How to Select Lighting for Any Room!

In my opinion, lighting is one of the most (if not the most) important aspects of designing a room. Proper lighting can perfectly accent all of the decor and details you thought long and hard about when decorating a space. Plus, there are some fabulous light fixtures that can add an unmistakable “wow” factor in a room! Here are some tips to consider when shopping for your next fixture.

Gabrielle-Dresser-wide1. Think about how the room will be used. Do your kids enjoy reading bedtime stories at night? Make sure to have a table lamp on the nightstand. Will your children be doing homework at his or her desk? Add a simple task lamp to the corner of the desk. Do you plan on checking in on the baby late at night? Place a little night light near the crib as to not disturb the little one with a harsh overhead light.

IMG_2187Gabrielle-corkboard2. Don’t forget about the number of bulbs and wattage needed to properly light the space! There are actual calculations professional interior designers use to come up with proper number of lumens needed in a room. If you are lighting your lovely master bedroom suite, a one-bulb overhead light probably isn’t going to cut it. Opt instead for a grand chandelier with six or so bulbs to add the perfect ambiance.Gabrielle-room-narrow-new3. Consider adding a dimmer to your light switches where appropriate. While traditionally used in dining rooms, a dimmer in a kid’s room is perfect for adjusting lighting during nap time or other activities. Being able to control the amount of light in a space can really come in handy.

Boy's RoomCar Theme4. Think of your light fixture as part of your decor! A pretty pink iron chandelier can really accent your little girl’s Parisian themed bedroom. And I can almost guarantee your little athlete would go crazy for a basketball-themed ceiling fan.

Susie Fougerousse_7Sebastien-1-newWhen you balance form and function, lighting will be the perfect finishing touch to your child’s nursery or bedroom. Do you have a favorite Rosenberry Rooms’ light fixture? We would love to see how you used lighting in your child’s room!

Top 10 Children's Lighting Trends

Choosing the lighting for your nursery or child’s room may seem like the last thing on your list but we think it’s one of the most important elements of the room. In addition to its main purpose, lighting can accent the rest of the room’s decor, make a bold statement, add color and even inspire your little one’s imagination. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite lighting options that includes everything from sleek and simple pendants to beaded chandeliers to colorful papier mache shades. Let us know which of our top 10 lighting options for kids’ rooms is your favorite in the comments below!

top 10 lights_blog

1. Thao Chevron Pendant 2. Lafitte Large Pendant in Mercury Glass 3. Carmen Beaded Chandelier 4. 5 Arm Glass Turret Chandelier with Pink Pearl Shades 5. Paulina Pendant 6. Gail Metal Sphere Pendant 7. Recycled Urchin Pendant 8. White Double Cylinder Pendant with Cobalt Trim 9. Polished Chrome Steel Chandelier with Hand Polished Crystals 10. Gabby Pendant 

When it comes to choosing lighting for your child’s room, don’t be afraid to take risks and go with something bold and unique. There are no rules or limitations when decorating children’s spaces, you can just have fun!

Choosing the Right Lighting

Talented lighting designer Charn Pennewaert of Charn & Company was nice enough to offer up some of her best tips for choosing the right lighting for your nursery or kid’s room. As you know, there are endless lighting options available so we thought getting some advice directly from a lighting designer would be a great resource for our readers when decorating their children’s rooms. Charn & Company‘s collection of lighting offers numerous styles of chandeliers, wall sconces, table lamps and more in coordinating colors and fabrics that are incredibly stylish and beautiful. Follow along with Charn’s suggestions and choose from her collection on, and you are sure to create a wonderfully well lit and stylish space for your child.

At Charn & Company, we believe that lighting can be both decorative and functional. When designing your nursery or child’s room, keep in mind that the lighting plays a very important role of your child’s sleep and play patterns. We suggest placing our small to medium sized lamps on your favorite dresser, across from the crib or sleeping area.  Our lamps which are always wired with 3 way bulb sockets  give you three levels of lighting so that you can use it as needed, little light when you just need to check in on the little one or at higher levels, you can change your child’s diaper with plenty of luminance.

For a flirty girlish look, we recommend our genie lamp or hood spindle lamps with a colorful decorative pattern. Light pinks, lavenders, and greens are popular coordinating colors.  For the boys, solids like chambrays, stripes, or plaids with coordinating trims on our blue, brown, or taupe colored bases add so much charm. As you would accent your crib bedding with contrast colors and patterns, you can definitely do the same with our lampshades. Picking up a colored gingham pattern on a bumper or bedskirt can also been done on a lampshade.

Our whimsical wall sconces are also great for adding some decorative lighting next to a mirror or a favorite picture collage. They are hardwired ready, so ask for your electrician to add a dimmer to the unit which is another great way to light up as needed.  White star sconces with blue stripes or mini floral prints on a white picket fence or moon sconce really can make your wall décor light up.

If you happen to have a comfortable glider or rocking chair, we definitely recommend our charming wooden floor lamps.  This is a great example of functionality and beauty combined.  Add a table top to any of our floor lamps, and you have an instant side table to set your bottle or nursery book. Our wooden floor lamps are topple proof, made sturdy with hand turned hardwoods and heavy bases (which is important as your little one starts to crawl around and get into things). We recommend our Catherine floor lamps with a scalloped base paired with our classic style shade in your favorite colors for the girls and our charming Baldwin floor lamp with a round base paired with a  drum or classic style shade. A clean white pique or chambray on a navy solid floor lamp is quite stylish.

As for the centerpiece lighting of the room, we just love our unique wooden armed chandeliers , adorned with your favorite fabric patterned shade. Antique finished in your favorite color, these distinctive chandeliers are designed to compliment your cottage or eclectic style. Our chandeliers are classic and are made to fit your child’s growing style. Just change out the shades and you have instant color and design.

For the modern baby, our stylish pendants are the way to go. Multi levels of design, from double drum to double square, our modern pendants take two 100 watts bulbs, providing plenty of lighting. (Keep in mind that adding the width and length of a room together will help determine the overall diameter of your hanging fixture. For example, a 15 x 15 room size should take a 30” diameter chandelier.)

Don’t forget the little details. A sweet nightlight will help your child sleep soundly. Providing your child with soft lighting can help them feel secure. Every nursery should have a nightlight to help parents check in on the little one without stumbling across the room.

Lastly, lighting is a very essential decorative item. Imagine how beautiful the room would be if all the colors could just light up. It’s quite magical how a lamp, wall sconce, or chandelier can make a difference. Our moods are affected by color so make your child’s lamp colorful, fun, and special.

How to Choose the Right Lighting for Kid's Rooms

With so many lighting options for nurseries and kid’s rooms today, it can get a little overwhelming trying to choose the best lighting style to fit your needs. While look is important to the design, it’s also essential to pay attention to brightness, location of the light (overhead or low level) as well as dimming options. For your nursery, it’s important to have the option to dim your lights for bedtime. If you don’t have this capability, a charming night light is also a great option. For kid’s rooms, specific task lighting is more important. For example, a retro desk lamp for study time.

Here are a few of my favorite lighting options for nurseries and kid’s rooms, all in various styles depending on your decorating preference.

Overhead lighting is important for really any room. In your nursery, a whimsical chandelier always creates a wow-worthy accent or for your kid’s room, try a modern pendant that is both fun and functional. If you are looking for something a little more simple, a sophisticated ceiling fixture with a flush mount is a great choice too.

I love this crystal chandelier, used in a celebrity nursery designed by Little Crown Interiors.

Selecting a few great lamps for the room is a way to complete a design and include added task lighting for study time or story time. Choose an authentic table lamp for your son’s desk or a feminine lamp for your daughter’s nightstand. A decorative floor lamp goes great next to your nursery glider for story time too!

Little Crown Interiors placed this chic floor lamp behind the glider in this girl’s nursery to bring some light to the corner of the room as well.

The often forgotten about lighting option is the wall sconce. Wall sconces are great for accent lighting and also a perfect way to highlight the artwork in a nursery or kid’s room. You can include single or multi-light scones, ones with shades or without, the possibilities are really endless!

The sconces to the left and right of the artwork in this boy’s nursery, also by Little Crown Interiors, really highlight the art and make it a focal point of the room.



Sale on Select Pendants by Charn & Company

On sale now, classic pendants by Charn & Company. A kids room needs a good overhead light to keep things well lit for playtime and homework. Charn & Company’s children’s chandeliers and pendants are practical and stylish! Popular pendants on sale include the Henry Double Drum Pendant Chandelier, the Cole Double Drum Pendant Chandelier which is featured in our High Seas Bedroom and the Sarah Double Drum Pendant Chandelier. To see all of our kids chandeliers and nursery lighting sale items visit our sale page on!

Gorgeous Lighting From Crystorama

There’s always something brewing at Rosenberry Rooms. Today it’s dynamic and exciting lighting from the renowned designer, Crystorama. A family-owned business since 1958, the company began as an importer of Bohemian crystal chandeliers. Today, this designer brings us some of the most elegant and artistic chandeliers and wall sconces to be found anywhere. I’ve always associated chandeliers with ballrooms and world-class hotels. How do these elaborate fixtures fit into nurseries and children’s bedrooms? Is it possible to incorporate lighting that’s dripping with crystals into the casual ambiance that defines most kids’ rooms today? Let’s find out.

In a girl’s nursery I start with a crib and then find a Crystorama chandelier to complement it. The Little Princess Convertible Crib catches my eye straightaway, and the room’s decor is perfectly suited to rich lighting. I like the Antique White Wrought Iron flush or semi-flush chandeliers, both with Rose Murano Crystals. Part of Crystorama’s Paris Flea Market Collection, they have a distressed finish like the crib.

One could easily add a pair of Antique Wrought Iron Wall Sconces with Rose Murano Crystals. Pink Mini-shades could be added to the sconces for a spicier look.

There’s no reason to assume that elaborate lighting would not work equally well in a casual and relaxed girl’s bedroom. Take the Spring Garden Metal Bed, for example. The Birch Wrought Iron Chandelier with Murano Crystals or the Blush Wrought Iron Lantern with Hand Polished Crystals would add equal amounts of charm in this pretty room, and the Blush Finish suits the color scheme perfectly.

Boys’ decor is more challenging. How does one incorporate an elaborate crystal chandelier into a manly cave? It’s not that difficult with the right bed! The Sports Iron Bed is rugged enough for an aspiring quarterback and the Birch Wrought Iron Large Mini Chandelier, even with crystals, is definitely not too much. A boy’s nursery is even easier. The sleek Cody Crib is sweetly balanced by the Venetian Bronze Wrought Iron Chandelier with Clear Murano Crystals.

Crystorama bath sconces are another matter. Soft and subtle, these low-profile lights are perfect for most kids’ bathrooms. Another laid-back option is a set of Blush Wrought Iron Sconces with Lalique Shades. These would be lovely in a coastal bedroom like the one featured in the Seaside Dreams Poster Bed photo.

My favorite piece in this collection is the Champagne Wrought Iron Table Lamp with Murano Crystals; it’s just about as splendid as they come. Is it too much for a kid’s bedroom? Not in an idyllic girl’s room that’s lucky enough to be graced by the Romance Ten Drawer Dresser!

I’ve learned that elaborate lighting is not just for ballrooms. If treated like the artwork it is, the impact of lavish lighting in kids’ rooms can be spectacular. Although crystals are delicate, chandeliers and wall sconces are safer than lamps that can tip, tumble, and break. Let imagination be your muse and get inspired with Crystorama. Rosenberry Rooms hopes you’ll have as much fun decorating as I just did!


How to Use Lighting Effectively

Moroccan Pink Pendant

One of the least expensive and most effective ways to either transform or heighten the look of your room is through making careful decisions about how you incorporate lighting into your home décor. Different kinds of rooms call for different types of lighting – for example, the soft, restful glow of a 60W bulb might be perfect for the bedroom or nursery, but in the bathroom you want a bright, clear view of yourself that makes daylight-level lights & lights with multiple options in terms of wattage desirable. Aside from the quality of the light itself, the appearance of a lighting fixture can have an effect on the style of the room.

Children’s rooms need several different types of lights in order to cater to each of a child’s different needs. During the daytime, you’re likely to want an overhead light – perhaps set into one of our ceiling fixtures, or combined with a ceiling fan. These lights offer great visibility from a single light source, while fans can help cut down on the cost of air conditioning a room in the summertime. In the evening, as you help coax your child to sleep, a floor or table lamp can help bring light – and energy – levels lower. Either of these can be decorated by a number of shades, which can be great money savers if you just need to redo a few old lamp bases.

Black Flounce Shade

Once your child is ready for bed, you can look to some of the adorable night lights available at Rosenberry Rooms, finding adorable designs like the Frog Friends Nightlight or a Jellybean Tree Nightlight. These cute, creative nightlights cast a warm and cheerful glow over your child’s room at night, chasing away nightmares and helping your child ease off into their nightly slumber.

On The Road Again Lamp

Children’s rooms aren’t the only ones that can be transformed through light! One of the most popular places for hanging ceiling fixtures is in the dining room, where children and adults alike can admire an ornate piece as it hangs above. Look for fun pieces like the Posey Teapot Five Arm Chandelier or the Cole Double Drum Pendant Chandelier if you’re looking to decorate a more public space in the house, while a child’s playroom can be dressed up with the Clouds Overhead Light Fixture, which also goes great in a newborn’s nursery.

Although it may seem like an afterthought, including a well-designed and carefully-chosen ceiling medallion in your plans when you add new light fixtures to your rooms can help make a bare bulb look like it’s been there forever. Call on our Floral Wreath Ceiling Medallion in White, the Pink Rose Jeweled Ceiling Medallion, the more traditional Large Lauderdale Ceiling Medallion in White and many other possible selections. Each ceiling medallion displays a subtle difference from the next, allowing you to customize and change this aspect of your room’s lighting and home décor!


Maura Daniel Lighting: Timeless & Gorgeous

When you walk into a room, the first thing you do is turn on the light – but have you really thought about how effective lighting can be in changing the mood of the home you and your family live in? Maura Daniel offers lighting solutions that are whimsical, formal, or practical, all while being well-designed.

lulu sconcepetit floral shadeYou can get creative with your lighting by choosing one of Rosenberry Rooms’ Maura Daniel wall sconces; the Lulu Single Sconce brings Victorian charm into a nursery or playroom, and is available in multiple colors. For a more ornate look, the Lulu Double Sconce combines two light sources in one charming wrought-iron-style design. Once you’ve picked the sconce for your room, you can move on to selecting its shade from among the Petite Queen and Petite Floral shade collections.

If you need to add light without adding wiring, table lamps offer a great opportunity to add to a room’s flare – and Maura Daniel offers a number of creative, classic, and stylish designs. Available in a range of heights – small, medium and tall – the Uma Crystal Lamp combines colored globes with a distinctive and inspiring lamp shades – the Uma Clear Crystal series even adds a cool, mod pattern to the shade! For a girl’s room or nursery, the Charlotte Lamp adds floral detailing to the shade, making this lamp one of the more ornate offerings from this timeless designer.Mars Chandelier

Sometimes, a room’s lighting fixtures are just too old and outdated to make us feel cozy, and when this is the case a Ceiling Pendant from Maura Daniel can help dress up the look of the room. The Classic Silver Crystal Pendant and Mars Pink Crystal Pendant are my personal favorites, but all the options are beautiful – and beautifully crafted.

Finally, if you’re looking for a dramatic way to make a statement with the lighting in your home, what better way to do it than to hang a Chandelier in a prominent area? Give your baby something beautiful to look at in the nursery or decorate a social area of your home, such as a foyer or sitting room, with one of the many gorgeous chandeliers like the Georgia in Butter, Mimi in Gold, Chloe in Pink and Eleanor in Antique White from this amazing designer. If you need a striking modern look instead of an ornate one, try the Mars Brushed Nickle Chandelier is the perfect option.

People tend to forget how much of an effect lighting can have on our experience of a room, so looking at changing the mood and feel of your home through a change in your lighting fixtures can be an effective (and comparatively inexpensive) way to redecorate. Whether you need a new lampshade or a new floor lamp, Maura Daniel lighting options from Rosenberry Rooms are some of the most fashionable and well-produced pieces available on the market today. Why not check them out and see what you might like to add to your home decorating plans?


Brighten Things Up With Decorative Kids Lighting

Vintage StripesLighting can make a huge difference in a child’s room. Lighting creates a background that shapes how we feel. Decorative lighting can make an artistic impression that’s as visually pleasing by day as by night. You can use lights to add color or to emphasize different areas of a room. Lighting designs can be chosen to reflect the interests of the child who lives there.

At Rosenberry Rooms, many lighting fixtures can be personalized, such as nightlights, to produce just the right look. There’s no end oLarge Glass Ballf possibilities when you can choose from chandeliers and other ceiling fixtures, table lamps, ceiling medallions, wall sconces, floor lamps, and nightlights. You’ll also find individual shades and bases, all in styles from ultra-modern to antique vintage for boys and girls of all ages.

Light up your little girl’s contemporary room with a cheery table lamp like the Vintage Stripes, or validate a young slugger’s passion for baseball with the New York Yankees Lamp. Girls rooms that are all about dazzle will welcome the addition of the Glass Ball Lamp. This upscale lamp lacks nothing when it comes to bling. The Pink Boot Lamp is a fanciful piece made specially for young cowgirls and well-suited to eclectic rooms.

If table space is limited, floor lamps can solve the problem. Trendy lamps like the Serendipity or the Lucinda will Sailboat Sconceinstill an enchanting spirit in girls rooms, while the Accentua can make state-of-the-art waves in contemporary boys rooms.

Wall sconces cast a soft glow, are safely out of reach for smaller children, and demand no table space. The Sailboat Sconce is an ideal accent for a boys room, but can you can personalize it with your choice of shade patterns to suit boys and girls alike. Girls will adore the Mocha Scroll Wall Sconce that overflows with Parisian grace.

Prop PlaneMake lighting extra-safe by adorning your child’s room with a chandelier, ceiling pendant, ceiling medallion, or overhead fixture. The Mimi Gold Chandelier will bring a soft and soothing blush to your daughter’s room and is pretty as can be. The Rabbits In Cream Chandelier will furnish more light and be sweet as sugar in the nursery. The Heritage Chandelier is another option for girls who love all things feminine, whereas the Prop Plane Chandelier in Satin Nickel can score high points with boys.

Transform nondescript overhead lighting with a ceiling fixture like the Sports Ceiling Light for boys or the Butterflies Overhead Light for girls. Pendants are another stylish overhead lighting option. The Stunning Marta Pah Pandain Foxy Pink is feminine, splashy, and contemporary, while the Constellation Pendant is a modern overhead lighting configuration that’s guaranteed to captivate young boys. Choose overhead lighting with a colorful ceiling fan like the Pink and Green Bloom Ceiling Fan and put stuffy rooms out of business.

Use a new lamp shade to recycle an existing base. Rosenberry Rooms has a variety of shades like the lush Lavender Floral Bouquet available as individual pieces.

Complete the scene with a nightlight in styles like the Pagoda Lavender or Pah Panda to maintain a comforting warmth throughout the dark of night.


Some Lighting Options for Kids

Complete the fashion look of your kid’s room with lighting fixture options from the Rosenberry Rooms website catalog. Here you will find wonderfully unique and special lighting fixtures to add fun to the kid’s room while setting a peaceful mood that only can be achieved with special lighting.Flying Fairy Nightlight

Options include ceiling lighting and fans, floor lamps, wall sconces, night lights, decorated shades and accessory items like fancy fan pulls. Lighting is very important to children who may be a little afraid of the dark. This is where a fanciful and pretty night light can really save Mom and Dad from some nightly bedtime reluctance on the part of the children.

The Rosenberry Rooms online catalog of decorative night lights contains well over one hundred different styles to match every décor. Designs include whimsical animals and floral representations along with favorite cars, trucks and undersea creatures. One lovely night light for girls is the Flying Fairy Nightlight by Oopsy Daisy that features hand painted designs on canvas by artist Jill McDonald as part of the Oopsy Daisy Fine Art for Kids collection.

Boys will dreams of becoming a fireman will enjoy the Oopsy Daisy Firetruck Nightlight from artist Max Grover. Each nightlight includes a 5 watt nightlight bulb. This nightlight is a custom creation just for you and your child.

Galactic Explorer Light FixtureWhimsy doesn’t stop with nightlights at Rosenberry Rooms. Browse through their large selection of decorative ceiling lighting for exciting decorating ideas. Any child would love having a Moonshine Glow in the Dark Overhead Light Fixture from Kidshine Lights. This one joins their other offerings including the Clouds Overhead Light Fixture and their Galactic Explorer Light Fixture for soothing nighttime comfort lighting in your kid’s room. These unique decorator globes have designs silk screened onto double thick glass that is then specially treated to create a rich and luxurious finish. These globes will fit a three bulb fixture and are 17 inches in diameter.

White Rabbit LampImagine the fun of having the Noah’s Ark Chandelier by Louise Antoinette Designs overhead light fixture installed in the nursery. All Rosenberry Rooms light fixtures meet high standards for safety at the manufacturer. These fixtures are custom created when you order.

Find a special spot to place the White Rabbit Hand Painted Table Lamp by Lee Karen Designs. This smart looking rabbit is a favorite for boys or girls rooms. There are traditional, classic and whimsical kid’s room table lamps galore on the website.

If you just need a cute new lamp shade this is the right place to look for dozens of ideas. Match any décor with the Rosenberry Rooms collections of lamp shades, wall sconces, accessory items and many unique lighting fixtures for kid’s rooms. Plan to spend some time web shopping and enjoy all the options available at your fingertips!


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