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Do Novaform Mattresses Have Fiberglass? [What Buyers Must Know]

By: Susie
Updated On: October 29, 2023

Now and then, a question pops up in discussions concerning mattress choices, an all-important one surely you may have found yourself pondering as well: do Novaform mattresses have fiberglass?

It’s hard to overstate the importance of knowing what goes into the mattress you spend a significant portion of your life on.

After all, the materials inside your mattress can impact not just your sleep quality but your overall health as well.

Whether you are about to make a new purchase or questioning your existing one, this query is worth unraveling.

The thought derives from concerns surrounding safety, comfort, and general peace of mind—valid considerations when investing in something as fundamental to our lives as sleep.

Let’s proceed together through this knowledge quest. We’re breaking down the essential points specifically to help you make informed decisions about Novaform mattresses.

What is Novaform Mattresses?

Novaform mattresses are an esteemed line of memory foam mattresses embodying versatility, comfort, and innovation.

Produced by Innocor, a leading designer and manufacturer of sleep products, Novaform mattresses are touted for their impressive ability to balance comfort and affordability.

Crafted with layers of varying foam types tailored to offer superior sleeping experiences, Novaform mattresses use proprietary designs to ensure everyone gets to enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

One outstanding feature you’ll notice about these mattresses is their reliance on CertiPUR-US-certified foam.

This specific certification means that the foam used in Novaform mattresses is devoid of harmful chemicals such as heavy metals, formaldehyde, or ozone depleters. You can sit back knowing that your mattress meets rigorous standards for content emissions and durability.

To enhance the user experience and simplify transportation, these mattresses are conveniently compressed and packaged in a box — ready for transport straight to your door.

Perhaps what sets them apart most is their production location. Every Novaform mattress is proudly made in the USA.

This ensures not only high-quality manufacturing but also adherence to work standards beneficial to employees involved in producing these top-tier sleeping solutions.

What is Fiberglass?

Fiberglass is a lightweight, extremely strong, and robust material often used in various industries due to its versatile qualities.

What is Fiberglass?

This composite material is primarily composed of fine fibers of glass that are woven into a textile, thus giving it its name.

With its inherent strength and flexibility, fiberglass possesses rich heat and sound insulation properties, thereby making it an ideal choice for various applications across industries.

Comparatively cheaper than metals and fairly easy to mold into complex shapes, Fiberglass has been widely adopted in the manufacturing of objects such as aircraft, boats, automobiles, bathtubs, and enclosures.

Another advantage that adds to its popularity is its property of being corrosion resistant, which makes it perfect for usage in harsh or corrosive environments such as chemical plants.

It efficiently insulates against heat and sound due to the trapping of air between the fibers of glass in addition to being flame-resistance and able to fit into just about any shape or size mold with bewitching luster properties which reflect light as well as any metallic surface when polished rendering visual aesthetics appeal.

Do Novaform Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

Do Novaform Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

No, Novaform mattresses are free from fiberglass. Comfort, safety, and quality are top priorities for the Novaform brand, which adheres to strict standards to ensure its products not only deliver exceptional comfort and support but also align with health and safety regulations.

Novaform uses foam in their mattresses that are CertiPUR-US certified, alluding to a product devoid of harmful substances.

For users who might be concerned about irritants or allergens such as fiberglass, Novaform mattresses provide an essential option.

Fiberglass, known to be present in certain brands of mattresses, usually serves as a fire barrier. However, it can potentially cause skin irritation and respiratory issues if not properly enclosed within the mattress cover.

Novaform has made it a point to ensure that their mattresses do not contain any fiberglass. Instead of using fiberglass as a flame retardant solution in their products, other safe and effective materials are utilized.

The absence of fiberglass does not compromise the fire safety measures of Novaform mattresses but rather promotes a healthier sleep environment for customers.

Users can enjoy restful sleep on Novaform’s comfortable mattresses without worrying about the presence of potentially harmful substances like fiberglass.

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Discover the Materials Inside Costco’s Novaform Mattress

Raised eyebrows over the question of fiberglass in mattresses have led us to investigate Costco’s Novaform mattresses.

Let’s pull back the sheets and delve into what exactly makes up these slumber surfaces. Novaform uses three key components to ensure you a healthy and cozy shut-eye night after night.

Memory Foam

The chief material in Novaform mattresses is memory foam, a material developed by NASA in the 1960s. This viscoelastic foam molds to your body shape in response to heat and pressure, offering both comfort and ample support.

The beauty of memory foam stems from its adaptability. It adjusts perfectly to your body contours, giving each sleeper a tailored sleeping experience.

By redistributing your body weight evenly over its surface, it can alleviate pain points and prevent undue stress on joints or muscles.

Memory foam absorbs motion rather than transferring it, an ideal feature for partners sharing a bed who don’t want their sleep disrupted by each other’s movements.

Imagine this – you’re sinking into a mattress that cradles every curve of your anatomy with precision while reducing disturbances from an active bed partner: That’s memory foam for you.

Gel-Infused Foam

Next up in the construction line-up is gel-infused foam – an innovation aimed at countering one common complaint about memory foam: heat retention.

While their ideal contouring ability stands undisputed, traditional memory foam have had drawbacks related to thermoregulation. Enter gel-infused foams designed explicitly for cooler sleep experiences.

As the name suggests, this foam infuses cooling gel beads or liquid gel into the standard form-memory formula, resulting in an advanced edition with improved breathability and temperature regulation.

This new-age material doesn’t just heighten comfort levels but also promotes better sleep quality by maintaining ideal sleeping temperatures throughout the night, a tremendous boon during those sweltering summer nights or if you are prone to night sweats.

High-Density Foam

Novaform ensures durability with a solid layer of high-density foam. This heavyweight champion brings extra firmness and long-lasting structure to your mattress.

High-density foams exceptionally resist impressions, making them vital in countering sagging issues over time. Imagine it as the sturdy backbone that supports other layers, adding years of life to your mattress.

Unlike their low-density counterparts, high-density foams offer profound pressure relief by evenly distributing the sleeper’s weights. For those with a penchant for firmer beds or dealing with body aches and pains, these foams can be their sleep saviors.

Experiencing sturdy support that keeps sagging at bay while offering comfort that lasts for years—Isn’t it what we all seek in a worthy mattress investment?

Across the memory foam, gel-infused foam, and high-density foam, Novaform mattresses deliver an enriching sleep experience wrapped in quality ensured by Costco’s reputation.

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Benefits of Buying a Mattress Without Fiberglass

Making an informed decision while buying a mattress can drastically improve your sleep quality and overall well-being.

Various materials are used in the construction of mattresses, with fiberglass being one that has raised some eyebrows recently.

  • Hypoallergenic: Mattresses without fiberglass markedly reduce the chance of causing allergies or respiratory issues. They contain materials that are mild and gentle on your skin and respiratory system, promoting a healthier sleep environment.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Those without fiberglass are often made from sustainable sources or recycled materials, helping to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Increased Durability: Mattresses devoid of fiberglass usually feature high-end fabric blends designed to last longer, offering you more value for your money.
  • Natural Materials: Choosing organic or naturally sourced mattresses ensures there are no synthetic fibers like fiberglass present in the material blend. This improves breathability and keeps toxins away from you while sleeping.
  • Better Air Circulation: The absence of fiberglass allows increased air passage within the mattress structure, ensuring a cooler and more comfortable sleeping surface.
  • Reduced Off-Gassing: Fiberglass-free mattresses tend to produce less off-gassing —an occurrence where volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are released— which often contributes to unpleasant odors and potential health risks.
  • Easier Recycling: These mattresses facilitate more straightforward disposal as individual components can be recycled at the end of their lifespan.
  • Safer for Workers: The production process is safer because handling fiberglass can lead to skin rashes and discomfort among manufacturing staff due to airborne particles derived from it.
  • Skin Sensitivity Reduction: The absence of fiberglass can significantly decrease potential skin irritations caused by contact with this material in some users susceptible to such sensitivities.
  • Biodegradable Options: Mattresses sans fiberglass offer alternatives that are biodegradable, reinforcing their environmentally friendly status and making them a much more sustainable choice.

It’s also worth noting the peace of mind you get from knowing exactly what you are sleeping on, unclouded by concerns about potential harm or discomfort caused by fiberglass.

So when shopping for your next mattress, considering these benefits associated with choosing one free from fiberglass might lead you to more peaceful and healthier nights of rest.

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What are the Disadvantages of Fiberglass?

When examining what materials make up a mattress, this ball of wax becomes a crucial topic. It centers around the contention surrounding fiberglass – a material widely used in many industries due to its heat-resistant and durable qualities.

We must take a balanced view and delve into some significant disadvantages that make fiberglass far from an ideal choice for mattresses.

  • Brittleness: While fiberglass is known for its strength in endeavors like building insulation or automotive bodies, it can be brittle. This means it might shatter or splinter under high-pressure situations – something you’re not exactly keen on having in your mattress.
  • Limited Flexibility: Compared to other materials, fiberglass isn’t very flexible. Over time, this lack of flexibility can contribute to breakages and surface roughness inside your mattress.
  • UV Degradation: Fiberglass is susceptible to degradation from prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light. Over time, this can lead to a breakdown of the material within the mattress.
  • Lower Strength-to-weight ratio than Carbon Fiber: One of the biggest drawbacks of fiberglass is its lower strength-to-weight ratio when compared with carbon fiber.
  • Skin Irritation: An unequivocal downside is the contact-induced skin irritation everybody loathes. It’s seen in situations where fiberglass leaks out from low-quality mattress covers.
  • Repair Difficulties: Repairing a product made with fiberglass proves more troublesome compared to metals because fixing fiberglass often involves replacing whole sections altogether.
  • Potential Water Absorption: If exposed to water or dampness over the long term, fiberglass has been found to absorb some level of moisture. You may ask why’s this problematic. Well, water absorption could lead to mold and mildew growth within your mattress—a total no-no!
  • Airborne Fibers During Manufacturing: The production process of fiberglass requires careful handling and protective measures due to the potential presence of airborne fibers, which could be problematic to breathe in.
  • Limited Lifespan: When compared to certain other materials, fiberglass doesn’t stand up well over the long haul. This decrease in sealing performance over time can eventually lead to leaks or breakages.
  • Non-biodegradable: Fiberglass is synthetic and not biodegradable – a notable environmental concern.

By pondering these points, it becomes clear that the disadvantages of fiberglass do outweigh the benefits when talking about mattresses.

It also underlines the importance of curiosity about what goes into your mattress. After all, it’s not just about getting a good night’s sleep but also ensuring it’s done safely and comfortably!

Why Do Mattress Companies Use Fiberglass?

You may wonder why so many mattress companies use fiberglass, given its range of potential disadvantages.

The answer is simple and connects directly to business profitability. Fiberglass is a much more cost-effective material compared to some of its alternatives, like natural latex, organic cotton, or wool.

Fiberglass is known for its durability and fire resistance, which allows manufacturers to meet federal safety standards.

It serves as a barrier that helps limit the spread of fire. By including this layer in their mattress designs, companies can ensure they’re complying with flame retardant regulations without resorting to harmful chemicals.

It’s equally important to note that investment in a mattress free from fiberglass can bring added value in terms of health benefits, comfort, and durability. There are many such options available in the market that could be worth exploring.

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How to Detect Fiberglass in Any Mattress

Before letting yourself fall into the inviting arms of your mattress, spare a moment to check – does it contain hidden fiberglass?

Your first point of contact should be the labeling. Look for words like “glass fiber” or “fiberglass” on it. This is typically located under the law tag or within the product care instructions.

It might seem a tad on the nose, but labeling laws require manufacturers to state the materials used clearly.

Beyond this, you may notice warning indications such as unexplained itchy rashes or respiratory discomfort after sleeping on your mattress.

If you spot any minute shiny particles around your room after opening or handling your mattress, that might be a signal, too.

We would hate for you to play detective when it comes to your sleep, comfort, and health. Doing a quick online search about your specific brand and model can often give you direct answers from prior customer experiences and professional reviews.

Are There Mattress Brands Free of Fiberglass?

When you set out on a mission to find the right bedding, it’s crucial that what you end up with suits your needs to a T.

A crucial part of this journey is finding a mattress devoid of fiberglass.

The shorter answer is that fiberglass-free options, while slightly pricier, significantly upgrade your sleep experience with safer materials and better overall quality.

Plushbeds Botanical Bliss OrganicxLatex Mattress

At the forefront of this list is the Botanical Bliss Organic Mattress from Plushbeds. They are crafted entirely from organic substances.

This option brings together two layers of latex encapsulated in cotton and organic wool. The result is exceptional pressure relief paired with an impressive degree of temperature control.

The Plushbeds Botanical Bliss boasts GOLS and GREENGUARD Gold certifications, ensuring that no harmful chemicals or synthetic additives are used in its production.

The latex component exudes an open-cell structure that makes for excellent breathability, effectively eliminating sleep interruptions due to overheating or discomfort.

Ghostbed Luxe Mattress

GhostBed Luxe – lauded as the “coolest bed in the world.” Its multi-layer design featuring gel-infused memory foam combined with a proprietary ‘Ghost Ice Layer’ provides one of the best cooling experiences in the marketplace.

The absence of fiberglass in this GhostBed product allows for improved safety and eliminates potential irritants from impacting your skin or lungs.

Promoting convenience even more, this mattress arrives complete with a removable plush cover that’s convenient to clean and contributes to creating a soft sleep platform.

Naturepedic Chorus Organic Mattress

Naturepedic’s Chorus Organic Mattress stands out amongst its peers thanks to an unwavering commitment to organic materials and production processes.

This mattress delivers a unique blend of motif coils, organic cotton filling, plant-based PLA (Polylactide), and a layer of micro coils.

As with the other brands mentioned, Naturepedic stays clear from fiberglass or any synthetic fire retardants.

The use of organic elements in its assembly contributes to improved breathability and temperature regulation.

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FAQs about novaform mattresses And fiberglass

Are Novaform mattresses built using fiberglass in their construction?

No, Novaform mattresses do not use fiberglass in any part of their construction.

Is there any risk of skin irritation from Novaform mattresses due to fiberglass?

You can rest easy; since Novaform mattresses don’t contain fiberglass, they pose no risk of such an irritation.

As a person with allergies, should I be concerned about fiberglass while purchasing a Novaform mattress?

Not at all! Since there’s no inclusion of fiberglass in Novaform’s materials, it poses no risk to individuals suffering from allergies.


In our quest to shed light on what lies within the confines of your mattress, we’ve unraveled that Novaform mattresses are confidently fiberglass-free.

They extend a safer, healthier choice for sleep outfits. By eschewing fiberglass, they manage to minimize potential health irritants and maximize long-term, comfortable use.

So, rest easy knowing that your Novaform mattress not only promotes better sleep but also ensures the use of safer, non-irritating materials.

We hope this insight aids you in making an informed decision for your future sleep-solutions search.

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