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35 Best French Interior Design Elements [Achieve Gallic Elegance]

By: Susie
Updated On: December 23, 2023

Your journey to reinvent your home’s aesthetic begins here, with the timelessness and allure of French interior design elements.

At once chic and comfortable, French style is imbued with a unique charm that effortlessly blends the old with the new.

By marrying elegant features and rustic accents, you can transform your living space into an exquisite and enchanting enclave.

Refreshing your interiors with a dash of French flair doesn’t need a passport or extensive redesigning – just the unerring finesse to pick out the right elements.

From antique furniture to ornate moldings, these 35 extraordinary components will set a scene straight from the stylish streets of Paris right in your own home. Now, let’s embark on this exciting adventure.

French Interior Design Elements

When you’re looking to elevate your home with elegance and charm, nothing serves quite like French interior design.

This enchanting style blends old-world sophistication with modern comfort, culminating in a unique aesthetic that feels equally luxe and inviting. Here’s a deep dive into some prominent elements of French interior design.


Chandeliers are the heart of French design and can transform any space into a magnificent spectacle. They lend a sense of glamour and grandeur that encapsulates the French flair for luxury.


Their intricate detailing, opulent crystal or glass elements, and striking designs make an alluring focal point in any room, be it your dining room, bedroom, or even bathroom.

It’s all about balance. If your chandelier is extravagant, pair it with understated furniture pieces to avoid overwhelming the space.

Louis XVI furniture

If there’s one thing that epitomizes timeless elegance in French interior design, it’s Louis XVI furniture.

Renowned for its straight lines and classic details like fluted legs (grooved), this style celebrates function alongside form.

Luxurious fabrics covering these pieces often come in soft pastels or rich jewel tones, providing an elegant contrast against wood frames.

Infuse these pieces into your space, perhaps an ornate Louis XVI chair beside a modern couch, to experience the marvels that fusion decor can offer.

Parquet flooring

Often overlooked but essential in creating that distinct Gallic atmosphere is Parquet flooring, an arrangement of wooden pieces in geometric designs on floors to create patterned effects.

Parquet comfortably straddles the primitive rawness of materials with grandeur associated with traditional grand maisons (mansions).

Light-toned parquets beautifully enhance natural light streaming through windows, while darker tones lend an air of grittiness punctuated by rugs or carpets for a friendly ambiance.

Toile de Jouy fabric

Toile de Jouy, or simply toile, is a French fabric that wears intricate pastoral scenes on a white or cream background.

Originally produced in the 18th century, this printed cotton fabric can be found on everything from curtains to furniture upholstery and even wallpaper.

Adding toile to your home décor can give it an authentic French country feel. It’s often paired with striped or checked fabrics to create a charming, almost quaint mix-and-match aesthetic.

Antique mirrors

French style is incomplete without captivating antique mirrors. These ornamental elements boost natural light while also adding visual complexity, depth, and elegance to any space, be it your bedroom, living room, or hallway.

Antique mirrors

Unique frames and elaborate details on glass, like splashes of gold or distressed look, lend these mirrors their vintage charm.

When placing antique mirrors, ensure they reflect something beautiful in the room, such as chandeliers or the scenic view outside.

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Rococo detailing

Rococo design became popular in the 18th century with its love for intricate motifs and asymmetry.

This detailing implies delicacy and playfulness; think charming shell-like curves (“rocaille” in French), scrolling ornamental veggies on furniture, or even fanciful frescoes adding energy to otherwise dull monotones.

Versailles-inspired decor

No conversation about French design will be complete without mentioning Versailles’ grandeur-filled halls influencing modest homes centuries later through key decorative pieces.

Gilded mirrors rang palace-like presence, symbolic motifs proclaiming power (such as suns used by Sun King Louis XIV), long drapes matching regal upholstery, and large portraits framed lavishly making personal statements.

Damask Wallpaper

Damask wallpaper fluidly moves from formal living rooms into bedrooms, offering a touch of plushness and making spaces visually memorable with repetitive floral motifs resembling brocade but offering pared-down sophistication instead of overt opulence.

Choose either bold patterns that intend to bring personality into rooms or soft patterns that infuse rooms with subtle romanticism.

French Doors

With a nod towards functionality, French doors, often painted in bold shades and glamorously curtained, offer access to natural light without compromising privacy, making these perfect for country-inspired kitchens or luxuriously simple bed spaces.

French Doors

Their glass panes additionally boost depth and visual space.

Cabriole Legs

You’ll find Cabriole legs on everything from tables to sofas, channeling vintage tastes effortlessly.

With their distinct S-like curves, they symbolize the rococo style’s love for intricate detailing and give a touch of timeless elegance to your furniture.

Gilded Accents

Gilded accents can add an element of glamour and decadence to any room in your home.

From gilded mirrors and picture frames to furniture with gold leaf detailing, these golden accents create an air of luxury that is synonymous with French design.

You want to infuse your space with timeless grace and not end up overwhelming it.

Provencal Textiles

Provencal textiles are a classic choice for those who desire a more rustic and country-style French ambiance.

Featuring bold, sunny colors inspired by the South of France’s lavender fields, artistically juxtaposed against soft-toned geometrical patterns or idyllic scenery prints, these fabrics can instantly energize spaces like kitchens or sunrooms while maintaining an undercurrent of comfort.

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Bergère Chairs

Bergère chairs are a staple in French interior design and can add sophistication to any room.

Bergère Chairs

With their upholstered backs and comfortable seat cushions, paired with wooden frames showcasing outstanding craftsmanship, such chairs serve as perfect reading corners or accent pieces alongside modern furniture.


French tapestries showcase intricate designs often inspired by historical events or pastoral scenes.

Serving as statement wall hangings in living areas or prominent hallways, they bring in warmth, color, and the narrative joy of visual storytelling.

Antique Clocks

No French-inspired home decor would be complete without antique clocks. They are not just time-tellers but also conversation starters due to their elegant vintage appeal.

Think Louis XVI-style mantel clocks or ornately carved cuckoo clocks that’ll make guests marvel at your eye for detail.

Baroque-Style Furnishings

Baroque-style furnishings are all about dramatic detailing.

Velvet upholstery dark wood structures featuring carved details, often floral or anthropomorphic and contrasting color pallets speak volumes about this style’s grandeur influences from the 17th-century French monarchy.

Crystal Glassware

From wine glasses to decanters, crystal glassware in your kitchen cabinet or dining spaces can evoke an aura of French decadence and elegance.

Crystal Glassware

Its brilliance and fine detailing can convert ordinary meals into fascinating dinner events.

Aubusson Rugs

Originating from the Aubusson region in France, these hand-woven masterpieces provide a visually pleasing foundation to any room.

With their classic floral motifs and ornate border detailing, these rugs add texture and color while exuding regal European charm.

French Provincial Style

If you want your home to channel a simpler countryside appeal without compromising sophistication, turn towards French provincial style.

Whitewashed wooden furniture contrasted with rich blues and sunny yellows embodying simplicity and elegance can work wonders!

Fleur-de-lis Motifs

The fleur-de-lis is an enduring symbol in French culture that has found its way into interior design.

An emblem of royalty, basing your design palette around the grandeur of these motifs, maybe through wallpapers or textiles or even accessories like throw pillows–will bring that subtle royal touch.

French country chic

The essence of French country chic lies in simplicity and elegance cohabitating harmoniously. A return to nature, this style fuses cushy living with inviting hues.

French country chic

Think soft off-whites, rustic woods, stonework, and low-key color palettes. It brings together rural and refined elements of handcrafted antiques mixed with comfortable furniture fabrics like cotton or linen to offer a homey yet sophisticated feel.

French countryside flair also includes elements like generous woven baskets for storage, terracotta pots, and earth-toned ceramics, synergizing homeliness and impeccable taste.

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Repurposed shutters

In French design, there’s a fascinating mix of vintage charm with highly practical accents and repurposed shutters, justifying this statement fittingly.

Reclaimed window shutters find fabulous rebirths as wall accents or even headboards, lending your decor an air of rustic elegance.

Weather-worn finishes highlighted by lively or pastel pieces present a lovely explosion of contrasts, strengthening the quietly confident vibe that is uniquely French.

Arched doorways

Arches are a practical architectural feature in French homes and bring in a dash of soft romance when compared to angular doorframes.

Elegantly carved arched doorways integrate fluidity into your home while accentuating welcoming openness at its heart.

Drawing guests into sweeping narratives within each living zone, these grace-filled curves add nostalgic charm while creating scenic transitions between various rooms.

Gilt frames

A gilt frame brings its golden charm to the simplest mirror or painting hanging on your wall, propelling it from ordinary to divine.

This luxurious element carries the majesty imbued by history’s greatest art palaces into intimate residential spaces, easily complimented by less extravagant decor items, creating welcoming homes marked by personal style repeatedly in balanced tones.

French blue color palette

The calming sophistication of the French blue color palette takes center stage when considering interior paint options.

French blue color palette

Known for its light, airy feel, this gentle color provides a tranquil backdrop for all styles – from grand Louis XVI furniture to rustic French country chic.

Paired with crisp white trim or a bold pop of complementary shade like burnt orange or deep red, it adds depth and harmony to any room.

French provincial armoires

The undeniable charm of French Provincial armoires is credited to their functionality and artisanal elegance.

These statement-making pieces, known for their curvy outlines and intricate details, work wonders in marrying visually heavy aspects with daintier accents within the same space.

Perfect for storing china, tablecloths, or even beddings, these towering cabinets make keeping clutter out of sight seem extraordinarily stylish.

French antiques

Intricate French antiques bring a touch of history and continental sophistication into any home decor plan aimed at standing out.

From brocante finds that tell stories of yesteryears through chipped paint or stained wood to collector’s items, elegant clocks, and traditional tapestries, they have an uncanny knack for fitting anywhere.

Cozy breakfast nooks are discovering quiet charm by the day, intimate reading corners during dusk inviting introspection illuminated by age-old lamps, and rotationally updated mantelpiece setups wowing guests with evergreen character year-round.

You can round off your uniquely stylish haven by sprinkling personal favorites that vibe well within your surroundings.

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Cane Furniture

Netflix’s hit series “Emily in Paris” has brought France’s flair for cane furniture into the international spotlight. But this isn’t a recent trend; cane pieces have been a staple in French homes for generations.

Incorporating natural elements into interiors, they brilliantly contrast French design’s usual opulence.

Whether it’s a headboard, cabinet panels, or an armchair, caned furniture provides an unexpected hint of texture that exudes an air of laid-back elegance.

With its inherent blend of bohemian vibes and classic styling, cane wares work as calming elements against more lavish decor pieces.

Wrought Iron Accents

Think breezy balconies lined with intricate wrought iron railings; such is the power of this durable material that doubles as decor.

Wrought Iron Accents

Fretworks on French windows or balusters on terraces, this versatile element adds visual interest and lasting elegance to homes with minimalistic appearances.

It is agile enough for interiors, too. Consider wrought iron chandeliers or table bases to introduce touches of rustic warmth in your living space while maintaining luxe vibes intact.

Vintage Linens

Linen is inherently linked to France’s history. Imagine miles of flax fields rippling under their sun-kissed sky from Normandy to Flanders.

Luxurious yet breathable, durable yet soft over time, every French home swears by 100% pure linen (be it vintage-styled tablecloths or curtains).

It’s effortlessly chic; combine linen with lace crocheting around the edges with family monograms – you’ve got yourself a bespoke piece.

French Bistro Chairs

Evergreen symbols of quaint Parisian streets are these iconic woven rattan chairs dotting bustling cafes outdoors.

Strong yet lightweight, these chairs add much-needed charm and character inside homes beyond those cafe boundaries – elegant dining rooms or cozy study corners soak up their whimsical aura.

Provençal Ceramics

Known as “faience,” these painted earthenware pieces originated in the Provence region of Southern France.

Intricately hand-painted, they enliven spaces with splashes of vibrant blue and sunny yellow.

From dinnerware to decorative tilework for kitchen backsplashes or fireplaces, their cheerful, rustic charm offsets the more formal elements in French design pretty well.

Napoleon III Style

Named after Napoleon III, who adored magnificence, this style saw the resurgence of luxurious materials like velvet, silk, and ornate woodwork.

Napoleon III Style

Often saturated with motifs inspired by plants and animals in a distinctly asymmetrical manner, think cabriole legs on chairs and cabinets or Napoleon III “boule” clocks standing timeless.

French Provincial Kitchen

Ever dreamt of cooking in a kitchen where beauty marries function? French provincial kitchens do just that.

“Plat à four” brick ovens rock rustic vibes next to polished marble counters yesteryears meet today flawlessly.

Wooden cabinetry painted in muted shades (think greys or duck-egg blues), copper pots dangling above central islands, and stone sinks invoke an interconnected countryside life full of charm.

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Tufted Upholstery

Another gem in your French interior design galaxy is tufted upholstery marked by patterns of recessed buttons highlighting geometric patterns on fabrics. Catch these on sofas or headboards.

They’re grand yet oddly comforting, eloquently marrying modern comfort with nostalgic touches of yesteryear luxury.

FAQs About French Interior Design Elements

What makes French interior design so unique?

French interior design seamlessly blends classic elegance with comfortable living. Its uniqueness lies in the amalgamation of elements ranging from extravagant chandeliers to rustic cane furniture.

How can I add a French touch to my home?

To infuse your home with French flair, introduce French design elements like Louis XVI furniture, parquet flooring, toile de Jouy fabric, antique mirrors, and more.

What kind of materials are commonly used in French interiors?

From natural linen and cane to luxurious silk and velvet – the materials used in French interiors are as diverse as their designs. It’s about balancing the rustic with the luxurious.

Are vintage linens essential for a French-styled home?

Yes, Vintage linens are an integral part of French interiors. They offer a relaxed chic vibe that beautifully complements the traditional elegance of this style.

Is it all about extravagance in French interior design?

Not necessarily. While opulence is a part of the aesthetic, subtlety plays a crucial role too. Think wrought iron accents and cane furniture offsetting ornate chandeliers and tufted upholstery.


Bringing French interior design into your home doesn’t require a complete overhaul of your current decor.

Just incorporating a few iconic pieces like a vintage chandelier or Louis XVI furniture can infuse that alluring French flavor.

The key lies in the blend of old-world charm and modern comfort, achieved by balancing glamorous accents with rustic elements.

Interior design is deeply personal, and the French style is no different. Embrace its flexibility and pair grandeur with simplicity in a way that resonates with your unique style.

Creating an inviting space that reflects your personality and taste is what matters most.

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