The Bookworm Challenge

Join the Rosenberry Rooms Bookworm Reading Challenge! It’s always a great time to start instilling a love of reading into your child. Choose between two separate lists of award winning books (or books of your own choosing) to challenge young readers of any level, then help them track their progress. Once they’re done, award them with the Rosenberry Rooms Champion Reader Certificate + a monthly drawing for a prize from Rosenberry Rooms!


Here’s how to participate:


  1. Download one or both of our reading lists:

    1. The Rosenberry Favorites list is for kids that can read independently.

    2. The Early Reader list is for parents and young children to read together.

  2. Track your child’s progress with our nifty checklist.

    1. Download one of our checklists here.

  3. Reward your Bookworm for a job well done.

    1. Download our Rosenberry Rooms Champion Reader Certificate.

  4. Submit a picture of your young reader to proudly displaying their completed checklist and certificate for a chance to win a $25 gift card from Rosenberry Rooms. Wall stickers and lettering are a great option for the kiddos! Please include name and email address upon submitting photo to be entered into the monthly drawing. Rosenberry will contact the monthly winner via email with a promo code for the gift card.  


Tips to help your reader on their journey:

  1. Encourage short breaks between chapters.

  2. Set a time every day for family reading time.

  3. Talk to them about their favorite stories.


Here are some of our reading-related products:

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