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20 Best Coastal Tile Ideas [Bring The Beach To Your Home]

By: Susie
Updated On: January 12, 2024

Elevating your home’s aesthetics to encapsulate the serene aura of coastal living is now made all the more effortless, thanks to the arrival of coastal tiles.

These carefully crafted pieces of art not only amplify your space’s charismatic appeal but transport you to a peaceful sandy shore, surrounded by tranquil blue waters, settled and rustic driftwood and the breezy sight of lofty palm trees.

Adorning your living space with coastal tiles resonates with a specific soothing tranquillity that comes hand-in-hand with seaside life.

Whether it’s a breathtaking bathroom backsplash or a captivating kitchen floor, these aesthetically pleasing designs tend to reflect uniqueness and seasoned elegance no matter where they are installed.

Let your interior decor do the storytelling, as we guide you through some of our top picks for the 20 best coastal tile ideas that are guaranteed to evoke that perfect sunset vision over horizons filled with sailing yachts and playful dolphins jumping through hoops of sea mist.

The Best Coastal Tile Ideas

These coastal tile ideas, handpicked to spark inspiration in you, offer a medley of hues and patterns drawing from the serene beauty of seaside landscapes.

Immerse yourself in the splendid palette of shapes and colours as we explore together the charm of each style.

These tiles, while enhancing your home’s allure, also invite a sense of peace associated with the tranquillity of coastal living.

Beachy Blue Herringbone Tiles

The beach is synonymous with calm and composed splendour, much like the beachy blue herringbone tiles.

Beachy Blue Herringbone Tiles

These tiles represent an artful mix of coastal colour pallets, primarily incorporating different shades of delightful blue that echo the tranquillity of beaches.

Each tile contours to form a perfect alignment resembling fish scales or waves coming ashore continuously, creating an exquisite herringbone pattern.

They beautifully imbue your space with a relaxing aura while their versatile design makes them suitable for various applications from bathroom walls to kitchen backsplashes.

Nautical Rope Accent Tiles

Invoke the coastal spirit within your home using nautical rope accent tiles, evoking imagery of swaying palm trees and sailing yachts.

These accent tiles showcase intricate detailing that mirrors robust marine ropes typically found on boats wrapping up nostalgia and sea adventures into one cohesive piece.

Whatever part of your home you choose to embellish with these tiles be it the kitchen island or hallway floors they are sure to enliven spaces with their uniquely exciting aesthetic element.

Coastal Chevron Pattern Tiles

Coastal chevron pattern tiles beautifully capture ocean waves’ rhythmic motion where each stroke diffuses serenity reminiscent of the coast’s harmony.

Their distinct arrow-like patterns aim upwards, urging you forward while enhancing any wall or floor with an artistic sense of depth and motion akin to rolling tides on sunlit shores.

If you are eager for a dynamic yet harmonious balance within your space, these coastal chevron tiles offer just the perfect decor solution.

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Seashell Mosaic Tiles

Seashells have always been emblematic of beachy charm. Banking on this natural allure is an intricate canvas of seashell mosaic tiles.

Seashell Mosaic Tiles

Each piece is elegantly designed to incorporate seashell fragments, seamlessly blending quintessential coastal motifs with subtle sophistication.

These tiles are an excellent choice for bathroom floors or kitchen backsplashes.

Not only do they lend a unique texture to your space, but they also beautifully reflect light, adding to the brightness and openness of the room.

Driftwood-Style Plank Tiles

Driftwood-style plank tiles offer a raw and rustic look that imbibes your living space with a serene sense of timelessness.

Reflecting the appearance of driftwood found washed ashore weathered by sea salt and sun rays these tiles add a touch of earthiness and warmth to your interiors.

Given their neutral colour palette, they bestow upon spaces an element of versatility while striking the perfect balance between coastal aesthetics and practical maintenance.

The charm of these selections lies in their ability to seamlessly blend into any environment and evoke that soothing connection with nature.

Coral Reef-Inspired Tiles

Drawing inspiration from the mesmerizing landscapes of underwater coral gardens, Coral Reef-Inspired tiles intricately replicate these oceanic wonders’ colours and textures.

A harmonious blend of vibrant oranges, serene blues, and cool greens borrowed from coral reefs translates to a spectacular tiled layout.

Create an enticing backsplash in your bathroom or an eclectic accent wall in your living room with these tiles, adding an exotic touch reminiscent of marine life.

Ocean Wave Glass Tiles

Ocean Wave Glass tiles effectively capture the fluidity and motion of seawater wavering under the soft sunlight.

Ocean Wave Glass Tiles

Their translucent nature pays homage to pristine blue waters. The tactile representation of the tile surfaces imitates ripples cascading across a serene ocean landscape.

These epitomize coastal elegance with subtle abstract undertones; adorning your walls or floors with these glass tiles promises nothing short of artful sophistication, creating fresh and vibrant spaces that charm every onlooker.

Seaglass Subway Tiles

Subway tiles have long been celebrated for their straightforward installation process and uncomplicated design aesthetics add to that a refreshing spin-off, Seaglass Subway Tiles.

The distinctive sea-green hue paired with an iridescent finish creates a serene palette reminiscent of actual sea glass found along the beach lines.

These simple yet stylish tiles are ideal for making soft coastal statements in living rooms or bathrooms.

Sand Dollar Patterned Tiles

Embodying the intricate beauty of sand dollars, these patterned tiles bring out distinct nautical elements while maintaining a fine balance between simplicity and polished aesthetics.

Small details like star-shaped patterns reminisce about sun-drenched sands filled with scattered shells and starfish making them a perfect choice for those seeking minimalistic design paired with unmissable hints of seaside nostalgia.

Starfish Decorative Tiles

Starfish decorative tiles encapsulate the magical allure of seaside adventures into a concrete artefact. Crafted intuitively to resemble realistic starfish forms, these tiles imbue your living space with whimsical seaside charm.

Starfish Decorative Tiles

Whether you choose to have them as a standalone feature on a bathroom wall or interspersed across your kitchen floor they ensure a daily reminder of the peaceful serenity coastal life attracts.

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Seaside Pebble Stone Tiles

Seaside pebble stone tiles are reminiscent of wandering on a pebbled beach barefoot, caressed by gentle sea waves.

These tiles, polished to perfection and snugly set together, replicate the soothing experience in your bathroom or hallway.

Their variant colour palette ranging from crisp whites, and serene blues to earthy browns caters to flexible design options that open up possibilities for both modern and traditional home decor.

Lighthouse Motif Tiles

Lighthouse motif tiles bring in a narrative element with their inspired design featuring quaint lighthouses standing elegantly against captivating coastal landscapes.

These tiles offer an aesthetic storytelling experience while adding character to your living spaces. They evoke nostalgia for tranquil beaches and lighthouses guiding ships home making any space they occupy an artisanal exhibit of seaside narratives.

Seaweed Patterned Tiles

With seaweed patterned tiles, you can welcome the sea’s natural flora right into your home. Mirroring the tranquil sway of underwater plants with their elegant patterns and calming green palette these tiles beautifully render coastal serenity.

Seaweed Patterned Tiles

Besides having irresistible visual appeal, their dynamic texture adds an interactive detail for anyone brave enough to venture into coastal décor innovation.

Oceanic imagery has never been closer all it takes is choosing one (or more!) of these coastally-inspired designs.

Oyster Shell Textured Tiles

Experience the delights of sea culinary treats wrapped in an aesthetic package with oyster shell textured tiles.

They capture the rugged beauty of fresh oysters through their irregular surfaces and soothing colour gradients.

Ideally used in showers, bathrooms, or backsplashes, these elegant tiles provide a richly textured visual experience.

Their natural pearl-like shimmer catches light beautifully, illuminating your spaces and creating a lively atmosphere reminiscent of sunny beach days.

Mermaid Scale Tiles

Venture into a world of mystic marine folklore with mermaid scale tiles. These tiles mimic the enchanting scales on a mermaid’s tail and range from deep hues like marine and teal to more sublime colours like seafoam green and lilac.

Ideal for bathroom walls or kitchen backsplashes, these tiles’ captivating design creates an eye-catching focal point that adds that magical element to your interior decor.

Boat Dock Wood-look Tiles

For those yearning for that dockside rusticity celebrated over decades of seafaring, consider boat dock wood-look tiles.

Boat Dock Wood-look Tiles

They replicate the weathered appearance of wooden docks bearing stories of many sea voyages, upholding frayed charm and authentic naval reminiscence.

These durable porcelain tiles offer practical advantages over real wood – resistance to water damage, easier maintenance and longer endurance.

Coastal Fish Scale Tiles

Adding another dimension to your coastal decor are fish scale tiles.

Their curved edges form a unique scale pattern while their variety of coastal colours create visual interest on shower walls or even as kitchen tiles.

The resulting harmony, similar to the flowing motion of sea waves or the scaly-glamorous texture of fish bodies helps fill your rooms with tranquillity associated with a serene coastline.

Seagull Pattern Tiles

Express the joys of oceanic bird life by opting for seagull-patterned tiles. With white figures elegantly poised against subtle backgrounds commonly found in brown, blue, or green shades, these tiles genuinely prompt flying seagulls’ spirit.

Incorporating these patterned tiles within your home decor can instantly brighten up spaces, making them feel more open and dynamic.

Beach Umbrella Tiles

Beach umbrella tiles channel the charm and excitement of seashores filled with colourful and lively beach activities.

Beach Umbrella Tiles

These feature vibrant patterns mimicking the shape and hue of beach umbrellas, established on beautifully crafted ceramic tiles.

Perfect for adding a pop of colour to your bathroom or kitchen island space, they dazzle viewers with their vivid depiction of a quintessential summer’s day in coastal settings.

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Sailboat Mosaic Tiles

These are artfully created through an assemblage of variously shaped and coloured pieces recreating the delicate image of a sailboat swaying under bright skies.

Ideal for bathroom floors, kitchen walls or even living room accent walls, these mosaic tiles bring home not only a nautical theme but also celebrate the adventurous spirit associated with boating.

FAQs About Coastal Tile Ideas

What makes coastal tiles unique compared to other types of tiles?

Coastal tiles distinctly mirror the serenity and charm of seaside landscapes. Through diverse colours, patterns, and textures, they encapsulate elements from beachy blues, seashells, and oysters to nautical motifs like boats and seagulls.

Where can I use coastal tiles within my home?

You can utilize coastal tiles in various parts of your home, including kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms or hallways. Their versatile designs can enhance backsplashes, accent walls and floors impressively.

Are coastal-themed tiles only suitable for homes near the beach?

Not at all! Any space wishing for that calming seaside ambiance or inspired by nautical decor can incorporate coastal tiles perfectly.

How do I maintain and clean my coastal tiles?

Most of these tiles just require a gentle wash with warm soapy water followed by a rinsing session. For textured designs like oyster shells or driftwood-style plank tiles, using soft cleaning brushes can be beneficial.

Are coastal-inspired tiles durable?

Yes! Most coastal-themed tiles are produced using ceramic or porcelain materials known for their durability; they provide excellent resistance to water damage and retain their charm for a prolonged period.


Coastal tiles provide an easy and creative way to encapsulate the serene beauty inherent in seaside life into your home environment a transformative approach to not just enhance your space’s vibe but to drape it with the tranquility and charm associated with coastal landscapes.

Each chosen piece from our list, whether it captures the sunlit sea horizons or revives the rugged charm of wooden docks, is sure to evoke admiration while promoting an ambiance of soothing relaxation.

Every tile ensures that you’re only a step away from experiencing the therapeutic benefits of coastal living all within the comfort and convenience of your home.

The unique desirability experienced as you transform your regular bathrooms or kitchens into coastal paradises truly seals in these selections’ worthiness for being amongst the 20 best coastal tile ideas.

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