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How To Create Your Own DIY Heart Garland [2024 Latest Guide]

By: Susie
Updated On: August 17, 2023

As we usher in the season of love and warmth, I felt inspired to share an exciting way to celebrate. Welcome to my go-to guide for creating your DIY heart garland, dear readers.

This delightful craft is not only a symbol of love and joy, but it also imbues your space with a festive ambiance that genuinely embodies this affectionate season.

Who needs to scour stores for pricey decorations when you can make something heartfelt (pun intended) right in the comfort of your own home?

The heart garland craft not only nurtures creativity; it’s also an excellent opportunity for family bonding. So grab your favorite beverage, put on some relaxing music, and join me as we embark on this surprisingly simple DIY journey together.

Is Heart Garland Easy to DIY?

Is Heart Garland Easy to DIY?

I hear you, friends. Is this adorable décor straightforward to create? The answer is a resounding “Yes.” Here’s why:

  • Minimal Materials Required: You need a short list of things; everything can be found around the house or at your local craft store.
  • No Advanced Skills Necessary: You don’t need to be Pablo Picasso or Martha Stewart. Basic crafting skills like cutting, taping, and stringing are all required.
  • Room for Creativity: There isn’t one rigid formula to follow – you can make this craft as simple or intricate as you wish based on your taste and patience level.

Materials for Heart Garland DIY

The materials you’ll need for this craft are abundantly straightforward. You might already have some, if not all, lying around the house!

  • Gray Yarn: A ball of gray yarn is the primary material for making your hearts. You want a soft, sturdy, yet flexible yarn to create a cozy feel but tough enough to hold its shape.
  • Twine: The twine will string your beautiful yarn hearts together and create the garland. It adds a rustic effect and complements the gray yarn well – it’s all about the details!
  • Twine Mix: This comes in handy when adding texture throughout your garland; it combines various types of twine.
  • Cardboard: Sturdy cardboard is essential for creating the base of your hearts – it acts as a guide and gives shape to your yarn hearts.
  • Tape: You’ll need tape to secure the ends of your strings and ensure none of those pretty hearts fall off.
  • Scissors: To cut out your heart shapes from cardboard, trim any unruly pieces of twine or yarn, scissors are your best friend here.
  • Heart Pattern or Stencil (optional): Grab a heart stencil if free-hand drawing isn’t for you! They’re available online – ready to download and print at home, making it super convenient! It ensures each heart you make remains consistent in size and shape, giving your garland a neat appearance.

Believe me when I say gathering these materials is half the fun! It takes us one step closer to creating our beautiful Heart Garland.

We’re piecing together bits of joy that will eventually transform into something extraordinary.

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How to Create Your Own DIY Heart Garland: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Creating a heart garland can seem daunting, but trust me, it’s much easier than you think! Let’s break it down into simple, manageable steps. By the end of this guide, you’ll be reveling in the beauty of your homemade garland.

1. Preparing the Heart Stencil

Preparing the Heart Stencil

The very first step is preparing your heart stencil. Don’t worry; this isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Follow these straightforward steps:

  • Downloading the Stencil: Begin with an online search for a ‘heart stencil.’ There are oodles of free options available for download. Pick one that resonates with you and fits your garland’s desired size well.
  • Printing and Cutting Out the Stencil: Once you’ve downloaded your favorite stencil, print it onto sturdy paper (e.g., cardstock). Then comes precision: use scissors to cut the stencil along its outline.
  • Why Multiple Stencils Matter: If you’re creating more than a handful of hearts, it’s sage advice to have multiple stencils ready. Why? Over time and use, your stencil may lose shape or get damaged – so always have backups on hand!

Now that we’ve prepared our stencils let’s move on to cutting our cardboard hearts out!

2. Cutting Cardboard Hearts

Cutting Cardboard Hearts

Use your prepared stencils to trace heart shapes onto sturdy cardboard. Once your hearts are all sketched out neatly with a pencil:

  • Time to Cut: Carefully snip along your drawn lines using sharp scissors working slowly and carefully around each curve ensures precision and uniformity among all cutouts.
  • Uniformity Counts: Aim for a similar look across all hearts – uniformity in shape adds consistency to your garland and makes it appear more professional.

Remember, friends, patience is key here! Now that we’re through with preparing our beautiful heart cutouts ensure you have selected eye-catching yarn and twine!

Please note: Be cautious while handling scissors, especially if children are involved in this fun DIY project.

Stay tuned for my next post. I will explain further steps in our creative journey towards creating an exquisite DIY Heart Garland, including Yarn & Twine Selection, Creating The Garland, Adding Twine Mix Accents, and eventually Hanging The Garland!

3. Yarn and Twine Selection

Yarn and Twine Selection

The lifeblood of your DIY Heart Garland lies in carefully selecting your yarn and twine. Let’s guide you through this!

Explore Varying Materials:

  • Gray Yarn: The primary building block of your heart is gray yarn, chosen for its versatility and understated elegance. Regardless of the backdrop, gray seats stand out yet blend effortlessly, creating depth for your garland.
  • Classic Twine: We turn to trusty twine to string our beautiful hearts together. It offers a rustic charm and bridges the heart-stopping gaps, ensuring a seamless love flow across your garland.
  • Twine Mix: Don’t discourage experimentation – enter the twine mix or ‘fancy twine.’ Incorporate several types of twines to spruce up your heart garland, adding an unexpected textural pop and visual interest.

Consider Color Combinations:

Gray is a neutral shade that complements almost any color. Our plain gray yarn is an excellent base color allowing varied color combinations atop it.

Try pairing it with classic white twine for a monochromatic look, or add pops of reds or pinks to jazz up the mood while staying true to the season’s spirit.

Remember, creative freedom is paramount when working on DIY projects, so mix and match colors like there’s no tomorrow!


  • Purchase more yarn than you think you’ll need – better safe than sorry.
  • Opt for good-quality twines able to carry multiple closely-strung hearts without sagging.

Consider choosing these materials because they ultimately define how vibrant, muted, lively, or subtle your DIY Heart Garland will turn out!

4. Creating the Garland

Creating the Garland

Once you’ve cut your hearts and selected your yarn and twine, it’s time to assemble your DIY Heart Garland.

Attaching The Yarn/Twine To The Hearts

  • Loop the gray yarn around it until completely covered.
  • Secure both ends with tape at the back of the heart,
  • Repeat this step until all hearts are wrapped in yarn.

The exact process applies if you opt for a twine-wrapped heart. This step sets the base for our garland while allowing us to mix materials for a varied look.

Alternating Between Different Materials

Variety is the Spice of Life! Alternate between gray-yarn hearts and twine-wrapped hearts, or mix it up with some seats wrapped in both!

Ensuring Even Spacing Between Hearts

Now let’s string our unambiguously crafted hearts:

  • Run twine through each heart’s center – like threading beads onto a necklace.
  • Carefully consider spacing between each heart; ensure it is uniform for aesthetic consistency (roughly an inch apart works well).

Leaving Excess Yarn/Twine At The Ends For Hanging

When cutting your final piece of twine, always leave extra length on either end – around 12-18 inches should suffice – perfect for hanging your garland wherever you find fit.

The joy of DIY is how customizable every project can be – so have fun with this step! Opt for clusters of hearts, single strings, or mix sizes and shapes to add interest. The sky’s the limit!

I’m sure now that ‘creating a DIY Heart Garland’ feels less daunting than you’d imagined! With all these personalized touches, each garland will be as unique as its maker.

Enjoy your beautiful labor of love dangling from mantels, windows, or frames, adding warmth and whimsy this season.

5. Adding Twine Mix Accents

Adding Twine Mix Accents

Incorporating a twine mix into your DIY Heart Garland brings an exciting layer of visual interest to your crafting journey and the final product. Here’s how to make magic with your twine mix!

Bringing Texture to Your Hearts

By cleverly intertwining the twine mix with our primary gray yarn, we amplify our creation’s tactile appeal to new heights.

Whether you choose to evenly distribute it throughout the heart or concentrate it in certain areas is entirely up to you – think of yourself as an artist with a unique brush stroke.

Here’s a pro tip: Wrap the twine mix around the base of your yarn hearts. It secures them and adds an excellent, contrasting textural detail.

Creating Visual Appeal

Consider tying the twine mix onto specific hearts to construct extra oomph visually. Knotting it at various points or wrapping it around individual seats sporadically can add visual intrigue.

Balance here is critical – strive for a rhythm where these standout hearts give your garland an accentuated touch but don’t directly compete for attention with their quiet yet sophisticated yarn-only counterparts.

Note: Steer clear from clashing colors unless you aim for high contrast. Complementary or analogous colors typically give a harmonious result.

Dabbling in crafty nuances can transform your DIY Heart Garland from cute and charming to polished and thoughtfully designed.

6. Hanging Your Heart Garland

Hanging Your Heart Garland

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here – it’s time to hang up your work of heart. You’ve done all the groundwork, and now is the perfect moment to get your creation up on the wall literally.

Choosing the Perfect Location

Whether adorning a bare wall, jazzing up your mantlepiece, or adding a festive touch to a window, you must choose an area where it truly stands out and harmonizes with other decorations or elements.

Consider visual balance and your space’s overall aesthetic when picking where to display your garland.

Pro tip: When draped over doorways or windows, your DIY heart garland looks enchanting!

Securing the Right Way

You need an effective, secure method regardless of where you display your garland. You have a few options:

Tape: Transparent tape works wonders on surfaces that can’t bear the weight of hooks or are delicate to mark—like glass windows or painted walls.

Hooks: Small hooks are ideal for sturdy surfaces such as brick walls, wooden beams, or fireplaces. They’re easy to install and remove while ensuring a firm grip.

Remember, it’s paramount that we secure our heartfelt creation impeccably so nobody gets hurt—the safety aspect is just as important as its aesthetic one.

Arranging Hearts for Maximum Impact

Once hung up neatly using hooks or tape, arrange hearts to reflect an attractive rhythm. It could be groupings of two seats followed by a single one in an alternating pattern, anything that pleases your creative eye!

Tip: If spacing hearts along the twine-set space them apart evenly for consistency and symmetry—it lends an effortless flow.

Optional: Tips and Variations

Adding your touch to this DIY Heart Garland can transform it from satisfactory to uniquely yours. Here are a few tips and tweaks that can entirely alter the look of your garland.

Alternative Materials for a Different Look

The beauty of DIY projects is the liberty to customize. For instance, you can alter the base material for your hearts.

  • Consider using felt or fabric instead of yarn for a different texture.
  • How about some glitter or sequin-covered cardstock, resulting in an instant glam-up?

Note: Always ensure your chosen material is sturdy enough to hold its shape and can be threaded onto the twine.

Adjusting Garland Length

Creating your heart garland short or long entirely depends on where you plan on hanging it.

  • Sketch out an approximate length before starting.
  • Adding more hearts will yield a longer garland, whereas lesser hearts give a short, dense one.

Remember: Trimming a long garland is more straightforward than adding to a short one post-completion!

Experiment with Patterns

Do not confine yourself to typical arrangements. Switch things up!

  • Try alternating between large and small hearts.
  • Consider different color patterns – rainbow arrangement, ombré effect, or contrasting color combinations for added visual interest.

These suggestions will undoubtedly bring an unexpected charm making your heart garland truly yours. Remember, though – it’s all about having fun throughout the process.

Embrace uneven edges or unexpected knots as they add character and breathe life into DIY crafts.

FAQs About DIY Heart Garland

Can I use material other than yarn for the hearts?

Absolutely! Felt, fabric, paper—anything durable enough to hold its shape and be threaded onto the twine works perfectly.

How long should my Heart Garland be?

The length of your garland depends on where you plan to hang it. Always measure and sketch out before you start crafting.

Can I add more colors to the garland?

Yes, by all means! Experimenting with colors can dramatically brighten up your Heart Garland. Choose what complements your décor and reflects your style.

What if my cut-out hearts are not uniform?

While uniformity is preferred, some variation adds character and charm to handmade items, making them unique.

Do I have to stick to a specific pattern while creating the Heart Garland?

No, not at all! Switch things up according to your taste—try alternating between large and small hearts or experiment with different color patterns for a more dynamic look.


Creating a DIY Heart Garland allows you to embrace your creativity and add a personal touch to your décor, gifting you with something uniquely yours.

The process itself, brimming with fun and discovery, offers immense satisfaction. You can truly pour your heart into making these beautiful garlands by following these steps.

Remember, the key is not perfection but the love and joy that channels through every handcrafted piece. So go ahead, gather your supplies, and create some magic.

No matter what materials or color combinations you use – it’s sure to bring warmth and charm that only something handmade can. Enjoy this crafting journey sprinkled heavily with snippets of love and laughter.

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