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25 Cool Toy Storage Ideas For Small Spaces [Declutter Playtime]

By: Susie
Updated On: January 15, 2024

Keeping a house organized, especially when you have children, feels like an uphill battle that pales in comparison to scaling Mount Everest.

Toys find their way into every nook and cranny of the space, popping up in the most unexpected places. It becomes extra challenging if your dwelling is short on storage or floor area.

But don’t let your spirits sag just yet; efficient solutions and innovative toy storage ideas for small spaces exist that can transform your cluttered space into an orderly haven.

The struggle to reconcile a small living space with your child’s vast collection of toys cannot be understated.

You may see chaos where your little one sees moments of joy strewn all over the floor. The key here is not to curb their playfulness but to integrate clever toy storage ideas into your household without compromising on its overall aesthetic appeal.

With practical organization solutions and some creative thinking, you can both meet halfway landing in a zone where toy madness co-exists harmoniously with stylish and effective storage.

Toy storage ideas for small spaces

Maximizing space while maintaining an organized and playful environment is crucial in small living areas.

Creative toy storage solutions can turn chaotic clutter into an organized oasis, encouraging children’s imagination while keeping their play areas tidy.

Whether you’re dealing with a tiny room or a compact corner, these innovative storage ideas will help you utilize every inch of your space effectively, merging functionality with fun.

DIY stuffed animal storage

Creating a DIY stuffed animal storage system is a fun and efficient way to keep plush toys organized.

DIY stuffed animal storage

By using simple materials like wooden crates, hammocks, or custom-built shelves, you can design a unique display that serves as both storage and decoration.

Mount baskets or nets against the wall to maximize floor space or create a stuffed animal zoo with bungee cords and a wooden frame.

Personalize the storage area with your child’s name or paint it in bright colors to make it an engaging part of their room.

This approach not only clears clutter but also turns their favourite toys into a charming feature of the decor.

Use Hidden Storage

Incorporating hidden storage in small spaces is a clever way to keep toys organized without compromising on aesthetics.

Furniture with built-in storage, such as ottomans, beds with drawers, or sofas with hidden compartments, offers ample space to stash toys away quickly.

Utilize the area under the stairs or in other nooks for pull-out drawers or cabinets. Consider transforming a coffee table into a secret toy box or using decorative trunks that double as a play table.

These solutions allow for easy clean-up and maintain a clutter-free environment while keeping toys accessible for playtime.

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Kids Loft Bed With Toy Storage

A loft bed with integrated toy storage is an excellent space-saver for small bedrooms. The elevated bed design frees up floor space underneath, which can be utilized for built-in shelves, drawers, or a play area.

Customize the storage to suit your child’s needs with compartments for different types of toys, bookshelves, or even a mini wardrobe for dress-up clothes.

Not only does it provide a fun and cozy sleeping area, but it also encourages a sense of order and responsibility as children learn to organize their belongings in designated spaces.

Store Toys on a Bench

Utilizing a bench with storage for toys is a dual-purpose solution that works well in small spaces.

Benches can be placed against a wall or at the end of a bed, offering a comfortable seating area while hiding toys in compartments underneath.

Choose a bench with pull-out drawers or a lift-up seat for easy access. Cushions and throws can add colour and comfort, transforming the bench into a cosy reading nook.

This idea is particularly effective for storing bulky toys or seasonal items, keeping them out of sight but within reach when needed.

Dress up storage

Creating a designated spot for dress-up clothes and accessories inspires imaginative play and keeps costumes organized.

Dress up storage

Use a small wardrobe, a modified bookcase, or a series of hooks along a wall to display outfits. Add bins or baskets at the bottom for shoes and accessories.

A mirror on the side or front allows children to see their transformation, adding to the fun.

This storage solution not only organizes the various dress-up items but also makes them easily accessible, encouraging children to play and tidy up afterwards.

Hidden Toy Box

A hidden toy box is an ideal way to discreetly store toys in living areas or bedrooms. Consider a toy box that doubles as a piece of furniture, such as a storage ottoman, a bench with a hidden compartment, or a bed with pull-out drawers.

These options provide significant storage space while blending seamlessly with the room’s decor.

Customizing the toy box to match the room’s theme or incorporating a cushioned top for additional seating further enhances its utility and aesthetic appeal.

Craft drawers

Craft drawers are a versatile solution for organizing art supplies, small toys, and craft materials. Use a rolling cart with multiple drawers or a stationary unit that fits into your space.

Label each drawer for specific items like markers, paper, scissors, and glue, making it easy for children to find what they need and put things away.

This movable storage option can be tucked into a closet or corner when not in use and easily brought out during craft time, keeping supplies orderly and accessible.

Open shelves

Open shelves offer a visually appealing way to organize and display toys. They keep items off the floor and in sight, making it easy for children to choose what they want to play with and where to return it.

Customize the shelving to fit your space, using floating shelves, modular units, or bookcases. Arrange toys, books, and decorative items in a way that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Adding labelled bins or baskets on lower shelves can help younger children participate in clean-up and maintain order.

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Use Space Under The Bed

Maximizing the area under the bed is an ingenious way to increase storage space in small rooms.

Sliding drawers, boxes, or bins designed to fit snugly beneath beds provide a discreet place for storing toys, books, and other items.

Use Space Under The Bed

These under-bed storage solutions can be wheeled out for easy access and labelled to keep things organized.

Consider using vacuum-sealed bags for seasonal clothing or bedding to free up even more space.

This method is particularly effective for keeping seldom-used or larger items out of sight yet accessible, making the most of every inch of your room.

Enhance the functionality with bed risers to create even more storage space underneath. It’s a simple, out-of-view solution that helps maintain a clean and orderly room.

Storage Bench

A storage bench is a multifunctional piece of furniture that serves as both seating and a place to stow away toys and other belongings.

Perfect for small spaces, these benches can be used in entryways, at the foot of the bed, or as a window seat.

The hidden compartments or drawers beneath the seating area offer substantial space to keep toys, books, or craft supplies organized and out of sight.

Customize your storage bench with cushions and throw pillows for added comfort and style.

This solution not only maximizes space but also adds to the aesthetic of the room, providing a cosy nook for reading or relaxing while keeping clutter at bay.

Photo Label Storage Boxes

Photo label storage boxes combine visual appeal with practicality, making it easier for children and adults to find what they need.

Use sturdy boxes or bins and attach clear, labelled photos of the toys or items that belong inside. This system helps in maintaining order, as everyone can see where things should be placed, aiding in quick clean-up and retrieval.

It’s particularly helpful for non-readers or for categorizing multiple types of toys. Choose stackable boxes to save space or bins that slide under beds or onto shelves.

This method personalizes the storage system, making it more engaging and accessible, especially for young children.

Toy Storage Wall Baskets

Toy storage wall baskets are an elegant and space-saving solution for organizing and displaying toys.

Mounted on the wall, these baskets take advantage of vertical space, freeing up the floor for more play area.

Choose from a variety of materials like wire, wicker, or fabric to match the room’s decor. You can organize toys by type or size and even mix in decorative elements or books for a stylish look.

Wall baskets are particularly useful for storing small toys, stuffed animals, or art supplies. Their visibility makes it easy for children to choose what to play with and encourages them to put items back after use, fostering independence and neatness.

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Baskets And Cubbies

Baskets and cubbies are a classic and versatile storage solution, ideal for organizing toys in small spaces. Cubbies can be stacked or arranged to fit various areas, offering customizable storage solutions.

Baskets add a portable and flexible option for grouping toys, and they can be easily removed or rearranged as needed.

This combination allows for a mix of visible and hidden storage, accommodating a wide range of items from books to bulky toys.

Labeling each cubby or basket helps maintain organization, making it easy for kids to find and return items.

The variety of styles and sizes available makes it easy to match any room’s decor, creating an organized and inviting play area.

Cube shelves

Cube shelves are a modern, modular solution for toy storage, offering both functionality and style.

Cube shelves

The symmetrical design divides space into individual cubes, perfect for organizing different types of toys or creating a display.

Use fabric bins or baskets in some of the cubes to hide clutter and provide a tidy look. Cube shelves can be used as standalone units or mounted on walls to free up floor space.

Their geometric design complements any room, and they can be customized with colours and materials to fit the decor.

This storage option is particularly adaptable, as you can add or rearrange cubes as your storage needs change.

LEGO Storage

Storing LEGO collections can be challenging, but with the right storage solution, it’s easy to keep those tiny bricks organized. Use clear, stackable drawers or bins to sort pieces by colour, size, or set.

Label each container for quick identification. For an interactive and functional display, create a LEGO wall with baseplates where children can build vertically.

Use a play table with built-in storage, allowing for immediate play and clean-up. For dedicated collectors, consider under-bed storage or custom-built shelves to display impressive builds.

Proper LEGO storage not only prevents lost pieces and painful missteps but also encourages creativity by making it easy to find and use the pieces.

DIY toy organizer

Building a DIY toy organizer allows for complete customization to fit your specific needs and space. Use reclaimed wood, crates, or fabric to create a unique system.

Consider a rolling cart with labelled bins for easy access and clean-up or hanging buckets and baskets from a pegboard for a fun and flexible solution.

Adapt the organizer’s size and shape to fit into available spaces, such as under the bed, behind doors, or as part of the room’s layout.

Personalize it with paint, stickers, or your child’s artwork for a special touch. A DIY toy organizer not only provides a practical storage solution but also adds a personal and creative element to the room.

Maximize Wall Space

Utilizing wall space is a strategic way to free up floor area while keeping toys accessible in small spaces.

Install floating shelves, pegboards, or magnetic boards to display and organize toys, books, and art supplies.

Wall-mounted baskets or bins can be used to categorize toys, making them easy to find and put away.

Hanging organizers, typically used for shoes or accessories, can also be repurposed to store small toys and dolls.

Consider a wall-mounted fold-down desk or art table that can be tucked away when not in use. Utilize the back of doors for hanging storage solutions.

By going vertical, you not only maximize the available space but also create an interactive environment for kids to enjoy their toys and crafts, encouraging them to keep the area tidy.

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Crate Stool Toy Storage

Crate stools are a creative and functional toy storage solution, particularly suited for small spaces. Take simple wooden crates and turn them into seating by adding a padded top.

Crate Stool Toy Storage

These crate stools can be placed in play areas, bedrooms, or living rooms, providing a spot to sit and a hidden place to store toys.

The crates can be painted or decorated to match the room’s decor and labelled for easy organization. Stack them, place them side by side, or use them as standalone pieces.

They’re particularly useful for storing bulky items or those used infrequently. This DIY project not only adds a unique charm to your space but also offers a practical, space-saving storage solution.

Outdoor Toy Storage

Maintaining an organized outdoor play area is essential for quick clean-up and access to toys. Use weather-resistant storage options like large deck boxes, bench storage, or a dedicated outdoor toy chest to protect items from the elements.

Hanging mesh bags or sturdy bins work well for smaller toys, balls, and pool accessories. Consider a storage rack for bikes and scooters or a sandpit with a lid that doubles as a play surface.

Labelling each storage area encourages children to put things back in the right place.

These solutions help keep your outdoor space tidy and ensure toys are ready for the next adventure, all while maximizing your exterior living area.

Large baskets

Large baskets are an effortlessly stylish and versatile storage option for toys. They can be placed in any room, blending with the decor while providing ample storage for a variety of toy sizes and types.

Choose baskets made from durable materials like wicker, rope, or fabric, and consider those with lids for a neater appearance.

Baskets can be tucked into corners, placed on shelves, or left out as a decorative element. They’re particularly useful for quick clean-ups and can hold anything from stuffed animals to building blocks.

Their portability makes it easy to move toys from room to room, and they can be easily repurposed as needs change over time.

Double Duty Storage

Double-duty storage furniture is a smart choice for small spaces, offering multiple functions while conserving space.

Look for beds with built-in drawers, desks with shelving, or ottomans with hidden compartments. These pieces provide a place to keep toys organized and out of sight when not in use.

Convertible furniture that changes from one type of storage to another, like a bench that opens up into a toy box, is especially useful.

By selecting furniture that serves more than one purpose, you maximize your space’s utility and flexibility, ensuring that every square inch is used effectively while keeping your living area tidy and stylish.

Toy bins

Toy bins are a straightforward and effective storage solution, ideal for organizing various toys. Available in a range of sizes, styles, and colours, they can be chosen to fit the room’s decor and the child’s age.

Toy bins

Label the bins with pictures or words to help children know where to put their toys, encouraging independence and responsibility.

Stackable bins utilize vertical space efficiently while rolling bins make it easy to move toys from room to room.

Whether you choose clear plastic bins for visibility or decorative fabric bins for a softer look, they’re an excellent way to keep toys accessible and orderly.

Shoe Storage Bag

Repurposing a shoe storage bag is a creative and economical way to organize small toys. Hang it behind a door or on a closet rod, and use the pockets to store action figures, craft supplies, or small dolls.

The clear pockets of a typical shoe organizer allow children to see and choose their toys easily, promoting independence.

This solution is particularly effective for limited spaces as it makes use of vertical surfaces without taking up floor space.

Customize the storage bag by labelling each pocket or decorating it to match the room’s theme, turning a simple organizer into a fun and functional part of your child’s play area.

Alphabet Blocks Inspired Kids Storage Seating

Alphabet block-inspired storage seating adds a playful and educational element to toy organization.

These oversized blocks can be designed to open up for storage, providing a space for toys, books, or art supplies.

Arrange them to spell out your child’s name or fun words, adding a personal touch to the room. The top surface serves as seating or a play area, making them a versatile addition to any space.

Choose vibrant colours or mimic the classic wooden block looking for a nostalgic feel.

This imaginative storage idea not only keeps toys organized but also serves as a decorative and interactive element in the child’s room.

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What’s the best way to optimize toy storage in small spaces?

Vertical storage solutions, such as shelves, wall organizers, or multi-tiered units, work best in tight quarters. They take up minimal floor space while providing ample room to store and categorize toys.

How can I incorporate toy storage into my child’s room decor?

Consider stylish storage solutions like ottomans with hidden compartments, benches with under-seat compartments or stylish baskets that complement the room decor.

Are there any multi-purpose toy storage ideas for small rooms?

Yes, consider furniture designed to double as toy storage like a bed with built-in drawers beneath or a coffee table with hidden compartments for storing playthings.

Can I use DIY options for toy storage?

Absolutely! DIY options like hanging nets for stuffed animals or repurposing laundry baskets as toy bins are economical and add a personal touch to the area.

How do you keep track of what toys are stored where?

Creating labels or using clear bins can help in identifying the contents easily. Consider involving your child in organizing and labelling – this way they know exactly where everything belongs.


Taking on the toy clutter can seem daunting, particularly when dealing with small spaces. However, with creative and resourceful solutions, it is manageable.

Whether you prefer discretely hidden storage or favour open shelving systems for easy access, your options are limitless.

With optimal use of vertical space, dual-function furniture, and personalized labels, you can immerse yourself in an organized, clutter-free environment that still promises fun-filled playtimes for your kids.

Remember that the goal is not just about getting toys off the floor but teaching your child organization skills along the way.

With these cool toy storage ideas at hand, achieving a well-tidied space without sacrificing your child’s leisure is undoubtedly possible.

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