In My Diaper Bag with Katy of Caden Lane!

In our newest edition of “What’s In My Diaper Bag”, we decided to branch out and ask other Moms about their diaper bag essentials! Today’s list of diaper bag must-haves comes to us from Katy Mimari, founder and designer of the Caden Lane collection of baby and kids bedding, decor and gifts! You might remember our post showing her adorable Pink, Teal and Chevron Nursery for her youngest, Lila. As a mother of three, Katy has a lot of great insight into which necessities you can’t leave the house without. Be sure to check out the last one on her list…it’s sure to give you a little chuckle.

What's In My Diaper Bag with Katy Mimari

I had my third baby 5 months ago… you’d think that makes me a diaper bag pro, right? Wrong. I swear I still forget something every day! But here are my essentials that are ALWAYS in my bag…

1. Consuela Classic Tote – Zoe This is my bag of choice at the moment. It’s not really a diaper bag, but the entire bag is made with a plastic lined fabric, and you could spill a bottle of milk and pour a bucket of sand into it and it would STILL wipe clean! Best. Diaperbag. Ever.

2. iPhone and Monogram Case – And I can’t go anywhere without my iphone, which is currently dressed in my 3 favorite obsessions (pink and navy, chevron, and a monogram)!

3. Paisley Planner – Call me old school, but I like to carry around an actual day planner. There’s something rewarding about scratching off the to-do list as I accomplish it, and I can keep all of my kiddos birthday party invites in order!

4. Changing Pads – I use the disposable changing pads (there’s nothing more gross than putting a dirty changing pad BACK into your diaper bag)

5. Diaper Ointment – A few diapers, the disposable wipes pack… and my favorite diaper rash cream EVER. I swear this stuff works magic.

6. Pacifier – And multiple paci’s (at least one with bling on it – I have to, I’m from Texas)

7. Burp Cloths – I always have at least two burps cloths in my bag (my babies are all spitter-uppers), and my favorites are from our Limited Edition Collection – soooo super soft!

8. Swaddle Wraps – My favorite swaddle blanket (the bamboo is sooooo much better than the originals!)

9. Wine…for my sanity.  (Okay, this really isn’t in my diaper bag. But it should be!!!)

Do your diaper bag must-haves match up to Katy’s? If you have essentials you’d like to share with other moms, please leave a note in the comments below!

Kid's Room Design Trends for 2012!

In her latest article for, Rosenberry Rooms’ owner, Susie Fougerousse comments on the trends in design for children’s spaces this year. One of Susie’s favorite things about designing kids’ rooms is that there are no rules or limitations when it comes to designing a space for a child, you can really just have fun. She also explains that although there are always hot colors and popular patterns, most children’s themes never really go out of style, they sometimes simply need a refresher!

With the help of some other creative minds like Aaron Christensen of Embellishments Kids, Naomi Alon and Gerri Panebianco of Little Crown Interiors and Katy Mimari of Caden Lane, you will find a few fresh takes on these classic motifs. Also, make sure to check out the full article (plus photo inspiration) over on!

Circus Charm

“The darling of the Pinterest crowd birthday themes- Circus, will edge its way off the cake table and into the kiddies rooms. The big top combination of eclectic patterns, animal motifs, vintage typography and the classic stripe will charm the little ones. The market’s dazzling array of iron cribs and traditional wooden crib styles will lend nicely to this fun and dynamic theme. Honey toned yellows, teal blues, grayed greens and faded reds are the incoming colors of the circus fans. But don’t be surprised if you see circus themes in soft pastels and unexpected color ways. Sorry clowns, you’re still too scary to be chic again. Maybe next year.” – Aaron Christensen

Science Style

“We’ve seen old school items like maps and globes play heavily into children’s decor, now it’s time to broaden the mind through the other sciences. The addition of biology, ecology, entomology and zoology will compliment the geology trend and bring brains, as well as beauty, to kids room design. Plants, bugs, molecules, hexagons and all things scientific are garnering interest. Brilliant minded rooms will call out for all the colors of the rainbow, in muted tones.” – Aaron Christensen

Forest Flair

“Moms, Dads and designers alike will applaud the trending of Mother Nature’s graphic palette going beyond the tree silhouette and birds, birds and more birds (yes, that includes owls). Forest friends like the fox, bear and raccoon are traveling into the scene and they’re bringing all kinds of patterns with them. You’ll see more wood grain, colorful florals, botanicals and oversized retro variations of plaid mixing in with the funky geometrics we see now. Decor items with a simple, made at summer camp feeling to them will also capture our hearts.” – Aaron Christensen

Chevron Chic

Chevron has definitely made a name for itself in the design world this year. This retro zigzag design has been updated with current colors and is showing up everywhere in children’s rooms from the floors to the walls. “The mod print brings a bold statement on rugs, curtains and bedding and is an easy way to add a pop of color to any room design,” according to bedding designer Katy Mimari of Caden Lane.

Fun Fonts

The personalize-it craze is another trend in kids’ room design that is here to stay. Naomi Alon and Gerri Panebianco, the design team that makes up Little Crown Interiors, a full-service interior design firm, say that finding new and fresh ways to display a child’s name is one of the year’s biggest trends. Update this idea by trying new things like an oversized wall monogram as the focal point of the room or using the classic wooden wall letters but in fun, innovative fonts for a fresh take on a tried-and-true trend.

Looking forward to seeing what 2013 has in store! Happy decorating!

Lila's Teal, Pink & Chevron Nursery!

Designer and creator of Caden Lane, Katy Mimari recently shared with us the pictures from her most recent nursery design! Who is the nursery for? Herself and her baby girl on the way! Naturally, Katy chose one of her own crib bedding sets for the room (from her newest Ikat Collection) and used this to build out her color palette. With bold and bright pink and beautiful tiffany blue, this fun and funky nursery exudes what Caden Lane is all about! Check out the images below and hear some helpful tips from Katy for designing something similar in your own home.

Where do you start when designing a room? Describe your design process.

Well – each time is different, but I’d say I pick a color palette and go with it! I started the design process of our new Ikat Collection before I found out I was expecting, but I always find myself designing the fabrics with a “potential” nursery in mind! So, when I found out I was expecting a baby girl… I was already half way through the design process! I think when decorating any nursery or child’s room, it should start with the textiles & bedding, and move from there. Think of it as your color wheel to accessorize. I love bright & colorful children’s rooms, they grow with the child so easily, and you’ve got the rest of the house to keep in the “neutral” color palette!

How did you decide on your color scheme?

I can’t get enough of pink and teal! And not the traditional light pink… bright, bold, & beautiful! The teal has two shades, which I used throughout the room, and I love the peachy chevron wall – pink would have been the obvious choice, but I think the peachy color is so much less expected and funky!

What is your favorite part about the room?

Okay, the chevron bedding, obviously right?  But… I will say, I’m LOVING the wall art! It was so inexpensive to make, and I’ve always loved inspirational quotes & sayings, and if I had to sum up 6 words of advice for my baby girl, “Dream Big, Sparkle More, and Shine Bright” would be perfect words of wisdom! The frames were inexpensive finds too – I ordered them online and painted them with the different colors to match. I then bought the glass from the dollar store, and printed the wall art on photopaper! I think all the wall art in total was less than $100! I also love that the entire room was designed with growth in mind. I imagine the frame collage wall over her big girl bed, and the hot pink dresser covered with pictures of her friends & favorite finds…. And I don’t have to worry about finding bedding to coordinate b/c the same fabrics as the crib bedding come in twin/full/queen too!

Do you have any advice for someone wanting to design a similar room?

Don’t be afraid of color! Two, three, even four colors can take a room from weak to WOW! I wanted the dark pink to be a strong accent color in the design, so I looked for accessories that featured the darker pink. When I found that AMAZING scalloped dresser from Newport Cottages, I knew that was KEY in tying in the dark pink on the bumpers… it matches perfectly! Oh – one more great DIY tip! I hot glued the rosette trim I found at a local craft store to solid white curtain panels… I love how it frames the windows, and it was a cheap alternative to custom curtains!

Bright New Bedding from Caden Lane!

Caden Lane designer Katy Mimari is know for her bold, fun and funky bedding designs and her newest Ikat Collection is no exception. This gorgeous new collection includes a combination of chevron, ikat and diamond prints making this bedding both unique and completely on trend! With a bright color palette, these new bedding sets are sure to be the centerpiece of any nursery or kid’s room. This collection is now available for pre-order on and will undoubtedly become one of our most popular collections. Check out some of the photos below and you will see why!

The new Lila Crib Bedding set features a fun chevron and diamond print in shades of pink and aqua.

If you are looking for new bedding for your daughter’s big girl room, the new Ikat Pink Duvet is a great choice! This duvet cover is available in twin and full/queen sizes and features a reversible design with many coordinating accessories!

The new Asher Bedding Set and Ikat Blue designs could be used in either a boy’s or girl’s room. This design includes similar prints but in shades of blue, yellow and gray.

As usual, Caden Lane has carries these beautiful new prints into on-the-go accessories for your little one too! Adorable ruffle blankets, shopping cart covers, burp cloths, bibs and more are also available in these signature styles. Bring some fun to your nursery or kid’s room with these stylish new bedding sets and accessories from Caden Lane!

Celebrity Nursery Design Reveal – Ashlee Simpson!

Singer Ashlee Simpson, sister of finally-confirmed pregnant, Jessica Simpson, had a Disney inspired nursery designed for her son, Bronx. She even hired an actual Disney artist to create the murals in the room around the interior design. We had the pleasure of catching up with the designer, Katy Mimari of Caden Lane, for an inside look into the inspiration for the room and what it was like to work for the Simpson-Wentz family!

Is this the first celebrity nursery you’ve designed?

No, we’ve worked with many celebrities over the years! But Ashlee is definitely one of my favorites.

What was the inspiration for the design?

Ashlee & Pete loved Winnie the Pooh, but wanted a modern take on it. The murals were actually designed by one of the Disney artists, and were created around the nursery design. I love how Pooh is looking into the crib, and Tigger is drawing on the chalk board (which can be drawn on, and used as an easel – something I’m sure Bronx is enjoying as he gets older)!

What was Ashlee’s decorating style? Did she give you any direction? (Must-haves, definitely-nots)

She wanted modern furniture, and clean lines…. But didn’t want to avoid color! The room was large, with three sets of French doors, so we were able to create three different spaces in the nursery: (1) the nursery wall with the crib & changer, a play area for toys & the rocker, and a day bed that floated in front of the French doors with extra storage on the side. Plenty of room for the entire family to hang out in the nursery!

What was it like working for Ashlee Simpson and family?

Ashlee and her family were just wonderful! They are originally from Texas, where we are based out of, so we immediately clicked – Texas style! We are so excited for Jessica, and hope to be working with her on her first nursery too!

What is your favorite part of the room?

The bedding of course! I love how we took a traditional theme, and modernized it. The colors and prints in the textiles work perfectly with the design of the room, giving everything a color palette to work from. I’m not big on themed rooms, but I’ve got to admit – this is the most FABULOUS Winnie the Pooh nursery I’ve ever seen!

Here are just a few items you can find in the room!  On the crib, you see bedding made from the Caden Lane Blue Circle Dot Fabric as well as the Blue Stripe and Blue Dot Line fabrics for a gorgeously coordinated set. Caden Lane Classic Blue Bedding with accents from the Classic Red Collection on the twin bed for when Bronx is ready for a big boy bed.

Also spread throughout the room are various large and small Blabla dolls which add such a playful feel as well as the Silly Soft Seating in orange and blue (how cute are these guys?!) and Orange Clothes Tree from P’kolino. The modern furniture is the Aerial Crib and Two Wide Changing Table from NurseryWorks and if you look closely you can see baby blankets from My Blankee and the Favorite Things Alphabet Boy Canvas Reproduction from Oopsy Daisy!

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