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15 Best Mid Century Modern Tiles [Authentic Retro Design]

By: Susie
Updated On: January 12, 2024

The fusion of functionality and art is found within the realm of mid century modern tiles. This aesthetic embodies the essence of the mid-20th century, capturing its notable vibrancy, and optimism along with a touch of futuristic aspiration.

The impact on today’s home decor and interior design is nothing short of phenomenal. These kinds of tiles lend your space not just an appealing appearance but also an inherent robustness.

Recognizing good quality and well-designed mid-century modern tile can be tricky if you’re not sure what to look for.

You’ll find them in a vast range of colours, shapes, sizes, and textures that are both visually enticing and durable for extended use.

It’s a grand mix between vintage charm and contemporary allure, merging into a seamless blend fit for any styling preference or space requirement you may have in mind.

Best Mid-Century Modern Tile

The mid-century design principles extend to tiles, offering you an array of options to inject a vintage vibe into your modern spaces.

With versatile colours, textures, and design elements, these tiles bring out the unique character of your home decor while paying homage to a classic era in interior design.

Heath Ceramics – Dimensional Tiles

With Heath Ceramics’ Dimensional Tiles, you open your doors to a captivating world of geometric shapes and vibrant hues.

Heath Ceramics - Dimensional Tiles

At its core, the Dimensional collection encapsulates the warm minimalism of mid-century aesthetics. Each tile in this collection focuses equally on texture as it does on colour, adding depth to room designs.

Offered in several appealing hues and finishes, these tiles provide contrast and interest without overpowering your overall home décor theme.

Whether used for kitchen backsplashes or bathroom walls, they offer a well-balanced blend of retro allure with a modern appeal.

Fireclay Tile – Debris Series

Imbibing classic elements with sustainable manufacturing processes makes Fireclay Tile’s Debris Series stand out.

Each tile is created using recycled materials, linking back to mid-century concepts of sustainability and ingenuity.

With earthy tones offset by playful patterns such as chevrons and graphical prints, this series brings both character and conscience into your interiors.

The consistent size uniformity adds a harmonious consistency that enhances the aesthetic appeal regardless of where they’re installed.

Marazzi – Mystique Series

The Mystique Series from Marazzi subtly weaves luxury into functionality through beautiful patterns etched onto porcelain stoneware tiles.

This series stands out with its monochromatic colours they effortlessly create aesthetically pleasing backdrops without overwhelming other design elements in your space.

The durability combined with an undeniable sense of style makes them perfect candidates not only for residential use but also for commercial spaces seeking an infusion of this revered era’s charm.

Merola Tile – Twenties Collection

The Twenties Collection by Merola Tile relives the vibrant spirit of the mid-century movement through faux tile patterns that are both striking and versatile.

Merola Tile - Twenties Collection

Each design intertwines minimalistic beauty with intricate detailing, adding character and charm to even the most mundane spaces.

Available in a range of monochromatic shades, these ceramic tiles offer you the novelty of vintage designs with the benefit of modern manufacturing processes.

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Daltile – Rittenhouse Square

Going for subtlety and grace? Daltile’s Rittenhouse Square collection offers a range of ceramic tiles that carry an inherent simplicity that was characteristic of mid-century modern design.

With subdued colours in glossy or matte finishes, these tiles effortlessly complement various architectural styles while bringing a dose of understated elegance.

The collection’s timeless beauty resonates strongly with lovers of minimalist design.

Ann Sacks – Savoy Mosaics

For fans of mosaic artistry, Ann Sacks presents the Savoy Mosaics series.

Reminiscent of ancient Greco-Roman mosaic art merged with mid-century design principles, this range boasts mini hex tiling that exemplifies visual depth and texture.

Available in a variety of pastel shades, they bring an old-world charm to modern living spaces.

Porcelanosa – Marmol Carrara Blanco

If you fancy lavishness within clean lines, Porcelanosa’s Marmol Carrara Blanco is for you. Channeling upscale marble aesthetics onto porcelain tiles, each piece radiates luxuriance while maintaining simplicity in form and texture a defining trait of mid-century modern aesthetics.

Porcelanosa - Marmol Carrara Blanco

These are perfect for those aiming to infuse their homes with a tactile richness without straying from the period’s style principles.

Villeroy & Boch – Century Unlimited

Villeroy & Boch’s Century Unlimited collection provides not just tiles but whole worlds captured within square or rectangular boundaries.

This eye-catching collection features bold prints, geometric shapes, and vibrant colours. It challenges conventional designs with daring ideas, much like the mid-century modern style itself.

These tiles are perfect for creating accent walls or adding a splash of colour to playfully offset monotone interiors.

Walker Zanger – Helsinki Collection

If you’re keen on lending an air of elegance to your space, then the Walker Zanger’s Helsinki Collection is just what you need.

These tiles are a tasteful mix of Finnish architecture and Asian aesthetics, looking just as delightful in a residential kitchen as they would in a commercial showroom.

The collection features both polished and natural finishes, with tiles available in varied sizes to suit your design preference.

The palette mainly contains shades of grey combined with neutral tones for a sophisticated look. When installed, they create a distinctive pattern that can be perfectly integrated into your mid-century modern design.

Nemo Tile – Metro Collection

Bold simplicity characterizes the Nemo Tile’s Metro Collection, which has been specifically designed to align with mid-century modern aesthetics.

Nemo Tile - Metro Collection

This series offers glossy ceramic tiles available in playful colours and classic geometric shapes like rectangles and squares.

The Metro Collection strikes a balance between tradition and modernity, exuding retro charm with its vibrant colour options such as royal blue or sage green.

It is thus perfect for creating accents or distinctive backsplashes in your kitchen or bathroom.

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Emser Tile – Retro Collection

The Emser Tile’s Retro collection is all about vibrant colours and intricate patterns reminiscent of the mid-century design era.

With this collection, you have an opportunity to choose from gorgeous mosaics that deliver striking visual appeal with their geometric patterns.

If you are seeking to lend your space a vintage feel without compromising on sophistication, then the Retro collection provides you with various ceramic options to achieve this balance.

American Olean – Satinglo Hex

The American Olean’s Satinglo Hex collection is designed to offer versatility while invoking nostalgia.

This series boasts hexagonal tiles available in various colours featuring soft textures which lend depth to any given space.

The tiles give off a satiny sheen that adds tasteful refinement whether installed as flooring or wall covering.

If you’re looking for spectacular detailing combined with durability, then the Satinglo Hex collection is a prime choice.

Hakatai – Ashland-e Series

Exuding minimalist sophistication, the Hakatai’s Ashland-e Series are mesh-backed glass mosaic tiles. Complemented by their translucent nature, the tiles’ colour palette includes cool tones like blue-greens as well as warm hues of gold.

Hakatai - Ashland-e Series

These elegant tiles not only catch but reflect light in a way that enhances spatial aesthetics, making them a preferred option for bathroom or kitchen backsplash installation.

Crossville – Retro Active

The Retro Active collection from Crossville adds an edgy yet playful vibe to your space with its wide range of hue possibilities.

In terms of size options, you’re spoilt for choice as well as distinct textures from smooth to wavy.

These porcelain tiles boast durability and are also environment-friendly due to their sizable recycled content.

Florida Tile – Sequence Series

Inspired by natural vein-cut stone, the Sequence Series from Florida Tile channels organic beauty into your living spaces.

Florida Tile - Sequence Series

Available in an array of earthly tones and different sizes, these high-definition porcelain tiles have rectified edges that deliver seamless installation results.

If you’re in search of tiles that offer both style and sustainability, the Sequence series makes for an excellent choice satisfying LEED building requirements.

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FAQs About Mid-Century Modern Tile

What is the Mid Century Modern Tile design style?

The Mid Century Modern Tile design refers to a distinctive tile style that emerged during the mid-20th century. Characterized by their clean lines, organic shapes, geometric patterns, and bright, vibrant colours, these tiles mirror the general design trends of that era.

Where can I use Mid-Century Modern Tiles?

These versatile tiles can be used in various spaces like bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and even outdoor areas. They are perfect for creating statement walls, floors, and backsplashes.

Are Mid-Century Modern Tiles durable?

Yes, they are highly durable due to their robust ceramic or porcelain construction which makes them resistant to water, heat, and wear.

Do mid-century modern Tiles need specific maintenance?

Generally, they require minimal maintenance; regular cleaning with mild detergent would suffice. For porous tiles like unglazed ceramic ones or natural stone tiles, sealing might be recommended.

Does Mid Century Modern Tile fit with other design styles?

As they are noted for their timeless appeal and flexibility, these tiles can seamlessly blend with both traditional and contemporary interior design styles.


From your needs to your aesthetic preferences, the perfect mid-century modern tile is out there for you.

Tiles like Walker Zanger’s Helsinki Collection and Nemo Tiles’ Metro Collection exemplify sophistication, while those like Crossville’s Retro Active bring in a playful edge.

All these options offer a fusion of modern design values and vintage charm, with honest materials at their heart.

Choosing the right tile ultimately depends on your space and desired ambiance.

But no matter where you’re looking to install it whether a residential or commercial space the timeless appeal of mid-century modern tiles will undoubtedly enhance the atmosphere and functionality of your design.

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