A Valentine's Day Treat by Wildflower Studio

Michelle Dransart of Wildflower Studio Photography has teamed up with us to spread some fun Valentine’s love your way by sharing some of her work with us from a previous Valentines Session she did in Rhode Island.
2014-01-31_0014 722014-01-31_0013 72Michelle travels all over for her photography work and loves to capture the love and spirit, the essence of all of the families, couples, children, and mother’s to be that step in front of her camera.
SideBySide2This time she had fun with a Valentine’s themed session. Possibly the cutest part about this session was that these 2 little cuties were actually real life Valentines! Too sweet!
2014-01-31_0006 722014-01-31_0009 72These little cuties were not afraid of giving kisses as Valentine’s day treats! Afterall, it wouldn’t be Valentine’s day without a couple kisses!
2014-01-31_0005 72Looks like we have a couple of little fashionistas  on our hands! We love how the little ones were styled! Dapper coat, tie, and hat for our little man and super feminine in bows, ruffles and tulle for this little sweetheart! Perfect combination for a Valentine’s day shoot!
2014-01-31_0011 72 copyHappy Valentine’s Day everyone! Also, a big thanks to Michelle Dransart from Wildflower Studio! See the links below to follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and her blog!
2014-01-31_0003 72

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A Farewell to Fall

April-ChristensenToday is Thanksgiving, which is certainly a time to be appreciative, but also collectively a time to  goodbye to autumn and a hello to winter. We know it can be heard to let go of orange sunsets, colorful trees, and crisp afternoons. That is exactly why we are giving you a little eye candy by April Marie Photography. We asked April to share her captivating fall photography and to share what she loves about Thanksgiving!


Holidays-02“Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! I enjoy planning sessions during this time of year, and not just because of all the beautiful, bright colors. It’s so much fun to shoot a laughing family, playing in the leaves. Or a young lady, embracing the cool weather with a scarf and a thick, wooly sweater.”


Holidays-07“It makes my heart flutter when I think about wrapping myself up in a warm blanket, a cup of tea by my side, and editing all the beautiful pictures that I’ve taken. I am unbelievably blessed to love and be good at what I do. Especially during Thanksgiving!”


We want to let all of you know how thankful we are for your continuing support and kind words! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


April Marie Photography

Holiday How-To: Guest Bedroom Essentials

The holidays are right around the corner which means lots of shopping, eating, and time spent with loved ones. You may find yourself hosting a festive soiree or two, or perhaps you are accommodating out of town guests. Whether your company popped in for a quick holiday cocktail or are staying with you until the New Year, here are a few tips on making your home as comfortable for your guests as possible.

Guest Bedroom JPEGInvest in quality linens. Above all, we want our guests to be comfortable and restful in our homes, so fresh and luxury bed linens are a great place to start. Our favorite brands are Pine Cone Hill, Traditions, and Bella Notte. Don’t forget the towels! A plush towel will make your friends and family feel like they are staying in a swanky boutique hotel.

Clean out the clutter. If you are expecting people over, a tidy home is both appealing and practical since there will be more room for people to move around. In your guest or spare room where overnight guests will be, try to remove unnecessary knick-knacks and odd items that always find their way into that spare room. While you may love your antique teddy bear collection, your guests will probably not want to share the bed with them! Scout by Bungalow has some stylish and functional storage options that we love.

Provide toiletries. Ever started unpacking your suitcase on vacation and realize you forgot dental floss? Happens to me almost every time. A cute little basket with the essentials will be greatly appreciated by any forgetful guest and can eliminate the need to make an impromptu run to the store.

Pamper your guests! In the room, include your favorite (or their favorite!) scented candle and a decorative match box. Leave a pretty glass pitcher with a pair of glasses for a midnight glass of water. Bring in a vase of fresh seasonal flowers. Tuck a snuggly throw into the foot of the bed. In my book, it’s the little touches like these that will brighten your guests’ stay.

No matter how long the visit remember to enjoy each and every guest that knocks on your door! Creating memories is what the holidays are for!


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