Creative Kid's Rugs

Long gone are the days when a rug was just a single colored work of woven fabric to cover the floor. Today’s rugs offer unique ways to decorate your child’s bedroom and playroom with original shapes, interactive play and wonderfully personalized pieces that can change the look and feel of a whole room.

Interactive Rugs

When children are young, finding ways to engage their minds and develop their skills for social interaction is one of the most beneficial things parents can do. For the playroom, picking a rug that’s laid out with the images of a town or play house lets children use other toys in a new context! These unique kids play carpets feature textured, intricate, imaginative worlds and will entertain your child in his or her playroom for hours. Hot wheels, toy planes and small dolls can make their way around interactive rugs, stimulating your son or daughter’s appetite for learning and social experiences.

Fun Shapes and Textures

Wait a minute, rugs come in multiple shapes? Well kid’s rugs definitely do! From hearts and flowers, to surfboards and clouds, there are all sorts of fun shaped rugs to complete your theme and add some whimsy to your child’s room.

Textured rugs are also a great choice for children’s rooms. The Shaggy Raggy Rug is an all time favorite with its woven strips of jersey, cozy feel, and varied color options. The Shaggy Raggy Rug also comes in fun shapes – two birds, one stone!

Personalized Rugs

Wall letters and decals aren’t the only way you can personalize a room. Choose your rug color, size and even the font with a Monogrammed rug for a unique and preppy accent. You can choose either a single initial for your family name or a full monogram. Either way, this is a perfect option that will make your child’s room truly special.

No matter what style of rug you choose to decorate the nurseries, playrooms and bedrooms in your home, you’re sure to brighten up both your décor and your child’s love of their space! To see our full selection of kid’s rugs, click here or visit



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