Bella's Purple & White Big Girl Room!

We love scouring Instagram and finding photos tagged with #rosenberryrooms that show off our customers’ gorgeous rooms and how they used our products! It is so rewarding to see our items in their true environments.

This customer put together a gorgeous big-girl room for her daughter, Bella. We love the purple walls – they really make the Beach Cottage Day Bed and custom wall letters really stand out! And the storage under the bed? Amazing! A great place to keep all the toys off the floor!

bellas-big-girl-bedWe hope Bella loves her new room as much as we do! What do you think?

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Girl's Carnival Bedroom Design Inspiration!

If you are in need of inspiration for decorating your baby’s nursery or son or daughter’s room, has a whole section of design boards to inspire every room style! Click through our Designer Nurseries, Girls Rooms and Boys Rooms, for theme inspiration, color palette ideas and suggestions for which products to pair together for a special design that looks like it was created by a pro!

Girls Room with Carnival Theme

Our latest design board is for a girl’s room with a modernized Carnival theme. Full of whimsy and vintage charm, the Carnival Bedroom is reminscient of county fairs, twinkling carousel lights, and darling antique signs. Inspired by the playful bunting pattern on the Garland Duvet by DwellStudio, this girl’s bedroom is pretty and cheerful.

DwellStudio Garland Duvet Set

With solid wood furniture by both Young America and Newport Cottages, this is one bedroom set that will grow with your child. The Abigail Collection by Young America is sophisticated and feminine with dainty details.

belcourt bed young america beverly dresser

Complement these pieces with a pop of color on the Beverly Dresser!

Wall collages are all the rage and these stunning vintage frames are the perfect way to showcase your child’s favorite memories and photos.

Custom Picture Frames

We tied the look together with crisp white lighting by Maura Daniel, a durable flat-weave trellis rug by Surya, and a sweet personalized banner by Twelve Timbers.

To see the full room design board and to purchase all the suggested pieces, visit or click here!

Rosenberry Rooms Featured on The Doctors TV Show!

The Doctors, a spin-off of Dr. Phil, is a daytime talk show that features a “dream team” of medical professionals covering various health-related topics and answering audience and viewer questions. The Doctors include ER physician Dr. Travis Stork, OB/GYN Lisa Masterson, plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon, and pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears. The March 13th episode of the show centered around solving one problem, three ways.  The problem: children who aren’t sleeping in their own beds at night.  Specifically, the show centers around the O’Hara family, and their 5 year old daughter Ella, who’s sleeping in her parent’s bed at night.  The solutions: A pediatric approach by Dr. Sears, a consultation with a professional sleep expert, and a room makeover and Q & A with our friends and celebrity interior designers Naomi Alon & Gerri Panebianco of Little Crown Interiors!

After being approached with the request to create a new room for Ella, Gerri and Naomi reached out to us knowing that we could provide beautiful furniture and decor to help create a calming and special space that would hopefully encourage Ella to sleep in her own room. When designing the room, Gerri and Naomi knew there were some key factors that needed addressing and chose pieces that would provide a solution for the O’Hara family. They knew they needed to make the room more age appropriate, increase the comfort factor and even include black out drapes over the windows to minimize the “scary” factor. Take a look at the completed room below as well as a rundown of all the gorgeous products included in the room!

In order to increase the comfort factor and to encourage better sleeping habits, the ladies at Little Crown placed the bed in the center of the room and chose bold bedding and accessories from the Annabella Collection on The Tufted Upholstered Headboard, Annabella Bed Cornice and Panels really serve to create an oasis for Ella where she can feel cozy and safe and inevitably sleep more soundly.

They also chose furniture from the stunning Venezia Collection by Creations Baby Furniture. The creamy vanilla finish and feminine detailing in these pieces coordinated perfectly with the rest of the bedroom décor.

For when Ella isn’t sleeping and is just hanging out in her new space, she can lounge on the super cool child-sized Ava Sofa by Jennifer Delonge! This stylish sofa brings a modern element to the room and certainly makes Ella feel like she’s got her own hip hangout.

Tying everything together, Gerri and Naomi chose other great decor items for the space. The rug is the Cherry Blossom Pink Rug from The Rug Market adding some whimsy to the room while providing a soft foundation for little feet. On the nightstand is the Small Luca Pink Lamp Shade by Maura Daniel for story time before bedtime, and on the wall is the Bella Rose Clock by Charn & Company to help symbolize when it’s time to go to sleep.

Lastly, the gorgeous details on the wall are Ella’s initials in metallic gold using Little Crown Interiors very own Wooden Wall Monogram. On a background of hand-painted flowers with rhinestone accents, this stunning addition truly brings the whole room together and makes it unique and special, just for Ella.

The completed room is absolutely stunning and little Ella was so excited to have a new place all her own! Check out the video of the entire segment below to see her adorable reaction to her beautiful new room (not to mention Dr. Stork gives us a shout-out ;)).

A big thank you to Little Crown Interiors and The Doctors for including us in this awesome opportunity! If you are interested in getting a gorgeous room makeover for your little one or would like to have your nursery designed by the talented Gerri and Naomi, be sure to visit them at!

Animated Animal Decor For Kids

What is it about animals? Most of us have a critter (or four), but kids always seem to want more. Why not add some furry love with feisty and fetching animal prints from Rosenberry Rooms? You’ll find everything from peel and stick wall tigers to fuchsia leopard diaper bags!

Car Seat Makeovers
Does your son’s car seat need refreshing? The Zebra Car Seat Cover has a casual, sporty look in relaxed blue denim. For the toddler with a wild side a good choice would be the Funky Zebra Cover! It even comes with optional puddle pad and other extras!

Wild Gift Ideas
The holidays are right around the corner. Do you have a small child on your gift list? The Zebra Ruffle Blanket will be an immediate hit. Arty and stylish, it’ll make history of a tired, shredded blankie that’s finally been outgrown.

Little Rebel Burpies also make a great gift. Three supercharged burp cloths show off an animal print, colorful tattoo art, and blazing flames. This set makes burp time downright exciting!

Too cute to pass up, the Safari Zebra Tooth Fairy Pillow definitely makes up for missing teeth! The plush, pink and black zebra motif has a special pocket to safely stash lost teeth. In the morning, there’s money!

Gentle Creature Wall Art
Enhance a peaceful nursery with serene animal wall art. Our Pink Zebra Canvas quotes Socrates’ “Wisdom Begins In Wonder” in the softest and prettiest of ways. The Wild Safari Wall Hanging is gentle with sweet creatures in soothing colors. It makes a tender appearance, especially when personalized with a name.

Snazzy Animal Floors
Animal prints are a great way to jazz up floors. Treat baby to a plush play mat with the CoziCover in Giraffe. Together with matching baby SoftSpot, it’s as decorative as a rug, and the dense brown and yellow design makes a beautiful frame for a child.

Say “so what” to messes with the Pink Rose Spill Mat. It’s a lovely way to keep spills from spoiling the day! Looking for a boy-friendly rug with a rough-and-tumble spirit? The laid-back Zebra Rug makes a stylish presentation in deep, rich purple, and the nifty design is a perfect foil for occasional muddy footprints.

Leopard Girls’ Bedding
Three cheers for Mother Nature! The girls’ Funky Monkey Bedding Collection sports a warm, leopard print, and that’s just the beginning! Flowers, monkeys, ruffles, and oodles of optional pieces let you take this vivacious decor as far as you want it to go.

Exotic Cheetah Lighting
Animal prints go full tilt n the striking Wild Thing Chandelier! The cheetah print will have your daughter dreaming of Parisian shoes and upscale couture. Pair it with the Cheetah Smooch Canvas for flirty attitude par excellence.

The next time your daughter brings home a stray kitty, suggest that an Animal Print Pettiskirt might be just as nice, and it won’t require feeding! Rosenberry Rooms understands that yet another pet might be unmanageable, but no worries! We have scads of animal print decor that’s as lovable as the real thing.


A Closer Look at Personalized Growth Charts

When I was born, my Dad likes to say, I was small enough that he could hold me on his arm between his hand and elbow. Well, a number of years (we won’t say how many) have gone by, and that is no longer the case. Nowadays, he can hug me, but he certainly can’t pick me up – and definitely not on one arm! When you think about the way your children grow up over the years, having a record of the interim times – particularly the younger years – can help provide a much-loved and treasured visual demonstration of just how far your little one has come. Finding a personalized growth chart that you can use to track the inches as your child grows not only gives you a quantifiable account of their growth, but it lets your children feel accomplished and special as they grow up!

Here at Rosenberry Rooms, there are over a hundred options for personalized growth charts for your home and child. You can opt for animal-theme looks like the Sweet Bunny Growth Chart, the Pink Monkeying Around Growth Chart and the Gillespie Giraffe Growth Charts in both Pink and blue. Little boys will find the Vintage Sports Growth Chart to be a great way of connecting with their interests in sports and sports teams, while those who are interested in transportation will find the Trains, Planes and Trucks Growth Chart to be more inspirational. For girls, the Afternoon Gossip in Pink and Green Growth Chart makes use of bright colors to paint an image of your daughter’s growth over her childhood years.

Beyond those very creative pieces of art, there are some other options that stand out to me because they are definitely unique. One example is the Surf Board Growth Chart by ecotots which is Earth-friendly and can double as a coat rack when rotated! Another example is the Tree Growth Chart Fabric Wall Decal by Petit Collage. The benefits of this one? It is removable and reusable so it can travel from room to room or house to house if needed, while offering a truly whimsical and fun piece of visual art on the wall!

Aside from letting you keep track of how long it takes your child to achieve a certain height, what are the other reasons it’s nice to keep a growth chart for each of your children? The best part, as I see it, is that with a personalized growth chart you’re able to take your measurements with you wherever you go. When I was young, my mom had my brother, sister and I stand in front of a door frame to chart our growth; this was all well and good until we moved to a new house, when I was about twelve. My sister was still young enough that her growth chart could start over again in the new place, but for my brother and I, those dramatic leaps in height that make up so much of a child’s early years were forever lost.

Don’t let the same thing happen to your child – pick out a personalized growth chart that will be a stylish and special reminder treasured for many years!


Three Popular Themes for Girls Rooms

Butterfly RockerGirls can find all kinds of ways to express themselves – with your help, your daughter can even make her room her canvas! Let your daughter play an active role in deciding what kind of room she wants, and help encourage her creatively by looking at some popular themed decor for girls’ rooms. Whether you outfit her room from floor to ceiling with one motif, or you choose to blend the terrific and colorful room decorations available from Rosenberry Rooms, your daughter will find her new room to be the perfect place for her to relax, unwind, and explore her imagination.

Bugs might not be the first idea that pops to mind when thinking about popular themes for girls’ rooms, but Butterflies certainly can be! Decorating a girl’s room with butterflies can remind her that even the most awkward of humble caterpillars eventually bursts from its cocoon with radiant wings, such as Payton Ballerina Clockthose pictured in a Flying Butterflies Rug, or the whimsical creatures that dance across the Butterflies Overhead Light Fixture. If she’s a reader, help her prop her books between Butterfly Bookends – and if she’s not, try to tempt her toward reading with them instead! Step-up-stools and Butterfly Rockers can help your daughter’s room become a place where she can play, as well.

Help your daughter start thinking about her career ambitions with a Ballerina themed room. From bedding sets such as the gorgeous Ballerina set by Doodlefish to clocks and even dolls, there are plenty of sweet and pretty touches to layer into her everyday life. Help your daughter keep her room clean with a Toe Shoes Storage Bin, and let her enjoy curling up to read in her Painted Ballerina Iron Bed by the light of her Ballerina Fairy Frog Lamp. Whether she dances in thBlue Ribbon Framed Arte third-grade recital or as the star of Swan Lake, a room full of ballet mementos will always give her fond memories.

So many girls love animals, and the old joke about every princess wanting a pony can be brought to life with our Horses theme bedroom décor. Horse Easy-Stick Wall Art Stickers let your daughter take the lead in decorating her walls; creative expression is critical for girls at a young age, and both these and other delightful items, such as the Pony Plush Pillow Purse will give her hours of fun. Tables and chairs, stuffed animals and stunning artistic pieces for the wall all offer ways to bring these fine four-legged animals into both a girl’s bedroom and her heart. There are amazing options for beds – for babies, toddlers, and even older girls – that are heirloom quality to last for years!

If you plan to use one of these popular themes for girls’ rooms in your own home, make planning the renovation a family affair. Give your daughter the chance to make her mark on her bedroom, and she’ll be ready to make her mark in life, at any age, no matter where she goes.


Design An Ultra Feminine Girl's Room

Mirror Door ChestThe temptation to overdo it can be powerful when it comes to creating an ultra feminine space for your little princess. This is especially true at Rosenberry Rooms where there are so many ways to fashion a royal boudoir. Fortunately, these furnishings let you pile on the charm and still have it all look elegant. Keeping the palette soft or using bold color as an accent creates balance and ensures that the overall effect is pleasing to the eye. An armoire with feminine detailing is essential for a princess-inspired room. Anchor your vision with a lovely and Verona Doubleunderstated art form like the Simply Elegant Armoire. In a smaller room, the Emma’s Treasures Mirror Door Chest combines armoire, full-length mirror, display shelves, and chest into one idyllic piece.

Nothing says feminine like a canopy bed such as the Romance Poster Bed and Canopy. Take princess ambiance to the max with delicate canopy fabric and inspired draping. Dozens of enchanting fabrics like Pirouette Peony, Butterfly Kisses, and Lilac Green Lulu Floral are waiting to beautify a canopy at Rosenberry Rooms’ Fabric By The Yard. Beds like the Audrey Canopy Bed and the Verona Double Bed are both examples of how the canopy design can imbue a girl’s room with romance.

Miss PrincessNondescript beds can be transformed into thrones with all-girl bedding and delicate bedroom pillows. Treat a boring bed to an infusion of high glamour with sets like the Miss Princess Bed Linens. Use color to create a focal point in the feminine bedroom with the Pink Ribbon Fantasy bedding set.

Try substituting a high boy or unusual chest for a dresser to add a dreamy quality. The Romance Seven Drawer Semainier by designer Jessica McClintock gives storage and has more charm than a dresser. Likewise the accessories drawer onSimply Elegant Highboy top of the Simply Elegant Highboy gives it that certain something to set it apart.

Girlish charm can fill every corner of the room when you add sweet accents like wall art, rugs, and pretty lighting. Wall hangings in particular have a feminine quality, and compositions like the Il Était Une Fois capture the princess essence in full measure, especially when you personalize this fetching piece with your daughter’s name.

It would be challenging to find art that speaks of royalty as completely as the Life Is But A Dream Wall Hanging. This fairy-tale piece becomes even more amazing with optional Swarovski® Crystals & Pearls.

il EtaitEven the floor can be pure girl with rugs like the Butterfly Paisley and the Princess Castle. Both come in small sizes for accenting and large sizes for coverage.

Create soft lighting and recycle a few old lamps by adding pretty lampshades in soft designs like the Scallop Drum in pale pink, or go for the ultimate in bling with the Lavender Floral Bouquet. Wall sconces like the One Arm Scroll or the Grace Sconce will cast a luxuriously soft glow.

It’s fun to create an ultra feminine bedroom when Rosenberry Rooms has so many furnishings with which to bring your muse to life. For additional ideas, click on Themes and browse the girl-pleasing categories under Fantasy Land like Princes and Princesses, Angels, Fairies, and Ballerinas.


Great Book Holders for Kids

With the holidays fast approaching, I have started to pay closer attention on a day to day basis for things that my girls could use to better keep their things easily accessible. Tonight, while we had reading time with them, I took a long, hard look at their books that were piled haphazardly and disorganized on an old bookshelf of mine with two or three falling onto the floor every time they would grab one for us to read. Yes, I started to obsess over the fact that the books never stay standing up nice and proper, from largest to smallest, grouped with like kinds…okay, I am probably the only one that notices, but still…I immediately started to think how our girls will soon have more books to add to their collection, and how I have to somehow resolve the issue of falling books. Then my mind quickly flashed to the fun options that there are out there that not only keep books better organized, but make it easier for kids to reach and put them away. It is not always easy to find the right combination of style and practicality, especially when it comes to children’s décor, but when you can find a place that offers you great options, then it becomes much less of a hassle and much more fun. Stores like Rosenberry Rooms carry such a wide range of designers that you will find things that you may not have otherwise known existed, such as some of the most amazing book holders. I am actually having a hard time narrowing it down! There are ones that would be just perfect for the playroom, and those that work if you have limited space, plus all the other styles in between.

Here are some of the amazing options you have to better organize and keep all the amazing books that your child has collected over the years. I am sure you will be just as impressed with these styles and creations…plus what a great holiday gift these would make for the child that loves to read and has an ever-growing collection of books!

Wall Bookholder – A wonderful alternative for those who don’t have the floor space, this vintage styled bookholder allows you to clearly see the books while keeping them safe. There are three different sized rows that allow you to properly house the many stories and books your child has.

Wall Bookholder

Book Trolley – This is sectioned much like the towers you find at the library, so that you can keep big and little books organized, plus the wheels make it easy to relocate it from one side of the room to the other and the built in easel creates the perfect book prop for easy reading.

Book Trolley

Book Bound – Modern through and through, these are perfect for those who want to add something different to their child’s decor. They will add color and a lot of interest to your child’s room in a fun and artistic way, as your little one’s books actually become a part of the room decor!

Book Bound

Bonsai Book Caddy – This incredibly fun and unique book caddy allows children to easily slide books right into place, with the spine facing outward, so there is never a doubt as to which book they are grabbing for mom and dad to read. Added bonus – it is an eco-friendly product!

Bonsai Book Caddy

Blue Stripe Wooden Bookholder – A little bit more traditional in style, this wooden bookholder has a wonderful vintage feel. It is divided in the middle, and can sit on the floor right next to the bed, making it easy for little hands to store and grab books.

Blue Stripe Wooden Bookholder

Be sure to check out other book holders and bookcases on Rosenberry Rooms that may suit your needs, and remember that the sooner you start your holiday shopping, the less stressful they will be! Happy Shopping!

Adriana M Dehring

Custom Wood Furniture: Relics

In the world of quick and easy which we live in, many of us can get discouraged and disheartened with the overall lack of quality we find in the things we buy. I think this is true especially of large purchases like furniture. Let’s be honest, furniture is not cheap, even if you get a lower end brand, you are still going to be dropping a significant amount of money. The sad part is that it will probably fall apart in a couple of years (if you are lucky). So, we continue to take our money and metaphorically burn it left and right, but we have no other choice, right? I mean, our kids need a bed to sleep in, desk to study at, night stand to keep their things on. Don’t they? Of course they do, but that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice quality or break our bank accounts, either. We just need to know what to look for and where to find it. First of all, know that mass-manufactured furniture is the most common. Chances are, almost every piece of furniture you own or have looked at would fall into this category. Now, there is nothing wrong with buying this type of furniture, however you must realize this will not hold up like the furniture of old…the kind that is probably in your parents or grandparents home…the type of furniture that was made piece by piece and put together one at a time with custom fabrics, at the corner furniture shop that everyone in your neighborhood knew and trusted. Those pieces were made with pride and passion, and there was a certain level of quality that was unspoken but understood. Then we turned into a fast and cheap kind of people. What can we get tomorrow, or better yet, today? It is not common for our generation to be willing to wait a few weeks, let alone months for a piece of furniture. That is ridiculous at best. But the truth is, that these fast and cheap furniture pieces are often made and shipped from another country, where it is just one of thousands, with no personal attention or care given to any part of the building process.

Because of this, I have a special love for a great custom wood furniture company named Relics. Each piece of their furniture is bench made, meaning very simply, that it goes back to how quality furniture was made many years ago. Think of a wood pile slowly being carved, finished, painted and fitted together to create a bed, bookshelf or night stand. That is Relics. They can customize the size of any of their pieces, because they are making them literally from scratch. They have plenty of colors for you to choose from, and will even do any Benjamin Moore paint color for a small price. Talk about custom made furniture, I don’t think it gets any better than that. I think that Relics truly is a company dedicated to creating quality furniture that you love. The owner is involved in the entire process and oversees everything first-hand to be sure that it meets his own personal standards. Each piece of furniture goes through a multiple point check process to make sure nothing has been overlooked. Quality with great style is something worth spending your money on, especially with children’s furniture. You know a solid wood piece of furniture will last the wear and tear you and your kids will put it through. Now, let’s look at a few of their furniture pieces (my favorites, of course!) so that you can decide for yourself how great each piece is!

Lily Rae Bed – The appeal fo this bed for me is that it is simple but feminine, giving parents incredible versatility. If you have a girl who loves frills and ornate things, or one that likes modern, sleek lines – this bed (and bedroom set) will work for every design style.


Beadboard Bookcase – This is one of their most common pieces because it has a universal appeal and fits in with other styles of furniture. Beadboard is classic and looks great especially in a little boy’s room.


Spindle Armoire – Just look at the detailing in this piece…fantastic! I love how they have taken a basic piece of furniture and added so much visual appeal with the spindle detailing and the cut out door.


Wonderland Bed – Every time I see this bed, I feel like I have just jumped into a storybook, which is what makes this such a fun piece for a little girl or boys room. This bed has amazing charm and appeal…cant you just imagine how fun this piece would be for your child?


Be sure to check out the entire Relics line here, and remember, each of these pieces is completely customizable making them the perfect fit for your home! Happy Shopping!

Adriana M Dehring

Music Graphic Banners for a Musical Theme Bedroom

Special Feature of the Week – Music Graphic Banners for Your Child’s Muscial Theme Bedroom

Most kids grow up loving music. When they are babies, they adore their mothers lullabies and nursery rhyme music boxes and the merry-go-round tunes of their crib mobiles. As toddlers, they happily pound on toy drum sets, strum plastic guitars and dance around the living room to Sesame Street. As children grow, their music tastes change and refine, but most kids will always love music in one form or another. Whether they grow towards classical and take up the violin or take guitar lessons to form their own rock band, music is a part of our childrens’ lives from the very beginning. So, as far as childrens’ bedroom décor, you can’t go wrong with a music themed bedroom or some carefully selected beautiful music artwork to personalize your child’s bedroom.


This week the special feature is a gorgeous, yet bold and fun, music graph banner. I love this music art piece for its fun appeal, giving the impression of New Orleans Jazz. I also love that these wall sized pieces hang from the ceiling without damage to the walls. The pieces can span a 10 foot wall space.


If your child loves music, dancing or just deserves a vibrant and colorful bedroom, this Music Graph Banner is the perfect childrens’ bedroom music décor. And parents, take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING for this item.


Read more about this Music Graph Banner at Rosenberry Rooms.

Shop for more great childrens’ bedroom décor at Rosenberry Rooms.

 – Amber

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