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10 Best Palm Beach Interior Designers [Transform Your Florida Home]

By: Susie
Updated On: January 12, 2024

In the illustrious world of home decor and aesthetics, Palm Beach interior designers have their unique place.

With their innovative ideas and remarkable creativity, they can breathe new life into both residential and commercial spaces.

One visits Palm Beach for its sun-kissed beaches and stays for its art-deco architecture, opulent estates, and the stimulating ambience offered by the wide-ranging interior design options.

These seasoned professionals not only bring a rich variety of styles to the table but also differentiate themselves with inspiration drawn from this distinguished location.

A design revamped by a Palm Beach decorator is guaranteed to have quintessential elements such as vibrant colours, plush textiles, or even chic coastal themes reflective of the local surroundings.

Just as a painter leaves his signature on every artwork, these designers leave a characteristic imprint on every home they transform.

Enjoy this compilation of 10 select Palm Beach interior designers who should be on your radar if you are considering a makeover for your living space.

Best Palm Beach Interior Design

Interiors are a reflection of your personality and taste. And the luxury of living in Palm Beach demands an interior design that matches its sophistication and style.

The beauty of this paradise lies in its artistic ethos and the vibrant colours that form part of almost every interior design in Palm Beach.

As you navigate your way through Palm Beach’s influential design industry, here are five top designers who promise to turn your space into a visual treat.

Lorraine Rogers-Bolton​​

As head of Rodgers Design Group, Lorraine emphasizes clean lines and meticulously planned layouts that thrive on simplicity.

Lorraine Rogers-Bolton​​

Her unique talent of seamlessly integrating outdoor living with the interiors has helped her carve out a niche in Florida’s high-end residential market.

She artfully employs textures, patterns, shapes, and varying degrees of light to create depth and richness within each space she touches.

Always mindful of function over form, Lorraine designs custom furniture pieces to meet the unique requirements and lifestyles of her clients instead of relying on existing inventory.

From modern beach houses to sprawling estates, her designs capture the quintessential charm of Florida while reflecting the lifestyle and personality of its inhabitants.

Amanda Keeler​​

Amanda Keeler possesses an intrinsic ability to recognize a room’s potential. She excels at transforming mundane spaces into extraordinary ones by infusing them with her distinctive style that sprawls across various genres from coastal charm to modern innovation.

As part of Marquis Design Group, Amanda uses each project as a blank canvas where she etches visually appealing designs uniquely tailored for each client.

She strikes an exemplary balance between aesthetics and functionality producing results that nestle comfortably between elegance and everyday comfort.

Krista Watterworth Alterman​​

Famed TV designer Krista Watterworth Alterman is renowned for her trademark “urban chic.” Her appeal lies in deceptively simple layouts draped in warmth-inducing hues the mélange of vintage charm and modern trends.

Krista Watterworth Alterman​​

Krista’s expertise spans major network TV, luxury homes, boutique resorts, and an array of commercial designs.

By blending different tones of colours with varying materials and textures, she adds evocative elements in every room. Her designs remain true to the Palm Beach spirit but also incorporate her clients’ tastes.

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Ellen Kavanaugh​​

Taking inspiration from multiple cultures around the world, Ellen Kavanaugh breathes life into homes and commercial spaces alike through her imaginative designs.

Her uncanny ability to strike a balance between eclectic inspiration sources and Palm Beach’s coastal charm enables her to create compelling spaces that resonate with occupants on a profound level.

A hallmark of Ellen’s design philosophy is attention to detail. Whether choosing fabrics or deciding on a colour scheme, no aspect is too small for consideration.

This painstaking dedication helps create unique rooms laced with rich textures and vibrant colours interluding timeless elegance with hints of modern flair.

Amy Feldman​​

Guided by the belief that environments significantly affect experience and mood, Amy Feldman approaches every space as an opportunity to evoke positive emotions.

Amy Feldman​​

Through Brown Davis Interiors, she blends upscale sophistication with practicality resulting in beautiful yet welcoming environments where one can unwind in luxury.

Amy shies away from dictating style but fuses modern elements with timeless design principles alongside the wishes of her clients which results in an elegant symphony of individuality.

Her designs are characterized by serene vistas generated through well-curated art pieces, carefully chosen furnishings in varying textures, and expressive lighting paradigms that transform simple spaces into stunning tableaus.

Jason Ball​​

Jason Ball, with his eponymous interior design firm, is renowned for his contemporary chic aesthetic.

What sets Jason apart is his ability to blend striking and comfy elements seamlessly, often using a creative interplay of furnishings, colours, and textures.

His spaces are marked by unexpected contrasts which make them unforgettable. While spotting the latest design trends, he never veers away from a client’s vision making each project a unique reflection of the resident’s personality.

Sophia Passerini​​

Sophia Passerini delivers sharp, sleek and tailor-made designs that echo European elegance laced with modern American luxury.

Sophia Passerini​​

By marrying tradition with innovation in a harmonious way, each one of her projects exudes unique elegance that sets her apart in Palm Beach’s design landscape.

Her commitment is to create homes that reflect the owner’s style while providing comfort and functionality.

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Annie Santulli​​

Known for curating sophisticated spaces with an intimate feel, Annie Santulli brings a poetic touch to her designs.

Her portfolio is marked by an artful incorporation of findings from diverse cultures across continents.

Combining luxe fabrics, eclectic furnishings and carefully selected accessories – she breathes soul into every project she undertakes to build homes that narrate their own stories.

Heather Weisz​​

Heather Weisz stands as the embodiment of versatility in Palm Beach’s interior design field. From Boho-chic beach houses to sophisticated high-rise apartments – she effortlessly masters various themes as her stylistic language.

Heather Weisz​​

She believes in designing spaces that facilitate growth and change over time – akin to living organisms accurately reflecting their inhabitant’s evolution.

Dawn Sabatello

Adept at blending retro glamour with modern minimalism Dawn Sabatello excels at carving out inviting interiors regardless of project size or type.

Having experience in diverse areas like residential restyling or commercial revamping helps tackle projects with different requirements skillfully.

Her approach leans toward achieving a synthesis between functionality and aesthetics, thus forming spaces that are as pragmatic as they are beautiful to behold.

FAQs About Palm Beach Interior Designers

Who are the top interior designers in Palm Beach?

Notable interior designers include Lorraine Rogers-Bolton, Amanda Keeler, Krista Watterworth Alterman, Ellen Kavanaugh, Amy Feldman, Jason Ball, Sophia Passerini, Annie Santulli, Heather Weisz and Dawn Sabatello.

What design styles are popular in Palm Beach?

Palm Beach’s design styles often reflect its coastal environment with elements such as vibrant colours and plush textiles. Many designers also integrate modern elements with classic touches.

What can I expect from a Palm Beach interior designer?

You can expect a comprehensive plan that includes layout design, choosing of color palettes, furniture selection and accessorizing. Collaboration is key; your preferences will always be taken into account.

How much does an interior designer cost in Palm Beach?

The cost of an interior designer in Palm Beach can vary widely depending on the project’s complexity and scope. It’s advisable to contact individual designers or firms for specific pricing information.

Why should I hire an interior designer?

Hiring an interior designer ensures a beautiful result that reflects your tastes and enhances your lifestyle while maximizing your space’s functionality.


Designing your dream space is a significant undertaking and hiring the right designer can make all the difference.

The designers featured in this list, all with distinguished careers and diverse styles, reflect the best Palm Beach’s thriving interior design industry has to offer.

Whether you want coastal charm or ultra-modern minimalism, these professionals cater to a wide spectrum of aesthetic sensibilities.

Remember that the best interior design is one that resonates with your lifestyle and personal taste. Finding a designer who can channel your vision into reality ensures that your home isn’t just beautiful it’s uniquely you.

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