Bear Bear's First Birthday

This amazing party was sent to us by Amanda from Lily + Spice Interiors. With the help of The Swank Social, Amanda did a beautiful job putting together this first-birthday party for her son (who she affectionately calls “Bear Bear” – so sweet!). Check out all the stunning black-and-white details – including bowties and mustaches, of course!static1.squarespace-8static1.squarespaceLarge balloon and fancy frill from Confetti & Co
static1.squarespaceDonut cups from TomKat StudioAmanda-3 Amanda-20“B” piñata handmade by The Swank SocialAmanda-25Cotton candy jars from Petite PufAmanda-29Cookies from Shop the Whisk
banner“One” banner from Carousel Paper & Costatic1.squarespace-1Birth story print from Kardz Kouturestatic1.squarespace-2Fan backdrop handmade by The Swank Socialstatic1.squarespace-3Confetti poppers from Confetti & Costatic1.squarespace-4Ombre naked cake from Cake by Annie
Cake topper from Confetti & Sparkle Party Shopstatic1.squarespace-5Popcorn cups from TomKat Studiostatic1.squarespace-6Honeycomb garland from Carousel Paper & Costatic1.squarespace-7Goodie bags from The TomKat Studiostatic1.squarespace-9 static1.squarespace-10Striped straws and silver washi tape from Carousel Paper & Costatic1.squarespace-11Delicious and amazing paninis from Sunday Dinner Sistersstatic1.squarespace-12Custom “Bear Bear” print from Rizzle and Rugeestatic1.squarespace-13Flowers from Floralistastatic1.squarespace-14Bow tie party hat from Carousel Paper & Co
Licorice bib from Snap Bibs
Bow tie from Arrow and Lace Designs

Thank you, Amanda, for sharing this gorgeous event with us! And we hope that “Bear Bear” had a wonderful first year. Here’s to many more!

Photos by E. Fraser Photography

Lily and Spice

Amanda is the founder and freelance stylist of Lily and Spice, where she shares nurseries, kids rooms, DIY projects and more.

Eloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Party

Post by Kayley Miller

Eloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party! | VeryRosenberry.comFor Eloise’s 1st birthday party I wanted to use pinks and aquas (like her nursery) along with some gold.  As I was pinning pink and gold decor ideas I came across a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star party and thought that theme went perfectly with the colors I wanted to use!

Eloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party! | VeryRosenberry.comI designed the invites and had them printed on pretty pearl paper!Eloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party! | VeryRosenberry.comThis party was lots of work and so much fun to plan :).  I made most of the decor myself so it was a labor of love for sure!  I’m so happy with how it turned out, and so thankful my sister Marci could take these gorgeous photos for me!

Eloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party! | VeryRosenberry.comEloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party! | Eloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party! | Eloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party! | VeryRosenberry.comWe had almost 90 people, and I’m so relieved we had enough food and that everything went smoothly. I served brunch foods – cinnamon rolls and cake pops on sticks, mini donuts, quiches, parfaits, cookies, muffins, breakfast sausage balls with apple honey mustard sauce, fruit salad, some baby snacks, and of course cake and mini cupcakes.
Eloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party! | Eloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party! | Eloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party! | Eloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party! | VeryRosenberry.comEloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party! | Eloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party! | VeryRosenberry.comWe had Oliver and Eloise’s music class teacher (Janna from Katy Smash Kids) do a mini music class. That was a huge hit with the kids and the perfect activity for mixed ages.Eloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party! | Eloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party! | Eloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party! | VeryRosenberry.comEloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party! | VeryRosenberry.comSOURCES

Invitations designed by Kayley and can be found at OllieAndLulu on Etsy
A tutorial on how to do these streamers can be found here
Cake was pretty and delicious and made by Jami Cakes 
Cute AND super yummy cookies are from Ladybug650 on Etsy
Lulu’s darling crown came from Little Blue Olive on Etsy

Photos by Three Peas Photography

Check out Kaylee’s Etsy shop!

I Hope You Dance Party by Lynlee's Petite Cakes!

The song “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack inspired this beautiful party by Lynlee Beckett of Lynlee’s Petite Cakes. I’m sure most of you know the song and would agree that it’s hard not to get emotional when you hear it and think of your children and the hopes you have for their lives. It’s inspiring, uplifting and the perfect theme for a little girl’s celebration before she starts her first day of school.

I Hope You Dance 1

Since the moment my daughter, Anabelle, was born, the song “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack has held a special place in my heart. The lyrics encompass my dreams for her life as she grows up and my hopes that she will live life to the fullest, regardless of the hardships or road blocks she may encounter. I want her to take chances and strive for happiness, as I am with my current venture, and I could and would not be doing so without the encouragement of my loving parents and family. My mother is an endless fountain of support and while crafting is not a gene I got from her, she will always be at my side, cutting and gluing her heart away. My father got me my first Wilton decorating tips and has always encouraged me to “have fun” throughout my life, whether I was heading out to take a test, going to a party or leaving for college, and I will never forget that. I recall a conversation we had where, as he reminisced over the good old days, he mentioned one of his few regrets was not having danced more.

I Hope You Dance 5

I Hope You Dance 7

As Anabelle prepared to start kindergarten this Fall, I wanted to commemorate the first of many milestones with a celebration that would not only excite her for the embarkation of her new adventure, but also inspire her with the confidence that her own parents will always support her with the constant hope that I pray she will never forget: to dance.

I Hope You Dance 3

The party debuted in the Fall 2012 issue of Bird’s Party Magazine and it was Bird’s Party herself that created the stunning graphics and printables and brought my vision to life so beautifully. I wanted a soft, romantic feel, with an infusion of natural and musical aspects, along with a touch of sparkle! The beach setting was chosen to play upon the lyric “I hope you still feel small beside the ocean”, symbolizing the humility and gratitude I hope she maintains, as she follows her dreams.

I Hope You Dance 2

I Hope You Dance 10

I Hope You Dance 13

The desserts were simple and represented the overall theme or specific lyrics in the song.

I Hope You Dance 14

I Hope You Dance 4

I Hope You Dance 12

I Hope You Dance 11

A small notebook was set aside in which hopes and wishes for Anabelle could be written and glittered cones with edible favors were set aside to be taken home.

I Hope You Dance 8

I Hope You Dance 9

As my baby girl headed off to kindergarten, I had conflicting feelings with which I am sure many parents could relate: excitement, fear, happiness, sadness… and though there will be countless events to come that will cause the same and even deeper emotions, my wish will always be the same…

I Hope You Dance 6

 I Hope You Dance

“I hope you never lose your sense of wonder, You get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger, May you never take one single breath for granted, GOD forbid love ever leave you empty handed, I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean, Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens, Promise me that you’ll give faith a fighting chance, And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance.

I hope you dance… I hope you dance.

I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance, Never settle for the path of least resistance Livin’ might mean takin’ chances but they’re worth takin’, Lovin’ might be a mistake but it’s worth makin’, Don’t let some hell bent heart leave you bitter, When you come close to sellin’ out reconsider, Give the heavens above more than just a passing glance, And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance. I hope you dance… I hope you dance.”

~performed by Lee Ann Womack and written by Mark D. Sanders and Tia Sillers

Vendor Credits:

Styling and Photography ~ Lynlee’s Petite Cakes

Printables ~ Bird’s Party

Little Chefs Pizza Party by Anders Ruff!

Maureen Anders, of Anders Ruff, here to share my son’s recent Modern Italian “Little Chef” Pizza Party! Our breakfast and family room were transformed into a modern Italian Pizzeria where the children got to be little chefs and make their own pizzas. This party is full of DIY crafts for dramatic decorations that make a big impact. Pizza themed games and activities were perfect to keep the kids busy while their pizzas were baking!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

– Dramatic DIY Wooden Utensil Chandeliers hanging over the children’s tables
– Personalized Pizza Making Kits with ingredients, graphic muslin bags, dough, chef mustaches & rolling pins
– DIY Paper Chef Hat hanging decor over the dessert table, tables and game areas.
– “Pizza Hole” game (also known as corn hole): toss bean bag pepperonis into the hole of the pizza (printable!)
– 12 ft Little Italy street scene coloring wall Poster (Economical + dramatic decoration + activity all in one!)
– Candy Caprese: Red Chocolate Covered Oreo “Tomatoes”, Marshmallow “Mozzarella” & Green Candy “Basil”



Pierson has been begging for a Pizza Party all year long.  Growing up, I always loved when my friends had pizza parties but they were never that “visually appealing.  I knew I could offer a fresh take on the classic favorite pizza party theme. Once we decided on the pizza theme, I knew I had to create what would seem to be “Pierson’s Pizzeria” (Say that in your most authentic Italian Chef accent).  From classic red and white gingham decor to the pizza chef mustaches (perfect for the mustache trend), this party had every element that a pizza party needed.  The dessert table even included candy and desserts that looked like pizza ingredients and Italian appetizers.  Read on for the details.



The children entered “Pierson’s Pizzeria” they were instructed to get into pizza making mode by getting dressed like a real pizza chef!  Each child received a custom t-shirt from Great Stitch, which was personalized on the front rolling pin graphic from our collection and a backside graphic.  Each child received a custom chef hat and apron from Sookee Designs, which were adorable!  The boys were white with straight pockets and the girls had white with a ruffle at the bottom and a cute curved gathered pocket.



My breakfast room was transformed into a pizzeria.  Because of the large space, I needed lots of fabulous DIY ideas and decorated areas that made big impacts to the look of the room.  Here were the main areas and the DIY ideas for decor.

– Wooden Utensil Chandeliers: I knew I wanted to make my own dramatic and whimsical chandeliers to hang over the main breakfast room pizza making table.  This was SO easy and cheap and looked so professional!



I hot glued wooden utensils from Sucre Shop around wooden embroidery rings.  I then used fishing line to tie them together in tiers.  The center chandelier was 3 tiers and the chandeliers on the other sides were 2 tiers.  I hung them with fishing line that I wrapped around my recessed lights cans on the ceiling.

– Cafe Curtains and Chair Backs: My mom sewed red and white classic gingham cafe curtains and we hung them in each window using small tension rods throughout the kitchen area and family room.  I sewed slip covers for the backs of the folding chairs.  Folding chairs are ugly but at least they coordinate once you add these easy slip covers.

– Paper Hanging Chef Hats: I used construction paper and white tissue to make paper chef hats.  I punched tiny holes in each side and strung fishing line through the hat and hung it with masking tape from the ceiling.  We shared how to easily make these paper chef hats on our weekly Ruff Draft.  These are so cheap, lightweight (great for hanging) and made huge impacts in front of the dessert table, Pin the mustache on the chef game and the treats table.

– Fabric Bunting: We wanted to add a pop of color to the room so we made the easiest gingham fabric knot bunting.  We cut strips of our leftover red and white gingham fabric and tied it in a knots every 5 inches along a piece of natural twine.  We strung this from wall to wall throughout the room to tie in more color from the ceiling.


– Felt Pizza Centerpieces: Adria made felt pizzas that we displayed on cake stands in the center of the table.  The cake stands were sat on top of wooden cutting boards that looked like classic pizza peels that you see at pizzerias!  Perfect for the decor!


I wanted the dessert table to be a focal point and also make you feel like you were in a pizzeria’s kitchen.  Look closely and you will see that the guests were “faked out” by candy that looked like real pizza ingredients!  To tie in the wooden color carried throughout the party, I displayed the desserts on a wooden kitchen cart from Ikea. The shelves of the wooden kitchen cart were filled with glass jars that had candy “Pizza ingredients” and custom labels.  All of the candy was from  Green Olives were actually green M&Ms, Fresh Mozzarella was actually white gumballs, Pepperoni was actually licorice wheels, Mushrooms were candy mushrooms, Sauce was red sprinkles and Green Pepper Rings were actually gummy apple rings!



The cake was displayed on a metal cake stand (to feel like a pizza stand!) and was made by Mandie of Got What It Cakes.  She tied in the gingham from the party and carried in the frame shape from the printables on the front of the cake with his age, 5.

Metal utensil holders were displayed on either side of the cake and tied in the wood, metal, red and green. I also displayed Parmesan containers but instead of real cheese, I put white apple candy sours inside!  Adorable Chef Hat Cake Pops (from Pop-A-Razzi) were stuck out of the Parmesan containers (perfect for holding them!)

I used glass and metal spice containers to display candy red hots on the top of the dessert table.  These had a label that said “Red Pepper Flakes”.


My favorite “fake out” treat was the DIY Candy Italian Caprese.  I made these using red chocolate covered oreos stacked with marshmallows (the giant ones that I sliced with a sharp knife) and topped with a green sour belt (I cut it with kitchen scissors to look like basil leaves).  I topped it with a toothpick and printable party flag from our Pizza Printable Collection in our shop.


We displayed incredible Pizza Cookies (from Firefly Confections) and Pizza Chef cookies she made to look like our graphics.  These were placed in white platters that looked like Italian lasagne dishes and we added red sprinkles to the bottom to help prop up the cookies.


Adorable gingham chocolate covered oreos (Sweeties by Kim) were perfect to display out of the drawer in the wooden kitchen cart.  We also displayed adorable chocolate chef mustache lollipops (Nicole’s Treats) out of the drawer.

Also, we designed printable pizza box labels that we customized and adhered to blank white pizza boxes from our local restaurant store!  The kids used the pizza boxes to fill with cookies and treats to take home.  The perfect “pizza take-out” box, if you ask me!



Planning a pizza party is easy but adding games and activities outside the “pizza making” part can be tough.  I worked hard to think of popular games and activities that were not only fun but kept with the theme and were economical.  Here is the list of games and activities that helped make the party a success!

– Pizza Making:  The children’s place settings included an aluminum pizza pan (from Dollar Tree) and a pizza kit for each of them!  The children had their names at their place settings assigned with a printable label on the wooden rolling pins.  Each child’s Pizza Making Kit was filled with all of the necessary items to make their own pizzas.



The Pizza Kit was a Kraft Market Trays (from Nashville Wraps) personalized with a printable label from our Pizza Printable Collection and included the following:

1) Pizza Dough Bag (Cotton Bag from Nashville Wraps) that we embellished with the Anders Ruff custom printable dough label. (We used Opaque Iron on transfer sheets to adhere our printable to the cotton bag). We filled it with pizza dough from Trader Joes – yum!
2) Pizza Chef Mustaches were included so the kids could really look like a pizza chef.  We topped the bags with our printable Pizza Chef Mustache bag topper.
3) Clear containers (Nashville Wraps) were embelished with a personalized Anders Ruff printable party label and filled with mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and pepperoni.
4) Red pizza cutters were also included in the kit. (This party was for 5 year olds, so we made sure they had adult supervision!)
5) Wooden rolling pins (with their name label) were at each place setting as well.
6) Adorable red polka dot wooden utensils (Sucre Shop) tied with twine (The Twinery)

The place settings also included a glass drink bottles (Shop Sweet Lulu) that was embellished with a printable drink wrap and red polka dot paper straw (Hey Yo Yo).  They also had a little stacked Italian salad with a printable logo on top. (Yes, they actually ate the salads!)



– “Pizza Hole” (also known as Corn Hole):  If you are a fan of corn hole, this game is perfect for a pizza party.  I transformed it into the pizza theme by designing a 20×30 printable Pizza Hole game that the kids went crazy over!  I sewed up round bean bags (red and green like most pizza toppings) for the kids to toss through the pepperoni hole in the pizza.

This game was easy to construct.  I printed the Anders Ruff 20×30 Pizza Hole Game Poster Printable and mounted it with paper glue onto a 1/2″ thick foam core board.  I then cut the top off a box and cut the sides on an angle so that the pizza hole board woudl rest on it at a good angle.  Then I adhered the board to the box with duct tape.  So simple!

– Pizza Toppings Matching Game: The kids got to play the pizza toppings matching game against a partner.  We created a printable that was so easy to print and cut and was a perfect activity to keep the kids busy while we waited for the pizzas to bake.


– Pin the Mustache on the Pizza Chef Game: I designed a 20×30 Pin the Mustache game and had it printed at Costco for $8.99.  I nailed it to our backdrop board that was covered with a white/red polka dot fabric.  Printable mustache silhouettes were printed on label paper for each child to use for the game.  We blindfolded the kids and they had a blast trying to pin their mustache on the poster!

– “Little Italy” Coloring Wall Poster: Under my kitchen bar counter top there is a big wall that divides the breakfast room and family room and I wanted to decorate it and transform it into the pizzeria theme.  To make a big impact, I designed a Printable 12 foot Little Italy Coloring Wall Poster that looked like a street scene straight out of Little Italy.  The facades of storefronts were named things to fit the party theme like “Pierson’s Pizzeria”, “Pizza Take-Out”, and more.  It was personalized with his age and name in several places.  I had this printed at our local printer for around $12 on architectural sized paper.


This is such a fun activity and the kids always flock to the coloring wall posters at our parties.  The original idea came from our Super Hero party featured here 2 years ago!  It is great because a lot of kids can color at once and it keeps them busy during transition times.

I designed a printable crayon box that I filled with crayons for all of the kids to use at the party and take home later.

– Coloring Activity Sheet: I had a low table from ikea with 4 stools (embellished with our printable pizza box label to spruce up the boring white seat!) that was set up with activity sheets for the kids.  The printable pizza party activity sheet had a pizza chef to color, tic tac toe, word search and a maze.  The kids loved doing this!


– “Hot Pizza”: Adria made the cutest felt pizzas that we placed on the centers of the tables on a cake stand.  These were so adorable and the kids loved them!  To incorporate them into the activities, we played “Hot Pizza” (Get it? Hot potato but with the pizza).  What a classic fun game turned pizza party game!


We had a few areas that included favors for the kids to take home goodies.

– Pizza Take-Out: I love letting the guests take some fun treats home from our parties, so we set up a “Pizza Take-Out” station.  The printable poster was hung over a metal kitchen cart rack from Ikea.  Each shelf had goodies galore.

We designed custom printable pizza favor boxes that we filled with adorable pizza cookies from Firefly Confections.  These were a huge hit and such a great take home favor.We printed our customized “Thank You” labels and ironed them onto more of the smaller Nashville Wraps cotton bags.  The kids used metal scoops to add candies from the containers.  The containers included candies from to look like pizza toppings.  For example, “Olives” were actually green M&Ms.  “Mozzarella” were actually white gumballs.

I always think of red and white after dinner mints when I think of the Italian restaurants we visit.  I thought it would be cute to include those in the decor and favors.  Clear gumball tubes (from SmashCake Studio) were filled with Cherry Sassy Spheres from We added a printable party flag that says “After Pizza Cherry Mints”.  (Not all kids like peppermint, so these are actually cherry flavored but look like traditional italian mints!)


– “Lets’a Make’a Pizza” Cupcake Table: We had so many treats and ideas that we also decorated a black buffet table for more treats.  I designed a Chef Poster to hang on the red/white fabric backdrop.  We hung paper chef hats above and decorated the front with a pizza party printable banner (included in our Pizza Party Printable Collection).  We hung one of the adorable girls’ aprons (by Sookee Designs) from the corner to tie in the fabric items.  Treats included more of the cherry sours “after pizza mints”, Chocolate Mustache lollipops, Chocolate covered oreos, as well as drink bottles and cupcakes that were embellished with our printable party logos.  More cotton bags were included as well as cute paper sacks (from Hey Yo Yo) for the kids to fill with treats.


All of the Pizza Party printables and invitation are available in the Anders Ruff Shop here.

Vendor Credits & Resources

– Complete Event Styling and Concept:  Anders Ruff
– Photography: Becca Bond Photography
– Party Printables and Activity Printables: Anders Ruff 
– Custom Pizza Party T-Shirts: Great Stitch
– Custom Girls and Boys Hats & Aprons: Sookee Designs
– Candy:
– Cake: Got What It Cakes
– Custom Cake Pops: Pop-A-Razzi
– Custom Cookies: Firefly Confections
– Gingham Chocolate Covered Oreos & Chocolate Lollipops: Sweeties by Kim
– Chocolate Mustache Lollipops: Nicole’s Treats
– Glass Drink Bottles: Shop Sweet Lulu
– Gumball Tubes, Paper Plates: Smash Cake Studio
– Polka Dot Paper Straws, Paper Sacks: Hey Yo Yo
– Wooden Utensils: Sucre Shop
– Cotton Bags, Paper Shred, Clear Containers: Nashville Wraps
– Cotton Baker’s Twine: The Twinery
– Opaque Iron On Transfers & Label Material:

Peanut Butter and Jelly Playdate!

As a lifelong fan of a good PB&J sandwich, I’m super excited about today’s Extraordinary Events post from Paula at Frog Prince Paperie! She put together this adorable Peanut Butter and Jelly playdate complete with all the traditional (and some creative) ways to indulge in this popular combo. Enjoy!

pb and j playdate party

pbj playdate kids

Kids go together with peanut butter and jelly like two peas in a pod. What better way to pay tribute to this childhood staple than with a peanut butter and jelly playdate?

pb and j playdate table

We gathered up our friends and set out a peanut butter and jelly bar with all different kinds of nut butters, jams and spreads. I’ve never seen parents so happy to dig into a big jar of Nutella! We also themed our desserts to honor the peanut with peanut butter pie pops, chocolate peanut butter cups and my favorite, the pound cake that was made to look like a giant peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The sweets were tempered with some healthy fruit and veggie choices.

grape jelly and peanut butter

pb and j pies

peanut butter chocolate cups

peanut butter jelly cake

We like to be a bit “green” at our events, and since real serveware was out of the question we found bamboo plates and utensils for the kids to use. The milk bottles were also recyled and the kids got to choose from caraffes of chocolate, strawberry and plain milk to go with their sandwiches. With cute purple striped straws from Confetti Sunshine– it was pure bliss!

pb and j place setting

pb and j party milk

pb and j party glasses

Photography, Printables & Styling | Frog Prince Paperie

Burlap Wreath | Southern Belle’s Charm

Purple Striped Straws | Confetti Sunshine 

Fruit Crates | The Produce Place

A Magical Elf Christmas Party by Anders Ruff!

The fabulous ladies of Anders Ruff are sharing a darling “Magical Elf” party today that is sure to get you in the holiday spirit! All of the adorable printables you see in the pictures below are available in their shop so you can recreate this Christmas party for your little ones and join in on the fun with this sneaky little Elf!

We are so stinkin excited to share our NEW 2012 Christmas Printable Collection! Have you been naughty or nice this year? Bring the tradition of the magic elf to your Christmas party and the kids will surely be on their best behavior for this holiday season (or at least until the party is over!).

Some of our favorite details from our photo shoot were:

– DIY Yarn Wrapped Frames with Printable Holiday Posters (available in our shop here!)

– Naughty and Nice treat displays using repurposed card catalog drawers

– Printable Advent Calendar Hangtag Ornaments (Or could be used as gift tags!) (available here)

Of course Becca Bond was on board to shoot the fun setup. We always are amazed by her fabulous photography. We also have some amazing vendors to show off, so be sure to pay attention to the credits! See more below….

The magic of the “magical” Christmas Elf is a tradition that my family has enjoyed for years. After all, how can Santa possibly watch over all little boys and girls? Our sweet little Japanese knee hugger elves are so precious and this year our holiday party was themed around their magic.

Adria and I always listen to Christmas music when we are designing – no matter what time of year. Can you tell that Christmas is our favorite holiday to design and style for? Our fabulous friend and client, Audrey, of Sweet Cheeks Tasty Treats brought us the idea of focusing on the Magical Elf tradition and we loved it. This year we wanted to design and style a Magic Elf Christmas Party and incorporate lots of printables that people can enjoy and add to their traditions with their own Magic elves every year.


The party boasts the traditional red and green colors with added pops of aqua and light blue. The printables include classic patterns such as candy cane stripe with mixes of trendy chevron, ditzy dot and snow flake patterns.

We setup the party at the corner base of Adria’s stairwell which gave us a lot of flexibility with hanging decorations as well as the wall space. Also, stairwells always remind me of Christmas morning as we waited to be called down to see what Santa had brought us! Especially once we hung the garland and custom elf feet shaped stockings (from Aimee Broussard) to the railing.

When thinking of what elements and textures to tie into the styling, we immediately knew we had to use yarn to keep with the “feel” of those cute little elves and keep the decor playful and whimsical. We utilized the yarn thoughout the decor on the tree (yarn pom ornaments) as well as the Christmas gift packaging and Sugarbelle cookie displays (using the popular and so functional Blumeboxes!).

The Christmas tree was decorated with various sized yarn pom ornaments. We had the kids help us make these in the colors from the printables.  We also strung the white yarn pom string around the tree as garland.

We thought of a craft that would help make our printable Christmas Posters (the set of 3 printable posters are available in the shop) really pop off the walls. We cut custom frames out of foam core board and wrapped them with yarn. This was a super simple (just a little time consuming) craft and one that was economical and made a big impact. We cut felt holly leaves and placed those as an embellishment on one of the frames with yarn pom “berries.”

Because elves are sometimes mischievous, we got a little crazy with the fun yarn pom string and dangled it around the tree and hung from the frames and doors. Little knee hugger elves were found all over the party to tie the theme back into the decor. They can be seen stuck in the gorgeous custom stockings (from Aimee Broussard Events), in the tree, on the frames, hanging from the yarn garland and tucked in the drawers.

When thinking of little elf treats, we decided to reuse an old pop bottle crate as a display for little treats. We spray painted it a bright blue to add a pop of color on the display. We filled it with green rock candy, red licorice, little containers of naughty and nice treats, lollipops, meringue elf hats (which we made!) and little printable notes to Santa. We placed some plastic (kid-friendly!) drink bottles from Smash Cake Studio filled with milk on top of the display with a printable wrapper and straw.

Keeping with the elf tradition, we wanted to show “naughty” and “nice” treats. We packaged red and white Sixlets in clear containers (from Nashville Wraps) and put our printable “Nice” label. We packaged black gumballs in the other clear containers and added the printable “Naughty” labels on those. These were placed around the table and on the cola bottle crate.

We also reused old card catalog drawers as displays for “naughty” and “nice” treats and labeled them with the appropriate printable party logos. The “naughty” treats included black rock candy, black licorice wheels, black gumballs and homemade “coal” (flatted marshmallows dipped in black chocolate and sprinkles). The “nice” treats included red and green ribbon candy, lollipops, gumballs and candy canes.

On top of those drawers, we put a drawer on its side and lined it with patterned paper. We then made green Meringue Christmas Tree treats and placed them on baking cups (from Smash Cake Studio) that we trimmed and put upside down to add height. We also wrapped an old $1 store mailbox with red yarn and used it as “Santa’s Magic Mailbox” display where the kids could put notes to Santa which were printables from the collection.

Last year we featured our printable North Pole mitten advent calendar idea and this year we introduced a new idea for an Advent Calendar – printable Advent Calendar Hangtags that fold closed and can be used for ornaments (write activities for your family to do each day of advent! Arden enjoyed opening the one that said “eat pancakes for dinner”!) Get creative and come up with 25 fun activites to do with family. Another use for the Advent Calendar Hangtags could be to wrap small gifts and place them hidden around the house or tree – each day of advent they can open the appropriate gift. This year I am doing 25 new books to help add to our library!

We also wrapped several gifts for under the tree with yarn. We added our printable tags from the magical elf collection. The collection includes “insepcted by elf #” tags as well as cute santa tags and elf tags. We think the elf tags would be so much fun to use every year.

Another craft was the yarn and patterned paper Christmas Trees. Those were so fun to make and we layered yarn and scraps of our patterned paper to make adorable tree decorations.

Cookies for Santa were left on a plate and a diy cake stand (wood plaque + candle stick base) with a little printable note.  How amazing are the Elf cookies by Sugarbelle!?

Adria’s holiday card was hung on the tree, too. We designed our signature holiday photo hangtag Christmas card to match the elf theme. We trimmed and punched a hole and added The Twinery twine to the tag and hung as part of the decor on the tree.


The kids came to the party wearing a dress and a tie from B. Belle Couture. Arden was wearing a precious snowflake hair accessory from Drop of Honey Bowtique. Later, the kids got cozy in custom pajamas by Great Stitch that featured embroidery based on designs from our Magical Elf printables. They loved them! I especially love finding unique and special pajamas for my kids to wear on Christmas eve and these were perfect!


We enlisted help from a few fabulous bakers. Got What It Cakes made festive snow cone mini cupcakes (that we displayed in printable party cones out of the dresser drawer). Sweet Cheeks Tasty Treats made whimsical cake pops that were stuck on paper straws, which were perfectly displayed next to a magical elf in the other dresser drawer.

The amazingly talented Sugarbellemade gorgeous elf and christmas gift sugar cookies.  We displayed those gift sugar cookie pops out of fun Blumeboxes that we wrapped with pom yarn garland. We also displayed reindeer chocolate pops from Nicoles Treats out of the Blumeboxes. They looked so precious and festive and were an unexpected way to show the treats.

Favor boxes were shown with green candies and a white chocolate reindeer pop from Nicoles Treats and tagged up with a cute printable.

The desserts we made included the Elf Hat Meringues and the Christmas Tree Meringues.  Those were so simple to make and the kids loved them! They added to the fun decor as well.


The printable Magic Elf Christmas party invitation, banner, posters, tags and Coordinating Printable Collection are available in the shop here. We also offer our signature Hangtag Style Christmas Photo Card to match!



– Production and Styling: Anders Ruff
– Magic Elf Printables: Anders Ruff
– Professional Photography: Becca Bond Photography


– Snow Cone Cupcakes: Got What It Cakes
– Cake Pops: Sweet Cheeks Tasty Treats
– Custom Elf & Gift Sugar Cookies: Sugarbelle’s
– Chocolate Reindeer Pops & Santas: Nicole’s Treats


– Custom Embroidered Christmas Pajamas & Bottoms: Great Stitch
– Custom Dress & Tie: B. Belle Couture
– Custom Stockings: Aimee Broussard Events
– Snowflake Headband: Drop of Honey Bowtique


– Baking Cups, Chevron Bags, Drink Bottles, Paper Straws: Smash Cake Studio
– Floral Boxes to display Gift Shaped Cookies: Blumebox
– Twine: The Twinery
– Clear Favor Boxes: Nashville Wraps
– Label Material: Online Labels

Emily Maynard and Ricki Celebrate with an Anders Ruff Glamping Party!

Former bachelorette Emily Maynard wanted to throw a birthday party for her adorable daughter, Ricki and who did she ask to help her? None other than one of our very own Creative Contributors, the talented ladies of Anders Ruff!! Maureen and Adria threw a fabulous glam camping aka glamping party for Ricki and some of her closest friends complete with s’mores, cupcakes, teepees, outdoor activities and so much more and of course, all done in serious style.  Check out all the details and photos from the party below! 

If you’ve been following, you know that Adria and I got to work on an inspiring and exciting project recently. We got to style Emily’s Maynard’s daughter’s Birthday Party! Ricki turned 7 and chose to have a Glam Camping themed party. We have been wanting to style a party using our glam camping printable line for a long time and this was the perfect reason!

We had literally 5 days to pull together props, designs, decor, fabric and round up vendors for the party.  With many long hours, we are proud to share the results and beautiful photographs from Becca Bond Photography.  Most of all, what made us happy was to see Ricki’s face when she walked into the room!  That was the icing on the cake.

Emily sent out our glam camping invitation to Ricki’s closest friends.

Ricki was wearing custom precious lounge wear that is available from Polka Dot Market (custom made by Lila & G).  Her hair accessory was from Evelyn’s Whim.  Two Lucky Cats sent precious felted flower cuffs for Ricki to wear on her wrist.

Adria and I knew that there were several elements we wanted to include in the party decor throughout.  Yarn, twine, ric rac, chevron print and ruffles.  Nothing cuter!

We were so inspired by the adorable tents that photographer Wendy Updegraff made for her daughter’s party, and what little girl wouldn’t love a tent for their room?  We had Morgan (Made by Morgan) sew up a custom tents and Adria’s husband built the frame. (Thanks “Matt!”)

We shopped at our local adorable fabric store in Concord, We’re Sew Creative, for the fabulous and gorgeous fabrics used in the tent and pillows.  Morgan also made adorable matching pillows that we gave to Ricki to keep for her bedroom.

Nancy of A to Zebra Celebrations happened to have a lime green chevron runner that we also used on the buffet. Everything coordinated perfectly!

Adria and I loved working with the glam camping color scheme – pinks, purples and limes. It was so fresh!  I adore how the dessert table came together.  We wanted to pull in camping and outdoor elements, while keeping it “glam” and girlie.

We painted kerosene lanterns and used white washed logs and 4x4s to add height and dimension to the table.  We mixed in our girlie pink milk glass cake stands and glass domes to soften it up.  Yarn, twine, ripped fabric buntings and ruffles were used throughout.

We used yarn to wrap soup cans to use for vessels for the cookie pops.  So easy and cute!

Printables (from our Glam Camping / Glamping Printable Collection) were shown throughout the entire party.  Bright and gorgeous french macarons (from Cupcrazed) were placed on a whitewashed log slice that was lined with our patterned paper.

Cupcrazed also made the yummy and irresistible s’mores cupcakes. (Remember how Cupcrazed won Cupcake Wars on Food Network?  We know why!)  We are talking chocolate cake, graham cracker crumbs, chocolate ganache and toasted marshmallow icing.  Could you die?  We topped them with ruffle backed printable cupcake toppers (Ruff Draft Tutorial here).  Polka Dot Market provided the adorable liners.

We set up adorable terrariums with marshmallow flowers (tutorial here) and homemade purple meringue mushrooms (remember Kiss Me Kate did these for their Red Riding Hood party? We were so inspired so we made purple mushrooms!)

We made Trail mix and labeled cute jars with our printable “trail mix” label from the printable collection.  Twine (The Twinery) was used to wrap the cute label around the jar.  We slipped in a wooden spoon (with chevron print embellishment) from Sucre Shop.

I made chocolate dipped pretzels with fun zig zag purple chocolate embellishments.  We displayed them on patterned paper and tied a cute printable party flag to each “bundle”.

I also made chocolate zig zag dipped apples.  (Green apples, of course!)  White and purple chocolate helped tie in the desserts with the decor.  Printable bunting flags from the glamping printable collection were added to the stick.

I love the gumball pipettes that Polka Dot Market provided.  We embellished the tops with a printable party flag and tied them together with twine.

The printable cupcake wrapper and party logos (cupcake toppers) all helped tie in the desserts with the decor.

We worked closely with Mandie of Got What It Cakes, who created the most beautifully crafted cake for the table.  (Did we mention it is delicious, too!? We had to leave early so we wouldn’t be tempted to eat more cake!)
We loved doing a non-symmetrical table for this theme and the cake fit perfectly within the setting under the fun printable bunting banner and yarn pom garlands.

The cookies were made by the incredible Firefly Confections.  Incredible detail work!

Mini S’mores cupcakes were made by Cupcrazed and labeled with a small party logo.

We used Ricki’s initial as part of the focal point to the table.  (Printable available in the shop).  We used our matting/twine wrapping technique to make it pop. (See the Ruff Draft here)

I made swirl meringues and added them on top of purple and pink chocolate covered oreos.  A cute little printable flag was added for an extra touch.

We packaged up individual S’mores kits for the girls using containers from Nashville Wraps and twine from Twinery.  The printable tag is available in the shop.

Clarabelle and the Hen made custom canteens for Ricki’s party for all of the guests.  Aren’t they just precious!?

Aren’t the cookies incredible?! Firefly Confections matched our printable glamping graphics perfectly and the cookies were almost too pretty to eat!

The girls all enjoyed the custom tent and were greeted with a gorgeous tote bag from SookEe Designs.  Just wait until you see what was inside each of the totes!  Monica (of SookEe Designs) was so amazing to work with and even added custom rosette pins on the bags so the girls can use it on their shirts or as an accessory elsewhere after the party.  We tied a printable favor tag onto each of the bags.

The “Camp Ricki” pillowcase was made by Polka Dot Market.  Sally was SO wonderful to work with and provided not only the party ware (straws, cupcake liners, balloons and more), she whipped up the gorgeous pillow case at a moments notice.

Ricki was excited to open her custom bag from SookEe Designs, of course!

Each girl received a unique headband from Evelyn’s Whim.  We fell in love with her work!

The girls also received their own set of lounge bottoms and ruffled tanks.  These are available at Polka Dot Market (made by Lila & G).  They also received a “Camp Ricki” custom bottle/canteen fromClarabelle and the Hen.

The girls also received felted flower cuffs from Two Lucky Cats.  I love the cute button closure and how each piece was so unique on the girls’ wrists.

Clarabelle and the Hen also sent Ricki a custom blanket, tote and t-shirt.  I adore it all!

We printed up some personalized thank you cards (in the printable package) for Ricki to send out to her friends later.

Don’t the girls look precious in their lounge wear and accessories?  They enjoyed the treats, drinks and favors so much!

(Isn’t the “Camp Ricki” pillow precious? (Polka Dot Market) and the adorable custom pillows from Made by Morgan)

Emily had an ADORABLE setup out back.  She had precious lanterns for the girls as well as butterfly catchers and some activities.  She set up a tent for the girls to play in as well.  They had so much fun (even though it was 100+ degrees out!)  Becca captured some precious photos.

Emily had adorable wooden bird houses outside for the girls to paint.

After some outdoor fun, the girls came in to sing Ricki “Happy Birthday” and to serve her cake (from Got What It Cakes).

What a beautiful girl and a beautiful day! Thanks Emily and Ricki for welcoming us into your home and for being so grateful!  We loved working with you and spending time with you!

The Glam Camping (Glamping) invitation design and all of the shown coordinating graphic printables are available in our shop!

Visit our Pinterest board for more inspiration!

Party Credits:
Glamping Party Production and Styling: Anders Ruff
Printable Invitation and Graphic Printable Collection: Anders Ruff Shop
Photography: Becca Bond Photography

Vendor Sources:
Cake: Got What It Cakes
Cupcakes and Macarons: Cupcrazed Cakery
Sugar Cookies: Firefly Confections
Chocolate Covered Apples, Pretzels, Meringues, Marshmallows, Chocolate Oreos: Anders Ruff

Supplies, Gifts and Decor:
Balloons, Bags, Baking Cups, Gumballs, Pipettes, Straws and more: Polka Dot Market
Canteen Water Bottles, Tees, Tote by Clarabelle and the Hen
Wooden Chevron Utensils: Sucre Shop
Twine: The Twinery
Clear Smores Kit Boxes: Nashville Wraps
Terrycloth Party Bags: SookEe Designs
Chevron Runner: A to Zebra Celebrations
Custom Tent and Pillows: Made By Morgan
Fabric for Sewn Tent and Pillows: We’re Sew Creative
“Camp Ricki” Pillowcase: Polka Dot Market
Label Paper:

Lounge Pants by Lila & G available at Polka Dot Market
Tanks by Lila & G available at Polka Dot Market
Handcrafted Headbands: Evelyn’s Whim
Felted Flower Cuffs: Two Lucky Cats


Lalaloopsy Party from Whimsical Printables!

I’m going to be honest and tell you that before I saw this adorable party from Whimsical Printables I’d never heard of Lalaloopsy. I did some research and immediately fell in love with these adorable dolls! According to the Lalaloopsy website, the Lalaloopsy were once rag dolls who magically came to life when their last stitch was sewn and each doll has their own personality that comes from the fabrics used to make them. How perfect is this for a little girl’s party? The vibrant colors and whimsical detail in these dolls make them an excellent candidate for a creative, wow-worthy event and Miranda of Whimsical Printables created just that! Check out the pictures below and be sure to note all the adorable details.

My daughter has loved Lalaloopsy since it first came out! I loved it because it had my baby’s name in it! We call her LaLa and I had to get the Jewel Sparkles doll when I saw the name!! So since my baby is a princess always to us and she loves Lalaloopsy and the first doll she recieved was the Jewel Sparkles, I decided to combine it all! I wanted to stick with the softer colors as well to make it more simple and sweet. And glitter as well!

I used the big 36″ balloons on the dessert table to give it more of a pop! I purchased two of the large foam boards from Hobby Lobby and hot glued them together and added white fabric to the front. From there I used the wider ribbon and buttons to make the backdrop. The fabric bunting was something I made as well! I used pink satin fabric from Hobby Lobby as well for the tablecloth. They are actually my daughter’s curtains that I made but used on the table first.

I was so lucky to find Fairytale Jubilee for my LaLa’s headpiece and dress! I wanted a Jewel Sparkles dress and she did an amazing job!! The other outfit was an aproness by Aimee Broussard. She actually saw my invitation and created it from that and I fell in love with it and just had to have it for the party!

The cute painted berry boxes came from Cute Kids Food Box and were a perfect addition to the party!!  My wonderful fondant pieces came from Lynlee over at Lynlee’s Petite Cakes. She never ceases to amaze me!!

I wanted a cake that looked like the Jewel Sparkles dress but in the color scheme I went with and the crown on top! I really enjoy the way it turned out!

I always place a door wreath up to welcome the guests and Natalie from The Knock-Knock Factory always makes mine!! I like the simple additions added to lots of the items. I did glitter on the ends of the silverware, doilies on the mini mason jars, buttons added everywhere on a lot of the items. I also used the larger doilies for the table placemats. One of the thank you gifts were mini button boxes by  Piggy Bank Parties  created just for the party and filled with mini button cookies. Each child went home with lots of goodies! Bubbles, gumball necklaces, cookies, candy and much more!

My vendors:

Photography: Sandra Bludau Photography

Cookies: Dandy Delights

Hairpiece and Jewel Sparkles Dress: Fairytale Jubilee

Cakes: Cupcake Couture

Fondant Cake Topper & Lalaloopsy Necklaces: Bonehead Studios

Fondant: Lynlee’s Petite Cakes

Cake Buntings: The Purple Pug

Jew Sparkles Applique Tee: Mine & Beth’s Creations

Chocolate Oreos: Sweet Temptations

Berry Baskets & Milk Bottles: Cute Kids Food Box

Aproness: Aimee Broussard Events

Lalaloopsy Hairclip: Dapper Duckling Designs

Cake Pops: Evie & Mallow Cake Pops & Party Shoppe

Button Favor Boxes: Piggy Bank Parties

Door Wreath & Crown: The Knock-Knock Factory

Drink Station Wreath: Sweet Georgia Sweet

Balloons, Printables, Event Styling: Whimsical Printables

No Toy Gets Left Behind – Toy Story Party!

For all the Toy Story fans out there, you don’t want to miss this adorable “No Toy Gets Left Behind” birthday party from our Creative Contributor, Lynlee Beckett of Lynlee’s Petite Cakes! A great theme for both boys and girls, this party idea is a hit for any child’s next birthday. From incredibly detailed cupcake toppers shaped like all of your favorite Toy Story characters, to a “toy donation” table for all the party gifts, no detail was left behind at this creative event so let’s celebrate and enjoy!

As my daughter, Anabelle’s fifth birthday was approaching, we were throwing around ideas of the theme of this year’s party. We traditionally try to find a theme that is gender neutral. Anabelle adores the Disney “Toy Story” series and when the idea came up, she was dead set on having a Toy Story-themed party to ring in the big FIVE! The challenge on my end would be to execute the theme, while avoiding making it overly commercial. With the three different movies and storylines, the possibilities were endless, but also a bit overwhelming! So, in talking with Anabelle, we decided to focus on the latest movie where the toys’ owner, Andy, is packing up and leaving for college and his toys are mistakenly donated to Sunnyside Daycare. I wanted to play up the use of cardboard boxes to represent the toys being boxed up, as well as throughout the decor. I also thought the use of color was really important to capture the vibe of a school, while also corresponding to the rainbow logo of Sunnyside.

The invitations set the mood for the party and when I envisioned them coming out of cardboard boxes, I knew I had to enlist the help of the incredibly talented Do from Piggy Bank Parties, who designs the most fabulous and creative printables and especially favor boxes! She made my dreams come true when she created these amazing box envelopes (with editable text!) for both the invites, as well as labels throughout the party! I found the most adorable illustration of a little girl dressed up as her favorite Toy Story character, Jessie, by the artist Carolyne Tillery in her Etsy shop oh hello dear, which I utilized in the design of the invitation, along with additional graphics from Kika Esteves.

The guests were greeted with giant “magnet” letters reading “NEW TOYS”, as the characters heard when they arrived at Sunnyside Daycare. I wanted the kids to feel like they were toys themselves and the oversized letters and alphabet blocks made from cardboard boxes were perfect! The backdrop for the dessert table was also built out of cardboard boxes and filled with the Toy Story toys popping out of them, while the banner was strung with alphabet block letters. The main attraction on the table was the cupcake display made out of smaller boxes. I made fondant toppers of the main characters and placed them on cupcakes in individual boxes. Also included on the table were different types of candy displayed inside clear paint cans in perfect arm’s reach for the kiddos.

Instead of a tablecloth, the kids’ table was lined with drawing paper from a tabletop paper holder and all the kids had their own Sunnyside lunch box. I wanted the kids’ food to be exactly what a toddler would find in a packed lunch with a sandwich, apple slices, rainbow goldfish crackers, fruit snacks and juice. The adult food was displayed separately in the “Parent Cafeteria” section.

We set up an art area with easels, coloring pages and Sunnyside art boxes for the kids. Drawings from Andy’s room were pinned across a string, while a blow-up bookworm welcomed the toys/kids. Fun and colorful art boxes with Sunnyside labels were affixed with Mod Podge and inside, the kids found a box of Toy Story crayons, character erasers and crayon bubbles and they had a fun time with the coloring pages.

Some of the activities we had in store were kept in these numeric mesh containers and labeled with the box cards. The colorful paratroopers were a huge success and the kids also had fun with the trash bag races and saving characters that I cut out of cardstock with a grabber to mimic the claw! We hired Ms. Louisa from Soulfire Studios to read the Toy Story 3 book to the children, dress them in costumes that she brought and lead them through activities to re-enact the storyline through imaginative play and music! They did a western dance to “You’ve Got a Friend In Me”, Ken’s fashion show while walking down the runway to “Freak Out” and rocked the maracas and sombreros to “Ay Un Amigo En Mi”! We also had Balloons With a Twist do face painting for the kids, at the birthday girl’s request.

We laid out empty boxes with an oversized post-it note for guests to “donate” their gifts to Anabelle, while the favors were hiding in these “TOYS TO DONATE” boxes. The kids went home with a set of Toy Story characters and the note quoting Andy in the movie, who just donated his toys to a deserving little girl as he departs for college:

“Now you gotta promise to take good care of these guys. They mean a lot to me.”

So long, partner.

♥ Anabelle


Party styling, desserts and photography: Lynlee’s Petite Cakes (

Rootin’ Tootin’ Cowgirl illustration: oh hello dear (

Cardboard box envelopes: Piggy Bank Parties (

Graphics: Kika Esteves ( and Kelly Medina Studios (

Disney printables: Disney Family and Pixar Planet Forums

Entertainment: Soulfire Studios ( and Balloons with a Twist



Beach Baby Party!

Very Rosenberry Creative Contributor, Paula Biggs of Frog Prince Paperie shared with us this darling beach baby party filled with charming details for a fun filled day by the water! From a sandcastle cake to starfish sandwiches and seahorse cookies, this beach baby party has every adorable detail under the sun! Check out the gorgeous photos and read more about how Paula put together this lovely event!

The beach is one of those places that will always be near and dear to my heart; there isn’t one thing I don’t love about it. It made having a party out on the sand that much more special.

For the event, I was fortunate to team up with the talented Jennifer from Party Dreamz. We arranged for a table setting on the beach and a delightful dessert/snack table for the children. The rolling waves, sand and sunny day were the perfect backdrop to the event.

Thanks to Jill from Luecht Photography for photo-editing our pictures – a service she now offers internationally! Renee from Bees Knees Creative supplied the gorgeous cookies, and Debra from Titi’s Tutu’s the girl’s headbands and pink tutu.

All the items we used for the kids’ party were specially handcrafted for the day. Glittered shells served as nametags and weights for the table cloth on the windy day. Pinwheels stacked in mason jars and oversized pinwheels spinning in the sand were amazing decorations for the day. A hand-knotted ribbon drape created a sense of intimacy on the wide expanse of beach.

After a while, our little models got restless and tired of being shooed away from the sweets, so they took a fully-clothed dip in the ocean. The sandcastle cake was graciously provided by Susan at Sweet Designs Kitchen in Orlando.

The children were treated to a snack table with fruit, star shaped cheese “sand”wiches, a bucket of goldfish to scoop out with a shovel and into little snack cups and a few really special treats. The marshmallows were served in tiny tin buckets and set in a do-it-yourself “zen garden” for kids. The little fork and spoon were there to groom the sand with! Renee from Bees Knees Creative sent a set of pink and white sea-themed cookies with sea shells and starfish to match the party.

Thank you again to all those who assisted in the production of this party!

Frog Prince Paperie | Paperie, Party Styling & Photography

Jennifer Staples of Party Dreamz | Party Styling

Jill Luecht of Luecht Photography | Photo Editing

Sweet Designs Kitchen | Sandcastle Cake

Bees Knees Creative | Sea-themed Sugar Cookies

Titi’s Tutus | Tutu and Hair Accessories

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