Rosenberry Rooms featured in HGTV Magazine!

hgtv-sept14-cover-scanWe are so excited to be featured in the September 2014 issue of HGTV Magazine – not just once, but three times!lamp-clock-rug

1. Green & Blue Striped Monogram Lamp // 2. Personalized Stripes Wall Clock // 3. Border Monogram Round Rug

At the back of the September 2014 issue is a magazine within the magazine, called HGTV Magazine Kids. The mini-mag features “62 Cool Things For Your Room,” including monogrammed items along the bottom of each page. hgtv-sept14-kids hgtv-sept14-lamp hgtv-sept14-clock hgtv-sept14-rug

Thanks again to HGTV Magazine for including us!


New & Notable Kid's Room Decor!

Fresh and fun decor for kids’ rooms has arrived at Rosenberry Rooms! We are so excited about the new additions and wanted to share with you a few of our favorites. Everything from storage bins to bookends to beanbags, our colorful collection of decor is sure to spark your little one’s imagination and serve practical and functional purposes for you!

kids decor blog

1. Believe and Dance Bookends 2. Alphabet Monsters Throw Pillow 3. Helly Friends Quatrefoil Magnet Board 4. Giraffe Hanging Wall Organizer 5. Script Initial Solid Wall Clock 6. Mini Bull Sky Blue Bean Bag Chair 7. Little Birdies Light Switch Plate Cover 8. Animal Canvas Storage Bin 9. White Scalloped Wall Picture Frame 10. You Are Loved Canvas Wall Art

When it comes to decorating children’s rooms, it’s the little details that really stand out. The whimsical characters present in some of these pieces are playful and fun for your little one and fit in perfectly with your nursery or kids’ room themes. The sweet sayings and inspirational words make a room feel extra special and full of love. To shop these colorful decor items and more, visit!

New: Decor from Twelve Timbers

New to is the wide selection of decorative accessories from Twelve Timbers. The décor from Twelve Timbers is perfect for enhancing your nursery, playroom, kid’s room or teen hangout! Offering everything from a glittering chandelier, to vintage corkboards, to clocks with sweet sayings and adorable wall shapes, this collection of unique décor items puts the perfect finishing touch on any child’s room – and best of all, every piece is customizable!

Some of our favorite items in the Twelve Timbers collection are the wall shapes! From sports themes to jungle animals to glitter flowers and birdies, the selection has all you need to accent your nursery or kid’s room. We love the Glitter Owl Wall Shapes which come in a set of three or the adorable No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed Wall Shapes. Once you’ve chosen the wall shape you like, you can choose from a variety of colors to coordinate with your current décor!

One last thing to mention is the do-it-yourself wall panels! These gorgeous wall panels are meant to work together to create a unique repeat pattern on your wall. You can paint or stain these unfinished wall panels any way you’d like! Some of our favorites are the Framed Flower for a fun, flirty accent or the Brocade for an elegant and sophisticated look. These wall panels are guaranteed to make an impressive statement in any room and they are so simple! See the entire collection from Twelve Timbers here!

Creative Ways To Personalize Your Child's Room

A personal touch makes rooms more welcoming. Being able to add a name, monogram, or just having the freedom to customize colors and patterns helps you create a kid’s room that’s special. At Rosenberry Rooms, you can personalize art, lighting, kids’ bedding, crib bedding, rugs, even furniture to reflect the unique personality of your child.

Take the Sam Crib – it converts to a toddler bed and features three different finishes. What’s really cool about it is the optional Multi-Panel System that gives you a set of coordinated panels to instantly change up the look. Panels attach magnetically, can be monogrammed, and are a fun way to give a modern nursery different faces.

The Walker Bench is a vintage piece. It offers seating, storage, and comes in ten solid or distressed finishes. With the addition of a monogram and a few snazzy cushions, your child will enjoy a treasure that never loses its antique appeal. It has more personality than a classic toy box and still keeps clutter in its place.

It’s easy to get a custom look in a feminine bedroom with the Doodlefish Ballerina Bedding Set. A dazzle of perfectly synced patterns and colors make sweet music in stripes, solids, and polka dots. Scores of compatible optional window treatments are waiting to fashion a girl’s room that’s yummy as bubble gum and just as sweet.

Want to go all out for your baby boy but still keep things simple? Royal Blue Crib Linens by Olena Boyko come with skirt, sheet, blanket, and bumper plus optional diaper stacker and boudoir pillows. Every item can be monogrammed with one of 15 jazzy fonts.

Spice up your child’s room with personalized rugs. The clever Border Rectangle with Animal Print Monogram comes with so many ways to customize it that no two are probably alike. You get to pick the size, color, border color, font style, and finish everything off with a monogram or initial in leopard or zebra.

Keep your child’s room cozy by night with personalized nightlights like the adorable Lil’ T from Oopsy Daisy. For something more exotic, the Pink and Green Tassel Nightlight can be finished with an initial, monogram, or name.

Perhaps the fastest way to customize a child’s room is with vinyl wall decals that look hand-painted. Each set comes in a variety of sizes and scores of decorator colors. Check out the Adventure Plane or the Delightful Elements. Decals make beautiful wall art and won’t harm paint.

These are just a few of the ways you can get personal at Rosenberry Rooms. Customized chairs, step stools, ottomans, storage bins, and plenty of other pieces are all waiting to make your child’s room decidedly one of a kind.

Let Art Be Your Inspiration

A post on Erin Gates’ design blog makes an interesting point. It’s just as easy to design a room around a piece of art as it is to shop for art to match the room.

I decided to put this idea to work on the Rosenberry Rooms website. I began by shopping for an artwork I loved which would then become the inspiration for my room. I was immediately rewarded by a pair of stunning wall murals in which this concept was already (and quite beautifully) illustrated. The Kingdom Wall Mural is the focal point of a perfectly balanced boy’s nursery. A chocolate crib, sky blue crib bedding, and white-with-chocolate bed crown draped in sky blue fabric all frame the mural in princely splendor. This room makes quite a splash! A girl’s nursery, designed around the Toile Nursery Mural, is just as amazing. The palest peachy pink crib bedding partners elegantly with rich espresso crib, armoire, and dresser. A nursery glider, peach accented rug, beige lighting, and boudoir pillow complete an interior that’s truly world class.

Now, the litmus test of this experiment was whether I could find an individual piece of artwork that I loved and design a nursery around it myself! For a girl’s nursery, I chose the Frog and Fairy Vintage Artwork because it’s other-worldly and I like the aura of enchantment. The rich shades of green, gold, rose, and brown are lovely. Would Rosenberry Rooms have what I needed to make it work? I found the Opulence Iron Crib in gold and the ruffly Nicole Crib Bedding in pale peach to be just right. The Bernadini Moss Rug would set off the greens in the canvas, while the Iron Changing Table in gold would compliment the bed. The Gabby Pendant in Chartreuse would provide overhead lighting, while a pair of Gold Leaf Wrought Iron Sconces would give the room a magical glow.

What about a boy’s nursery? I like the Toile Boy Gone Fishing Canvas because it’s gentle, boyish, and the ivory and sky blue colors are serene. The Stationary Sleigh Crib in Natural, along with the Joshua Armoire, also in Natural, compliment the canvas perfectly. The Toile in Blue Crib Linens look like they were designed to match the canvas.The Monterey Dresser would serve as a changing table and, in Distressed White, adds a sprinkle of mix and match to the design. I chose the Vintage Floor Lamp in blue for accent lighting, together with the Jack Shaded Chandelier. It normally sells for $542, but it’s currently on sale for $406.50! The Serengeti Ice Zebra Rug is just perfect for the floor.

Starting with an artwork you love and using it to anchor everything else is a very clever idea. Too often we find ourselves searching for wall art or decor to match a predetermined room. The results can be less than spectacular. But the best thing about “working backwards” is that it helped me to focus on the bigger picture. Rosenberry Rooms’ second-to-none selection helps. This process would be much more difficult if I had to go from one website to another. Happy decorating!


Animated Animal Decor For Kids

What is it about animals? Most of us have a critter (or four), but kids always seem to want more. Why not add some furry love with feisty and fetching animal prints from Rosenberry Rooms? You’ll find everything from peel and stick wall tigers to fuchsia leopard diaper bags!

Car Seat Makeovers
Does your son’s car seat need refreshing? The Zebra Car Seat Cover has a casual, sporty look in relaxed blue denim. For the toddler with a wild side a good choice would be the Funky Zebra Cover! It even comes with optional puddle pad and other extras!

Wild Gift Ideas
The holidays are right around the corner. Do you have a small child on your gift list? The Zebra Ruffle Blanket will be an immediate hit. Arty and stylish, it’ll make history of a tired, shredded blankie that’s finally been outgrown.

Little Rebel Burpies also make a great gift. Three supercharged burp cloths show off an animal print, colorful tattoo art, and blazing flames. This set makes burp time downright exciting!

Too cute to pass up, the Safari Zebra Tooth Fairy Pillow definitely makes up for missing teeth! The plush, pink and black zebra motif has a special pocket to safely stash lost teeth. In the morning, there’s money!

Gentle Creature Wall Art
Enhance a peaceful nursery with serene animal wall art. Our Pink Zebra Canvas quotes Socrates’ “Wisdom Begins In Wonder” in the softest and prettiest of ways. The Wild Safari Wall Hanging is gentle with sweet creatures in soothing colors. It makes a tender appearance, especially when personalized with a name.

Snazzy Animal Floors
Animal prints are a great way to jazz up floors. Treat baby to a plush play mat with the CoziCover in Giraffe. Together with matching baby SoftSpot, it’s as decorative as a rug, and the dense brown and yellow design makes a beautiful frame for a child.

Say “so what” to messes with the Pink Rose Spill Mat. It’s a lovely way to keep spills from spoiling the day! Looking for a boy-friendly rug with a rough-and-tumble spirit? The laid-back Zebra Rug makes a stylish presentation in deep, rich purple, and the nifty design is a perfect foil for occasional muddy footprints.

Leopard Girls’ Bedding
Three cheers for Mother Nature! The girls’ Funky Monkey Bedding Collection sports a warm, leopard print, and that’s just the beginning! Flowers, monkeys, ruffles, and oodles of optional pieces let you take this vivacious decor as far as you want it to go.

Exotic Cheetah Lighting
Animal prints go full tilt n the striking Wild Thing Chandelier! The cheetah print will have your daughter dreaming of Parisian shoes and upscale couture. Pair it with the Cheetah Smooch Canvas for flirty attitude par excellence.

The next time your daughter brings home a stray kitty, suggest that an Animal Print Pettiskirt might be just as nice, and it won’t require feeding! Rosenberry Rooms understands that yet another pet might be unmanageable, but no worries! We have scads of animal print decor that’s as lovable as the real thing.


Amazing Kids Clocks

Just the other day, my four year old asked us if she could have a clock in her room. This really didn’t come as a surprise, since for the past month she has been asking a few times a day what time it is. I decided to start looking at options, since I really don’t want to settle for a plain, black digital plug in. I immediately looked to the selection at Rosenberry Rooms, and was so happy that designers have made it possible to shop for clocks the same way you shop for wall art, or another piece of decor. They have taken something so practical – kids clocks – and transformed them into little works of art and expressions of personal style.

Wall Clocks

Children’s wall clocks are a large portion of what Rosenberry Rooms carries, with an array of styles and options. There are gorgeous clocks from Vintage Artwork, like my all time favorite – Powder Puff Fairy Clock. These wooden clocks are created with vintage images from the early 1900s. These remind me of paintings that you would find gently leaning against the wall in your grandparent’s attic. Pictures and pieces of art from their childhood that spark stories of days gone by, when life was a little less hectic. The artwork itself is just adorable – almost magical – and with simple black hands and numbers, these kids clocks will work with any decor. Some of the other creations include Aviation Little Boy Clock, and Red Wagon Clock.

A newer addition to Rosenberry Rooms is the collection of adorable kids cuckoo clocks in various colors with a fun twist. Each one features a farm or jungle character instead of the traditional bird, and on the hour, when the little animal pops out, you will hear them “moo”, “neigh”, ‘woof”, etc! I love the color combinations as well: pink and brown = EleCoo Cuckoo Clock; tan and brown = BarkCoo Cuckoo Clock; orange and green = WhinnyCoo Cuckoo Clock; and several others. These kids clocks take a traditional concept and make it fit in with current day styles and decor trends.

Some other wall clocks that stand out to me are the ones by Oopsy Daisy. These wall clocks are stretched canvases with a clock component – actual works of art that also tell time! It is hard not to mention every one of these, since I am a HUGE fan of Oopsy Daisy art, but one that stands out to me is the City Sidewalk – Boy. In this particular one, the clock is on the tower of the city library and the whole scene is lighthearted and fun – boys will have a blast looking at all the details in this piece over and over again.

The last group of wall clocks that I would like to mention really suit an older child more because of their style (most of them do not have the numbers 1-12 on them, making it impractical for a young child who does not know how to tell time.) One of these is the Ball Wall Clock – bright colors, geometric shapes, and the use of different materials gives this kids clock a decidedly modern feel. The rest of this collection is filled with similar retro-styled clocks, utilizing modern materials and fonts.

Table Clocks

There may be just a small selection of table clocks at Rosenberry Rooms, but they are definitely worth mentioning, because of their unique and fun designs. The Pink and Brown Flower Table Clock is one of many by Wish Upon A Star that are all hand-painted and custom made. The craftsmanship of these clocks is great, and the options for both boys and girls are just begging to be brought home and placed proudly on a hutch, bookshelf or nightstand. For boys, the Train Table Clock will look just right in the nursery or a toddler’s bedroom. This collection also offers other pieces of matching decor, such as bookends, tissue box covers, picture frames and wastebaskets, making it easy to pull a themed room together.

There is also a collection that includes old-fashioned double bell alarm clocks in small and large sizes, offered in either chrome, bronze or black. This same company has a variety of novelty clocks like the Character Flip Desktop Clock, Two-Tire Desktop Alarm Clock, and Modern Moving Gear Desktop Clock – all very unique and special.

Wrapping up the table clocks, I have to highlight some really fun options for sports fans of any age. The Soccer Bouncing Alarm Clock is one of six styles by My Sports Clock that give boys and girls a fun (and unique) way of turning off their morning alarm – by throwing it! This is a fun option for kids who play or have a favorite sport.

These kids clocks just highlight some of your options at Rosenberry Rooms. If you are interested in a first-time clock for your curious toddler, or in need of something that will motivate your child to get up in time for school, this is the place to find a kids clock that is both functional and stylish.

Adriana M Dehring

A Closer Look at Personalized Growth Charts

When I was born, my Dad likes to say, I was small enough that he could hold me on his arm between his hand and elbow. Well, a number of years (we won’t say how many) have gone by, and that is no longer the case. Nowadays, he can hug me, but he certainly can’t pick me up – and definitely not on one arm! When you think about the way your children grow up over the years, having a record of the interim times – particularly the younger years – can help provide a much-loved and treasured visual demonstration of just how far your little one has come. Finding a personalized growth chart that you can use to track the inches as your child grows not only gives you a quantifiable account of their growth, but it lets your children feel accomplished and special as they grow up!

Here at Rosenberry Rooms, there are over a hundred options for personalized growth charts for your home and child. You can opt for animal-theme looks like the Sweet Bunny Growth Chart, the Pink Monkeying Around Growth Chart and the Gillespie Giraffe Growth Charts in both Pink and blue. Little boys will find the Vintage Sports Growth Chart to be a great way of connecting with their interests in sports and sports teams, while those who are interested in transportation will find the Trains, Planes and Trucks Growth Chart to be more inspirational. For girls, the Afternoon Gossip in Pink and Green Growth Chart makes use of bright colors to paint an image of your daughter’s growth over her childhood years.

Beyond those very creative pieces of art, there are some other options that stand out to me because they are definitely unique. One example is the Surf Board Growth Chart by ecotots which is Earth-friendly and can double as a coat rack when rotated! Another example is the Tree Growth Chart Fabric Wall Decal by Petit Collage. The benefits of this one? It is removable and reusable so it can travel from room to room or house to house if needed, while offering a truly whimsical and fun piece of visual art on the wall!

Aside from letting you keep track of how long it takes your child to achieve a certain height, what are the other reasons it’s nice to keep a growth chart for each of your children? The best part, as I see it, is that with a personalized growth chart you’re able to take your measurements with you wherever you go. When I was young, my mom had my brother, sister and I stand in front of a door frame to chart our growth; this was all well and good until we moved to a new house, when I was about twelve. My sister was still young enough that her growth chart could start over again in the new place, but for my brother and I, those dramatic leaps in height that make up so much of a child’s early years were forever lost.

Don’t let the same thing happen to your child – pick out a personalized growth chart that will be a stylish and special reminder treasured for many years!


Stunning Color Combinations for Kids' Rooms

Hey Mom and Dad! With changing seasons, everyone likes to spruce things up a little around the house – why not bring your kids in on the action? There are plenty of great color combinations you can rely on to bring a sense of style and fun to your kids’ rooms.

Orange and Blue
These color wheel opposites (neither has any element of the other in its color makeup) can create a striking and captivating color pattern for any room. It’s perfect for boys’ rooms and playrooms, particularly if you throw a splash of green or yellow into the mix. Find great options for kids accessories like step stools, as well as crib linens, and cool chalk boards, just to name a few of the possibilities. Younger boys will love the bright colors, and as they grow older they’ll be able to make connections between their walls and interests like animals, cars, sports teams, and more.

Red and Black
These hot colors are enjoying a renaissance on the style scene, thanks to adoring treatment by the costume directors of films like the recent “Alice in Wonderland.” Black and red contrast in a bold ways and while they might seem too heavy as colors for springtime or summer, when properly incorporated into a child’s decor they can actually exude a feeling that is warm and inviting. Make a statement with a fabulous rug that stands on its own and also ties together the simple color scheme. Bring an interesting touch in with the Tire clock that blends well with other pieces in the room while carrying its own “wow” factor. The Marimekko Kaivo Beanbag from Fatboy offers not only the perfect seating for a child, but the bold pattern captures the energy that pairing red and black together can have.

Pink and Grey
Pink and grey are primarily appropriate as accent colors on items for very small children, particularly newborn girls. The soft shades can make a baby’s environment welcoming and soothing – two things that can help make sure mommy and daddy get plenty of sleep! Amazing wall decor in the form of panels with girls’ names personalized onto them can make for wonderful keepsakes that will remain with newborns throughout their lives. For older girls who are looking for a fun and feminine color for their playtime escapades, there’s the 1932 Pink Roaster Pedal Car that will keep them cruising in style. A great over-sized blanket is sure to become a little girl’s favorite with whimsical and simple patterns in tones of berry and slate that are stunning and timeless. Modern lighting like a sconce from Maura Daniel offers a shade in soft pink, perfectly paired with the grey tone of the metal base – both modern and feminine at the same time.

When you’re looking at children’s rooms, picking color combinations that complement each other while setting an appropriately relaxed atmosphere can help make sure that your child loves spending time in their room. Coherent color schemes can also help prepare children to start making their own assessments of interior decorating and how they experience color, showing examples of ways to pick other complimentary items of furniture and décor.


How to Use Lighting Effectively

Moroccan Pink Pendant

One of the least expensive and most effective ways to either transform or heighten the look of your room is through making careful decisions about how you incorporate lighting into your home décor. Different kinds of rooms call for different types of lighting – for example, the soft, restful glow of a 60W bulb might be perfect for the bedroom or nursery, but in the bathroom you want a bright, clear view of yourself that makes daylight-level lights & lights with multiple options in terms of wattage desirable. Aside from the quality of the light itself, the appearance of a lighting fixture can have an effect on the style of the room.

Children’s rooms need several different types of lights in order to cater to each of a child’s different needs. During the daytime, you’re likely to want an overhead light – perhaps set into one of our ceiling fixtures, or combined with a ceiling fan. These lights offer great visibility from a single light source, while fans can help cut down on the cost of air conditioning a room in the summertime. In the evening, as you help coax your child to sleep, a floor or table lamp can help bring light – and energy – levels lower. Either of these can be decorated by a number of shades, which can be great money savers if you just need to redo a few old lamp bases.

Black Flounce Shade

Once your child is ready for bed, you can look to some of the adorable night lights available at Rosenberry Rooms, finding adorable designs like the Frog Friends Nightlight or a Jellybean Tree Nightlight. These cute, creative nightlights cast a warm and cheerful glow over your child’s room at night, chasing away nightmares and helping your child ease off into their nightly slumber.

On The Road Again Lamp

Children’s rooms aren’t the only ones that can be transformed through light! One of the most popular places for hanging ceiling fixtures is in the dining room, where children and adults alike can admire an ornate piece as it hangs above. Look for fun pieces like the Posey Teapot Five Arm Chandelier or the Cole Double Drum Pendant Chandelier if you’re looking to decorate a more public space in the house, while a child’s playroom can be dressed up with the Clouds Overhead Light Fixture, which also goes great in a newborn’s nursery.

Although it may seem like an afterthought, including a well-designed and carefully-chosen ceiling medallion in your plans when you add new light fixtures to your rooms can help make a bare bulb look like it’s been there forever. Call on our Floral Wreath Ceiling Medallion in White, the Pink Rose Jeweled Ceiling Medallion, the more traditional Large Lauderdale Ceiling Medallion in White and many other possible selections. Each ceiling medallion displays a subtle difference from the next, allowing you to customize and change this aspect of your room’s lighting and home décor!


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