Back to School Must Haves!

I know what you’re thinking, “Back to School? But summer just started!” and trust me, I’m thinking the same thing! For most of us though, schools are starting back next month! You can breathe easy because at Rosenberry Rooms we have all the gear your little one will need to start their first day back and in style! I’ve selected a few of my favorites to highlight below but be sure to check out our full selection of school supplies here.

The first thing your little one will need is a fun backpack to hold all their new supplies! The Zoo Backpacks by Skip Hop are a great choice for kids because they come in tons of playful designs for both boys and girls.Β The backpack easily holds all of your preschooler’s supplies, and even features an adjustable mesh side pocket to fit any juice box, sippy cup or water bottle.

Blabla’s new canvas backpacks are a great, lightweight choice for your little one. Screen printed versions of their bestselling stuffed toys are featured on these adorable bags! Your little one can store their toys, paper and crayons in these fun and easy to carry canvas backpacks for kids.

Next up is a cool lunchbox! At we carry all sorts of different lunchbox options for your little one including Frecklebox’s personalized pails with themed designs and even some with changeable faceplates to change out as your child’s mind changes.

Or you may choose the Skip Hop Lunchie to match your backpack!

Now if your kids are anything like mine, they have an uncanny ability to lose their things and once even bring home someone else’s backpack by accident! Solve this problem with our personalizable kid’s bag tags by Clairebella! Available in all sorts of both cool and girly designs, your son or daughter is sure to remember which bag is theirs and if not, your phone number is on there to make sure it’s returned to the right place.

In keeping with the personalized theme, Dabney Lee at Home also makes these adorable covered notepads in multiple designs. I might have to get one of these for myself, too!

Now as much as we assume our kids are paying attention to their teachers, I know when I was little I spent more time doodling than taking notes. How cute are these Doodle Notebooks with a fancy colorful felt accent? Any little girl would love one of these!

Stock up on your kid’s backpacks, lunchboxes, bag tags, notebooks and more at! To see our full collection of back to school supplies, click here.

Bumper-Free Crib Bedding from Skip Hop!

Confused by the bumper debate? Asking yourself should I use a bumper, should I not? At we want to allow you to make that choice, which is why we offer bedding sets with bumpers as well as sets without. The newest idea to come to the crib bedding industry that solves the problem of having bumper-less crib bedding that is boring or takes away from the nursery, is Skip Hop‘s new, patent-pending, Complete Sheet!

The Complete Sheet offers a stylish alternative to bumper-less crib bedding. It gives you all the aesthetic benefits of a bumper without the need for one.Β With bold graphics on the sides of each sheet, and a contrasting pattern on the top with linen piping, these sheets will look great in your crib as the centerpiece of your nursery, mimicking the look of a bumper but in the form of a sheet!

Skip Hop has carried their popular Mod Dot and Treetop Friends sets through to their Complete Sheet designs as well as introduced some bold new designs! Check out a few of the sets below.

Another great feature about these Complete Sheets, is that they are also sold separately from the sets. This way, you could grab several sheets and mix and match the designs as you wish! I don’t know about you, but I always love it when I can add a little variety without a huge cost!

Check out our video from the 2011 ABC Kids Expo and see the Complete Sheet for yourself!


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