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10 Best Austin Interior Designers [Create Your Texas Dream Home]

By: Susie
Updated On: January 8, 2024

When walking into a space, you are bound to experience a particular mood or energy. Maybe you feel inspired, perhaps relaxed, or potentially energized.

All these feelings and responses are no accident but rather the result of clever, intentional work by talented interior designers.

If you’re in Austin and contemplating giving your home or office a fresh makeover that speaks to your identity and suits your lifestyle, it’s worth knowing Austin interior designers are some of the best in the field.

Finding the perfect designer is more than just agreeing on taste and style; it’s about finding someone who can transform your vision into reality.

So whether you’re looking for a minimalist approach with sleek lines and muted colours or something bold and vibrant with vintage touches – Austin’s interior design scene has got you covered.

There’s an abundant pool of remarkable talent within the city just waiting to bring new life to your spaces. With this in mind, we’ve set out to help guide you through this process by highlighting some of the best choices out there.

10 best Austin Interior Designers In 2024

For anyone looking to elevate their living or workspace, Austin is a treasure-trove of exceptional interior designers.

Each designer possesses a unique style, an aesthetic eye, and the ability to enhance your surroundings into beautiful, functional spaces.

We delve into the work of a few top ones- Heather & Scott Harkovich, Janice Hanks, Amity Worrel and Avery Cox.

Heather & Scott Harkovich

This dynamic husband-and-wife duo specializes in blending antique and contemporary elements to design timeless spaces.

Heather & Scott Harkovich

Their company Heather Scott Home & Design has a reputation for delivering unique designs that balance elegance with comfort.

Their expert understanding of architectural nuances allows them to identify the particular charm of every space they work on.

From classic designs capturing old-world charm to modern styles highlighting clean lines and muted tones – their versatility is impressive!

Janice Hanks

Boasting four decades of design experience across residential and commercial projects alike, Janice Hanks has an impressive capability in understanding her client’s vision.

Whether it’s embracing bold colours or opting for calming neutral tones with luxurious accents – Janice’s distinct approach always shines through her designs.

Her firm Janice Hanks Interior Design sets industry standards by producing high-quality, tailored solutions that enhance everyday living through both beauty and practicality.

Amity Worrel

Amity Worrel’s signature style is both striking and sophisticated. After honing her capabilities at renowned New York firms such as Milly de Cabrol Ltd., she made her way down south to launch the Amity Worrel & Co.

Amity Worrel

From colour-joyous patterns making vibrant statements to pared-down muted palettes exuding peaceful energy, she excels at delivering unique spaces aligned with individual tastes and preferences.

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Avery Cox

With a background in fine arts painting along with Master’s degrees in Architecture and Interior Design from Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), Avery Cox brings a truly artistic vision to her projects.

With the profound impact of colour, she boldly plays with tones, creating an artistic fusion that makes each space come alive.

Her firm Avery Cox Design specializes in personalized designs – whether it’s crafting an entirely new concept or breathing life into an existing space.

Michelle Thomas

Michelle Thomas is an award-winning interior designer whose work in Austin has been turning heads since she founded Michelle Thomas Design in early 2012.

Michelle Thomas

Trained as an architect before transitioning into interior design, she brings an eye for structure and balance to every project.

Michelle is well-loved for her attention to detail, as well as her ability to create spaces that are luxurious yet livable.

She strongly believes a beautifully designed space can elevate the daily living experience and makes it her mission to transform the places you live or work into spaces that inspire and comfort you.

Aimee Laughlin

Aimee Laughlin does more than just provide interior design services she creates experiences that evoke emotion. She views each project as a unique opportunity to tell a story through transformative designs.

Aimee knows how important it is for your space to reflect your own personal style and lifestyle needs.

Along with her team at Aimee Laughlin Interiors, she prides herself on delivering unparalleled attention to every client’s project, big or small.

Allison Jaffe

As one of Austin’s most esteemed Creative specialists, Allison Jaffe’s talent lies in blending styles and eras to create timeless spaces for her clients. With two-time ‘Best of Houzz’ Design award-winning studio Allison Jaffe Interior Design LLC under her belt.

Allison Jaffe

Allison takes pride in offering complete residential and commercial designs that meticulously address each client’s taste and lifestyle needs while employing sustainable practices throughout the design process wherever possible.

Jennifer Greer Hartman

Jennifer Greer Hartman sees herself as much more than just a designer; seeing each client’s vision come alive is her genuine passion.

From large-scale remodels to simple makeovers, Jennifer’s firm Greer Interior Design provides unparalleled service rooted in honesty, integrity, creativity, and superior quality.

Whether it’s layering patterns and textures or juxtaposing vintage with modern elements, Jennifer’s designs are sophisticated and simply timeless.

Andrea Peters, Stephanie Lindsay & Jessica Nelson

This trio from Andrea Nelson Interior Design brings more than 80 years of combined design experience to the table.

Andrea Peters, Stephanie Lindsay & Jessica Nelson

Andrea Peters, along with her partners Stephanie Lindsay and Jessica Nelson, specialize in high-end residential interiors that seamlessly combine function with beauty.

They believe their role is not to impose their design sensibilities on their clients but rather to interpret what their clients dream of in terms of feeling, style, and function and make it a reality.

Offering a complete project management service from start to finish as well as a flexible approach, they capture the spirit of comfort and luxury through thoughtful design decisions.

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FAQs About Austin Interior Designers

Why should I hire an interior designer in Austin?

A professional interior designer in Austin has local knowledge, connections with contractors, and access to resources you may not have. Their expertise will save you time, prevent costly mistakes, and ensure a beautiful, functional result.

How do I choose the right interior designer in Austin?

Consider their portfolio, read client reviews, and have clear communication about your budget and vision. You should pick someone whose design style resonates with you.

Are Austin’s interior designers expensive?

The cost of hiring an interior designer in Austin varies greatly based on the scope of your project. Most offer different packages based on your needs.

How do Austin’s best interior designers work?

Most professional designers follow a similar process that begins with consulting the client about their needs and preferences, creating designs or sketches to approve, and then executing the design plan.

What types of styles do Austin’s top interior designers specialize in?

Top Austin Interior Designers typically specialize in a diverse range of styles from traditional to contemporary, eclectic to minimalistic according to clients’ preferences.


Finding the right interior designer can breathe new life into your living or working space. Austin offers a range of talented designers, each with their unique flair, capable of transforming any space into one that is well-crafted and fits your style.

By considering factors such as design philosophy, past work, reviews from clients, and communication style, you’re sure to find the perfect match in Austin’s pool of talent.

The best designers not only meet your aesthetic needs but also understand functionality and aim to enhance your day-to-day life through thoughtfully designed spaces. Make that bold move today by engaging with a professional designer from Austin.

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