contrast to your decor. Two standout options that pair well with Quietude are:

Sherwin Williams High Reflective White SW 7757

High Reflective White (SW 7757) is an exceptionally bright, clean white and, as the name suggests, reflects a large amount of light.

With an LRV of 93, this paint color will beautifully balance out the tranquil vibe of Quietude by injecting a dose of vibrance into your décor scheme.

Especially for small spaces or rooms with limited natural light, coupling Quietude with High Reflective White trim can create an illusion of greater space and brightness.

Sherwin Williams Pure White SW 7005

Pure White (SW 7005), on the other hand, provides a softer contrast. This versatile off-white hue has warm undertones that blend harmoniously with Quietude’s sea-green vibe.

The secret behind its wide appeal lies in its warm undertones and LRV of 84, making it a more muted partner to the calming shade.

High Reflective White and Pure White trims will draw attention to the soothing presence of Quietude in any room while adding their unique essence to make your décor stand out.

Sherwin Williams Quietude: The Paint for Both Interior and Exterior

Sherwin Williams Quietude SW 6212 is a highly versatile paint that performs superbly in both interior and exterior applications.

Its exceptional quality and adaptability make it an appealing and practical choice for homeowners and design enthusiasts alike.

For the Interiors

In terms of interior use, the neutral undertones of Quietude pair wonderfully with a range of furnishings. It has an uncanny knack for seamlessly blending into various styles – contemporary, rustic, or minimalistic.

Plus, its gentle green hue is soothing to the eye and perfect for those refreshing early mornings or relaxing evenings.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with multiple décors
  • Offers tranquility inside four walls
  • Ideal for bedrooms, offices or even living spaces

For the Exteriors

When used outdoors, Quietude’s remarkable subtleness shines through. This paint color beautifully interacts with natural light and presents an inviting aura that’ll woo your neighbors in admiration.

Furthermore, its durability against harsh weather conditions makes it an ideal choice for exterior applications.

Key Features:

  • Soft yet impactful exteriors
  • Perfect play in natural light
  • Weather-resistant qualities

Quietude’s balanced nature makes it perfect for a variety of uses, thereby reaffirming itself as an indispensable part of any home improvement project.

Creating Harmony with Quietude: Perfect Paint Partners

Creating Harmony with Quietude: Perfect Paint Partners

When enhancing the tranquility of Quietude SW 6212, a spot-on choice for accompanying colors comes from neutral palettes. Here’s a breakdown of the color categories that harmonize perfectly with this subtle hue:

White Paint Colors

Any white paint color is an absolute match in terms of sophistication and simplicity. The classic white starkly contrasts the tranquility of Quietude, creating an aesthetic balance between serenity and purity. This dynamic duo is best used when one seeks freshness and minimalism in their space.

Off-White Paint Colors

Off-white paint colors blend smoothly with Quietude SW 6212 for those who prefer softer contrasts. They neither overshadow nor drown out the calming influence of Quietude, resulting in an elegantly understated space.

Cream Paint Colors

Quietude pairs wonderfully with cream paint colors, creating an ambiance that’s warm and comforting while remaining light and airy.

The mellow undertones of cream echo Quietude’s soothing charm, bringing richness to your interiors.

Light Gray Paint Colors

Lastly, you can’t overlook the modern appeal of light gray paint colors. These tones radiate contemporary chicness that plays up Quietude’s cool undertones. As a result, spaces echo with sophistication without sacrificing serenity.

By matching Sherwin Williams’ Quietude SW 6212 with these neutrals – white, off-white, cream or light gray -, you’ll create an ethos filled with a quiet poise and tranquil beauty.

Quietude: Light and Cardinal Orientations

Understanding how Sherwin Williams Quietude SW 6212 interacts with light about cardinal orientations is pivotal.

Different directions – North, South, East, and West – influence how a paint color appears throughout the day in your room. Let’s look at how Quietude settles within these cardinal orientations.

North-Facing Rooms

In rooms facing north, there’s an indirect sunlight stream throughout the day. These rooms typically have cooler and bluer tones due to the quality of light.

However, with its reasonable LRV index and soothing green undertones, Quietude SW 6212 circumvents this coolness by infusing warmth and tranquility into the atmosphere.

Imagine immersing yourself in a wave of calmness as Quietude embraces all elements in your north-facing room – offering an essence of serenity despite the lack of direct sunlight.

South-Facing Rooms

South-facing rooms enjoy plenty of ambient light throughout the day. This abundant bright light makes colors seem lighter than their original hue.

With such lighting conditions, Quietude SW 6212 unfolds lighter shades that are splendidly vibrant yet soothing.

Picture walking into your south-facing room decked in Quietude: regardless of the time, every angle gracefully harnesses natural light to create enchanting green reflections that are both refreshing and inspiring.

East-Facing Rooms

Rooms facing east capture radiant morning sunlight, which gradually tapers into cooler lighting as the day progresses. This can create slight shifts in Quietude’s perceived hue – showcasing its versatility from dawn to dusk.

Early mornings bless your east-facing spaces with a luminescence that makes Quietude SW 6212 bloom brightly, maturing quietly into a muted sea green by late afternoon, embodying its namesake character beautifully.

West-Facing Rooms

Afternoons exhibit stunning lighting effects on west-oriented walls painted in Quietude SW 6212 due to the warm afternoon sun rays.

During this period, Quietude comes to life most attractively, illuminating your spaces with tender pinks during sunset before settling down magnificently under artificial light at night.

Each cardinal direction brings out unique hues and shadows under varying light conditions, each working harmoniously alongside Sherwin Williams’ color story for Quietude SW 6212 – assuring you an atmosphere steeped with calm serenity where every corner whispers peace.

Is Quietude a Warm or Cool Paint Color?

Is Quietude a Warm or Cool Paint Color?

Identifying whether a paint color leans towards the warmer or cooler end of the spectrum is crucial in achieving the desired mood in your space. So, when it comes to Sherwin Williams Quietude SW 6212, is it a warm or cool hue?

To put it simply, Quietude falls within the realm of cool colors. It is essential to note here that any paint color’s warmth or coolness hinges on its undertones and how it interacts with light.

The Cool Comfort of Quietude

Quietude’s sea-green undertones lend a crisp, refreshing note to its composition. This natural coolness harmonizes seamlessly with ambient light to create an atmosphere of serene repose – the perfect antidote to any chaotic day.

Different lighting conditions can subtly affect this color’s appearance, alternately highlighting its green-primary shade and balmy undertone. However, it remains consistent in providing a soothing aura of gentle tranquility.

Versatility in Action

Being on the cooler spectrum doesn’t limit Quietude’s compatibility with other colors. It complements both warm and neutral tones equally well.

Whether you choose honey-hued wood furniture or crisp white trim, Quietude SW 6212 welcomes various color palettes.

Despite being a cool paint choice, Quietude brings warmth and richness to living spaces that defy conventional categorizations of warm and cool colors alone. Its unique blend strikes an elegant balance that creates inviting living spaces drenched in serenity and calm.

Effective Sampling Strategies: Why They Matter

Before committing to a large-scale paint job, it’s paramount to implement an effective sampling strategy.

Why? Because it not only helps you visualize the outcome and prevents instances of regret after the paint has dried.

Steps to undertake an effective sampling strategy:

  • Buy a Sample: Start by purchasing a sample pot of Sherwin Williams Quietude SW 6212 from your local store or order it online through their official website.
  • Paint Large Swatches: I’d highly recommend applying this sample paint on multiple sections of your wall. The larger the swatch, the better you’ll gauge how color interacts with light throughout the day.
  • Evaluate Lighting: It’s essential to perceive how different lighting levels (natural and artificial) affect Quietude’s appearance over time.
  • Consider Neighboring Colors: Lastly, notice how Quietude appears adjacent to other elements, such as furnishings, art pieces, and neighboring walls in your room.

Remember that colors exude different vibes about other colors and variables in a room. Hence, ensuring an effective sampling process before investing in gallons of Sherwin Williams Quietude SW 6212 can save you from potential disappointment.

FAQs About Sherwin Williams Quietude SW 6212

What rooms would benefit most from Quietude SW 6212?

Quietude is a versatile choice that works well in nearly any room, including bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and home offices.

What colors complement Quietude SW 6212?

Any shade of white, cream, off-white or light gray pairs nicely with Quietude.

Can I use Sherwin Williams Quietude SW 6212 for exterior painting projects?

Yes, Quietude can be used for both interior and exterior painting projects due to its high durability and lasting appeal.

Is Quietude SW 6212 considered a warm or cool color?

Despite its green hues, Quietude falls within the realm of cool colors due to its sea-green undertones.

Which trim colors go well with Sherwin Williams Quietude SW 6212?

High Reflective White SW 7757 and Pure White SW 7005 from Sherwin Williams make excellent trim color choices with Quietude.


Sherwin Williams Quietude SW 6212 offers a unique blend of tranquility and versatility that few paint colors can match.

Its soothing sea-green undertones create an ambiance of calm and quiet, living up to its namesake. This paint color is exceptional in its effortlessly infusing interior and exterior spaces with an aura of peaceful sophistication.

Whether aiming for minimalistic allure or a vibrant aesthetic charm, Quietude SW 6212 lays down a perfect canvas for your artistic endeavors.

Furthermore, Sherwin Williams Quietude SW 6212’s ability to pair beautifully with a variety of colors reveals its mastery in versatility.

Think crisp white trims or honey-toned wood furnishings – Quietude makes it all work seamlessly. Essentially, by choosing this paint color, you’re opting for a tranquil retreat right within the confines of your home – making it truly ‘You haven’.

The unanimous approval from homeowners, designers, and paint professionals attests to its unparalleled charisma. So go ahead, embrace the calm, embrace Quietude!

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