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Noho Move Chair Review 2024 [Dive In Its Comfort & Longevity]

By: Susie
Updated On: July 9, 2023

My curiosity got the best of me when I came across the Noho Move chair online, and I simply couldn’t resist checking it out.

Now, after having spent a significant amount of time lounging and working on this innovative piece of furniture, I thought it was only fair to share my experience with you all. Today’s post is a comprehensive ‘noho move chair review’ by yours truly!

As someone who’s dabbled around with sectional sofas for quite some time now, my focus has always been on finding something that masterfully combines comfort with functionality.

Before diving into the details, I’d like to preface this review by saying that, spoiler alert: my interaction with the Noho Move chair has been nothing short of transformative!

So sit back, relax, and let me recount my experience with this groundbreaking creation in the world of seating comfort!

Getting Up Close with the Noho Move Chair: My Real Experience

Getting Up Close with the Noho Move Chair: My Real Experience

When I first heard about the Noho move chair, my interest was piqued. This wasn’t your average piece of furniture–the descriptions promised a blend of comfort, sustainability and an aesthetic appeal that seemed too good to resist.

So, driven by curiosity (and an undeniable love for comfy chairs), I decided to take the plunge and ordered one for myself.

The anticipation was real. Each passing day brought me closer to a dreamy lounging experience, or so I hoped. When the delivery day finally rolled around, it felt like Christmas morning all over again!

First Impressions and Unboxing – The Importance of Good Packaging

There’s something inherently exciting about unboxing a new purchase -it’s like unwrapping a present. My first-impression moment arrived in the form of a sturdy cardboard box with ‘Noho’ printed proudly across its sides.

Unboxing anything is an experience in itself, but I especially appreciate companies that put in extra effort into their packaging – it just shows me how much thought they put into their product presentation.

On opening the box, everything was packed neatly and securely – minimizing waste and yet ensuring no damage could come to the chair during transportation.

Size and Weight – The Bigger Picture

Once unboxed, it was time to get up close with my new Noho move chair. First things first, let’s dive into some specifics:

Chair height33.5″
Chair width19.7″
Seat height18.9″
Seat depth16.9″
Chair weight10 lbs

This surprisingly lightweight design turned out to be key as it came time to set up my new chair – anyone who’s ever wrangled a hefty piece into place will know why.

Despite its relatively compact size, it had enough presence that made it instantly noticed in my living room while still effortlessly integrating into my existing space.

From unboxing through initial setup, every step unfolded smoothly – thanks to clear instructions provided alongside this easy-to-handle delivery package.

Honestly, going by first impressions alone- I have nothing but praise for this elegantly crafted piece!

A Deeper Dive into Sustainability and Manufacturing Process

A Deeper Dive into Sustainability and Manufacturing Process

In a world where climate change and sustainable living is gradually becoming the need of the hour, how products are manufactured has steadily drawn much attention.

When I decided to invest in the Noho Move chair, it was refreshing to find a company that places a strong emphasis on sustainability.

For starters, let’s look at Noho’s manufacturing process, which focuses on effort minimization and waste reduction.

This essential furniture piece is designed in New Zealand but crafted responsibly in the USA in collaboration with leading eco-furniture makers.

The Materials Behind the Magic

Getting further into it, the materials used in creating this fantastic chair had me seriously impressed. The main beauty of Noho’s design lies in its innovative use of a material known as ECONYL regenerated nylon.

This environmentally-friendly choice is made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste such as discarded fishing nets and end-of-life carpets, thus giving a breakthrough to the traditional idea of waste.

What about comfort and durability? You might wonder. Happy to report that ECONYL proves quite impressive here as well! Despite being recycled, it possesses a high resilience that offers supreme comfort and ensures your chair stays looking great for years on end.

If that wasn’t enough, their cushions have been developed using plant-based bio-foams derived from sustainably harvested crops like soybeans.

Noho’s Commitment to Sustainable Design

It is essential not just what you choose but why you choose it as well. At Noho, their dedication towards sustainability is crystal clear with every step they take.

For instance, even their packaging features materials like cardboard which aren’t harmful to the environment and are easily compostable.

Aside from using sustainable source materials, noho also follows through by making every part of their chair replaceable. Yes, you read it right. Break or wear something out?

You can purchase just that part rather than buying an entirely new chair—Noho clearly takes sustainability to another level!

This commitment has earned Noho several awards including the prestigious Green Ribbon Award bestowed by New Zealand’s Ministry for the Environment.

Laying Down the Comfort Factors of the Noho Move Chair

Laying Down the Comfort Factors of the Noho Move Chair

The comfort of a chair is perhaps the most critical aspect to consider, and it’s here that I believe the Noho move chair truly excels.

The chair appears to go beyond just standard sitting comfort, creating an experience tailored for movements – whether I was leaning back into the chair, perching on its edge, or settled into work on a laptop.

Personal Comfort in Everyday Use

From a personal standpoint, when I first eased myself onto this unique offering from Noho after a long day, it was love at first sit!

The Noho move chair hugged my body just right. The contours provided perfect support to my back that reduced fatigue while using it for extended periods.

There’s also this inherent flexibility that seems to manifest in every curve and line of this chair. It encouraged me to shift and adjust as needed – a surprising yet welcome departure from other chairs where you are more or less expected to maintain a particular posture. In essence, every time I sat on this chair felt unique and crafted as per my comfort needs.

I discovered that the use of ECONYL regenerated nylon fabric not only gives the chair an incredibly plush feel but also makes it highly breathable.

This meant no more uncomfortable sticking even after prolonged use – one thought which is already making me dread summer less!

Adjustability for Optimal Comfort

When talking about adjustability, Noho seems to have incorporated thoughtful elements like easy modifications of base transitions and customizable “toppers.” It genuinely surpassed all expectations!

The four-leg design with rockers coupled with their patented ‘Move’ technology made this far more than just any ergonomic armchair.

What unfolded as an exciting revelation was its intelligent motion design where the dynamic seat adjusts in real-time basis your position!

Here’s how you can adjust it:

  • Find your preferred routine perch
  • If extra padding is needed get Noho’s optional specially-designed cushion from Noho Cushion.
  • Easily add or remove cushions depending on whether you are planning relaxed lounging or intensive office tasks.
  • Voila! You’ve got yourself a bespoke comfortable resting place within minutes.

In terms of dimensions too, they’ve factored in common user preferences offering two size selections but what gets them extra brownie points is their weight adjustment design from 50 Kg (110 lbs) up to 150 Kg (330 lbs) – something noticeably missing in most top-tier seating options.

For those among us who fumble with “DIY” assembly instructions (guilty!), rest assured—I found Noho’s step-by-step guide remarkably easy to follow with no special tools or skills required.

From everyday comfort to advanced adjustability options they surely have mastered the art of turning seemingly mundane actions into delightful experiences.

The Appeal of the Design- Beyond Just Looks

The Appeal of the Design- Beyond Just Looks

When we think about furniture, it’s often easy to equate design with a piece’s aesthetics. But with the Noho move chair, there’s a whole new dimension added to this equation- functionality.

The chair sports a stylishly sleek and minimalistic demeanor that I found initially appealing. However, once I started using it more frequently and began truly appreciating its smart design elements, I realized that this chair goes well beyond just looks.

Noho’s Customizable Design Elements

For me personally, customization is a big draw because it can really help in tailoring an item to fit my needs and preferences.

The feature that particularly stands out in terms of customization is the Noho’s unique “Topper” system (link to Noho move Topper). It allows you to easily switch out the top pads with ones made from different materials or colours.

These range from woolen fabrics for a warmer feel (just perfect for those cold winter days), to air-knit fabrics if you prefer something more breathable and lightweight. Essentially, having customizable options emphasised how much thought went into designing the chair for real-life usage scenarios.

The design also includes grooves fashioned specifically to align your spine naturally and effortlessly, which I found truly exceptional.

This precision detail not only significantly enhanced my overall seating experience but also showed me what thoughtful design could achieve- comfort optimised using smart visuals!

Integrating into My Existing Space

One of my foremost concerns before purchasing new furniture is how it will integrate with the look and feel of my existing space.

With its neutral shades, streamlined form-factor and non-imposing size, sliding in the Noho move chair into my living room was quite literally a breeze.

What made it even more adaptable was its ability not just to blend in but also morph depending on user preference (thanks yet again to customization).

For example, during festive seasons when I preferred bolder colors or warm tones, switching out toppers was all it required to transform dramatically yet stay cohesive with my home aesthetics.

If you’re someone who deeply values integrated designs complementing functionality and aesthetics alike- then I believe you’d appreciate what the Noho move chair brings on board – a dynamic synergistic combination!

It offers great flexibility in terms of interior themes, making way for seamless integration and gelling perfectly well within varied aesthetic settings without ever compromising comfort or utility.

Practical Aspects – Size, Maneuverability, and Footprint

Practical Aspects - Size, Maneuverability, and Footprint

Delving into the practical aspects of a piece of furniture is just as important as admiring its aesthetics and appreciating its comfort. After all, what’s the use of a beautiful, comfortable chair if it’s too bulky for your quarters or causes constant moving struggles?

Here’s where I bring to you my insight on the ‘noho move chair,’ focusing specifically on size, maneuverability, and footprint.

Does the Chair’s Size Fit My Space?

The physical dimensions of any furniture has significant repercussions on your overall room appearance; they should sync in harmony with your living space. The noho move chair earns high points on this aspect.

With dimensions 820mm (D) x 460mm (W) x 460mm (H), which translates roughly to a width and height of about 18 inches each, and about 32 inches depthwise- it certainly doesn’t overwhelm.

To me, it nestled seamlessly into my existing setting, asserting enough presence without cramping up space or sticking out like an ungainly obstruction.

For comparison’s sake:

Standard Coffee TableAbout 30″ to 48″ W; 24″ to 30″ D
noho move chairAbout 18″ W; about 32″ D

As seen above, when placed against a typical coffee table size,the noho move chair is quite compact. It won’t cause any ‘space stress’ — unless we’re talking about a particularly tight area.

This space-friendly dimension isn’t coincidental but a deliberate design choice — credit going to its New Zealand origins where mindful living practices consider spatial aspects in designing any product. Visit their site for more conversations around their thoughtful design principles.

Can it be Moved Around Easily?

A heavy sofa or recliner can become an enormous hurdle especially when cleaning or reorganizing your place. This is where the noho move chair again stands out distinctly by offering commendable maneuverability.

Weighing approximately only around 16 lbs., moving this chair was surprisingly easy for me- an aspect I was very pleased with. Its distinct feather-like lightness comes from using air carbon, which despite being highly durable contributes very little additional weight to the end product.

For those who frequently revamp their spaces’ layout or are fans of spontaneous indoor picnics and movie nights with furniture being shuffled around frequently, you’ll have met a true ally in the shape of noho move chair here!

If there exists an ideal blend of form and function brought forth through sustainable design while keeping our practical requirements such as size compatibility and easy movement in mind- then Noho Move Chair might just be setting unique standards there.

Maintaining Your Noho Move Chair- A Walkthrough

Maintaining Your Noho Move Chair- A Walkthrough

Keeping your Noho Move Chair in prime condition is simpler than you might think, given its innovative design and durable materials.

Here’s a comprehensive walkthrough on how to take care of this piece of comfort from your home.

Cleaning and Care Tips

Maintaining the freshness and aesthetics of your chair starts with regular cleaning. Trying to deal with stains as they come along is key!

  • Vacuuming: Start by giving your chair a good vacuum, especially under the seat area where dust can accumulate. Try to do it once a week to make sure you’re not letting dirt ingrain into the seat.
  • Stain Removal: For getting out stains, try warm water with mild soap without a lot of scrubbing which might harm the material. Less is more here; try not to overdo it!
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Steer clear of harsh cleaning agents as they can discolor or damage the fabric.

Patience and gentleness are your best friends here! It’s better to slowly lift out a stain than speed up and cause damage.

How Durable is it Really?

The durability of the Noho Move Chair caught me by surprise! The chair is the epitome of solid craftsmanship paired with top-notch quality material—proving that its flair goes beyond just comfort and aesthetics.

For starters, the core structure utilizes re-engineered waste plastic that forms an incredibly solid base supporting up to 300 lbs weight perfectly without a glitch! The toughened base goes hand in hand with high-performing fabrics that are resistant to both fading and wear—two big thumbs up for that.

The icing on top? It’s made with ECONYL regeneration nylon which gives it a longer lifecycle as compared to traditional fabrics while actively battling environmental pollution by reducing waste!

I must say, I was thrilled at how robust this chair really was despite its lightweight appearance—not something you get to see every day!

To sum up my experience on Noho Move Chair’s durability, let me tell you straight away; if treated right, this chair has many years under its belt ready to offer seamless comfort day after day.

However, keep in mind every piece of furniture has its lifespan—it’s about making the most use of it while keeping up proper maintenance throughout.

With my Noho move chair proving itself in terms of look, feel, function and durability—I couldn’t ask for more!

This wraps up my walk-through on maintaining your Noho move chair—it’s all about showing some love through regular cleaning without being too harsh and respecting the materials’ limits…and boom—you have yourself an evergreen comfy spot ready anytime!

Is it Worth the Price Tag? – Analyzing Value for Money

Is it Worth the Price Tag? - Analyzing Value for Money

To some, the price tag attached to the Noho Move Chair might initially invoke a tinge of shock. After all, it’s not often we see a chair that neatly hovers around several hundred dollars.

But after my comprehensive experience with this innovative seating solution, I think it’s fair to establish and underline one critical factor: The noho move chair isn’t just any ordinary piece of furniture.

Affordability Meets Quality

When we talk about affordability, it doesn’t merely translate into finding the product that costs you the least amount of money upfront.

Rather, it signifies finding something that delivers exceptional value over an extended lifespan, leaving you gratified with your investment in the long run.

With time, I’ve come to realise that the noho move chair is not just a seat- it’s a well-thought-out work of art, designed with utmost precision and great attention to detail.

It’s made from ECONYL regenerated nylon waste, which further solidifies my point on how the company aligns its products with sustainability while also lending superior durability.

I can confidently state that the level of comfort I’ve experienced on my noho move chair is unparalleled: errands turn non-exhaustive, reading hours stretch longer without backache woes tagging along and simply lounging around never felt more indulgent!

Does it Justify its Premium Pricing?

Let me do justice by breaking down why exactly you’re paying more for this fabulous creation. First off, the design team at noho has clearly put in substantial effort into combining creativity with functionality – providing ergonomic design features not often found in chairs within similar price brackets.

Here’s how I see the allocation of your investment:

  • Materials: Using ocean plastic waste to create such an innovatively designed chair is not only expensive but also aligns perfectly with modern environment-conscious values.
  • Design Innovation: The adaptability quotient introduced via their patented nodular design allows different sitting positions which enhances your overall comfort and experience.
  • Durability: From what I’ve observed so far and taking feedback from other long-time users into account, this product boasts high endurance capabilities.
  • Reliability: Last but certainly not least; trust plays a vital role here where Noho has managed to build credibility through delivering high-quality seating solutions consistently over time.

Breaking down these factors clears up any apprehensions about ‘premium pricing‘. In a few words; Yes! A resounding yes stating that every penny spent on Noho Move Chair seems like a justified investment!

It has effectively bridged form and functionality into one single entity- something very few pieces can boast about!

If you’re someone seeking longevity wrapped in comfort coupled alongside conscious decisions contributing to environmental sustainability.

Then look no further than Noho Move Chair for your home or workspace needs! After all, procuring items worthy of our hard-earned money should always count as money well spent!

FAQs About Noho Move Chair Review

How comfortable is the Noho move chair?

Remarkably so! It’s ergonomically designed to support your body for extended periods, leading to superior comfort levels.

What makes the Noho Move chair sustainable?

This chair does its part for the environment, employing materials like ECONYL yarn made from rescued fishnets and end-of-life plastics.

Is the Noho Move chair durable?

Yes, its durability comes from its use of high-quality materials designed to withstand wear and tear over a considerable period.

How easy is it to maintain the Noho move chair?

It’s very easy. The cover can be taken off and machine washed and more importantly, replacements are readily available.

Is it worth investing in a Noho move chair considering its price tag?

Absolutely yes! Its sleek design, comfort level, sustainability focus and good build quality make it a worthy investment.


After spending some quality time with my Noho move chair, I must admit, I’m completely smitten. The chair not only met but surpassed my expectations in the most satisfying way.

From its sleek design to its superior functionality, everything about it screams comfort and durability. It’s become my new favorite spot to lounge after a long day of work!

Navigating the realm of furniture in search of that one perfect piece isn’t always easy, but when you find it, trust me, you’ll know.

The Noho move chair proved to be that perfect piece for me; a seamless blend of aesthetic appeal and function that brought a delightful change into my space! Cheers to a healthier planet and to more cozy reading nights enthroned on my Noho move chair!

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