Meet Stephanie of Rosenberry Rooms!


What is your primary role at Rosenberry Rooms?
I am the social media specialist at Rosenberry Rooms, which means I take care of all of our social media outlets; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and Very Rosenberry!

What do you love most about working here?
I love communicating with people; my coworkers, our vendors and our customers! I love working as a team in order to find and deliver interesting content to share as well as discovering unique and stylish products for our customers.

What is your decorating style?
I think my personal decorating style is always evolving! Recently, I have been very into an eclectic vibe mixed with approachable Mid-Century Modern designs. Key pieces that feel hand picked from flea markets or tiny antique stores are what I am always searching for!

What are your 3 favorite Rosenberry Rooms products and why?
This is probably the hardest question for me! Narrowing it down to a top three is tough!

1. In the middle of pinning and tweeting, I sometimes catch myself getting lost on our rugs page. I could seriously browse this section all day! The Laguna Diamonds Rug in Black is one of my favorites!

2. The ‘All Good Things Are Wild and Free’ print from Oopsy Daisy is just too cute and charming to pass up! I love how this canvas instantly takes you to summer!
3. I have adopted a serious obsession with our Moroccan Poufs since I started working at Rosenberry Rooms! I especially love the boho-chic element of this pouf in gold!

Favorite Food – An egg biscuit! It may sound strange, but it always reminds me of Sunday mornings with my family. I am a southern girl, after all!

Favorite Movie – This is easy… Hocus Pocus!

Favorite Song to Jam Out To – Any Justin Timberlake song! ‘Cry Me a River’ or ‘My Love’ always make me sing to my steering wheel!

Favorite Weekend Activity – Spending time with my nephew, Caden! He is the cutest little boy and I love watching him grow!


Meet Stuart of Rosenberry Rooms!


What is your primary role at Rosenberry Rooms?

I am a Sales Representative at Rosenberry Rooms. I assist customers with product inquiries and order placement. Also,  I work closely with my customers to design and choose the perfect pieces to complete their nurseries.

What do you love most about working here?

The fun work environment is always a plus! The products we sell are really fun to work with and it inspires me in my own designs.

What is your decorating style?

I definitely have an eclectic decorating style. I like funky pieces with a lot of history. Many of my furnishings are family heirlooms or second hand items with a shabby chic feel.

What are your 3 favorite Rosenberry Rooms products and why? 

1. Weeping Willow Chandelier – The craftsmanship that goes into each Stray Dog Designs product is amazing. I enjoy bringing elements from nature inside a home. This is definitely a conversation piece that would be great over a dining area.

2. Smart Elephant Vintage Framed Art Print – Elephants are one of my favorite animals and are a huge theme throughout my personal space. This piece of art by Sugarboo Designs can brighten your day with just a glance.


3. Pavonazzo Aubergine Throw Blanket – This blanket by Designers Guild brings a lot of energy and warmth to a room. Made from lambs wool, the blanket is perfect for a cold rainy day indoors.


Favorite food  Mexican 

Favorite movie – The Breakfast Club

Favorite song to jam out to – “Cups” by Anna Kendrick

Favorite weekend activity – Walking my dog at local parks and lakes and Sunday brunch

Meet Erin of Rosenberry Rooms!


What is your primary role at Rosenberry Rooms?

My primary role as a web merchandiser at Rosenberry Rooms is to update the website with new products from our supplies and to make any necessary changes to existing products. A big part of my job is making sure product information and product images accurately represent what the customer sees on the page. Writing informative, detailed product descriptions, appropriately classifying products and editing images are some of my main responsibilities.

What do you love most about working here?

I love the people and products! Everyone at Rosenberry Rooms is dedicated to giving our customers the best possible experience when shopping on our website. I love to see how much everyone cares about the company. We all help each other and work well as a team! I also love the products we offer! I seriously can’t get enough of our adorable selections in every category!

What is your decorating style?

I would say my decorating style is definitely more traditional. I don’t really like trendy home decor. I would rather decorate with pieces that have a lasting style. I’m drawn to more neutral colors and classic designs. I will sometimes incorporate a bit of vintage flare into my decorating style. I like to find older pieces and then paint them or redesign them in a way that makes them fit into my home.

What are your 3 favorite Rosenberry Rooms products and why?

1. Cloud Pillow – I love the Cloud Pillow by BlaBla. I think the little bird is such a sweet detail. I also love the small, simple stripes and the neutral colors. It is perfect for adding a soft, snuggly accessory to any child’s room. I really just love everything by BlaBla, from the mobiles and knit dolls to the baby booties and hats.
2. Elephant Nightlight – Another one of my favorite products is the White Elephant Nightlight by Jonathan Adler. I just think this is adorable! I love the clean lines and intricate details. The solid white color makes this perfect for a boy or girl and allows it to fit in with any type of decor style.
3. Fabric Wall Letters – I think personalizing nurseries and bedrooms for children has become a big trend in home decor. I love the Fabric Wall Letters by New Arrivals. I love how they mix and match different prints and designs. These wall letters definitely add something special to a room and help dress up a bare wall!

Favorite food – I could eat Mexican food any day of the week! So my favorite food would have to be either enchiladas or nachos!

Favorite movie – L.A. Story (really anything with Steve Martin)

Favorite song to jam out to – Graceland by Paul Simon – I love the eclectic mix of musical styles in that song

Favorite weekend activity – I love taking my dogs to the park and trying new restaurants!

Meet Nate of Rosenberry Rooms!

Interview with Nate of Rosenberry Rooms

What is your primary role at Rosenberry Rooms?

I am the Order Fulfillment Coordinator which means I process all of our customers orders and fix any problems that there may be. I also handle buying inventory for our warehouse.

What do you love most about working here?

I love the team we have at Rosenberry Rooms. Everybody works well together and everybody is always willing to give a helping hand.

What is your decorating style?

I am a big sports fan! My house is decorated with Carolina Panthers and NC State memorabilia.

What are your 3 favorite Rosenberry Rooms products and why?

Let the Fin Begin Terry Shark Robe – This robe makes me want to take a bite out of anything and everything, just like a great white! If this came in an adult size, I would definitely have one of these and it of course would be personalized with the word JAWS!

T-Rex Through the Wall Peel and Stick Wall Mural – The first time I saw this, my mind automatically jumped to Jurassic Park and let’s be honest, who doesn’t like dinosaurs? This would be an amazing addition to any room and one will eventually be in my house.

Ben Mohawk Infant Hat – This hat would be a perfect addition to my toboggan collection. If only it came in a bigger size!

Favorite Food: There is so much food that I enjoy eating! However, there is nothing like my dad’s grilled fresh caught flounder or my homemade enchiladas.

Favorite Movie: It is very hard to choose my favorite movie, it is a tie between Hook, Zoolander and Step Brothers.

Favorite Song to jam out to: The only thing that I refuse to listen to is country music! However, my go to bands are Foo Fighters and Audioslave! Dave Grohl and Chris Cornell are pretty much my heroes.

Favorite Weekend Activity: I enjoy going out and playing tennis, basketball and golf! I like to try and do those regularly unless it is football season, then I am either at the games or glued to the t.v.

Meet Nikki of Rosenberry Rooms!

What is your primary role at Rosenberry Rooms?

As the Web Graphic Designer, I create graphics for the website, email campaigns and social media.

What do you love most about working here?

Everything! I’m surrounded by the things I love most – graphic design, web, interior design and children. I have a 4-month old daughter (Nora), so I have so much fun working with children’s products. I never feel like I’m coming to “work” because each day I’m doing what makes my heart sing. And the environment at Rosenberry Rooms is so inspiring!

What is your decorating style?

My decorating style is a mix of traditional and modern that is fresh, simple, comfortable and inviting. I love the contrast of dark wood floors and white walls with architectural details. I’m always wanting to change things up, so I stick to classic pieces with clean lines for the foundation and have fun with color and pattern in the accessories.

What are your 3 favorite Rosenberry Rooms products and why?

Pedestal tables have become a recent favorite of mine, so I love the Coastal Living Beachcomber Table. This piece can go in any room of the house, not just a child’s room. I’d definitely use this in my living room or as a night stand in the bedroom.

The geometric pattern in this Lattice Rug is so fun. Green is one of my favorite colors and makes me feel happy, and I love how this rug brightens up a dark wood floor.

The Cordy Roy Stuffed Toys by Jellycat. I love the texture of these stuff animals and the colors are amazing. Nora will definitely be getting one of these guys!

Favorite Food I’m a steak and potatoes kind of girl.

Favorite Movie The Notebook

Favorite Song  Closer by Ne-Yo

Favorite Weekend Activity Shopping, designing stationery, and spending time with my husband Chad and our daughter Nora. She’s really starting to become interested in the world around her, so doing anything with her is exciting!

Meet Mary Beth of Rosenberry Rooms!

What is your primary role at Rosenberry Rooms?

I am a Sales Representative for Rosenberry Rooms which means I help assist all of our wonderful customers that call in and place orders!

What do you love most about working here?

I love the beautiful home that our offices are located in and the close knit family-feel I get while I am here! I also love all of the children’s products we have. They are fun and full of color!

What is your decorating style?

My decorating style is modern preppy, if that is even a style? I love everything monogrammed but then I love fun patterns such as ikat and chevron. Bright colors and white always catch my eye.

What are your 3 favorite Rosenberry Rooms products and why?

Jonathan Adler Navy Hollywood Duvet Cover – I love this bedding because navy and white is my favorite color-way and I love the pattern Jonathan Adler has designed! This not only is for teens on the Rosenberry Rooms website but for adults as well, which gives it an added plus!

Shelly Glass Lamp in Bright Colors – This lamp is one of my favorites! It adds a pop of bright color to any room and is a statement piece. It reminds me of bright summer days, which I love!

Luxe Child Chair by Jennifer Delonge– I wish I was a child again so I could fit in this Chevron child chair! I would get it in the blue chevron color-way, the elephant green print or the Ikat turquoise!  This is absolutely adorable for a little girl’s bedroom as an accent piece!

Favorite Food – Recently I was introduced to roasted beets with raspberry vinaigrette (so delicious!) but my all time favorite would have to be any Italian food!

Favorite Movie – Walk the Line – I love both Johnny Cash and Reese Witherspoon

Favorite Song to jam out to – Anything by Eric Church or The Avett Brothers (both are from NC!!)

Favorite Weekend Activity  – Hanging out with my friends or going on mini weekend vacations, now that it’s getting warmer I hope to spend as much time as possible at the beach or lake!


Meet Kimberly of Rosenberry Rooms!

What is your primary role at Rosenberry Rooms?

As a Sales Representative, I get to help people purchase the items that help make a house a home.

What do you love most about working here?

Our office is a charming old house in downtown. Big windows can make all the difference in the world!

What is your decorating style?

I like things somewhat traditional, but never stuffy. Fresh flowers and cool art are key.

What are your 3 favorite Rosenberry Rooms products and why?

Draper Stripe Rug in Ink by DwellStudio – This rug is bold yet versatile. I feel it’s ageless, genderless and classic.

Classic Cape Cod Bed from Seabrook Classics – I like this color so much. I would have no problem seeing it every day.

Large Drum Pendant by Jamie Young – Lighting can really make the room and I love this pendant in cork. I think cork is the new black.

Favorite Food  – Lobster.  They are kind of scary looking, but so delicious.

Favorite Movie – Vertigo.  It takes place in San Francisco and was directed by Alfred Hitchcock.  What more could you want?

Favorite Song to jam out to – Anything Wiz Khalifa

Favorite Weekend Activity  – Taking my dog on long walks.  It’s just so relaxing!

A Very Rosenberry Proposal!

Elizabeth Burns, our Interior Designer and Sales Representative, recently shared an adorable story with us that we thought would be great to share in the Behind the Scenes section of our blog! Elizabeth started at Rosenberry Rooms around the end of May of 2011 and was married to her husband Brian less than a month later. Needless to say it was a big time in her life! What’s even more exciting (and completely by chance) is that Elizabeth’s husband Brian proposed to her directly in front of Rosenberry Rooms!

Here’s the proposal breakdown:

Every year that we had been together, Elizabeth always wanted to go the Raleigh Christmas Parade. However, something came up each year. The week of the parade, we stopped by a jewelry store and found the perfect ring. It had to be re-sized and we weren’t sure how long it would take. Brian was sneaky and said it would take two weeks. Unbeknownst to Elizabeth, the ring would be ready the next day. That night, Brian went over to Elizabeth’s parent’s house and asked her dad’s permission. The day of the parade, we drove to downtown Raleigh to watch and Brian had the ring hidden in his jacket. For some reason, he wanted to go across the road. After many questions as to why, Elizabeth finally gave in and started to cross. Halfway across the street, Brian stops and yells, “Attention everyone, I have a question to ask!”. Elizabeth was shocked as Brian got to his knee and proposed! He pulled out the ring that had been re-sized the day before as Elizabeth said “yes”. Elizabeth’s family was just a few yards down the street at the parade, and we were showered with many “Congratulations!” as we made our way towards them to share the great news.

Now the crazy part.. This was in November of 2009, way before Elizabeth even considered working for Rosenberry Rooms or had honestly ever heard of it! But if you look closely in the background of the photo above, the big brick building behind them on the right, is the Rosenberry Rooms store!

She said yes!

(photo credit: Lauren Garrison Photography)

Such a cute story, right? We are so glad we could be a part (well sort of) of this romantic proposal and wish Elizabeth and Brian all the best!



Meet Heather of Rosenberry Rooms!

What is your primary role at Rosenberry Rooms?

I am the Graphic Design & Marketing Intern which means I create graphics for social media and advertising promotions as well as assisting in other graphic design and marketing needs.

What do you love most about working here?

Rosenberry Rooms is a great place to work because the beautiful products we sell inspire me. If I am stuck on a project or not feeling super creative, I can scroll through the website or take a peek at our design center to get the ideas rolling.

What is your decorating style?

I would say my decorating style could be described as rustic and clean. I love natural surfaces with fabrics and colors that have stood the test of time.

What are your 3 favorite Rosenberry Rooms products and why?

My favorite Rosenberry rooms products are:

1. Rooster Small Framed Pillow by Twelve Timbers– I love the canvas fabric and the whimsy of a rooster on a pillow.

2. Puzzle Block Set by DwellStudio – The combination of the natural wood and bright colors mixed with typography makes this toy fun yet durable.

3.  Mississippi Sea Print by Melanie Linder –I love maps and this one would be super cute in a little girl’s room with its playful type and illustration.

Favorite Food – Homemade popcorn

Favorite Movie – Oh Brother Where Art Thou

Favorite Song to jam out to – Any song by The Avett Brothers

Favorite Weekend Activity – Cooking with my husband and thrifting

Meet Kate of Rosenberry Rooms!

What is your primary role at Rosenberry Rooms?

I work with the Interior Designers who shop with Rosenberry Rooms. I enjoy handling their unique custom requests and maintaining a fresh connection with the design world.

What do you love most about working here?

Other than the incredible old house that we call our office? I love that behind the curtain of a big site, we are a small happy group of people doing what they love!

What is your decorating style?

I would say that my decorating style is eclectic. I have an appreciation for pieces from all eras and love the challenge of combining them harmoniously to pull off a chic look.

What are your 3 favorite Rosenberry Rooms products and why?

There are endless amazing products on the site.

The Play House Green Play Carpet is simply fantastic for imagination with virtually no toys required. I can imagine myself as a child, in my own little world, playing on this carpet for hours at a time.

The Mariana Floor Lamp by Jane Gray for Stray Dog Designs is a total statement piece. The oversized flower creates drama and whimsy, the clear base adds a modern touch, and it comes in multiple funky colors to make it a guaranteed conversation-starter.

A third favorite of mine are the Euro Storage Suitcases by kidSTYLE. For me they inspire dreams of adventure and faraway places. Not only do they add a fun punch of color to any room, but everyone can always use more storage. I especially love them in the Soft Green with Yellow Handles. The cases themselves are made out of 100% recycled material.

Favorite Food

I am half Greek and my husband is from Spain, just the thought of any and all Mediterranean food makes me hungry!

Favorite Movie

This question never fails to stump me, however, one of my all-time favorites is The Holiday, with Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Jack Black, and Cameron Diaz. It wraps the ups and downs of romance, travel, and fate all into one.

Favorite Song to jam out to

I do not discriminate much when it comes to music. I think there is a song for every mood. I like Toploader’s version of Dancing in the Moonlight. The video takes you from the moment just before a party starts, to the arrival of the first person, to a full house when everyone is having a good time. It is about a decade old now, but it is still funky feel-good music!

Favorite Weekend Activity

Scavenging through flea markets, yard sales and antique stores is a blast when you have just moved into a new place. My husband and I are in the process of furnishing our 1925 cottage.

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