Summer Essentials: Guest Bedroom

Summer is a fabulous time to not only travel, but also welcome traveling guests into your home! That being said, is your guest room ready for summer sleepovers? Here in the South, the temperature can reach scalding temperatures of over 100 degrees, so making sure your family and friends are comfortable in your home this time of year is key. Here are our tips on how to get your guest room prepped for summer:

summer guest room
1. No summer bed is complete without a heaping dose of bright colors and loads of layers! We recommend having cotton sheets, a cotton quilt, and a thin cotton or linen duvet on hand for your guests. These natural and breathable layers will allow anyone to bundle up or pare down to their liking. The Scramble Fuchsia Matelasse Coverlet and Bedding Collection is just the ticket with it’s vibrant colors.
2. While part of the fun of summer is sleeping in just a tad later, no one wants to miss out on the summer fun, so an alarm clock will be much appreciated by sleepy guests. We like this sleek Color LCD Table Alarm Clock; it looks like it could have been snatched out of a chic hotel!
3. A small waste bin is essential, and in our book, you can’t get more fun than the Folksy Flower Waste Can by Stray Dog Designs.

4. These dainty Embroidered Sage Sheets by Pine Cone Hill are lightweight and match the Scramble Fuchsia Coverlet brilliantly.
5. A retro-inspired fan is both pretty and practical and will help keep your guests cool at night.

6. While a fluffy, plush robe is great in the cooler months, summertime calls for lighter options and we love this White Shower Wrap!

7. Magazines are a summer must-have, and this sleek Magazine Caddy will keep your guest room organized and stylish.
8. Last but not least, accent your summer-prepped guest room with some bright throw pillows. The Toadstool Pillows by Pine Cone Hill have the perfect summer pattern.
toadstool-multi-rectangular-pillow-4Whatever your choices, make sure your guest bedroom is bright and inviting for the upcoming fun summer months!

How To: Mix and Match Patterns!

Mixing patterns can be tricky and scary! How do you pair your favorite chevron and floral prints without the room giving you a migraine? Not to fear – mixing up patterns and colors is easier than you may think! Here is Elizabeth’s advice on where to start.

CadenLane-chevron1. Begin with the boldest pattern. Is there one fabric or wallpaper that you are just in love with? Great! Use this as your inspiration. You can pull other patterns from the colors found in the busiest pattern.

2. Use three different patterns. The rule of thirds is great for mixing patterns as it will create visual interest in a space! Try picking a large bold pattern, followed by a medium pattern, and then a small pattern.

Patterns1New Arrivals Inc – Candy Polka Dot // New Arrivals Inc – Layla Rose // Velvet Yellow Upholstery Fabric

 3. Mix up the prints! Try not to use three geometric prints or three floral prints. A large floral pattern, small geometric pattern, and solid color will always look great together. A large chevron, medium lattice, and small polka dot will be a little too busy and will have less depth.

Patterns2Doodlefishes Doodlefish Fabric // Navy Fabric // Boardwalk Doodlefish Fabric
Patterns3Purple Paris Sketch Wallpaper // New Arrivals Inc – Lime Green Stripe // New Arrivals Inc – Itsy Bitsy Dots in Lilac

4. Think about texture. Using three woven cotton fabrics won’t give as much oomph to a room like a velvet, satin, and sheer fabric combination will.

5. Still stuck? Look for inspiration! Check out our selection of crib bedding and kids’ bedding to see how our favorite designers use patterns and colors! Here are a few complete examples!

The Feather Your Nest in Aqua crib bedding set by New Arrivals Inc does a great job mixing a bold and fun aviary pattern on the crib skirt with a small polka dot pattern on the sheets! We also love the geometric wallpaper that serves as the medium pattern for the space!

NewArrivals-featheryournestAlso by New Arrivals Inc is the whimsical Primrose Lane crib bedding set that combines small polka dots, a medium chevron, and a large floral pattern!


NewArrivals-PrimroseLaneTake a look at the Plum Crazy Flat Skirt crib bedding set by Caden Lane! The bold floral crib skirt, the swirl geometric sheets, and the medium-sized floral baby blanket look amazing together!


CadenLane-closeupTo really show off your new skills, you can design your own custom crib bedding! Use our fun tool to choose from a wide selection of fabrics and preview your designs. Now that you have all the tips and tricks, you are ready to create your own mix and match space!

Holiday How-To: Holiday Decor

I think just the words “Christmas decorations” can give some people a minor heart attack. Their minds instantly go to wrestling 30’ ladders for stringing lights and lugging heavy boxes of ornaments down from the attic. During this busy time of year, we have too much going on to worry about spending countless hours trying to find the one burned out light bulb on the strand.


Our advice? Keep the decor classic and simple. Stick to natural elements like leftover cut evergreen limbs, branches of holly, pine cones, and cranberries. These festive materials will make your home look cheery and bright without over-doing it. Plus, you are likely to have most of these items right in your own backyard!

Here are our favorite Pinterest finds:
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13


Creating a Multifunctional Room

Quite often, rooms in our homes have to perform double (or triple) duty. Guest bedrooms are also offices. Living rooms transform into playrooms. Kitchens are study spaces for homework hour. In these rooms, versatility is key. So how do you design a space that can allow you and your family to perform these tasks comfortably and functionally?

We recently had someone who needed help designing a nursery/office/guest room. Here are some tips and an inspiration board we came up with for creating a multifunctional room.


Ruched Linen Platinum and White Duvet Cover // Picket Fence Baby Bedding Set // Savannah Desk // Anna Swivel Glider Chair // Turquoise Clear Base Lamp With White Shade And Turquoise Trim // Martha Mirror // Natural Knobby Loop Braided Rug // Ruched Linen White and Platinum Window Panel

Use furniture that has multiple uses. Pull-out sofas are crucial for an office that doubles as a guest bedroom, especially when space is tight. Or instead of a nightstand that will rarely be used in a guest bedroom, use a small scale desk or vanity next to the bed.

Consider using a daybed. Not only are daybeds lovely, they are also practical as they can accommodate overnight guests or impromptu naps in the nursery. Plus, many daybeds have the option for an under-bed trundle to accommodate even more sleepover guests or storage!

Don’t skimp on storage. The last thing you will want to do after a long day in your home office is stare at those papers and projects. Try to find furniture that has lots of built-in storage, like a desk with a hutch or plenty of filing drawers. Bookshelves, armoires, and free-standing closets are all great options.

Try to stick with a neutral color palette. While your Aunt Sue may love your baby boy’s race car theme nursery, it doesn’t exactly make for the most soothing guest bedroom. When the hues in the room are soft and neutral, it allows a multifunctional room to be more comfortable and relaxing.

What kind of multifunctional rooms do you have in your house? What are your tips and tricks?

How to Select Lighting for Any Room!

In my opinion, lighting is one of the most (if not the most) important aspects of designing a room. Proper lighting can perfectly accent all of the decor and details you thought long and hard about when decorating a space. Plus, there are some fabulous light fixtures that can add an unmistakable “wow” factor in a room! Here are some tips to consider when shopping for your next fixture.

Gabrielle-Dresser-wide1. Think about how the room will be used. Do your kids enjoy reading bedtime stories at night? Make sure to have a table lamp on the nightstand. Will your children be doing homework at his or her desk? Add a simple task lamp to the corner of the desk. Do you plan on checking in on the baby late at night? Place a little night light near the crib as to not disturb the little one with a harsh overhead light.

IMG_2187Gabrielle-corkboard2. Don’t forget about the number of bulbs and wattage needed to properly light the space! There are actual calculations professional interior designers use to come up with proper number of lumens needed in a room. If you are lighting your lovely master bedroom suite, a one-bulb overhead light probably isn’t going to cut it. Opt instead for a grand chandelier with six or so bulbs to add the perfect ambiance.Gabrielle-room-narrow-new3. Consider adding a dimmer to your light switches where appropriate. While traditionally used in dining rooms, a dimmer in a kid’s room is perfect for adjusting lighting during nap time or other activities. Being able to control the amount of light in a space can really come in handy.

Boy's RoomCar Theme4. Think of your light fixture as part of your decor! A pretty pink iron chandelier can really accent your little girl’s Parisian themed bedroom. And I can almost guarantee your little athlete would go crazy for a basketball-themed ceiling fan.

Susie Fougerousse_7Sebastien-1-newWhen you balance form and function, lighting will be the perfect finishing touch to your child’s nursery or bedroom. Do you have a favorite Rosenberry Rooms’ light fixture? We would love to see how you used lighting in your child’s room!

How to Create a Reading Nook for Your Child

Fostering a love of reading is effectively giving your child a gift that will last a lifetime. With a book in hand, your child can take grand adventures without ever leaving the safety of her own space, learn about the world around her and develop crucial comprehension and cognitive skills. Providing your little one with a cozy, comfortable space dedicated to spending time with books is a great way to influence and encourage her to read, and doesn’t have to be a major project. These tips can help you create a book nook in just about any quiet space of your home.


Keep it Comfy

When your child is reading a book for fun, you want her to feel comfortable and cozy. Skip the hard chairs and opt for seating that will allow her to curl up any way she pleases. Floor cushions and a nest of pillows create a soft place to hide with a favorite tome, and are easily accessible for little ones. Bean bags are also a favorite for seating, as are small daybeds raised very slightly off the floor.

198-9_Storage_roomsetting_highres copy

Keep Shelving Accessible

In order to encourage reading for fun, make sure that your child is able to quickly and easily grab her favorites without help from a tall person. Shelving should be short enough for your child to reach even the top shelf, unless there are special books that you’d rather look at together stored out of reach. Make sure that your child doesn’t feel inspired to climb her shelves like a ladder in order to avoid asking for help, either. Independence-driven kids may be eager to do things for themselves, but they don’t always take safety risks into consideration. It’s also wise to make sure that shelving units are securely anchored to the wall to prevent tipping, just to be on the safe side.


Pitch a Tent

A well-made tent, a DIY canopy, a tee-pee or any other fabric edifice you can think of is an easy way to carve out a special space for reading in your child’s room. Making the space feel dedicated to time spent with a book and like a relaxing retreat is key, as is adding to the feeling of adventure. A single floor cushion inside a round canopy can feel like a castle to imaginative kids, so don’t shy away from draping fabric around things to create a little reading haven.

Consider the Closet

Adults often feel cloistered and crowded in small, cramped spaces, but kids seem to love them. Taking the door off of a seldom-used closet, outfitting the walls with safe, accessible shelves and padding the floor with cushions is a quick way to turn otherwise wasted space into a comfortable and cozy book nook. You may even be surprised at how tempted you are to curl up with your own favorite book after the kids go to bed!


Get Inspirational

An inspirational quote or two is a great way to add ambiance to any space, especially one designated for reading. Frame a quote about the love of books, or paint it directly onto the wall of your child’s space. Create a collage of favorite quotes for your child to add to as she reads, and encourage her to copy her own favorite lines from the books she reads on index cards for hanging up in her reading nook. Not only will she be surrounded by inspirational phrases, but she’ll also be inspired to keep reading so she can add to the quote collage.

Let There Be Light

When you’re planning a little corner of the house for your child to escape to with a good book, it’s easy to overlook the more practical details. No matter what design you use or how you create a space for your child, make sure that there’s plenty of light for her to read by in order to reduce eyestrain. Reading in the dark is no fun for anyone, and it can lead to headaches and other issues if your child is determined to read in her new nook despite the lack of light.


How To Create A Color Palette

Finding the perfect color palette for a baby’s nursery or child’s room can be a daunting task! How do you know what colors will work together? What if the colors look different in person than online? How do you make sure you don’t have too much of one color? Don’t be scared; selecting the perfect color palette is easier than you think! Here are some steps to consider as you start designing your next space:

Find an inspiration item. It can be a big part of the room like an amazing crib bedding set, or it can be a small accessory item such as a darling vintage art print scored at a flea market. Having one item to pull colors from is the perfect starting point.


Choose at least three different colors for the room. This “layering” of colors will add visual interest and depth to the space.


When in doubt, refer to the color wheel! Use both complementary colors (colors that are across from each other on the color wheel) and analogous colors (colors that are next to each other on the color wheel). Not sure what goes with that aqua duvet cover? Try accenting it with orange or navy!


Always attempt to obtain a sample of something you are thinking about ordering. It is a lot easier to avoid color faux pas when you have the fabric swatches and finish samples together in front of you. This will also help save you the hassle of returning items.

Bedding // Rug // Dresser //Personalized Wall Decal // Hanging Lantern // Butterfly Mobile 

Make a mini inspiration board! There is a reason why professional interior designers create these boards for their clients. It is so much easier to ensure the room colors are balanced when you have images of all of the items together in one place.


Hopefully these tips make the start of creating your dream nursery or child’s room more fun and less stressful. We would love to hear if you have any secrets of your own!

Decorating with Wooden Wall Monograms!

Adding a wall monogram to your baby’s nursery or child’s room is the perfect way to make the space extra special. Wooden wall monograms have become increasingly popular in kids’ rooms because they are unique and fun but also sophisticated and elegant. These gorgeous personalized additions can grow with your child from nursery to teen room because you’re never too old for a monogram, am I right?

You may be surprised to see how many different options there are for wooden wall monograms. There are script and block monograms, connected and unconnected, framed and unframed and so on. We’ve put together a few of our favorite options that can all be found on to help you find the perfect style to fit your child’s room.

If you like the romantic look of a script font, then you’ll love these options. Some like to have the letters intertwined but if you have a lot of wall space to fill, you may prefer the look of the letters unconnected.

gold wall monogram

script wooden wall mongram

separated wooden mongram

Framed monograms and initials offer another unique alternative.

scalloped wall monogram

block wooden monogram

framed initial

We also love the idea of hanging the letters with ribbon. Choose a color that coordinates with the rest of the room’s color palette.

wooden monogram with ribbon

wooden monogram with hanging ribbon

If you can’t decide on a font, choose a combination of script and block! The oversized center initial in this wooden wall monogram by Little Crown Interiors adds a glamorous touch.

wooden wall monogram

framed wooden monogram

So tell us, which style wall monogram do you love the most?

Pinspiration – Designing with Rope and Burlap

As most of you know, Pinterest has become an excellent resource for design inspiration, creative ideas, and way too many delicious recipes for my own good. I thought it would be a great idea to take some of the most inspiring pins from home design, fashion, event planning etc., combine them to highlight a popular trend and then make it more accessible for the every day mom (like myself) to achieve. I don’t know about you but I love looking at all the beautiful designs on Pinterest but always get overwhelmed when I think about how to make that work in my own home and where to find similar and affordable pieces.

For my first “pinspiring” trend, I wanted to spotlight the stylistic approach to combining rope and burlap accents for a rustic, lived-in feel that is both coastal and vintage. So let’s start out with my Pinspiration Board.

I pulled these images from several boards to show the various ways this popular trend is being used whether it be through a necklace, wedding decor, a headboard, a DIY project and so on. The combination of the two elements, rope and burlap, creates a stylish and vintage feel that allows you to coordinate with any additional color of choice. My favorite is orange but really any color could work…you could switch it up based on the season – bright blues and greens for spring and summer and deep purples or maroon for fall and winter would be beautiful.

Rosenberry Rooms has several rope and burlap inspired pieces that can do all the work for you in terms of making this style work in your own home. From lighting to storage to beautiful decor items, you can create a warm and inviting feeling in your guest room, your child’s room or really any room in your home. Here are a few of my favorite pieces that are all available at

Lafitte Large Jute Pendant by Jamie Young

Burlap Children’s Playroom Tent by Twelve Timbers

Natural Seagrass Storage Baskets

My Whole Heart Burlap Pillow by Sugarboo Designs

Natural Chunky Loop Rug

Rustic Rope Square Pouf by Surya

Baum Natural Double Pendant by Charn & Company


So tell me, what do you think about this trend? Do you love it? Are there other design trends on Pinterest you’d like to see featured. Tell us in the comments below!

Image Credits (linked)

Burlap Wallpaper and Rope Trim

Burlap Pillows

Burlap Napkin

Rope & Burlap Wreath


Rope Headboard

Rope and Burlap Lamp

Decorating a Nautical Themed Room!

Needless to say, owner of Rosenberry Rooms and mother of 5, Susie Fougerousse, has had a lot of experience decorating children’s rooms. With an extensive knowledge of all the bedding, decor and furniture options available today, if you throw her a theme idea, she’s ready with all sorts of great advice about color scheme, decorating tips and product suggestions. In the spirit of Summer, today she is sharing some of her advice for designing a nautical or seaside inspired nursery or child’s room!

Set Sail with Stripes

Nothing says nautical like blue and white cabana stripes. A crisp duvet, ceiling pendant or rug with bold stripes is the perfect accent for your beachy room.  Feeling adventurous?  Rugby stripes also look fantastic on the ceiling when paired with solid walls, or on a dramatic focal wall.

Seaworthy Storage

Red, White & Blue hand painted buckets & caddies are the perfect place to store your shells, fishing gear or other treasures. These can be decked out with motifs such as anchors, boats and sea life, and personalized with names or fun phrases like “gone fishing” or “seashells”. Woven baskets, or hand painted crates give a rustic feel while also serving as stylish storage for bookshelves or under the bed.

Coastal Chic Decor

Understated accents are a great way to pull together a shipshape room. Use a thick rope tied in a knot as your curtain panel tie backs. Line recently collected starfish and shells on your bookshelf for display. Repurpose an oar into a rustic growth chart and keep a compass on your nightstand for good measure. A searchlight floor lamp or lantern side table lamp make great lighting choices.

Captain’s Color Palette

While navy, white and red are tried and true nautical friendly hues, infusing different shades will add a modern flair.  Orange, Aqua and Green are some of my favorite complementary colors that are sure freshen up this classic look.

For those of you looking hoping to decorate a nautical inspired room, carries all sorts of unique and fun nautical decor options which can be found here. Ready, set, decorate!


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