Happy Father's Day!

What melts a mother’s heart faster than a man with his child? There are not too many things that make our hearts melt! This Father’s Day we wanted to share some adorable images of dads and their children from April Marie Photography! While you get ready to celebrate a day dedicated to dad, take a look at these oh-so-sweet snaps!

AprilMariePhoto01AprilMariePhoto02AprilMariePhoto03AprilMariePhoto04AprilMariePhoto05 AprilMariePhoto06 AprilMariePhoto07 AprilMariePhoto08 AprilMariePhoto09 AprilMariePhoto10The photos below are of April’s husband, Shawn, and their daughter Marlowe. Here are a few sweet words from April about Shawn and his new role as Marlowe’s dad!

AprilMariePhoto11“Shawn stepped into the world of Fatherhood with exceptional grace and selflessness. He was prepared to clean nasty diapers (the very first one was the worst, so he says!), give baths to, play with and cherish our daughter right from the start. He enjoyed being involved every step of the way. As cliche as it may sound, I’m going to say it anyway: I cannot imagine life without Shawn around to love on our daughter, side-by-side, with me. He is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom and I look to him for guidance when life-changes happen with Marlowe.

Even though he’s only been a dad for 11 months, Shawn has proven time and time again that he is, in my eyes, the world’s best dad. I appreciate my husband, the father of our precious daughter, more than words can say.”


Do you have photos of your favorite dad? Share them with us!

Meet the Talent Behind Eclectica Kiddo!

A little bit vintage, a little bit abstract and a whole lot of fun! Eclectica Kiddo believes art can create a positive, creative and inspirational space for your child. They offer a collection of fine art and unique designs by talented artists from all around the world. If you are looking for art just for kids that will transform their room into a modern, magical and fun space you have found it! Meet the ladies who make this magical collection a reality!

Name: Laura Liatis (& Emily Mann)
Business: Eclectica Kiddo
cofounders-emily-mann-and-laura-liatisHow would you define the style philosophy and style of your work?
Eclectica Kiddo is really all about presenting modern and imaginative artwork of the highest quality, designed especially for children. We believe in good design for everyone, and we have a strong conviction that beautiful spaces inspire creative thinking.

Why did you choose to create children’s art?
Emily and I spent many years working in fine art consulting, which we both loved, before starting our own families. But when we had our own kiddos, we both decided we needed to take a break from the non-stop travel and long hours and do something that would work better for our families. Also, we very quickly realized that we could not find the quality of artwork that we wanted for our own kids’ spaces, and that was really frustrating for two gals who had always loved art so much! There are so many gorgeous and finely crafted cribs and dressers available now, but it seemed like there was a hole in the market for some amazing, high quality artwork for kids. Emily is a very creative person and talented artist in her own right, and I have a long background in dealing with the business side of art and am obsessed with quality control, so we decided to pool our skills and challenge some of the talented contemporary artists that we knew in order to see what they could create especially for children’s spaces — and the results blew us away!
cribWhat is your favorite part of your daily work when you reflect on the day, what is most rewarding?
It is truly such a pleasure to work with images and artists that we believe in so strongly. There are few things more rewarding than searching for and finding the perfect artist and imagery. I am not an artist myself, so the entire creative process always completely and totally amazes me, and it is fun for me to watch ideas unfold and see the work in progress sketches evolve into the final image.

It has also been very interesting for us to see which images in the line people are responding to best and how they are using them in their design. Between Emily and I, we have four kids preschool-aged and under, so we have a totally amazing in-house test audience to interact with who will always tell us exactly what they think about our new ideas and imagery! (Honest Toddler, anyone?) We are looking forward to continuing to find new artists and to produce fresh imagery which will appeal to design-minded parents.
What sets your products apart from others in your industry?
The most unique part of Eclectica Kiddo’s products is the amazing, inspiring imagery. We love that many of the artists that we work with had never created artwork specifically for children before, so the imagery they created is distinctive and playful, but also sophisticated and multi-faceted.

Also, we are completely fanatic about quality. We only work with the most talented artists, craftsmen, and framers in order to produce products which we are very proud to carry. By having both wonderful imagery and very high standards for quality, I think we can offer artwork which can be enjoyed and loved for many years – beyond the nursery and the playroom years.

And, although our artists may come from around the globe, we are deeply committed to creating all of our products by hand here in the USA. I think this is something a lot of our customers appreciate as well.
Do you have any news that you would like to share, perhaps about upcoming designs or introductions to your line?
Yes!  There are lots of exciting things in the works here at Eclectica Kiddo.

We are working with some of our current artists as well as with a few new artists to collaborate and see what inspires them next as we will be adding fresh new imagery to the line about twice a year. We also will soon be releasing a series of adorable small works on panel which can be hung as a grouping or in a gallery wall.

And there are lots more ideas floating around EK headquarters about new products, special art events for kids we will be hosting with our retailers, and lots more, so please keep your ears open to see what comes up next!

What is the inspiration behind the ‘Sweet & Modern’ design inspiration board? What style/mood does the artwork give?
“Morning on the Lake” and “Under the Lanterns” by Kelsey Garrity Riley are just such wonderful images and a couple of our very favorites. She has an incredible talent and is so unique in that her artwork combines a charming, vintage flair while still being a bit quirky and fun. And it is so compatible with contemporary design, so it is perfect for the style of artwork at Eclectica Kiddo.
Rosenberry-Rooms-KGRWe thought these pieces would be wonderful in a nursery, especially a nursery for a lucky little girl. These images are so very feminine and sweet without being overly traditionally pink or girly. They are images which will inspire a child to imagine a whole wonderful fairy tale with these fanciful scenes — every time I look at them I see some new, sweet detail. But I don’t think they are strictly nursery art; they are elegant enough to be treasured for many, many years and move into an older child’s room. Actually, I have these pieces hanging in my personal office because I find them so delightful. They are framed in a gorgeous natural maple veneer frame which blends well with the natural woods which we are quite popular now in nursery design. We selected a variety of products by amazing companies like BlaBla, Ouef, and Ferm Living that produce distinctive, high quality children’s décor, with which we are proud to be associated. I love the combination of different textures – the juxtaposition of tones gives this nursery a more sophisticated look which will allow it to grow with the child for many years.

If your a mom who loves a new take on traditional styles then you have found a perfect match with Eclectica Kiddo. The sweet characters and playful scenes shown throughout the collection are sure to be loved by your child and you!

Get to know Joanne Laipson of Checkerboard!

JoanneCheckerboard brings you an extensive collection of personalized home accessories allowing you to create custom, one of a kind art and decor. Featuring high quality and modern designs, this collection has everything from nursery art to personalized placemats. Family owned and founded in 1989, Checkerboard has been providing families with personalized home decor for over two decades. With such an amazing standard of quality in their products we couldn’t wait to introduce you on a more personal level. Everyone, meet Joanne Laipson, Vice President of Checkerboard!

Name: Joanne Laipson
Business: Checkerboard Lifestyle

How would you define the style philosophy of your work?
Checkerboard has been known for three generations as a leading fine stationery manufacturer. Our fine personalized invitations and announcements have helped people celebrate life’s major events in a unique way for years. Checkerboard’s reputation for personalized and customized products beyond stationery is the premise behind our newest offering, Checkerboard Lifestyle. We understand extraordinary design and personalization and have created “made-to-order” lifestyle, gift and home décor objects of refined beauty.
CheckerboardWhy did you choose to create children’s art as well as home decor?
We’ve been well known for our birth announcements and children’s birthday party invitations for years and for this reason, we feel we have a unique understanding of what parents want from a design perspective to celebrate their child. Moving into décor with our designs for kids is a natural evolution.

What is your favorite part of your daily work when you reflect on the day, what is most rewarding?
We’re incredibly lucky to be in the business of happiness. Whether our products are purchased for one’s own use or as a gift, we continually hear that our products surprise and delight. What a fun thing to be able to do everyday!
PillowsWhat sets your products apart from others in your industry?
Well, we think are design aesthetic is pretty special. We’re on trend but not too trendy. Our products can live happily in your home for years, not just one season. And, Rosenberry Rooms offers a great selection of our personalized products. There is nothing that puts a smile on a child’s face (or a Mom’s face, for that matter) than something personalized just for them. And at a reasonable price!

If you had to pick a favorite piece from your collection, what would it be?
Boy, one is not easy to do. Let me give you a few for different purposes. For a gift for a newborn, I love the Baby Banner throw pillow (and the Baby Bunting wall décor). Totally fun, great colors, simple and clean aesthetic.
ArtMy father collects anything that is ‘Elephant’ so a gift of our wall art item for him was a big hit. Our Zoo wall art collection showcases all different type of zoo animals from crocodiles to zebras. And, for each animal, their unique attributes are highlighted. For example, did you know that elephants have a way of using their ears to regulate their body temperature? I’d put a piece from the Zoo Collection on my wall just because it looks good but other folks might buy it as a learning tool (plus it looks good)!
crikeyFinally, I have our Urban Chic placemats at my home and I use them for dinner parties. My guests love them and of course, the personalization knocks socks off!
PlacematsDo you have any news that you would like to share, perhaps about upcoming designs or introductions to your line?
We have some new designs particularly for kids and babies coming soon. Emily of Rosenberry Rooms gave us feedback on many of these designs while they were in planning stage. We look forward to launching them soon on Rosenberry Rooms!

Now Just for Fun:
Favorite Food:
Probably the better question is what food don’t I like? We really love to entertain and I try to prepare something I’ve never tried before at every dinner party. It’s called living dangerously. You never know what might happen but I’ve had surprisinglyfew disasters. But the few I’ve had have been pretty spectacular disasters – fortunately with good friends!

Favorite TV Show: This week it is House of Cards. Ask me again next week.

Favorite Movie: I loved Hugo. Great story and equally beautifully filmed.

Favorite Weekend Activity: I’m a hiker. I take my little Border Terrier and head for the hills.

Favorite Band: Well, I suspect I will disappoint here. I think I was born in the wrong era. I’m not a current music buff. Give me a little Frank Sinatra or Etta James and I’m happy.

Kids Wall Art: Renditions by Reesa

Are you beginning to decorate your expected bundle of joy’s nursery or just looking to give your child’s bedroom a makeover? Look no further than the sweet pieces from Renditions by Reesa. All of the pieces are hand-painted reproductions from Reesa Qualia’s original art and are the perfect addition for any theme!

One of the biggest trends in nursery design is gray and yellow. The combination is both soft yet modern and is great for a gender neutral room! The Gray and Yellow Imagination Squares Canvas Wall Art pair geometric shapes with a monogram to create an eye-catching focal point. Reesa pairs some of our favorite furry friends with a chevron stripe if you are looking for something that is a more on the traditional side. The Chevron Elephant and Chevron Lion print can find a cozy place in your modern nature-themed nursery!


Your little girl is a princess and deserves to be treated like one! Display her inititals in a scroll-like wall hanging! These adorable Shabby Rose Hand Painted Wall Hangings come in a variety of colors and look great above her crib or changing table!


What do boys love? Sports of course! These timeless baseball prints give your sports themed nursery a vintage feel, but what is even better is that they are personalized!


Not all of Reesa’s designs are strictly traditional! Check out these super trendy Chalkboard Birth Announcements, a traditional idea with a modern twist!


With so many options to choose from Renditions by Reesa is sure to have something for you. Some pieces have a touch of nostalgia featuring vintage cars and airplanes. Other compositions are quite modern, and there’s much to enjoy in between. Playful animals, space exploration, boys’ sports, fairy tales, butterflies, flowers and princesses all make a delightful appearance. Regardless of the theme, one thing is certain: This collection is strictly for kids.


Meet Shell Dransart of Wildflower Studio Photography

Company Name: Wildflower Studio Photography
Name: Shell Dransart
Occupation: Photographer

Kirk Collage1What inspired you to be a photographer?

There are a few main things that have always made me want to pull out my camera- natures beauty, my imagination needing to express itself, trying to express the emotions I feel in images, and capturing the essence of people/animals. I have always loved to create in some form- my mom will tell you that – she said it was like oxygen to me. Even from a young age I have always loved taking photos. I remember my first camera I got as a gift as a little one. I loved the feeling of capturing the world through my eyes, my own perspective and also experimenting with different angles, etc.  As I grew older what really got me inspired is my appreciation for nature’s beauty and also my love of travel and my fascination with different cultures around the world. Then, once I had kids I found a new love for photography- portraits of my kids and capturing their raw sweetness and funny little expressions and just documenting them as who they are. Also, once I had kids, photography was the most accessible and practical type of a creative outlet for me, the paints, writing, crotchet and other projects took the backburner, but photography became my main source of creative expression.

DSC_9622What is your favorite part of your daily work … when you reflect on the day, what is most rewarding?

Hands down, when my clients light up when they see their images (or even cry tears of joy) and tell me I saw who they really are, or who their child really is, etc. and that I was able to capture it in a personal artwork for them to cherish forever. I feel so blessed I am able to make so many people happy and help families see their own love in photographs, and it’s a job that brings me so much joy. To know I am able to make so many people feel beautiful inside and out and capture love and memories is pretty amazing.

Receiving all of the wonderful emails and notes and texts and calls make me know I am doing what I was meant to do. That is all so rewarding.

SideBySide2Do you have any advice for other working moms?

I think it’s really important to carve out a little time each day just for you. It doesn’t matter if it’s 10 minutes or an hour. Do something that brings you simplicity & allows you some peace of mind, or joy. For me, I know my magic recipe is going on a walk or jog outside- even if it’s freezing cold- its like medicine for me. I need a little time to breathe fresh air, get my body moving and get some daydreaming in. This is when my most creative ideas come to me as well. You need to find your simple recipe and take time at least once a day to do something that brings you peace or joy.

MarMini-5202-3 72What is your most memorable photo session?

I put my heart and soul into each & every photo session I do, and I am not just saying that. I am passionate when planning each and every session I do.  I have so many that come to mind, but the one I was touched very deeply by was one I did for a dear family a few years ago who had just lost their husband/ father to a tragic accident. They hadn’t had photos taken since their loss, and I wanted with my whole heart to just be there for them and capture the love and beauty between that sweet mom and her 2 little ones. The shoot ended up being very simple, but what was so memorable is that when I was going through the images I fell in love of this one of their faces- all of their 3 heads together with mom in the middle of her 2 children. What struck me was that there in that very image was their dad, her husband- right there in the photo! How had I not seen in in the session? It was totally unplanned. There on here necklace- center stage of that photo-was his wedding band. He was indeed in their family photo after all. It’s a family photo I will never forget.

MayMini11-9898 72If you could photograph anyone in the world, who would it be?

Rather than say some famous person who gets photos taken all of the time, more than anything I would LOVE to one day photograph children and families all around the world. I would love to make a book of their beauty and exhibit love around the world. Kids are probably the hardest subjects to photograph because they tell it like it is. They don’t fake it. They are so challenging, but I can’t stop being inspired by the wonder and innocence and imagination of children. Kids are so unpredictable in their moods, so it can be a tough challenge, and requires a lot of patience, but children are so rewarding to me. I love seeing the purity in a child’s expression or emotion and sense of wonder. I would love to travel and photograph children from all over in their happy place, or in their play or daily life.

2013-11-07_0001 72What thing/place/event were you most recently inspired by?

The incredible colors of autumn in New England and New York. I am from Southern California, so moving to a place with 4 seasons is quite a change for me! I love experiencing the changing seasons. Fall has always been a favorite of mine, and now its just spectacular here in New England with the colorful fall foliage. Now that colder weather is on the way, I am inspired to take some more snowy images, as well as more documentary photography indoors of my kids just being kids in our cozy home.

DSC_8886 2 72

Malone-4307 2 72

Where is your favorite place you have traveled to?

This is such a hard question for me to answer! I Love Travel, and I have a hard time picking favorites. I am one of those people that tries not to repeat a trip, but Italy is irresistible. I also really love many of Indonesia’s islands and cultures.


Where in the world are you dying to go next?

Oh boy, are you sure you want to ask me this? I am all over the place when it comes to this question! Before becoming a mom, the answer would be some crazy far off land, but now my answer is anywhere with my family- I did a lot of international travel and not much of North America before now and now that seems to be my main focus.. Now I have dreams of traveling around the US in a VW bus with my little clan: my hubby, 2 boys and our dog, lol! J but aside from that crazy idea, I tend to be drawn to places that promote and support the local musicians and artists. We just went to New Orleans in May, Montreal and Quebec City in August and it was so amazing to see places that are so supportive of the arts and music. I want to continue to travel to more places like that. I would LOVE to go back to Europe with my kids. I can’t wait to take my kids with me to more places and have them experience the art, food and culture. Also, I’d like to show them the Swiss Alps. I lived with a sweet family there before I was married and had my own family. It’s such an incredibly breathtaking place. My hubby is an avid surfer, and it’s his turn to pick our next destination. It would be fun to see a new part of South America.

DSC_8775-4cr1 72What is your favorite Rosenberry Rooms product(s)?

The Ava Dolls are adorable and I love products that inspire creativity and imagination- I think they would do just that. Also, I am really digging the eco-friendly stuff you have as well!

2013-11-15_0003 72Do you have any news that you would like to share, perhaps about upcoming events or projects?

What I am really excited about right now is how much travel I am doing for work. I have shoots in Martha’s Vineyard, MA, Southern CA, CT, and NYC to name a few. I have always loved photography and travel and I am so thrilled and beyond blessed that I have a job that pays me to do what I am passionate about. I also have a few exciting upcoming travel sessions that have been scheduled: I will be shooting in California in January and Costa Rica in Feb 2014!


Now, just for fun:

Favorite Food: I love trying different restaurants and I will try just about anything, although I’m not a fan of red meat. My favorite things are fresh veggies & fruits, good coffee, and locally caught fresh fish.

Favorite TV Show: I am THE WORST on this subject. Out of choice, my hubby and I don’t have cable  and I am so out of habit on not watching TV, I simply forget to use it.  I have been watching this show on Netflix- I think it is from the Discovery Channel called Alaska: The Last Frontier. I am a bit obsessed with it. I will watch like 5 episodes in a row. I am so inspired by this family that lives purely off of the land. I really respect them and their simple life living off of the land.

Favorite Movie: I can never say just one favorite movie! It all depends on my mood. I especially love movies that show the details of a place. I love cinematography. I will watch a foreign films just to see a different culture and feel like I am taking a mini trip.  Other than that, if you were to ask me which movie I have seen the most, it would probably be a movie that had Bill Murray in it. We love all movies with Bill Murray!

DSC_2491 72Favorite Weekend Activity: I love being outdoors in nature with my family, no matter what the season. Our favorite activities are visiting local farms, something involving the ocean or rivers in the warmer seasons- canoeing, surfing, etc. and skiing/snowboarding in winter.  I also love exploring new places with my family. Now that we live on the East coast, we are always looking for more to learn and experience that is different than our CA experiences.

Favorite Musician/Band: Aside from my hubby & kids (who really inspire me), I would say it really depends on my mood. I have a very eclectic mix of music in my library varying from music from all over the world, reggae, jazz, rock and then modern stuff like Phoenix, The Lumineers & Mumford & Sons, and oldies like Ella Fitgerald, and Billie Holiday.

2013-09-20_0002 72

Wildflower Studio Photography

Website: http://www.wildflowerstudiophoto.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WildflowerStudio

Blog: http://www.wildflowerstudiophoto.com/blog

See the Movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9gsw2P5Fh0&feature=channel&list=UL


Meet the ladies of Dimples & Daisies Photography

We are so excited to share the gorgeous photography and inspiring words of the two women behind Dimples & Daisies Photography! As Central Florida lifestyle photographers, both Nicole and Katie specialize in capturing the sweetest moments of newborns, children and families. Get to know them – we certainly are happy we did!

Nicole Hensley & Katie Hensley… and, no, ironically we are not related!
Occupation: Owners “Dimples & Daisies Photography”

D&D logo
What inspired you to be a photographer?

Nicole: When I welcomed my first baby, I was inspired to capture him in all the moments that were passing by too quickly… the littlest things from being curled up on Daddy’s chest like a tree frog, or how tiny he looked swaddled up in his crib – everything! Every day he changed, and I realized the popular phrase “time flies” was no cliche at all! I felt inspired to capture all of those tiny moments for other parents too. So many times I have heard older generations tell of their early days as parents and how it was the best time of their lives… I want my images to capture those days and have them feel, even just a moment, that they are actually taken back there.

13Largo_NB-10What is your favorite part of your daily work?

Nicole: Oh goodness, I guess my very favorite part is the element of surprise! I just love surprises!!! Being a lifestyle photographer, I am trying to capture every newborn, each child, a family in their real-life moments – to capture their personalities, their spaces, their little-bitty faces with genuine expressions! We really never know what we are going to capture, but it makes it so much fun to get to know these families and find ways to bring individualized sentiment to their sessions.

When you reflect on the day, what is most rewarding?

Katie: With each session, I am giving a mother something she will cherish forever. I just love that!

SideBySide4Do you have any advice for other working moms?

Nicole: Drink more coffee!

Katie: There will never be enough hours in the day, so make sure to use your time wisely – make your time together with your kiddos count. Put down the camera, the cell phones and spend some time every day uninterrupted with your children. Even if all you have is 45 minutes, make it a special time for both of you.

13_AmiciNB_ROYAL-17If you could photograph anyone in the world, who would it be?

Katie: I honestly just love photographing any brand-new baby… I love knowing that I’m the first one photographing this tiny little person who will go on and have a life full of snapshots. And, who knows, I’d like to believe maybe one day of the thousands I photograph, one of these babies just might go on to be our future President!

SideBySid2What thing/place/event were you most recently inspired by?

Nicole & Katie: Within the past year the small town we both grew up in hit the headlines on multiple occasions for instances of severe child abuse cases. This did more than just tug at our heart-strings – it made us realize we need to do more for the children in our community. We were inspired to act on behalf of the victims of child abuse. We launched a mini-session promotion in which all proceeds supported The Children’s Home Society organization, and we intend to make this an annual event. We both agree that giving back is essential to good business.

What is your most memorable photo session?

Katie: There is nothing more special than a birth-photography session! There are no words to describe witnessing a life coming into the world – the mother’s pain, the father’s anticipation, the brand new little person appearing for the very first time! To capture those types of moments are so unforgettable for me.

13algore-110Where is your favorite place that you have traveled?

Nicole: Cinque Terre, Italy (Traveled there one summer during college… only regret is that I didn’t own a good camera yet!)

Katie: Colorado – The serenity of the entire state was captivating!

Where in the world are you dying to go next?

Nicole: Fiji – I just celebrated my 10-year anniversary with dreams of spending it there. Maybe the 11th year (*hint*hint*, hubby!).

Katie: Wait… there’s options beyond Disney? 🙂


What is your favorite Rosenberry Rooms product(s)?

Our very favorite question yet! Our top Rosenberry Rooms products (it’s nearly impossible to name just one) are:

1) Beaded Garland Personalized Fabric Placement
Nicole: I’m a sucker for polka dots (and it’s personalized!). LOVE IT!

2) White Heart Vintage Framed Little Art Print
Katie: A sweet reminder that you are loved – a perfect gift for those big or small!

3) Remember When You Go Into The World Rectangle Picture Frame
Nicole: I have this hung above my daughters bed with her first photo inside. I like to think that she will treasure this gift long after I’m gone.

4) Harrington Personalized Self-Inking Stamp
Nicole & Katie: Have it. Love it. Every mama needs it!

13LEWIS-102.1Do you have any news that you would like to share, perhaps about upcoming events or projects?

Yes, we have been invited to showcase our images in another Central Florida Hospital – Dimples & Daisies Photography’s images will fill the halls of Shands Lake Shore Hospital’s Labor & Delivery wing in the New Year!

SideBySide1Now, just for fun:

Favorite Food:
Nicole: Burritos (breakfast, lunch and dinner… yes, please!)

Favorite TV Show:
Katie: wait… there’s channels other than Disney, too?!

Favorite Movie:
Nicole: Bridges of Madison County.

Favorite Weekend Activity:
Nicole: Beaching it with the family.

Favorite Musician/Band:
Katie: Dave Matthews. No question.


These ladies are so fun! They even gave us a reason to celebrate Throwback Thursday! Can you say best friends forever?!


A Farewell to Fall

April-ChristensenToday is Thanksgiving, which is certainly a time to be appreciative, but also collectively a time to  goodbye to autumn and a hello to winter. We know it can be heard to let go of orange sunsets, colorful trees, and crisp afternoons. That is exactly why we are giving you a little eye candy by April Marie Photography. We asked April to share her captivating fall photography and to share what she loves about Thanksgiving!


Holidays-02“Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! I enjoy planning sessions during this time of year, and not just because of all the beautiful, bright colors. It’s so much fun to shoot a laughing family, playing in the leaves. Or a young lady, embracing the cool weather with a scarf and a thick, wooly sweater.”


Holidays-07“It makes my heart flutter when I think about wrapping myself up in a warm blanket, a cup of tea by my side, and editing all the beautiful pictures that I’ve taken. I am unbelievably blessed to love and be good at what I do. Especially during Thanksgiving!”


We want to let all of you know how thankful we are for your continuing support and kind words! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


April Marie Photography

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