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Sherwin Williams Drift Of Mist SW 9166 2024 [Paint Color Review]

By: Susie
Updated On: August 8, 2023

Something must be said about the right color making a space feel just right. When picking out that perfect hue, Sherwin Williams Drift Of Mist SW 9166 is an incredible choice that deserves further discussion.

Eliciting feelings of calmness and tranquility, this shade carries the soft essence of early morning fog whispering through a serene forest.

Allow me to introduce you to this exquisite color. It uniquely balances warmth and coolness, providing an excellent backdrop for bright and muted home decor pieces.

Sherwin Williams Drift Of Mist SW 9166 is not simply a wall paint; it transforms your living spaces into peaceful sanctuaries where one can drift away into their world of tranquility.

What Color Is Sherwin Williams Drift Of Mist SW 9166?

What Color Is Sherwin Williams Drift Of Mist SW 9166?

Blending the divine hues of the early morning fog, Sherwin Williams Drift Of Mist SW 9166 is a soothing neutral that speaks tranquillity in every brushstroke.

This elegant shade reveals a sophisticated balance of warm and cool tones, representing an impeccable choice for those needing a serene retreat.

Importantly, keep in mind the following about Drift Of Mist:

  • Color Family: It falls under the Neutral category, providing a tranquil and versatile backdrop for any room.
  • Color Collections: Drift Of Mist acquires a place of honor in various collections like Color ID (Creative), Living Well (Renew), Top 50 Colors, Finest Whites & Neutrals (Finest Whites). It is also part of the palette for Colormix Forecast 2024 under ‘A Study in Delicate Tints.’
  • Location Number: When searching for this color, you can reference it as 238-C2.
  • Hex Value and RGB: Renowned for its digital design applications, the Hex Value for this color is #DCD8D0. Alternatively, its RGB values are Red:220, Green:216, and Blue:208, which provide more control over individual color components.

With its distinct location number and specific hex value or RGB notation, tracking down this soothing color becomes quite simple.

Remember that the Sherwin Williams Drift Of Mist will always serve as your perfect partner whenever your decorating journey leads you towards peaceful tranquility punctuated with subtle grace.

Availability of Drift Of Mist

Sherwin Williams has ensured the wide availability of their Drift Of Mist SW 9166 hue. Regardless of where you plan to initiate your home improvement project, this color is readily available in diverse formats for both interior and exterior applications.

Interior Use

Drift Of Mist is a fabulous choice for interior spaces. Its warm-cool balance works harmoniously in various areas, including living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and entryways.

This soothing neutral creates an ambiance of tranquility while acting as an excellent contrast to bright and muted home decor items.

Tip: Preferring low VOC paints for interior use can maintain healthier indoor air quality.

Exterior Use

The versatility of Drift Of Mist extends beyond the boundaries of your home’s walls. It also emerges as a stellar choice for exterior applications—adapting beautifully to architectural features such as brick, wood siding, stucco, or vinyl.

Warning: Remember that colors may appear lighter on exteriors due to natural daylight exposure.

Through Sherwin Williams, users can match their desired finish with the excellent quality paint products available – promising durability and color consistency.

So awaiting your next transformative home project, remember that Sherwin Williams Drift Of Mist is at your disposal inside and outside your sanctuary.

Is Drift Of Mist Warm Or Cool Paint Color?

Is Drift Of Mist Warm Or Cool Paint Color?

Before diving in, let’s understand that colors are categorized as warm or cool based on their undertones. Warm colors boast hues from red and yellow, while cool colors stem from blue and green. The neutrality of Sherwin Williams Drift Of Mist stems from its perfect blend of these undertones.

Warm Paint Color

Drift Of Mist has a sense of warmth that’s hard to ignore. This emanates primarily from its subtle red and yellow undertones that peak through the main gray color profile, creating a soft, inviting hue.

Don’t let “warm” mislead you into thinking this color will make your space look small or stuffy. Contrarily, because it is still a neutral shade with a high Light Reflectance Value (LRV), it gives rooms a more expansive and open feel despite the warm undertone.

Cool Paint Color

On the other hand, hovering on the spectrum’s cooler side, you’ll notice hints of blue and green embedded in this savvy shade.

Given how subtle these cool tones play within the warm primary hue, places decorated with Sherwin Williams Drift Of Mist offer a refreshing serenity.

Depending on the light source and other room elements like decor style and furniture finish, Drift Of Mist can lean towards appearing more warm or cool at different moments.

Therefore, the beauty of Drift Of Mist lies in its ecstatic equilibrium between warm and cool shades – offering an alluring grey-tone paint option that adds an undeniable luster wherever applied!

Where You can use Sherwin Williams Drift Of Mist Color

One of the notable attributes of Drift Of Mist SW 9166 is its versatility. Its unique balance of warm and cool undertones makes it seamless to integrate into various areas of your home, creating a consistent aesthetic flow from room to room. Let’s explore how you can incorporate this beautiful color in different spaces.


The kitchen, often termed the heart of a home, requires a color that adds warmth, cleanliness, and openness. Here, Drift Of Mist exhibits stunning relevance.

Its brightness ensures an open and airy feel – making even the smallest kitchens seem more significant than they are.

Simultaneously, its warm undertones make cooking and dining spaces inviting. Pair it with white cabinetry for a timeless look or vintage-toned wooden elements for that rustic charm.

It maintains balanced aesthetics beautifully as a backdrop for vibrant accent colors like teal or mustard.


In bathrooms, we often seek tranquility and relaxation – elements Drift Of Mist brings effortlessly into these spaces.

It harmonizes perfectly with typical bathroom fixtures—think white bathtubs, sinks—and compliments materials commonly used for vanity tops, like marble or quartz. Couple it with plants to bring a refreshing natural vibe that aids relaxation after long workdays.

Living Room

For your living spaces – formal sitting rooms or casual dens – Drift Of Mist provides an ideal canvas for showing off eclectic furniture pieces or contemporary decor accents.

Sophisticated yet soothing, this color marries comfort and elegance in social spaces within your home. It enables you to experiment freely with different textures – luxurious velvets, cozy woolens – or mix-and-match various patterns without worrying about clashing colors—creating your dream living area becomes much more straightforward!


Bedrooms demand calming hues promoting restfulness; nothing achieves this better than Sherwin Williams’ peaceful shade – Drift Of Mist.

Blend it with soft fabrics in neutral hues to create an inviting sleeping space. Alternatively, if you’re one for bolder design choices – pair this subtle hue with more intense colors; deep blues or dramatic purples – manifest the sleeping haven led by your imagination!


The entryway is the first glimpse into what lies beyond—a guest’s initial brush against your interior designing prowess!

Drift Of Mist adorning these walls—whether contrasted against dark wooden furniture or enhanced by the minimalistic monochrome decor—sets the mood right!

Rich yet reserved; bright yet soothing; professional yet homey – all wrapped up in one shade! An entryway decorated using this elegant hue will leave a lasting impression on guests and make you cherish coming home each day.

Sherwin Williams’ Drift Of Mist SW 9166 strikes an impeccable balance between chic and cozy—a characteristic that makes it easy to incorporate into almost any space inside (or outside!) your home. So be ready to let this mist drift guide you toward achieving tranquility at home.

What is the Exact Color of Sherwin Williams Drift Of Mist?

What is the Exact Color of Sherwin Williams Drift Of Mist?

Sherwin Williams Drift Of Mist SW 9166 is a sublime neutral, pale gray-taupe with distinct yet subtle undertones that lend it an ethereal warmth. Here are some key aspects to bear in mind:

  • Characteristics: Drift Of Mist doesn’t err on the stark side. Instead, you’ll notice an inviting depth and richness within its soothing soft hue.
  • Undertones: It hosts finely balanced undertones of both warmth and coolness. The delicate balance is a salient feature of this unique color.
  • LRV (Light Reflectance Value): With an LRV of 66, Drift Of Mist sits favorably in balancing brightness with depth, making it an excellent choice for smaller rooms without making them appear cramped.

Does Sherwin Williams Drift Of Mist Look Gray?

Yes and no. The beauty of Sherwin Williams Drift Of Mist is its power to flirt subtly with different colors depending on the lighting and surrounding elements within a room.

This remarkably adaptive paint color does carry a primary note of gray. Still, it hints at warmer taupe in certain lighting conditions while showing off more fabulous shades under different light sources.

The charm lies in its chameleon-like quality! Depending on the time of day and the direction your room faces (north, east, south, or west), it might lean more toward creamy beige or cool-gray tones.

Take time to observe this color under various lighting conditions in your space before making your final decision.

Remember, paint colors are impacted hugely by their surroundings and will look different depending on what other colors they are paired with.

Closer observation will reveal the subtle hints of green or blue embedded within the drift mist’s cool-hued profile surprisingly well alongside warm decor accents.

The Undertones and LRV of Drift Of Mist

Every paint color has hidden hues, known as undertones, that subtly come to the surface when on a wall. An understanding of these undertones can aid you in making an informed decision about which colors will effectively harmonize within your space. Similarly, Light Reflectance Value (LRV) grades how much light a color reflects.


  • Warm Undertone: As mentioned earlier, Drift Of Mist bears warm red and yellow undertones that grant it an inviting aura.
  • Cool Undertone: Simultaneously present are blue and green undertones peeking through the main shade, lending it a fresh and composed demeanor.

Whether Sherwin Williams Drift Of Mist leans more towards warm or cool depends significantly on the surrounding lighting and elements in the room.

Light Reflectance Value (LRV)

The LRV scales from 0% (absolute black) to 100% (pure white). Knowing this value helps determine a color’s appearance under different lighting conditions.

  • LRV of Drift Of Mist: This unique shade’s LRV is 69, which is relatively high on the scale. Thus it effectively reflects light and makes spaces appear larger and brighter.

Being aware of colors’ undertones and their LRVs gives you an advantage when choosing the right tones for specific spaces—aiding in creating harmonious aesthetics complemented by well-balanced lighting dynamics.

Sherwin Williams Drift Of Mist: The Paint Strip Story

Sherwin Williams Drift Of Mist: The Paint Strip Story

One of the most effective ways to choose a paint color is by analyzing the paint strip. This convenient tool arranges related shades from light to dark, providing a clear roadmap of how hues transition as they get darker or lighter.

Looking through a Sherrefreshing Sherwin-Williams paint strip can simplify your decision-making process, allowing you to see at a glance how different color hues are structurally related and how they might complement each other in your space.

  • Gossamer Veil SW 9165: This clean, refreshing neutral shade sits above Drift Of Mist on the strip. Gossamer Veil has an airier feel, offering brightness to any setting.
  • Drift of Mist SW 9166: The star of our strip, this classic hue borders warm and cool tones beautifully.
  • Gray Clouds SW 7658: Appearing darker on the palette, Gray Clouds brings in more depth with its solid grey base.
  • Mineral Deposit SW 7652: This offers a more excellent shade thanks to its soothing hint of blue-gray undertones.
  • Gris SW 7659: Featuring a slightly warmer tone, Gris presents an earthy undertone hint- apt for anyone seeking warmth.
  • Earl Gray SW 7660: Situated towards the darker end of the spectrum, Earl Gray carries a touch of elegance with its grounded boldness.
  • Homburg Gray SW 7622: At the dark end of the spectrum, Homburg Gray offers sophistication and intensity- rounding off this strip perfectly.

Using such organized Sherwin Williams color strips lets you visualize what might work best for your desired room feel – brighter or cozier.

Also, it illustrates complementary colors for each shade in various lighting situations – making decorating decisions more accessible than ever!

Ensure this visual aid is within reach when deciding on your next painting venture. Remember that these colors don’t stand alone – they are part of an elegant ensemble ready to transform your space!

Drift Of Mist and Lighting

As with any paint color, lighting is crucial in how Sherwin Williams Drift Of Mist SW 9166 is perceived. The type, intensity, and direction of light entering your room can shift the perceived tone of this fluid hue.

We’ll explore how this captivating color behaves under the lighting conditions of north, south, east, and west-facing rooms.

North-Facing Rooms

North-facing rooms generally receive less direct sunlight and have a more relaxed light quality. As a result, paint colors in these spaces may appear more shadowed and muted.

  • Drift Of Mist can add warmth to such spaces with its subtle red undertone peeking through.
  • The cooler blue-green undertones are likely more noticeable due to the cooler natural light.
  • Drift Of Mist might even lean towards a pure gray tone in these spaces during daylight.
  • Relying on artificial lighting can enhance the warmth of this color during evening hours.

South-Facing Rooms

South-facing rooms are gifted with abundant natural light that’s warm and vibrant throughout the day.

  • Drift Of Mist will bloom beautifully in such spaces with warm undertones complemented by sunlight.
  • Despite its inclination towards warmer hues under intense light, it will still hold onto its neutral character.
  • The quality of this color remains consistent all day long without turning overly bright or washout at peak times – thanks to its good Light Reflectance Value (LRV).

East-Facing Rooms

East-facing rooms enjoy gentle morning sunlight that gradually changes into a softer intensity as the day advances. This means your chosen paint color will transform alongside!

  • When hit by direct sunlight in the early morning hours, expect Drift Of Mist to illuminate your space by enhancing its cozy warmth.
  • As dusk approaches, chilly blues kick in, thus pushing this hue further into neutrals – keeping it elegant yet understated throughout the day.

West-Facing Rooms

West-facing rooms bask in the decadent afternoon and evening sunshine, bringing out warmer tones from colors.

  • Utilizing Sherwin Williams Drift Of Mist here will result in dusky gray tones emerging as daylight fades away.
  • However, when basked under golden sun rays in the late afternoon, it reveals depth by reflecting subtle hues of soothing beige.

Engage yourself further into understanding how this versatile neutral flair adapts to various lighting scenarios – illuminating your spaces with nuances from soothing calmness to a gentle warmth.

Pro Tip: Aside from considering geographically directed lighting implications, remember that artificial or supplemental lighting like lamps or overhead fixtures would further affect any given paint color.

Examining these factors before finalizing any shade for diverse nooks across your home sanctuary is necessary.

What Are the Best Trim Colors for Drift Of Mist?

What Are the Best Trim Colors for Drift Of Mist?

Pairing your primary wall color, such as Sherwin Williams Drift Of Mist, with the right trim color can significantly affect your room’s appearance.

Ideally, the trim color should harmonize well with the primary wall color while adding contrast to accentuate architectural details. Here are some perfect pairs for Drift Of Mist:

  • High Reflective White SW 7757: This bright white hue provides an incredible contrast to Drift Of Mist, drawing attention to trim work like crown molding, baseboards, and door frames with its sparkling vibrancy.
  • Pure White SW 7005: Not as stark as High Reflective White, Pure White has a slightly warm undertone that softly complements and amplifies Drift of Mists’ warmth.
  • Extra White SW 7006: More on the more fantastic end of the white spectrum, Extra White aligns beautifully with the cooler hues subtly present within Drift Of Mist – resulting in a seamlessly balanced look.
  • Snowbound SW 7004: Snowbound is another excellent option if you’re leaning towards more fantastic whites. It has cool gray undertones nicely complementing those in Drift Of Mist.

Remember that picking a trim color isn’t solely about the colors themselves. Factors such as room size and amount of natural light come into play too.

For instance, using a sharp contrasting trim color like High Reflective White can help break up an ample space more effectively.

Total harmony within a space comes from mastering the art of balance; hence, choose wisely according to desired aesthetic and consider other structural elements in your space.

Best Way to Sample Sherwin Williams Drift Of Mist SW 9166 Color

Best Way to Sample Sherwin Williams Drift Of Mist SW 9166 Color

Sampling paint colors is crucial before proceeding with your painting project. It’s the step that ensures your chosen hue matches perfectly with your decor, lighting, and overall ambiance to provide the desired aesthetic result.

Here’s a step-by-step guide detailing how to sample Sherwin Williams Drift Of Mist SW 9166 most effectively:

Step 1: Get a Swatch

Grab a color swatch of Drift Of Mist from your local Sherwin-Williams store, or order one online. This enables you to have a quick visual reference at hand.

Step 2: Get Sample Paint

Step forward and purchase a sample-sized Drift Of Mist SW 9166 pot from Sherwin Williams.

Step 3: Test the Application

Paint two coats on a poster board or directly on the wall where you intend to apply it. If you decide to use a poster board, once dry, you can move it around to evaluate how the color interacts with different room elements at various times.

Step 4: Analyze

Assess how Drift Of Mist appears during different times – morning, afternoon, evening, and night as light changes can significantly alter the shade’s appearance. Test it against fabric swatches, furniture pieces, floor finishes, and wall art.

Remember that tastes are subjective; what works for one person may not work for another. So make sure to spend ample time observing and discerning if this is THE color that brings joy and tranquility to your space.

FAQs About Drift Of Mist SW 9166

What color is Sherwin Williams Drift Of Mist SW 9166?

Drift Of Mist is a soft, tranquil neutral shade that balances warm and cool undertones effortlessly.

Can Sherwin Williams Drift Of Mist SW 9166 be used outdoors?

Sherwin-Williams offers this adaptable shade for indoor and outdoor use.

Does Drift Of Mist SW 9166 appear more like a warm or cool color?

Depending on the light source and room decoration, it can subtly lean towards either end of the warm-cool spectrum at different moments.

Before applying, how can I sample the Sherwin-Williams Drift Of Mist SW 9166?

The preferred method is to get a swatch or a sample-size pot of the paint, apply it directly on a wall or a poster board, and observe it at different times of day.

What are some suitable rooms for applying Drift Of Mist SW 9166?

The versatility of Drift Of Mist makes it suitable for any room — bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, or entryways.


In wrapping things up, Sherwin Williams Drift Of Mist SW 9166 echoes the serene whisper of an early morning fog – instantly calming your senses and enhancing the ambiance of your living spaces.

This color perfectly harmonizes warm and cool undertones — speaking volumes about sophistication and tranquility. Its versatility is highlighted further, available in applications for both interior and exterior projects.

Exploring the nuanced world of paints can seem overwhelming, but finding the right color can transform your home into a haven of relaxation.

And given its peaceful elegance, the Drift Of Mist is an impeccable choice for any design aesthetic. Whether you tint your bedroom walls with its tranquil tones, provide a refreshing touch to your patio, or apply it in any other setting, you will surely be rewarded with a serene and stylish haven that lifts your spirits skyward.

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