How to Select Lighting for Any Room!

In my opinion, lighting is one of the most (if not the most) important aspects of designing a room. Proper lighting can perfectly accent all of the decor and details you thought long and hard about when decorating a space. Plus, there are some fabulous light fixtures that can add an unmistakable “wow” factor in a room! Here are some tips to consider when shopping for your next fixture.

Gabrielle-Dresser-wide1. Think about how the room will be used. Do your kids enjoy reading bedtime stories at night? Make sure to have a table lamp on the nightstand. Will your children be doing homework at his or her desk? Add a simple task lamp to the corner of the desk. Do you plan on checking in on the baby late at night? Place a little night light near the crib as to not disturb the little one with a harsh overhead light.

IMG_2187Gabrielle-corkboard2. Don’t forget about the number of bulbs and wattage needed to properly light the space! There are actual calculations professional interior designers use to come up with proper number of lumens needed in a room. If you are lighting your lovely master bedroom suite, a one-bulb overhead light probably isn’t going to cut it. Opt instead for a grand chandelier with six or so bulbs to add the perfect ambiance.Gabrielle-room-narrow-new3. Consider adding a dimmer to your light switches where appropriate. While traditionally used in dining rooms, a dimmer in a kid’s room is perfect for adjusting lighting during nap time or other activities. Being able to control the amount of light in a space can really come in handy.

Boy's RoomCar Theme4. Think of your light fixture as part of your decor! A pretty pink iron chandelier can really accent your little girl’s Parisian themed bedroom. And I can almost guarantee your little athlete would go crazy for a basketball-themed ceiling fan.

Susie Fougerousse_7Sebastien-1-newWhen you balance form and function, lighting will be the perfect finishing touch to your child’s nursery or bedroom. Do you have a favorite Rosenberry Rooms’ light fixture? We would love to see how you used lighting in your child’s room!

Staff Picks from District17 + A Giveaway!

If you haven’t heard about our new website,, it’s a definite must-shop! We wanted to create a place for you and your older children to shop for unique, hard-to-find and fantastic furnishings for their rooms, too! This site has everything for teen bedrooms, dorm rooms and even first apartments. Sleep, Study, Dorm, Lounge, Apartment – we’ve got you covered! I must admit, our staff here is shopping a little for themselves as well. So much so, that we’ve put together a list of some of our current favorites to share with you!

*Exciting giveaway details below, too!


My style is a combination of cozy and chic. This modern metallic pillow fits right in with it’s gold leather appliqué and down insert. It would make the perfect finishing touch to my bedding!





KelliKelli new

I find comfort in a clean, tidy space so any time I can find both a trendy and functional storage solution, I am happy! I love these storage boxes because they fit my personality just right!






This monogram is a perfect detail for any room!  I love personalized items and the color options are so beautiful.  The fact that it is handmade to order just adds to the uniqueness of this special piece.  My design style is very simple and classic which is why I prefer this modern monogram style.






I have loved Stephanie Corfee’s art for a few years – even before our brands Wheatpaste, Greenbox and DENY Designs picked up some of her work, I thought she was and up and coming artist to watch. I love her use of brights and pastels, and how she brings botanicals to life in an abstract way.






The possibilities are endless with this colorful, striped pouf! It is perfect for providing extra seating or propping your feat up. The best thing about this pouf is that you can take it outside giving you a comfortable spot to sit!






Simple and delicate, the Gail Metal Sphere Pendant is more like a piece of jewelry for your room than a light fixture. Plus, it’s offered in an array of colors to suit every personality or room.






I love this rug because it is so very soft and fluffy.  And it is the perfect shade of pink!







Being a creative soul, I absolutely love the “I’m Creating Canvas Art” by artist Shelly Kennedy. The cheerful colors and witty typography make this canvas perfect for sprucing up a desk or office space!






“My rule is, if its not moving, monogram it.” – Reese Witherspoon. I totally live by this rule! A monogram is the perfect way to add a classic, timeless, and personal touch to anything and everything, and this Wood Script Wall Monogram does just that. I’d love to get one in my favorite color – coral – and hang it above my bed!





I love the Classic Summer White Low Post Panel Bed. With clean lines and traditional style, it provides a timeless base that can be easily mixed with bright colors, funky patterns, and ever-evolving taste.


I love this piece because it reminds me of traveling, which is one of my greatest passions.







Guys can be hard to shop for!  This is a great option because it is versatile without playing it too safe.


This wallpaper is absolutely amazing. It adds a vibrant color to the room, while adding a sense of amusement. This item will definitely bring a smile to your face every time you see it. I just wish I could grow a magnificent mustache like that!




The Jacqui Console desk is fabulous! It is the perfect fit for your study space or as an addition to any bedroom. The drawer pulls and the curves really stand out and give the desk a sleek, yet sophisticated look.






We’d love your help spreading the word about the launch of We’re even giving away an iPad mini to one lucky winner just for doing so! Enter here.


Decorating Rooms for Teens

If you are like me, you probably entered a state of shock and denial when your child turned 13.  After so many years of caring for small children, it is such a major mental transition to think that you are now a parent of a teenager!  Of course, your mind will wander to all of the challenges ahead.  You may experience a combination of feelings, ranging from great pride and excitement to anxiety and fear of these unknown years.

Now that this emotional roller coaster ride has come to a halt, I am ready to tackle the first big task associated with being the mom of a teen.  It’s time to redecorate her room!  We need to change things up a bit and set the stage for a fun and successful dwelling experience to last from middle school, through high school, and into college.

As moms to children of all ages, there are enough things to worry about, so decorating is the last thing that should be difficult.  Here are a few tips to keep the process of decorating your teen’s room fun and stress-free.  The best part is, in the end you will not only end up with a fabulous new space, but with a happy child, and I guarantee some great bonding will happen during the process.

1. Start with Smart Storage 
One of the side effects of being a teen seems to be an uncanny ability to accumulate “stuff.”  Whether it is notebooks, textbooks, novels, magazines, purses, or shoes, there is now a seemingly bottomless pit of “things” to be dealt with.  This is where clever (and cute) storage comes in.  Make sure that your teen’s room is equipped with both a generously-sized cork and magnet/dry erase boards.  This will help to keep random papers off the floor and keep to do lists in check.  Next, you will need some bins.  My favorites are metal storage bins that are available in a TON of irresistible designs, and can be personalized with either names or phrases for easy labeling.  These look great both on the floor and on shelves.   I love when style meets function so perfectly!  Lastly, I would suggest strategically placing a few fun wall hooks in your teen’s room, for book bags, athletic gear, purses, and jewelry.

2. Shelving, Shelving and More Shelving
Incorporate shelves, wherever and however you can.  I love built-in storage, but for many of us, that isn’t an option due to space and budget constraints.  Freestanding bookshelves or wall shelves are other great options, too.  Now there are a ton of really neat wall shelving units available that mimic the look of built-ins, and provide a ton of space for displaying books, photos frames and memorabilia.  These units are really versatile and can often accommodate a bed or desk area.

3. Comfy Seating 
Beanbags or lounge chairs are a must for a teen’s room, for hanging out with friends, listening to music, reading or working on a laptop.  Another cool option is an upholstered chair that pulls out into a twin bed for sleepovers.

4. Loft Beds & Bunk Beds
Furniture manufacturers have gotten so clever lately.  I still marvel at the innovative loft bed, bunk bed, under bed trundle/storage and sleep and study systems that are available today.  I opted for a full size loft bed with desk underneath for my teen, because of space constraints, but the possibilities are endless.

5. Functional Study Space
At this age, so much time is spent doing homework, and working on a computer, it is essential that your teen has a dedicated space to work.  I think a big surface space is great to allow plenty of room to keep organized.

6. Keep Decor Cheerful & Fun
Last, but certainly not least, the decor and color scheme are not only the most important contributing factors to the overall look of the room, but potentially the most contentious.  Ahh, this is where it gets interesting!  Up until now, you as the parent have made these decisions mostly uncontested.  Now, your teen has (strong) opinions about he or she wants, and those opinions may be (very) different from yours.  At this age, teens have typically outgrown the whimsical and cute, and are more attracted to a look that is more trendy and edgy.  I find that there can be a fine line between tacky and funky and between eclectic and mismatched, so this is where I had to gently guide my teen to make stylish choices that she will want to live with for years to come.  Your teen will want to have fun with color, patterns, and textures, and by keeping it simple with your furniture selections, you can be more creative with accessories.

Susie Fougerousse

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