A Peek Inside Penelope’s Nursery!

Rosenberry Rooms’ very own Emily recently had her first baby – a girl named Penelope Rose! We couldn’t be happier for her and her family. IMG_4870_bwIsn’t Penelope a doll? IMG_4868_cropped_bwDuring a congratulatory visit, Emily gave us a peek inside her gorgeous nursery design. The colors and mix of patterns are incredible, and we can’t wait to share the details!

Emily started with the beautiful Posey Jade bedding collection by DwellStudio and the White and Natural Lolly Convertible Crib by BabylettoIMG_4846_editedIMG_4852The coordinating boudoir pillow by DwellStudio and knit doll by Blabla are oh-so-sweet! IMG_4848_editedThe Revolution Maze Rug adds such a fun pop of color to the floor!IMG_4856IMG_4863This Enchanted Forest art above the changing table gives baby Penelope something fun and colorful to look at during diaper changes.IMG_4853 copyThe glider by Nursery Classics provides a comfortable place to sit and nurse or rock baby. Emily chose a beautiful neutral tone with white piping for a touch of contrast.IMG_4850 copyHow cute are these Elephant Bookends by Stray Dog Designs? Made of papier mache, they add a fun whimsical accent to the room!

IMG_4849_editedAlongside the window treatments, beautiful art prints (which read Hello Little One, My Oh My You Are Lovely and You Are Oh So Loved) line the wall with sweet sentiments.IMG_4854Didn’t Emily do an amazing job putting together this nursery? What do you think of the results?


Photos by Elizabeth Burns

Exclusive Bedding by Traditions Linens!

Everyone at Rosenberry Rooms is very excited to introduce our NEW exclusive collection of children’s bedding by Traditions Linens! These two sets are absolutely perfect for a cheerful little girl who is almost as excited about the arrival of spring as you are!

First up, we have the Delilah collection, named after owner Susie’s youngest daughter!
edited1This soft and sweet bedding set is sure to brighten anyone’s day. This beautiful duvet cover features custom colors of your choice against a crisp, white background.
edited2In this case, pink and blue trim and band colors have been used while the rest of the attention goes to the gorgeous Goldenrod Butterfly Pillow and the Delilah Boudoir Pillow.
SideBySideDon’t forget about some friendly accessories! This space is all about vibrant colors, fun styles and lots of customization options all thanks to the Delilah collection!
edited3The second set of brand new bedding features a whimsical starburst pattern! This duvet cover will add color and tons of fun to your child’s room!
pillowWe can’t help but to smile when we look at the Starburst collection! It’s just that fun! We loved pairing it with bright artwork and an orange rug!
SideBySide2Soft yet fun, bright and bold! These two collections are perfect for any little girl! With spring right around the corner, there is no better time to toss out those old sheets and comforter and bring out the new!

Creating a Multifunctional Room

Quite often, rooms in our homes have to perform double (or triple) duty. Guest bedrooms are also offices. Living rooms transform into playrooms. Kitchens are study spaces for homework hour. In these rooms, versatility is key. So how do you design a space that can allow you and your family to perform these tasks comfortably and functionally?

We recently had someone who needed help designing a nursery/office/guest room. Here are some tips and an inspiration board we came up with for creating a multifunctional room.


Ruched Linen Platinum and White Duvet Cover // Picket Fence Baby Bedding Set // Savannah Desk // Anna Swivel Glider Chair // Turquoise Clear Base Lamp With White Shade And Turquoise Trim // Martha Mirror // Natural Knobby Loop Braided Rug // Ruched Linen White and Platinum Window Panel

Use furniture that has multiple uses. Pull-out sofas are crucial for an office that doubles as a guest bedroom, especially when space is tight. Or instead of a nightstand that will rarely be used in a guest bedroom, use a small scale desk or vanity next to the bed.

Consider using a daybed. Not only are daybeds lovely, they are also practical as they can accommodate overnight guests or impromptu naps in the nursery. Plus, many daybeds have the option for an under-bed trundle to accommodate even more sleepover guests or storage!

Don’t skimp on storage. The last thing you will want to do after a long day in your home office is stare at those papers and projects. Try to find furniture that has lots of built-in storage, like a desk with a hutch or plenty of filing drawers. Bookshelves, armoires, and free-standing closets are all great options.

Try to stick with a neutral color palette. While your Aunt Sue may love your baby boy’s race car theme nursery, it doesn’t exactly make for the most soothing guest bedroom. When the hues in the room are soft and neutral, it allows a multifunctional room to be more comfortable and relaxing.

What kind of multifunctional rooms do you have in your house? What are your tips and tricks?

Versatile Lighting from Jubilee Collection

Blog-JubileeAdorable, unique, and glamorous are a few words that describe our Jubilee lighting collection! Whether you are looking to add a statement piece to your new nursery or add visual interest to any room, this collection has it all.

Our first inspiration is inspired by the Pink Plain Chandelier Shade with Ivory Sash which is an instant statement piece in any nursery. It is easy to get carried away with glitz and glam just by seeing the word chandelier, but there is also a subtle way to decorate a room using this lighting fixture. Keeping the color palette soft with a pink heart rug, and delicate features like the antique finish on this oval mirror tones down the glam vibe while still keeping it feminine. Additional aspects of royalty can be accomplished with large pieces of furniture, like this canopy crib. The end result is a space that carries qualities of both ease and glam without over doing it.


Our second inspiration comes from the Six Arm Yellow Red Gazebo chandelier. The flower motif and warm yellow, red and copper tones crave a fun and colorful space filled with plants and moments of natural light. The green pouf, yellow stool/table and copper burst mirror are all pieces that add visual interest to this quirky space. The elements make a statement that collectively says, “Hey! We’re eclectic and we love it!”. Proof that versatility in using chandeliers is possible!


RR_JublieeBoard2The Jubilee Collection carries various styles of chandeliers, sconces, lamps and accessories that are created for glamorous and funky fun and are sure to light up any room!

Create A Designer Room (Without the Designer)!

It’s no secret that I love to decorate children’s rooms, and I am always in awe of the creative work by so many talented interior designers who specialize in designing children’s spaces.  What a treat it is to devote so much time and energy into such a fun and rewarding profession!

But, I am the first to admit that many moms and dads don’t have easy access to professional design services, and that they might not have the time to devote to endless hours researching innovative ideas and learning about the latest trends.

My goal today is to teach you 5 easy tips for getting the look of a professionally styled designer room with relative ease, and a manageable expense.

1. Create a focal wall.  

Did you ever notice that most fabulous rooms have a really cool focal wall?  This is where you can make a statement so that the room will stand out from the ordinary.  For your focal wall you can choose to simply paint it using an accent color, or you can have fun with stencils, wallpaper or decals for a bolder look.  Placing your crib or bed on this wall will give it the dramatic backdrop you are looking for, and make a lasting impression.

2. Use unexpected color combinations.  

One thing designers are really good at is using color to its fullest potential to create a look that is memorable and eye catching.  By pairing a safe color, like pink, with an unexpected color, like orange, or good old red with a punchy aqua, your room will take on a fresh and adventurous feel.  Experimenting with color is the perfect way to have fun with your room.  You can do this with paint and decorative accents like throw pillows, picture frames or rugs.  If your experiment doesn’t work, don’t get discouraged, because you can always swap out the paint or smaller accents without great expense.

3. Make it Personal.  

An exclusive and tailored design created by a designer often includes custom elements, like a monogrammed rug, headboard, or bedding.  One of my favorite ways to create a custom look is by adding a monogram to the wall using oversized wooden letters.  Painting a simple “frame” on the wall around your custom wall monogram creates a stunning effect.  For a less expensive alternative, with the same impact, you might opt for a monogram decal instead.

4. If you don’t have it, paint it.  

In an ideal world, we would all have gorgeous, custom molding on our walls, in every room in our house, right?  Well, if you don’t, I’m here to tell you that you can still get that “look” — with paint.  That’s right, with the assistance of some painters tape, a laser level and a gallon of paint you can create your own windowpane molding, bead board, chair rail, paneling and so on.  Choose a high gloss paint for your faux trim, and a contrasting color to the wall color, so that it will pop. This example from Project Nursery shows how painting the trim a contrasting color is both unexpected and dramatic.

5. Frame it x 10!  

Who doesn’t love a wall of frames?  Whenever I am flipping through the latest shelter magazines, or reading design blogs, I notice that a wall of frames is loved by designers and clients alike.  Nothing adds more of a one-of-a-kind look to a room like a wall of fun mismatched frames in varying shapes, sizes and even colors.  I love that it is impossible to mess this look up.  Just have fun with it and it will look fabulous.  Mix your picture frames with your favorite artwork for an eclectic look.  You may opt for higher end, hand finished frames, or you can also pick some up at your local flea market.  Fill them with your favorite family photos, and voila, your room is done.

Happy Decorating!

Designing a Superhero Room that Moms Love Too!

I’m very excited to have been asked to be a regular guest contributor to Very Rosenberry.  My relationship with the amazing team at Rosenberry Rooms spans back close to 10 years, since I first started selling my children’s art in reproductions. Over time, as both of our kid based ventures have grown, we seem to cross paths more and more.  Now with the intimacy of the social media component and the blogosphere, you would never know we are thousands of miles apart. We are more like neighbors chatting back and forth over the hedge talking shop. While I can’t pop over in my pajamas to borrow sugar for my coffee, I can call upon them to help me and my clients at anytime.  And like any healthy relationship, we support each other. They offer me feedback and cutting edge insight to the trends related to my art and I help them fulfill their customers wish lists by providing them with the best products and designs I can. Sadly, we have yet to figure out how to carpool to the industry trade shows. Dropping by Portland, Oregon on the way from Raleigh, North Carolina is just not practical.

I am a visual thinker. When I design my wall art, I try to visualize what it looks like on the wall, in a room and in a home of a particular style. Until they develop a USB plugin or iPhone app, that allows me to show the slideshows in my head to my clients, I have to put ideas on paper. One of the more convenient ways of expressing a room design visually is a storyboard. Combining the inspiration behind my art and the product power of Rosenberry Rooms, I’ve created an inaugural piece to share with you.

One of my recent wall art introductions, is my Superhero series.  As a children’s room designer, I know that a superhero room is likely the number one request by boys and the most feared and disliked ideas by moms.  Most moms do no like the commercialized graphics, the “less than decorator” color palette and the idea of bringing one more incarnation of television and video life into their homes.  Many of my client moms feel like the arch enemy when their child is told no. In a deep announcer voice, the thoughts are spoken aloud; “Evil mom squashes superhero dream by putting her foot down! Will Johnny survive? Will his superhero dreams be dashed forever?”

Never fear an answer is here! Designed to be the un-commercial version of superhero, my collection explores the genre from a interior design approved angle.  I tried to provide colors, textures and content that express the theme without glaring colors and too much cartoon campy-ness. In matching it to more traditional bedding color options, relating it to popular wall paint colors and providing a combination of colorful and limited palette options, I hope it helps SAVE THE DAY!

In this storyboard, entitled Superhero Class-ified, I’ve combined my signature style of neo-vintage with three of the latest trends in children’s decor. One, being the color grey- while it’s not the new black, it’s a fresh and viable alternative to the taupes, creams and baby blues of the atypical boys room. Second, is rough hewn fabrics and natural materials-  burlap, coarse linen, cork and jute are terrific accents for boy’s rooms and are hot as design ingredients, right now. They are not pretentious, offer rich yet neutral colors and can be used for everything from decorative pillows to upholstery.  The third is text- whether it be words, numbers or quotes the graphic power and humble simplicity of text is a sought out replacement for the more traditional motifs found in kids rooms.

When I design bedrooms and nurseries, I always try to include vintage pieces. Quite often I’m refurbishing or repurposing something my client already owns or I’m shopping my favorite haunts for just the right piece. In this storyboard, I’ve include a vintage stool and a retired marquee letter. To find your own pieces, I might suggest searching your local antique and architectural salvage dealers, online sites like Ebay and Etsy and type “vintage industrial’ into your search engine. For wall art, I’ve narrowed down the selection from my nine pieces to just the ones that are of a limited color palette. These pieces are about as far away from the hues of superhero spandex as possible. If you are still apprehensive about the superhero motif, you can swap these out for a variety of images from my collections of a similar palette for sports or racing.

It is my hope that I’ve class-ified what was once a hard sell for moms and a winner with boys.  If you have any questions feel free to reach out, my email is Aaron@EmbellishmentsKids.com. I look foward to sharing more ideas, d.i.y projects and exploring the kid’s world that’s Very Rosenberry with you, in the months ahead.

The combination of Rosenberry Rooms products includes the notable pieces-

Relic’s Small Storage Bed System

Nostalgic Style Picture Frames by Obrien Schridde Designs

Twelve Timbers “TEXT” Pillows

Simple Steam Punk Pendants by Jamie Young

St Charles Table Lamp Base by Jamie Young with Cork Shade

Rocket Flip Desktop Clock

Dwell bedding separates in Dove

Red Soho Jute Rug by Surya

Superhero Wall Art by Aaron Christensen

Designing A Child’s Room That Works

Rosenberry Rooms would like to share a few tips from a recent article on HGTV.com that offers sound suggestions for designing kids’ rooms. The article also stresses that creating a child’s space works best when it’s a joint project.

One practical suggestion is that parents shift toddlers directly from cribs to full or queen beds, bypassing toddler and twin beds. Kids grow so fast that smaller beds might be completely outgrown in a few years’ time. Kids’ rooms can eventually become guest rooms, so the furnishings work best when they have a general rather than specific appeal. Trendy furniture should be avoided. What’s hot this year might look sadly outdated next year.

Beds and furnishings from Young America By Stanley or Lea Children’s Furniture are designed to last for the lifetime of your child — and beyond! Classic bedroom suites for a girl’s room include the graceful Isabella Cameo and coastal Seaside Dreams Collections. They’re pretty and feminine, but not so far-flung as to be out of place in a guest room. With optional sleepover trundles, under-bed storage units, and your choice of finishes, they’ll look as elegant tomorrow as they do today.

Good lighting is also important. An overhead fixture that illuminates the entire room reduces hazards caused by dangling cords and falling lamps. Pendant lighting like the Double Decker Pendant in Spring Green by Olio or the Taley Double Drum Pendant from Charn & Co. are fresh, contemporary, and compatible with most any decor.

The designers recommend using accessories to feed an appetite for trends. Making a pile of pillows in a currently fashionable fabric is a low cost way to add loads of funky charm to a child’s room without breaking the bank.

Maddie Boo Fabric in Rodeo Denim sports a retro design that might appeal to a young cowpoke. Fabric pillows can be used to add a wild west spirit and, when he outgrows the design, the pillows can be recovered with something more grown up. Fabric By The Yard comes in literally hundreds of designs, colors, and textures. In addition to pillows, it can be used to cover headboards and upholstery or to create fashionable window and wall treatments.

Ample shelving and adequate desk space are something every child needs. The Large Two Door Bookcase from Newport Cottages has a solid, timeless design and plenty of room for stuff! In over 20 finishes, it’s easily customized. Young America’s Starlight Student Desk offers space galore with shelves, drawers, and a roomy desktop. It’s gender-neutral and will never go out of style. When your child leaves home for good, these furnishings will continue to serve stylishly in a den or home office.

The HGTV.com article advises consulting kids about what they need, and then reaching a compromise about what works best for everyone. Ask your child about colors and what matters most to them in a personal space. Take your child on a tour of Rosenberry Rooms’ website and shop for key pieces together. Let the room reflect the child, but create a space that lasts forever.


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