Dylan's Animal Kingdom Nursery

Brought to us by SISSY+MARLEY is a nursery that has a new spin on an animal-themed nursery. Dylan’s nursery features neutral colors like grey, brown, and tan but also has fun pops of bright orange to spice things up a bit! With all of his furry animal friends around, Dylan is sure to go wild over his nature-themed nursery.

photo copy

Dylan_018A-LowIt is easy to section off the room with so many angles built in! There’s a reading nook that is great for storage as well as this book shelf that is both fun and functional and pairs perfectly with the modern crib.


DylanThis bookshelf holds many treats for Dylan, including the zoo wooden shape sorter.

Dylan The subtle touches of the adorable stump stool/table and both the lion and cloud pillows help round out the nature/animal theme in the room.

photo copy 3Dylan will get an early start on reading and writing with all of the letters and books around his nursery!


The Giraffe Rain Wallpaper adds a subtle pattern throughout the entire room and is the perfect backdrop for this space.photo copy 2This space truly brings the outside world into this nursery. Being surrounded by giraffes, elephants, lions and owls is sure to spark Dylan’s imagination!


Interior Design: SISSY+MARLEY

Photography: Marco Ricca

Wallpaper: SISSY+MARLEY available at Rosenberry Rooms

Come See What's New to Rosenberry Rooms!

We have been busy, busy finding and adding the most sought after product lines for babies and kids to RosenberryRooms.com! We hope you are as thrilled as we are about the new additions! From new furniture, to rugs, to diaper bags, to decor, we have something new for every category you are looking for. So with that said, we invite you to come check out our new additions!

New in Furniture is the stunning modern collection from ducduc! This line is made in the USA, eco-friendly and offers the latest in modern children’s furniture with a punch of bright and cheery color. Here are just a few of my favorites but you will definitely want to check out all the pieces in this sleek and sophisticated line!

Your daughter’s bedroom will be transformed into a whimsical wonderland when you choose from our newest collection of girl’s bedding! Each piece combines unexpected colors, patterns and textures to create a one-of-a-kind look for the bedding in your girl’s bedroom. If you are looking to create a boho-chic look with fun and funky color and pattern combos, this is the line for you!

How amazing is that headboard?!

The last newest product line I want to feature is the latest and greatest in girl’s accessories. I don’t think I’ve seen it get much cuter than these adorable hand-made hair accessories ranging from whimsical headbands, eclectic mini top hats to vintage-inspired hairpieces and more!

Trust me, these are just a few of the amazingly adorable styles added to the site! To see the full line, click here.

To see all of our newest additions, visit RosenberryRooms.com or click here!


Argington Sahara Nursery Promotion

Now through March 1, 2001, if you buy a Sahara Crib in ebony and Changing Table in ebony by Argington you will get 2 dressers in ebony for just $100 (shipping and handling). So that’s 2 dressers originally $990 for only $100 added to your purchase of the crib and changing table! Argington provides environmentally healthy children’s furniture through sustainable design and manufacturing. Their designs are crafted to be timeless and can easily be passed from one child to the next!

To take advantage of this promotion, please call our customer service department at 919.803.4083 or toll free at 877.214.6875. You can also email us at customercare@rosenberryrooms.com. If you’re interested in seeing how to design a room around the Sahara Collection of Children’s Furniture by Argington check out our Wheels Motif Nursery which is part of our Rosenberry Rooms Designer Nurseries!

Meet Kelly Neal of Green Frog Art

Between gorgeous cradles, exquisite kids bedding and an extensive selection of kids art, Green Frog Art is an amazing resource for new and expecting parents.  Green Frog Art products boast a style, sophistication and elegance that not only define the brand, but also set an incredibly high standard in the baby and children’s furnishings industry.  I love the fact that Green Frog Art designs really can be used in any room in the house, and will blend seamlessly with other well-chosen pieces in a living room, family room, or guest room.   We are so excited to be featuring an interview with the incredibly smart and talented Kelly Neal, the owner and designer behind this inspiring brand.   Don’t forget to take a look at the entire Green Frog Art collection on RosenberryRooms.com!


Susie Fougerousse

How would you define the Green Frog Art style philosophy?

Green Frog Art’s style is very much inspired by current styles in adult furnishings.  Many of our products, including cradles, are used in rooms of the home other than the nursery so they need to coordinate with those spaces.

What inspired you to become a designer and start a business?

I have a very entrepreneurial family and therefore always wanted to own my own business.  I was attracted by the juvenile products industry because the late 90’s was a time of great change and opportunity.  As the business developed, I got more and more involved in the design side.  Today, I design most of the collection myself.

Why did you choose to design children’s products?

Children’s products are really fascinating from a design perspective because, if done right, there is a lot involved.  They must be both appealing to the parents and functional for the child.  The engineering is quite complicated because of all the safety standards and you always have to consider how families will use the products, which isn’t always in the most obvious way, and account for that in the design.  The combination of beauty, practicality and safety is really intriguing and challenging and I love that!

What is your favorite part of your daily work … when you reflect on the day, what is most rewarding?

The most rewarding part of my day is when I get to talk to a mom or dad who has purchased my products and loves them.

Do you have any advice for other working moms?

There is no magic answer to being a working mom.  You have to do what is right for you and your own family’s needs.  I’ve seen a variety of scenarios work.  For us, we are constantly readjusting as Ava’s (who is four) needs and schedule change.

If you had to pick a favorite design from your collection, what would it be?

I love the Old World collection and used it in my own nursery.  It is the perfect combination of traditional and elegant and the dresser is so pretty I was able to move it into another room when Ava outgrew it.  I love antiques and was able to mix some special pieces with this collection and blend several different types of wood for a unique look in her room.

What sets Green Frog Art apart from other children’s furniture, bedding and décor designers?

A number of things – first, our styling is very unique.  We aren’t afraid to use a variety of materials and techniques (carving, moulding, hand painting) in our designs that others shy away from.  Second, with my legal background I’m scrupulous about following the regulations and safety standards.  Many designers leave that to the production side and adjustments are made that ruin the designs.  I design everything with beauty and safety in mind so it comes together seamlessly.  Finally, our designs are conceived with the whole home and the whole family in mind and most pieces will last well beyond the baby phase.  We build really good furniture that will go the distance.

Do you have any news that you would like to share, perhaps about upcoming designs or introductions to your line?

We’re introducing a convertible cradle this spring.  It is an awesome piece and I’m so excited about it!  It is a cradle, either rocking or non-rocking, that can convert to a toy chest or love seat and then to a twin bed so it can truly last forever.   It is called the Now & Forever convertible cradle.  Parents love cradles and they really are the best and safest place for a newborn to sleep, but many parents don’t want to invest in a cradle since it is perceived as a short-term piece.  This item allows parents all the benefits of a cradle along with a functional piece of furniture they can use throughout the various stages of the child’s life.  It is one of the most innovative things I’ve ever designed.

Now…Just for Fun

Favorite Food: Chocolate covered popcorn from Peterbrook, a local chocolate company

Favorite TV Show: American Idol

Favorite Movie: To Catch a Thief with Grace Kelly and Cary Grant – I love old movies

Favorite Weekend Activity: Playing with Ava and my two dogs, Mimi and Lucy

Favorite Band: I’m not a very musical person and my taste is quite eclectic.  Ava has been recently introduced to the Beatles and we listen to that in the car and sing at the top of our lungs!

Tips for Online Shopping During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is here which means the weather outside is frightful and the malls may not be so delightful. Shopping during the holidays with kids in tow was once an unavoidable task. Now shoppers are trading their time in the checkout line for time at home with their families by shopping online. To help with the process, we came up with these tips to help point you in the right direction when it comes to shopping online for kids during the holiday season.

  1. What are the best gifts to buy online for kids? Look for products that are small and quick to ship. First, anything personalized will make a great gift for a newborn. For example, personalized Christmas ornaments are a great way to commemorate baby’s first Christmas. Growth charts are also a great gift option for both parent and child. Oopsy Daisy’s growth charts make tracking your child’s growth a fun activity to be enjoyed throughout the year, not to mention the vibrant prints are sure to delight your child. Consider adding a matching wall decal or nightlight which will be low cost and easy to ship. Finally, you can never go wrong with a stuffed toy, like the Violet Doll by BlaBla. Bold colors and whimsical designs make these toys the perfect playmate for any child.
  2. Make sure you review shipping times and product availability before making your purchase. When ordering online, it is important to order large items like custom furniture, at least two months in advance. Smaller items, such as wall art or ornaments are easier to ship, and may be ordered up to two weeks in advance though it depends on the individual seller. A huge benefit to shopping online is the ability to comparison shop. Obviously price is important to compare but don’t forget to compare product availability and shipping times. At Rosenberry Rooms we want to make the holiday season as stress-free as possible. To do this we’ve taken the time to list the availability and approximate shipping times on each of our products’ pages.
  3. Call customer service. After you have researched the products you are interested in call customer service to confirm the availability of those products. Contacting customer service before making a purchase is a great way to avoid shipping-time anxiety or back-order headaches.
  4. Ask about sales and promotions. If a site does not say free shipping it doesn’t hurt to call and ask. Sometimes companies will give discounts to customers who place their orders over the phone, so definitely call. Also social media sites such as Facebook are a great place to find holiday promotions and discounts.

We hope your holiday shopping experience is a good one!

Rosenberry Rooms Launches Interior Designer Network

Online Retailer of Children’s Furniture Opens Design Center in Raleigh, NC

Raleigh, NC: Rosenberry Rooms, an online retailer for children’s furniture and gifts, hosted a party in January to introduce local interior designers to their new store and design center and launch their Interior Designer Network program. The Interior Designer Network is a professional network of interior designers who promote the design of unique and sophisticated family spaces.

The program promotes Rosenberry Rooms as a design resource and gives designers the ability to create spaces utilizing the company’s products. Designers are welcome to use the new design center to meet with clients, to browse the website, review samples and swatches, and utilize the company’s extensive list of suppliers. For more information about the Interior Designer Network call 919-803-4038.

“We are excited to launch the new program. The response from local designers interested in partnering with us has been enormous. We look forward to the partnerships and creating the perfect nursery or bedroom for parents and children in our area,” stated Susie Fougerousse, owner and president of Rosenberry Rooms.

Rosenberry Rooms has enjoyed great success as an online store, helping parents across the country design the perfect space for their children. The opening of the brick and mortar design center and launch of the Interior Designer Network are ways to better serve their local customers. The design center is the perfect place to meet one-on-one with an interior designer.

About Rosenberry Rooms, LLC:
Rosenberry Rooms, LLC is a leading online retailer for children’s high-end furniture, décor and baby gifts. The company offers a large assortment of children’s products for nurseries, children’s bedrooms and playrooms. For more information about Rosenberry Rooms, visit www.rosenberryrooms.com. To receive design services from the interior design team, stop by the Rosenberry Rooms store and design center at 709 Hillsborough Street in Raleigh, NC, or call at 919-803-4083 to schedule an appointment.

Custom Wood Furniture: Relics

In the world of quick and easy which we live in, many of us can get discouraged and disheartened with the overall lack of quality we find in the things we buy. I think this is true especially of large purchases like furniture. Let’s be honest, furniture is not cheap, even if you get a lower end brand, you are still going to be dropping a significant amount of money. The sad part is that it will probably fall apart in a couple of years (if you are lucky). So, we continue to take our money and metaphorically burn it left and right, but we have no other choice, right? I mean, our kids need a bed to sleep in, desk to study at, night stand to keep their things on. Don’t they? Of course they do, but that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice quality or break our bank accounts, either. We just need to know what to look for and where to find it. First of all, know that mass-manufactured furniture is the most common. Chances are, almost every piece of furniture you own or have looked at would fall into this category. Now, there is nothing wrong with buying this type of furniture, however you must realize this will not hold up like the furniture of old…the kind that is probably in your parents or grandparents home…the type of furniture that was made piece by piece and put together one at a time with custom fabrics, at the corner furniture shop that everyone in your neighborhood knew and trusted. Those pieces were made with pride and passion, and there was a certain level of quality that was unspoken but understood. Then we turned into a fast and cheap kind of people. What can we get tomorrow, or better yet, today? It is not common for our generation to be willing to wait a few weeks, let alone months for a piece of furniture. That is ridiculous at best. But the truth is, that these fast and cheap furniture pieces are often made and shipped from another country, where it is just one of thousands, with no personal attention or care given to any part of the building process.

Because of this, I have a special love for a great custom wood furniture company named Relics. Each piece of their furniture is bench made, meaning very simply, that it goes back to how quality furniture was made many years ago. Think of a wood pile slowly being carved, finished, painted and fitted together to create a bed, bookshelf or night stand. That is Relics. They can customize the size of any of their pieces, because they are making them literally from scratch. They have plenty of colors for you to choose from, and will even do any Benjamin Moore paint color for a small price. Talk about custom made furniture, I don’t think it gets any better than that. I think that Relics truly is a company dedicated to creating quality furniture that you love. The owner is involved in the entire process and oversees everything first-hand to be sure that it meets his own personal standards. Each piece of furniture goes through a multiple point check process to make sure nothing has been overlooked. Quality with great style is something worth spending your money on, especially with children’s furniture. You know a solid wood piece of furniture will last the wear and tear you and your kids will put it through. Now, let’s look at a few of their furniture pieces (my favorites, of course!) so that you can decide for yourself how great each piece is!

Lily Rae Bed – The appeal fo this bed for me is that it is simple but feminine, giving parents incredible versatility. If you have a girl who loves frills and ornate things, or one that likes modern, sleek lines – this bed (and bedroom set) will work for every design style.


Beadboard Bookcase – This is one of their most common pieces because it has a universal appeal and fits in with other styles of furniture. Beadboard is classic and looks great especially in a little boy’s room.


Spindle Armoire – Just look at the detailing in this piece…fantastic! I love how they have taken a basic piece of furniture and added so much visual appeal with the spindle detailing and the cut out door.


Wonderland Bed – Every time I see this bed, I feel like I have just jumped into a storybook, which is what makes this such a fun piece for a little girl or boys room. This bed has amazing charm and appeal…cant you just imagine how fun this piece would be for your child?


Be sure to check out the entire Relics line here, and remember, each of these pieces is completely customizable making them the perfect fit for your home! Happy Shopping!

Adriana M Dehring

A Black and White Room

Sometimes keeping it simple and I mean really simple has the most dramatic effect. A great example of this would be in a black and white themed nursery. The combination of black and white makes us think of formal things – weddings, cocktail parties, the opera – any event that would make your husband shine his shoes before going! Some may think this is too heavy looking, or stuffy for a nursery, but I beg to differ. It is elegant, charming, and sophisticated, making it the perfect combination for your baby’s first room.
The details of how you pull it all together are completely up to you. You may prefer a black area rug instead of white because you have older children and just know there will be spills and stains. But if this is your first baby, you probably are not as worried about that, and a white shag rug will do just fine. I have seen the furniture and bedding both ways: white furniture with mostly black bedding and black furniture with mostly white bedding and either way, it looks great. I think any way you plan it out, the nursery will look excellent, just be sure to keep everything black and white. Don’t fall into the common trap of thinking it needs just a little splash of color – it doesn’t! Also, don’t go with black and cream or black and linen – it really will not look the same. Now, for the wall colors, I think it is okay to have a slight hue in there for a girl – maybe the palest pink or lavender if you really want to, but even a pale shade of grey for both a boy and girl will look stunning. Now on to some great black and white products that you can find on Rosenberry Rooms…

Lizzie Crib Linens by Little Bunny Blue – I just love this set because it is so crisp and has such great details, like the pleating on the crib skirt and the black buttons and trim. This is sophisticated but still youthful with the choice of tiny white and black dot fabric throughout. Notice also how they have a pale pink on the walls…it does not take away from the bedding and furniture at all.


Aladin Lamp by Maura Daniel – This lamp is a great modern piece that really catches your eye. Their use of different shapes and patterns throughout, really come together in an energizing way.

Central Park Wall Letters – Toile can mix and match with so many other styles of décor and looks especially wonderful in a nursery. These wall letters can also make the transition from nursery to the big kid room even if you change from a black and white theme, making them a great choice for personalized wall décor.

Classic Rock Adult Glider by Jennifer DeLonge – Every parent should have a comfy glider in the nursery for the many hours of holding, feeding, soothing, and reading to baby. For the modern parent, this Classic Rock Glider is perfect. The two-tone look makes it interesting and the black and white combination it is so hip. This is another piece that can move out of the nursery when you transition to the big kid room, except it can actually go to any other room in your house!

Choosing to decorate in a black and white theme for the nursery will result in a sophisticated and stunning place to welcome baby home. Be sure to check out the other black and white pieces Rosenberry Rooms has so that you can get inspired to create a dream nursery for your little one! Happy Decorating!

Adriana M Dehring

Baby’s First Bed – Moses Baskets, Cradles and Bassinets

I wanted to highlight some of the options parents have for adorable Moses baskets, cradles, and bassinets, since these are the first things that will greet baby home from the hospital. Not everyone I know opts for these “first beds” but there are definite advantages to each of them, which I want to highlight.

Moses baskets are amazing because of their portability and how they keep baby snug and comfy wherever you are. You can safely sleep baby in a Moses basket until about 15 lbs which is a decent amount of time to justify the purchase. They are one of the best transitions for baby because they feel secure and safe, and they are great for mom because they move from bedroom to living room to basement with ease. Obviously you shouldn’t do things like carry baby in the Moses basket, set it on the edge of a bed, etc…but other than those obvious safety issues, a Moses basket is a wonderful first bed and great gift option for any new parent. Look at this adorable Etoile Green Moses Basket by Hoohobbers, perfect for either baby boy or girl – you get a duvet style washable bumper, pillow sham-like sheet, basket pad and blanket. Plus, you have the option to personalize it and purchase a matching doll basket!


Another option to greet baby home is a cradle, which always makes me think of life a couple of generations ago. Can’t you just picture your grandmother or great-grandmother knitting and gently rocking baby in a cradle with her foot? There is something very nostalgic for me about cradles, but that doesn’t mean they do not have a place for modern day parents. Cradles usually take a baby through to around 25 lbs, which makes them the perfect partner to a Moses basket. Again, one of the benefits is that they are still small enough to make baby feel safe and cozy, but they also are a great space saver. If you plan on having baby in your room initially, a crib often is large and takes up too much room for the temporary placement, so opting for a cradle is much more convenient for mom and dad. You don’t have to rearrange your entire room and almost as portable as a Moses basket. I love this greenEarth Sleigh Cradle by Green Frog Art – it is sleek and classy and completely Earth-friendly!


Lastly, I will mention bassinets which are basically a cross between a Moses Basket and a cradle. While cradles are built like mini cribs, bassinets are usually completely closed in and many actually are built with wheels, making them very easy to move from room to room. One of my favorite bassinets is the Cortina Bassinet set which looks so plush a cozy, I am sure any baby would sleep wonderfully.


Check out the Moses Baskets, Cradles, and Bassinet that Rosenberry Rooms offers. You will find traditional and modern styles and everything in the middle – guaranteeing that you will find the perfect first bed for baby.

Adriana Dehring

Easy Tips for Choosing the Right Crib

venetian-crib2I don’t think I can stress how important the crib purchase is for both baby and parents alike. Obviously it will be baby’s first “official” bed (I exclude cradles and Moses baskets bc they are so temporary), however it also will be one of the few pieces of furniture that mom and dad will have to utilize every day for many months and probably years. So, not only should it be sturdy and get an “A+” in the area of safety standards, it should also be the right fit for the parents who are purchasing it. Here are a couple of things to think about (if you haven’t already) that will hopefully make it easier for you to make this first and all-important decision.

1. Consult Your Wallet First
We all want to imagine that when we start prepping for baby, we will not have any restrictions and only the best will do. And, to an extent all these things are all true however, let’s also be honest. The crib is just one part of what you need to purchase for baby, so a practical look at the big picture will help you set a realistic and feasible price point…just be sure to stick to it. I would say that cribs fall into these three price ranges:  under 500.00; 500-900.00; 900.00 and up.

hampton-pointe-marimba-espresso12. Focus on Quality
I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for, however I don’t think you have to spend a grand on a crib in order to get a quality piece of furniture  (hey, if you can and you want to, then go for it!) Use your good judgment to see if it has the features of quality furniture (the same standards you would use for the rest of your home). If you don’t trust your judgment, then look at a few cribs that fall in the middle price range that I gave (500.00-900.00) and see what structural features they have – then compare to ones you may have on your list and see how they add up.

3. Realize Your Options
The first and obvious option you have is a choice between wood, iron, or combination wood and metal crib. Beyond that, there are a couple of other great options that you may not be aware of, like choosing a convertible (also called lifetime or built to grow) cribs which are basically an all-in-one…first a crib, then a toddler bed, then a twin or full bed. You can also decide to really break with tradition and purchase a round or oval crib instead of the typical rectangular.

4. Forget Trekking All Over Town
manhattan-crib1Before you start running all over town especially since you probably already have a large belly, stop to think how much easier it would be to do your preliminary shopping online. You can get a feel for what is out there, and even email different merchants to get more product details all from the comfort of your couch! Then once you have all of the information, you can decide which crib fits your specific needs. Just remember to ask any questions you may have – it is the job of online retailers to have a vast knowledge of their products, so you might as well tap into that and make a well-informed decision.

All that being said, be sure to have fun and enjoy the experience! Too many things can get stressful during the preparations for baby, so I hope these little “tips” will make this one aspect just a little bit easier!

Adriana Dehring

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