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20 Best Microfiber Sofas In 2024 [Luxury Comfort Meets Style]

By: Susie
Updated On: November 29, 2023

Choosing the perfect sofa for your home can be a tricky task, especially given the abundance of options available on the market. It’s all about balancing comfort, style, and durability.

If you’re looking for a blend of all these factors, we recommend considering one of the best microfiber sofas to outfit your living space.

Everyone wants to feel their investment is worth it when buying home furniture, and knowing which sofa to invest in is half the battle won.

Microfiber sofas have garnered popularity for their plushness, elegance, and, most importantly, their ability to resist wear and tear.

In this article, we will walk you through 20 exemplary models of microfiber sofas that could be just right for your space.

What is Microfiber?

Microfiber, as it sounds, is a fabric made from tiny synthetic fibers that are thinner than a single strand of silk. This material is typically made from synthetic materials like polyester and nylon.

These minuscule fibers are closely woven together to create a highly durable and stain-resistant material.

The resultant product is a soft, plush material with the likeness of suede fabric, hence its common usage in making comfortable, durable sofas.

In case you’re wondering about the advantages of a microfiber sofa, here are some in summary.

  • Excellent durability: Microfiber’s tightly woven fibers make for impressively durable sofas that can withstand considerable abuse.
  • Stain resistance: The compact arrangement of fibers in microfiber materials naturally repels liquids, lessening your worry about spills.
  • Hypoallergenic properties: Given that they are non-organic materials, microfiber sofas are less likely to attract dust mites or other allergens compared to regular fabric sofas.

When investing in furniture, especially a sofa, which serves as both aesthetics and functional features in your living space, choosing microfiber is a decision you won’t regret.

20 Best Microfiber Sofas In 2024

Perhaps you’re all set to revamp your living room or are simply on the hunt for a comfortable, durable, and stylish addition to your space. Whichever the case may be, you’re in for a treat.

We’ve compiled a list of the 20 best microfiber sofas that promise to deliver all these aspects effortlessly.

Get ready to dive in and discover the perfect microfiber sofa that aligns with your style and needs.

Serta Walton Microfiber Convertible Sofa Sleeper

Price: $332

Branded under Serta, widely renowned for its high-quality home furniture, this convertible sofa sleeper surely deserves a spot on our list.

Serta Walton Microfiber Convertible Sofa Sleeper

Cloaked in plush polyester upholstery fabric and tipping the scales at 93.3 pounds, its robust construction leaves no questions about durability.

The Serta Walton Microfiber Convertible Sofa Sleeper is not just a pretty face; it is also incredibly functional, with two pull-out drawers for extra storage or bedding purposes.

A key highlight is its effortless conversion from a comfortable three-seater sofa into a sleeper. Its dimensions measure 32.3″D x 69.3″ W x 30.3″H, and can bear up to 400 pounds.

But here’s the kicker: This sofa comes equipped with an integrated power outlet and USB port station.

It requires simple assembly upon arrival, and its deep charcoal color will elegantly blend into any living room decor.

  • Extra Storage Space
  • Converts from Sofa to Sleeper
  • Power Outlet & USB Port Station
  • Easy-to-Care-For Upholstery
  • Assembly Required
  • Heavier Weight
  • Limited Color Options

This piece of furniture is not just about aesthetics but also caters to your functional needs, truly a bang for your buck.

Betsy Furniture Microfiber Recliner Living Room Set

Price: $1,799

A plush package from Betsy Furniture microfiber recliner living room set. This luxurious set features a sofa, loveseat, and rocker recline.

Each piece is handsomely upholstered in microfiber fabric and boasts comfortable pillow-top backrests and armrests.

The overall dimensions of the three beautifully designed pieces are as follows: sofa 87″W x 37.4″D x 40.5″H, loveseat 64″W x 37.4″D x 40.5″H, and rocker recliner 40″ W x 37.4″D x 40.5″H.

One of its unique features includes the split-back design, which allows you to adjust individual seatbacks from an upright position all the way to a comfortable recline of 160°.

Also worth noting is the elevating footrest that helps promote healthy blood flow when you decide it’s time to kick up your feet and relax. Pull out the lever on the armrest to open the footrest when needed.

Even though this set requires minimal assembly upon delivery, don’t fret; it’s a tool-free process.

To top it off, this living room set comes in an elegant brown color that will blend seamlessly into any decor style.

  • Ultimate Comfort & Relaxation Provider
  • Split-Back Design
  • Elevating Footrest
  • Tool-Free Assembly
  • Higher Price Point
  • Limited Color Options
  • Requires Assembly

The Betsy Furniture Microfiber Recliner Living Room Set doesn’t compromise on comfort or aesthetics.

Stendmar Modern Microfiber Reversible Sectional Sofa Set

Price: $2,495

The Stendmar Modern Microfiber Reversible Sectional Sofa set boasts an adaptable design and uncompromised comfort.

The spacious U-shaped couch is upholstered in two-tone gray microfiber fabric, adding a touch of modern elegance to your living space.

What sets it apart is its fully built and easy setup. The reversible corner sofa gives you the freedom to adjust the configuration according to your space’s needs.

The fully built sectional includes a left sofa, reversible corner sofa, right sofa, armless chair, and an ottoman accompanied by 13 plush pillows that ensure optimum comfort.

The solidity in construction with a solid all-wood frame combined with 3.0 high-density foam seat cushions promises top-notch durability for this seating ensemble.

  • High Back Support
  • Fully Built Easy Setup
  • Removable Covers for Easy Cleaning
  • Reversible Corner Sofa
  • High Weight
  • Non-inclusive Move-in or Setup
  • Connections Pre-Installed

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Stendmar Modern Gray Microfiber Sofa

Price: $1,795

If you’re all about upscale design meeting functionality, then the Stendmar Modern Gray Microfiber Sectional Sofa may be just what you need.

Stendmar Modern Gray Microfiber Sofa

This gray sectional sofa showcases a refined, contemporary feel that would seamlessly blend into any modern living room decor.

It’s designed not only for looks but also for value with its strong construction and impressive weight limit of 1200 pounds.

Adding to its charm is its device-free assembly and lavish 27-inch seat depth, just right for when you wish to sink into endless comfort after a long day.

  • Contemporary Design
  • Device-Free Assembly
  • High Weight Limit
  • Exceptional Seat Depth
  • Potentially Bulky Size
  • Premium Price Point
  • Limited Customization Options

Olela Microfiber Pull Out Sleeper Sofa

Price: $549

The Olela Microfiber Pull Sleeper Sofa offers a multi-purpose solution if you’re looking for both elegance and functionality.

This convertible couch, with a sturdy metal frame, transforms smoothly from a sophisticated sofa into a generous bed.

Decked in soft, durable microfiber fabric, it nails the comfort with high-resilience foam and spring-filled cushions. It’s impressive to note the thoughtfulness behind its design.

The blend of tufted backrests and rounded corner armrests boosts aesthetic charm while offering cozy comfort.

This sectional also makes storage convenient, with ample space nestled within the sofa to stash away blankets or pillows. The assembly is pretty straightforward, making this one easy recommendation for a home upgrade.

  • Convertible Bed Couch
  • Durable Fabric
  • High Resilience Foam Cushions
  • Ample Storage Space
  • Heavy Weight
  • Non-inclusive Move-in or Setup
  • Requires Assembly

Betsy Furniture Microfiber Reclining Sofa

Price: $1,599

The Betsy Furniture Microfiber Reclining Sofa introduces you to plush luxury with its premium foam-based seating and microfiber upholstery. This reclining sofa set emerges as a brilliant combination of style and comfort.

Its split back design assures personalized relaxation as you can adjust individual seat reclines without disturbing the others on the sofa.

The added feature of an elevating footrest gives your legs optimal rest support.

The richness of taupe color adds that ‘oomph’ factor, making it an irresistible addition to your living room decor.

The Sofa arrives in two pieces requiring minimal assembly: slide in the backs into the base.

  • Individual Seat Recline
  • Elevating Footrest
  • Premium Foam
  • Minimal Assembly
  • Potentially Bulky Size
  • Premium Price Range
  • Lower Weight Limit

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Olela Microfiber Modular Convertible Sectional Sofa

Price: $599

A wonderful fusion of modern sophistication and practical design, the Olela Microfiber Modular Convertible Sectional Sofa is an extraordinary addition to your living space.

Olela Microfiber Modular Convertible Sectional Sofa

It’s available in six appealing shades and offers easy assembly that allows you to set it up as per your comfort needs.

The high-quality microfiber fabric on this sofa ensures a gentle, breathable, and wrinkle-resistant surface.

Its sturdy wooden construction ensures longevity, while the plush foam-filled cushions promise sheer comfort.

This sectional also boasts impressive additional storage under each seat – perfect for stowing away blankets, clothes, or any other essentials, preventing piles of clutter in your room.

The handy side pockets and cup holders render this L-shaped couch useful for more than just seating.

  • High-Quality Microfiber Fabric
  • Built-in Storage Space
  • Handy Side Pockets and Cup Holders
  • Comfortable Foam-Filled Cushions
  • Limited Seat Depth
  • Comparatively Low Weight Limit
  • Specific Assembly Required

Signature Design by Ashley Clonmel Microfiber Sofa

Price: $843

Suppose you’re looking for a reclining sofa that doesn’t compromise on style or comfort.

The Signature Design by Ashley Clonmel Microfiber Extra Wide Recliner Sofa might be what your living room requires.

Upholstered in soft 100% polyester microfiber fabric, this sofa encapsulates plush comfort that makes you want to sink right in.

The sleek charcoal gray shade guarantees a flawless match with other modern furniture pieces in your home.

The best part about this sofa is its already assembled state upon arrival, which suggests immediate enjoyment without going through tricky installation steps.

The wide recline feature, coupled with its generous size, makes relaxing just too effortless.

  • Plush Polyester Microfiber
  • Contemporary Design
  • Comes Assembled
  • Wide Recline Feature
  • Heavy in Weight
  • Limited Fabric Color Option
  • High-Priced

Hawthorne Collections Easy Assembly Microfiber Loveseat

Price: $270

The Hawthorne Collections’ easy assembly loveseat is your go-to for a standalone microfiber solution. It’s compact, easy to assemble, and accommodates two people comfortably, making it a delightful addition to smaller living spaces or even bedrooms.

In addition to its desirable size, the flared arm style and dark grey finish give it a stylish aesthetic you can’t ignore. The resilient microfiber upholstery promises durability and maintenance ease.

While small, this loveseat doesn’t compromise on comfort, thanks to its decent seat depth of 19.9 inches and an ideal seat height of 18.5 inches.

  • Compact Size
  • Flared Arm Style
  • Easy Assembly
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Limited Seating Capacity
  • Fixed Color Choice
  • No Additional Features like Storage

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Ainehome Microfiber L-Shape Sectional Sofa Set in Taupe

Price: $659

Ainehome’s L-shaped sectional sofa set offers a unique blend of comfort, space efficiency, functionality, and aesthetics- all packed in one amazing package.

Ainehome Microfiber L-Shape Sectional Sofa Set in Taupe

Designed in a timeless taupe color, this chic sectional sofa can accommodate more people without actually taking up significant space.

One of the major perks of getting this sectional sofa is the durability ensured by its sturdy construction, complemented by robust legs that maintain superior steadiness.

Add to that the built-in pocket coil springs covered with a high-density sponge, and it gets more comfortable every time you sit down.

  • Space Efficient Design
  • High-Density Foam
  • Variety of Colors Available
  • Firm and Comfortable Seats
  • Premium Price Point
  • No Additional Storage

Beverly Fine Furniture Andes Red Raspberry Sofa Set

Price: $760

There is something irresistible about a pop of color in your living room, isn’t there? With the Beverly Fine Furniture Andes Red Raspberry Sofa set, elevate the appeal of your home with a touch of vibrant diversity.

This sectional sofa set presents a distinct combination of faux leather and microfiber for optimal comfort and durability.

The standout features are its storage utility and 3-piece design, thus adding a multi-faceted advantage to your living space.

Made in China, this brilliantly hued couch seats up to four people comfortably while leaving plenty of room for relaxation.

  • Vibrant Hue
  • Storage Utility
  • Faux Leather & Microfiber Material
  • Spacious Seating
  • Exclusive Assembly Required
  • Limit On Weight Capacity
  • Single-color Option

Plithzy Microfiber Recliner Sofa and Loveseat Set

Price: $1,599

The Plithzy Microfiber Recliner Sofa and Loveseat Set is not only a visual delight but also promises immeasurable comfort to its users.

A split-back design that allows variable angling from 110° to 160° lets you find just the right recline while keeping other seats upright.

This microfiber fabric-upholstered living room furniture has plush seating cushioned with foam and supported by sinuous springs, preventing sagging over time.

Moreover, this set has built-in cup holders and hidden storage space, ensuring both comfort and convenience right at your seat.

  • Microfiber Fabric Upholstery
  • Split-back Design for Variable Reclining
  • Expansive Seating Cushioning
  • Built-in Cup Holders & Hidden Storage
  • Fairly Heavy
  • Premium Price Range

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Casa Andrea Milano Microfiber Sectional Sofa

Price: $782

If you’re looking for a sofa that epitomizes both comfort and style, look no further.

Casa Andrea Milano Microfiber Sectional Sofa

The Casa Andrea Milano Microfiber Sectional Sofa is upholstered in plush microfiber fabric, offering the perfect balance between chic and coziness.

The stylish design of the three-piece set includes a sofa, a reversible chaise, and an ottoman.

What shines through on this microfiber sectional is its practicality. The detachable cushions promote easy cleaning, ensuring your sofa stays as fresh as the day you bought it.

Its durable framework supports a pleasant seating experience that’s sure to draw praise from your guests.

Though assembly is required, all hardware and legs are included for set-up, with parts conveniently concealed underneath the sofa dust cover when shipped.

  • Easy Cleaning Detachable Cushions
  • Convenient Reversible Chaise
  • Plush Microfiber Fabric
  • Sturdy Hardwood Frame
  • Detailed Assembly Required
  • Limited Color Options

Stendmar Reversible Microfiber Sectional Sofa

Price: $2,195

Delivering top-notch quality with an option to choose between chic metal chrome finish legs or black finish wooden legs is the Stendmar Reversible Microfiber Sectional Sofa.

The crowning features of this sectional include high back support with headrests for heightened relaxation, plus interchangeable reversible corner sofa options for customization according to your space’s needs or preferences.

One of its unique selling points is certainly its 12 color options, which are perfect if you’re keen on personalizing every detail in your home decor choices.

Upholstered in solid dark grey microfiber fabric, expect nothing short of cutting-edge elegance falling harmoniously in line with comfort.

  • Long-Lasting Solid Wood Frame
  • Ideally Firm Seat Cushions
  • High Back Support
  • Reversible Corner Sofa
  • Technically Mid-Firm Comfort Level
  • Bulky Weight 
  • Premium Price Tag

Great Deal Furniture Microfiber Sofa

Price: $637

Crafted with the traditional Chesterfield design in mind, the Great Deal Furniture Microfiber Sofa stands as a testament to timeless elegance with its contemporary accents.

It’s available in 4 adaptable colors that will seamlessly blend into your existing decor.

This sofa, enriched with deep button tufting, nailhead accents, scrolled arms, and turned legs, gives your living room an upscale feel while providing absolute comfort.

The enchanting scrolled arms not only add a royal touch but also serve as a comfortable ledge for relaxation.

The individual seat cushions are designed to maximize comfort, making this sofa not just stylish but tremendously resting.

  • Traditional Chesterfield Design
  • Deep Button Tufting
  • Nailhead Accents
  • Individual Seat Cushions
  • Heavy Item Weight
  • Assembly Required
  • Premium Price Range

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Lexicon Centeroak Microfiber Sofa

Price: $1,767

Unleashing ultimate comfort and style is the Lexicon Centeroak Microfiber Sofa. This loveseat-style microfiber sofa boasts high-density foam padding over pocket coils encased in an exquisite solid wood and plywood frame.

Lexicon Centeroak Microfiber Sofa

Its distinct features include a durable metal reinforced seat and polished microfiber upholstery that promises longevity without compromising on aesthetics or comfort.

The back and seat cushions are attached for hassle-free maintenance while ensuring continuous elegance for your living room space.

  • Large Seating Option
  • High-Density Foam Padding
  • Durable Construction
  • Attached Back And Seat Cushions
  • Premium Price Bracket
  • Heavy Furniture
  • Limited Color Options

Naomi Home Black Microfiber Button Tufted Loveseat Sleeper

Price: $235

The Naomi Home black microfiber button tufted loveseat sleeper offers outstanding comfort and modern elegance at a very affordable price.

Designed with an artful blend of style and functionality, it comes as no surprise that this piece of furniture is a popular choice for many homeowners.

This loveseat has been thoughtfully built to cater to the needs of small spaces, balancing its sleek design with compact dimensions.

It seamlessly transitions from loveseat to sleeper, providing extra convenience when you need it most.

Covered in durable and easy-to-clean microfiber, it also promises low maintenance, making it ideal for those with a busy lifestyle.

The standout features of these sofas include their button-tufted design and rolled arms, which contribute to their classic appeal while maintaining a modern edge.

  • Compact Design
  • Sleeper Functionality
  • Low Maintenance
  • Button Tufted Design
  • Limited Color Options
  • Lacks Storage Space

Caberryne Grey White Microfiber Recliner Sofa Set

Price: $899

Your comfort is non-negotiable, and that’s what the Caberryne Grey White Microfiber Recliner Sofa Set brings to your home.

This recliner sofa set stands out for its ergonomic design that caters perfectly to your relaxation needs.

Aside from the comfort offerings of this sofa set, there are plenty more reasons why you will love having it in your home. Its manual reclining mechanism allows you flexibility with different relaxing positions.

This versatile set is perfect for every space, ranging from living room to home theater or apartment.

It boasts a stunning solid pattern housed by padded arm styles, making every relaxation moment worthwhile.

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Versatile Use
  • Manual Reclining Feature
  • Padded Arm Style
  • Premium Price Point
  • Require Assembly
  • Space-Consuming

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Betsy Furniture Microfiber Power Reclining Couch Sofa

Price: $2,499

Designed for ultimate comfort and relaxation, the Betsy Furniture Microfiber Power Reclining Couch Sofa represents a seamless blend of luxurious design and a mix of modern technology.

Betsy Furniture Microfiber Power Reclining Couch Sofa

This couch has two colors to choose from and provides multiple functionalities, such as power recline, cup holders, storage units, and an adjustable backrest.

The standout feature of this couch is undoubtedly its split-back design. This design lets you recline one seat back from 90° to 160° while keeping others upright, making it a perfect piece for family or group sitting spaces.

The sofa features USB outputs – perfect for charging your devices while sitting back to enjoy your favorite TV show or book.

  • Power reclining function
  • Built-in USB outputs
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Offered in two colors
  • High weight
  • Depends on electricity for functions

Blackjack Furniture Elton Microfiber Sofa

Price: $1,481

The Blackjack Furniture Elton Microfiber Sofa adds a touch of luxury with its modern design and plush microfiber upholstery, which are available in two appealing colors. The spacious recliner comes with home assembly requirements.

The highlight trait of this sofa set is its contemporary design that can accentuate any living room setting without compromising comfort levels.

The pillow-top arm style makes relaxation more desirable after a long day at work.

  • Stylish contemporary design
  • Recliner feature
  • Pillow-top arm style
  • Requires assembly
  • Limited color options

FAQs About Microfiber Sofas

Why should I choose a microfiber sofa?

Microfiber sofas offer many benefits. They are incredibly soft, exceptionally durable, and highly resistant to stains and spills. They offer the feel of suede without the demanding care requirements of natural leather or suede.

How do I clean a microfiber sofa?

Cleaning your microfiber sofa regularly can contribute to its longevity. Vacuum the surface weekly and treat stains with mild dish soap or vinegar solution (always test on an inconspicuous area first). Always follow manufacturer cleaning instructions.

Are pets safe around Microfiber Sofas?

Yes! Microfiber sofas are often an optimal choice for pet owners because the tightly woven fibers resist pet hair, while the resilient fabric handles scratches and wears better than other materials.

Will the color of my microfiber sofa fade over time?

Microfiber is known for its durability, including resistance to fading when exposed to sunlight over time. Darker colors may gradually lighten after extensive exposure.


Making the right pick when it comes to microfiber sofas may seem overwhelming, but understanding your needs and considering key features can make the process smoother.

It’s about finding a perfect blend of comfort, style, and durability that marries well with your home decor and accommodates your lifestyle needs.

Microfiber sofas offer a series of merits that make them a worthy investment. From their touchable texture to their robust wearability, there’s little wonder why these furniture pieces have become a go-to choice for many homeowners.

So take your pick from our list of the 20 best microfiber sofas and elevate your living room outlook today.

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