Make Mini Tissue Tassels with Holly!

Post by Holly Moeller of Paper Crush


I’m loving the tissue tassel trend for party accessories right now – there are so many fun ways to use them and dress up your parties! I finally sat down and made some large ones; they were pretty easy and I got the hang of it after a couple of tries.

Then I thought to myself…boy these sure would be cute in a mini version, wouldn’t they??!!

And thus the mini tissue tassels were born. I quickly added them to some long skewers to easily dress up a simple white cake.Mini-Tissue-Tassel-Supplies


  • Tissue paper
  • Cutting Mat
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Straight Edge/Craft Ruler
  • Twine

One piece of tissue paper will make 4 mini tissue tassels.Mini-Tissue-Tassels-Steps-1

1. Start with a piece of tissue paper (mine was 20″ x 20″)

2. Fold the paper in half from top to bottom

3. Fold in half the other way (from left to right)

4. Fold in half again from left to right. You should now have a piece folded tissue paper that measures 5″ wide by 10″ long.Mini-Tissue-Tassels-Steps-2

5. With folds on the left and bottom, cut your paper to 4 inches

6. Rotate paper so that folds are at the top and left. Start on the right side and cut 1/4″ sections from the bottom up, leaving approx. 1 inch uncut at the top

7. Cut entire width of paper from right to left in 1/4″ sectionsMini-Tissue-Tassels-Steps-3

8. Unfold cut paper one time.

9. Cut down the middle of your paper all the way through to the top, giving you two sections.

10. One section will remain folded. Unfold this section and cut down the middle all the way through.

11. Now you will have 4 sections of paper.Mini-Tissue-Tassel-Steps-4

12. Unfold one section and open so that fringe is on the outside.

13. Start at the bottom of your section and roll up to the top, untangling fringe as you go, if needed.

14. Once at the top, this is what your tassel will look like.Mini-Tissue-Tassel-Steps-5

15. Find the center of your tassel and twist the tassel around the skinny end of a pen to form your loop.

16. Continue twisting

17. Twist tassel around the pen approximately 2-3 times.

18. The finished product.

I know this seems like a lot of steps, but once you do it a couple of times, it will seriously only take you about 5 minutes to make 4 mini garlands.Pretty-Mini-Tissue-TasselsThis poof of pretty mini tissue tassels makes me smile!Circle-of-Pretty-DIY-Mini-Tissue-TasselsThe last step to create a garland is to tie your tassels onto a piece of twine or string.Mini-Tissue-Tassel-Garland-CloseupTo add to a cake for a sweet topper, simply tie your twine onto 2 bamboo skewers and insert into cake.Mini-Tissue-Tassel-Garland-2To create a similar cake using the colors of your party, I purchased a plain white 8″ cake from Walmart. Then I added pearl sixlets around the top and alternated sixlets with sour balls around the base of the cake. This is a simple and inexpensive cake that anyone can easily make.Mini-Tissue-Tassel-Garland-Cake Mini-Tissue-Tassel-Garland-Cake-Top-View


With a passion for party and event planning, Holly Moeller started Paper Crush to share ideas and projects, and to inspire others when planning their next event.

Personalize Valentine's Day with PSA Essentials

Valentine’s Day is made for letting loved one’s know how special they are. It is a day for love, friendship and appreciation. Making cards and passing cards in class is a long-time tradition on Valentine’s Day. Get out your construction paper, glue, scissors, and PSA Essentials stamps! Using a stamp not only gives your cards an old-school feel, but also allows you to effortlessly add a personal touch to every card you make!

PSA Essentials is showing you lots of easy ways you can use these fun and trendy stamps on your Valentine’s Day cards this year!
Valentine's Day CardsThe talented design team at PSA Essentials has made some beautiful, handmade Valentine’s Day cards over the years. Here are some of their favorites using a variety of the Peel & Stick stamps! These cards use the ‘Love Birds’ and ‘Mr. & Mrs.’ Peel & Stick Stamps in a variety of ways and styles.

SideBySide_1Designer Stephanie Jones created treat bags that make great Valentine’s Day party favors or a special treat to send in your kid’s lunch box! Of course, the tags are stamped! Too cute!

SideBySideBesides the Peel & Stick Stamps, PSA Essentials offers a wide variety of Personalized Self-Inking Stamps. These personalized stamps offer a stylish and easy way to add your return addresses or monogram to any invitation, card or craft project!

PersonalizedStampDon’t forget that Valentine’s Day is not the only holiday to use PSA Essentials’ stamps! Anything from baby announcements, wedding invitations and other holidays are the perfect occasion to easily use a PSA Essentials stamp!

DIY – Upcycled Menagerie!

For all you DIY-ers, we’ve got a really fun project for you and your little one to work on together provided by one of our Creative Contributors, Aaron Christensen of Embellishments Kids! Aaron shows us how to create charming animal sculptures for your child’s room using recyclables you already have at home. These are perfect for the little animal lover or safari themed kid’s room and offer a creative and crafty project for you and your son or daughter to do together! Check out the details from Aaron below and be sure to visit his blog, Embellishments Kids, for an awesome giveaway announcement!

Create fun fauna with everyday recyclables.

Take a long hard look in your recycling bin. It’s crawling with creatures great and small!  Hopefully, not real ones, but fun future faux ones.  Utilizing a few inexpensive supplies and some easy to follow instructions, you and your kiddies can imagine and create artistic fauna decor for their rooms.

As a kid space designer, it is my goal is to have every child’s room be an expression of their personality, creativity and uniqueness.  Quite often, I’ll have the child work with me on a craft project or an art assignment that we will use as decor, in the room.  Kids love to have their art and handicraft on their own walls.  To inspire you, here’s a collection of animal sculptures I created using readily available recyclables.

Taking cues from the kid’s modern movement, your animals can be painted simply, monochromatic or decoupaged with colorful tissue or patterned fabric.  An artistic zoo of animal sculptures would make a great party craft idea, school auction project or make for a fun room decoration.

A wide array of animals can be created with a little ingenuity and an eye for utilizing or altering the shapes of containers.  For something different, cover them with old maps, dictionary pages, clip art or paint them with fun patterns.

Exploring a theme, for your menagerie, can enhance your existing room design or add an eclectic and artistic feel to the space.  Ideas inspired by the a jungle, farm, forest or the sea can offer unlimited animal possibilities. Or, for something different, you can consider making robots, friendly monsters or aliens.

Step-by-step instructions, downloadable templates for the wall mounts and a supply list are provided on my blog found here.

Get your hands dirty, get crafty!

Aaron Christensen is an artist, designer and father of two.  Through his company Embellishments Kids, he designs children’s rooms and spaces, products and creates art in his Portland, Oregon based studio.

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