Spring-Fresh Ways To Organize Your Child's Space

Caroline BookcaseThere’s something about spring that makes us want to clear out what’s old and make way for what’s new. Maybe that’s where “spring cleaning” came from. There’s also a desire to make the indoors feel as fresh and inviting as the outdoors.

Children’s rooms can be a challenge to organize because kids collect stuff, especially over the holidays. An easy way to rejuvenate your little one’s space is to add storage pieces that are as lively as they are practical. Rosenberry Rooms has bursting-with-life bookcases, shelving units, and toy chests that work well even with limited space. Youthful and Daisy Stacking Bookshelfstimulating pieces allow you to display and conveniently stash your child’s prized possessions.

Add new space and verdant life with bright book displays and cases to fit the area you’re working with. Nothing says fresh like white, and the Hampton Pointe Narrow Bookcase in Piano Key starts small but expands with optional pieces that easily take it larger. Give summer a head start and bring on the beach with the Seaside Dreams Bookcase in nine vivacious colors. Display your little one’s stuffed toys, books, games, and toys on the five roomy shelves.

Toddlers will adore the kid-sized Sugar Plum Revolving Bookcase that’s fetching as a new bud. It’ll make neat work out of all those new books your little one will begin to amass. The Wall Bookholder is very handy if space is limited. Finished in Antique White, it’ll keep books off the floor and add a light touch in the bargain. Check out the Daisy Stacking Bookshelves in Easter egg pastels. Shelves are less than two feet wide and the interlocking technoPirate Treasure Chestlogy makes for easy stacking.

Toy chests are a delightful way to add sparkle to a child’s room and they make perfect hideaways. They’re toddler accessible and make it easy for children to pick up after themselves. Kid-sized at less than three feet wide with three interior bins, the First Impressions Toy Box is bright and lively in pastel colors, ABC’s, and sweet animals. Tender hand painted greenery and tropical creatures on a hardwood surface give the Papagayo Toy Box a refreshing rain forest feeling, with plenty of room for toys, books, and games.

Vintage Circus Toy ChestOlder children will ooh and aah at the French Toy Chests in a choice of springtime colors  and elegant designs . Add vital energy to your child’s room with the Alice In Wonderland, Blue Toile, or Enchanted Forest designs, each as charming as the next. Other toy box styles, like the Vintage Circus or Hot Air Balloon, are all about summer fun and full of verve. In a harmony of summery shades, these whimsical chests will get everyone in the mood for renewal.

Sweet toy chests are a fun place for kids to perch and, when you need to clean up in a hurry, just lift the lid and toss all the clutter inside. It’s fun to get organized on rainy spring days when you’ve got amazing bookcases, shelving, and toy chests to stash everything. Kid-accessible decorative storage options at Rosenberry Rooms help kids to lend a hand and to develop the fine art of keeping everything in its place.


Great Book Holders for Kids

With the holidays fast approaching, I have started to pay closer attention on a day to day basis for things that my girls could use to better keep their things easily accessible. Tonight, while we had reading time with them, I took a long, hard look at their books that were piled haphazardly and disorganized on an old bookshelf of mine with two or three falling onto the floor every time they would grab one for us to read. Yes, I started to obsess over the fact that the books never stay standing up nice and proper, from largest to smallest, grouped with like kinds…okay, I am probably the only one that notices, but still…I immediately started to think how our girls will soon have more books to add to their collection, and how I have to somehow resolve the issue of falling books. Then my mind quickly flashed to the fun options that there are out there that not only keep books better organized, but make it easier for kids to reach and put them away. It is not always easy to find the right combination of style and practicality, especially when it comes to children’s décor, but when you can find a place that offers you great options, then it becomes much less of a hassle and much more fun. Stores like Rosenberry Rooms carry such a wide range of designers that you will find things that you may not have otherwise known existed, such as some of the most amazing book holders. I am actually having a hard time narrowing it down! There are ones that would be just perfect for the playroom, and those that work if you have limited space, plus all the other styles in between.

Here are some of the amazing options you have to better organize and keep all the amazing books that your child has collected over the years. I am sure you will be just as impressed with these styles and creations…plus what a great holiday gift these would make for the child that loves to read and has an ever-growing collection of books!

Wall Bookholder – A wonderful alternative for those who don’t have the floor space, this vintage styled bookholder allows you to clearly see the books while keeping them safe. There are three different sized rows that allow you to properly house the many stories and books your child has.

Wall Bookholder

Book Trolley – This is sectioned much like the towers you find at the library, so that you can keep big and little books organized, plus the wheels make it easy to relocate it from one side of the room to the other and the built in easel creates the perfect book prop for easy reading.

Book Trolley

Book Bound – Modern through and through, these are perfect for those who want to add something different to their child’s decor. They will add color and a lot of interest to your child’s room in a fun and artistic way, as your little one’s books actually become a part of the room decor!

Book Bound

Bonsai Book Caddy – This incredibly fun and unique book caddy allows children to easily slide books right into place, with the spine facing outward, so there is never a doubt as to which book they are grabbing for mom and dad to read. Added bonus – it is an eco-friendly product!

Bonsai Book Caddy

Blue Stripe Wooden Bookholder – A little bit more traditional in style, this wooden bookholder has a wonderful vintage feel. It is divided in the middle, and can sit on the floor right next to the bed, making it easy for little hands to store and grab books.

Blue Stripe Wooden Bookholder

Be sure to check out other book holders and bookcases on Rosenberry Rooms that may suit your needs, and remember that the sooner you start your holiday shopping, the less stressful they will be! Happy Shopping!

Adriana M Dehring

Custom Wood Furniture: Relics

In the world of quick and easy which we live in, many of us can get discouraged and disheartened with the overall lack of quality we find in the things we buy. I think this is true especially of large purchases like furniture. Let’s be honest, furniture is not cheap, even if you get a lower end brand, you are still going to be dropping a significant amount of money. The sad part is that it will probably fall apart in a couple of years (if you are lucky). So, we continue to take our money and metaphorically burn it left and right, but we have no other choice, right? I mean, our kids need a bed to sleep in, desk to study at, night stand to keep their things on. Don’t they? Of course they do, but that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice quality or break our bank accounts, either. We just need to know what to look for and where to find it. First of all, know that mass-manufactured furniture is the most common. Chances are, almost every piece of furniture you own or have looked at would fall into this category. Now, there is nothing wrong with buying this type of furniture, however you must realize this will not hold up like the furniture of old…the kind that is probably in your parents or grandparents home…the type of furniture that was made piece by piece and put together one at a time with custom fabrics, at the corner furniture shop that everyone in your neighborhood knew and trusted. Those pieces were made with pride and passion, and there was a certain level of quality that was unspoken but understood. Then we turned into a fast and cheap kind of people. What can we get tomorrow, or better yet, today? It is not common for our generation to be willing to wait a few weeks, let alone months for a piece of furniture. That is ridiculous at best. But the truth is, that these fast and cheap furniture pieces are often made and shipped from another country, where it is just one of thousands, with no personal attention or care given to any part of the building process.

Because of this, I have a special love for a great custom wood furniture company named Relics. Each piece of their furniture is bench made, meaning very simply, that it goes back to how quality furniture was made many years ago. Think of a wood pile slowly being carved, finished, painted and fitted together to create a bed, bookshelf or night stand. That is Relics. They can customize the size of any of their pieces, because they are making them literally from scratch. They have plenty of colors for you to choose from, and will even do any Benjamin Moore paint color for a small price. Talk about custom made furniture, I don’t think it gets any better than that. I think that Relics truly is a company dedicated to creating quality furniture that you love. The owner is involved in the entire process and oversees everything first-hand to be sure that it meets his own personal standards. Each piece of furniture goes through a multiple point check process to make sure nothing has been overlooked. Quality with great style is something worth spending your money on, especially with children’s furniture. You know a solid wood piece of furniture will last the wear and tear you and your kids will put it through. Now, let’s look at a few of their furniture pieces (my favorites, of course!) so that you can decide for yourself how great each piece is!

Lily Rae Bed – The appeal fo this bed for me is that it is simple but feminine, giving parents incredible versatility. If you have a girl who loves frills and ornate things, or one that likes modern, sleek lines – this bed (and bedroom set) will work for every design style.


Beadboard Bookcase – This is one of their most common pieces because it has a universal appeal and fits in with other styles of furniture. Beadboard is classic and looks great especially in a little boy’s room.


Spindle Armoire – Just look at the detailing in this piece…fantastic! I love how they have taken a basic piece of furniture and added so much visual appeal with the spindle detailing and the cut out door.


Wonderland Bed – Every time I see this bed, I feel like I have just jumped into a storybook, which is what makes this such a fun piece for a little girl or boys room. This bed has amazing charm and appeal…cant you just imagine how fun this piece would be for your child?


Be sure to check out the entire Relics line here, and remember, each of these pieces is completely customizable making them the perfect fit for your home! Happy Shopping!

Adriana M Dehring

Stray Dog Designs – A Must Have

I have to say that when I enter a room and see at least one amazing, stand-out, unique piece of décor, it truly transforms the entire house into an exciting, think outside the box kind of place. When I talk about unique décor, there is one designer in particular that I think of, and absolutely adore. The vision behind Stray Dog Designs is so fantastic that if I could, I would claim it as my own! Their collection includes lighting, furniture, and accessories that are distinct and a little eccentric, but eccentric in a good way. You know, the way that makes you turn your head and take a second look, then walk up closer and look at it again; the way that makes you think, wow, wish I had thought of that; the way that necessitates owning a piece for your home. Okay, well I guess it is obvious that I am a huge fan, and now I will highlight some of their pieces so that you too will fall madly in love with their work. I have to tell you though, that for me to only highlight a few is not an easy task by any means, so once you get a little taste, you have to go to their complete collection…it is well worth the time!

White Bird Mirror
Oh, where to begin with this?! Just look at the design! The elegant and ornate scrolling is contrasted with the large, simple silhouette of a bird that is perched proudly on top. The mix of ornate and simple, the hammered iron, the white color all make this mirror a piece of decor that will beautify the room in which it hangs.


Birdcage Chandelier
As if the name itself wasn’t enough, I have actually seen this in person at the (soon to be open) Rosenberry Rooms’ Design Center and it is (for lack of better words) just so cool! The pink is just perfect…bright and cheery and not at all like the dreaded Pepto Bismol tone we all fear. Plus the concept of having a birdcage as a lighting fixture is just so fun and what a focal point for the room! Not only that, boy is it big. This is one chandelier that will not just blend into the background – it will up and smack you on the side of the head in a way that will make you giddy like a child.


Bright Color Box Set
For those who love to organize, like myself, these are a treasure found. They are so bright and cheery, not to mention made of tin so they are nice and sturdy. Who wouldn’t want these in their home, even if you can’t think of anything to put in them?! I think for a playroom, these are a fantastic way to sort toys, all the while looking absolutely amazing! Perhaps in the nursery or bedroom…heck, they really can go anywhere you want to make a daring and bold statement.


Well, there are many other lighting fixtures and accessories by Stray Dog that I love, but you will just have to shop their line yourself! Have fun and bring something truly special and unique into your home with this incredible designer. Happy Decorating!

Adriana M Dehring

Making the Baby Checklist

You know you have a baby on the way, it suddenly seems as if everyone you know is your best friend and has tons of advice to give – from the BEST burp cloths to which diapers NEVER leak, to what you absolutely CANNOT live without (like a wipes warmer…which you CAN live without!) Amidst all of this overwhelming (albeit sincere) advice, the parents-to-be can often hit overload pretty quickly. A good way to combat this inevitable process is to make a list of essentials in order of importance, and then revise it several times until you have eliminated all the “extra fluff” that works its way onto the paper. Something that has becoming increasingly common is to set up a wish list right away (Rosenberry Rooms has this option – see here – so as you peruse, simply add things to your wish list…very easy and very helpful). You then can give the information to family and friends so that they know what your color scheme, style, and needs really are and purchase gifts accordingly. The best part is that you can continue to add to the list, allowing you to guide gift-givers for holidays and birthdays as well! Here are a few things for baby that should definitely be on your list (I am completely skipping over all the furniture…I think those items are pretty obvious!):

Baby Carrier / Sling – do not go without one! Baby slings are so stylish and hip, not to mention practical – starting with your newborn, they will give you a hands-free day allowing you to keep baby close and snug while you actually accomplish things around the house. Many also have a weight limit of 35-40 lbs giving you many years of use. Think of a baby carrier or sling as another set of hands, which every new mom and dad need when taking care of baby. I think the style and versatility of Rockin’ Baby Slings make them one of my favorite lines. Look at their Love is All Around Sling…for the stylish new mama!


Keepsake Box – everyone wants to store all those little things, like the hospital bracelets, first lock of hair, etc, so be sure to put this on your wish list. You don’t want to realize a few weeks after baby is home, that you don’t have any place to put all of these “memories” and the last thing you will want to do at that point is start looking for one. Check out this Star Keepsake Box …just perfect for a little boy and its vintage flair gives it even more appeal.


Picture Frame – although you will eventually need more than one frame, be sure to get one special frame for the first picture of baby. That will be something that your baby will love to have handed to them when they are older and something they can have for the rest of their lives. There are so many different frames out there to choose from, but one that stands out to me is this Bella Rose Keyhole Picture Frame because of its elegance. This can work for either a baby boy or baby girl, and will fit right into any nursery theme.


Baby Bouncer – the perfect solution when mom and dad need a quick moment, a baby bouncer will keep your little one happy and truly content. Their portability is a life saver too, when you go to visit friends or family, bring it along and not only will baby stay comfy, but it will be very familiar to them in an unfamiliar place. When baby is happy, mom and dad get to relax (for a little while, at least!). This Chocolate and Turquoise Baby Bouncer by Svan is fantastic because it has reclining options, which make it suitable for naps and feeding.


There are many more things that baby needs, so I will let you go and get your list together! Check out this fun category on Rosenberry Rooms that highlights some great baby gift ideas…you may come across something new and interesting that you would love to have.

Adriana Dehring

myHaven Daybed by Young America by Stanley

myHaven Daybed by Young America by Stanley

My chosen special feature this week is this beautiful daybed by Young America by Stanley. I am looking forward to a long beach vacation with my family and this daybed would be the perfect addition to our beach house. Available in a wide variety of luxurious colors from pastels to brilliant hues, this daybed would be wonderful in either a girls bedroom or a boys bedroom.




Another thing I love about this bedroom set is that is solid and stylish for use for many years as my children grow. Choosing childrens’ bedroom furniture is a careful decision, an investment in your child’s environment and setting the stage for sweet dreams and lots of cuddling. The myHave Daybed is not too childish, nor too adult in its sturdy construction. I am a big fan of the daybed style as my children feel snuggled into their bed inside the high backings. Children will also love the color selection and find one perfect for their developing bedroom design tastes.


A fun feature available with this bedroom set in the underbed trundle – perfect for sleepovers! Also available with a storage unit that provides kids the opportunity to help out and clean up their own bedroom by offering a fun place to store all their toys.


This item also has FREE shipping at RosenberryRooms.com with White Glove Delivery Service!


If you are looking for a childrens’ bedroom set that will last the years with ornate design and beautiful construction, the myHaven Daybed may just be the perfect bedroom set for your child.


Read more details about the MyHaven Daybed at RosenberryRooms.com


– Amber

Through the Celebrities Eyes

As the summer months begin to heat up, the buzz for a style revival is in the air. People are updating their lifestyles, wardrobes, home furnishings, and more. For all those moms and moms-to-be, Rosenberry Rooms has everything needed to give you and your little one a fresh start to the season. With our huge selection of baby décor and accessories, you are sure to find something perfect to fit your individual taste, budget, and style. Celebrities have trusted in the superior quality and vision of our designers, as they selected a new bag or customized their child’s room. Check out all the designers at Rosenberry Rooms that caught Hollywood’s attention in the recent months!

AmyKathryn designs fashionable, functional, and eco-friendly bags that can be used as a purse or diaper bag interchangeably. Her line is perfect for women who are committed to “going-green” without sacrificing style!Girls Next Door star Bridget Marquardt was spotted on Sunset Boulevard wearing the bold and beautiful Marigold Yellow bag by AmyKathryn. Karina Smirnoff from Dancing with the Stars was also seen on Sunset Boulevard with AmyKathryn’s stunning Gladiola Magenta bag.

New Arrivals Inc. continues to be a huge hit for celebrity couples. With a children’s bedding and décor collection that would compliment almost any theme, it is no wonder New Arrivals is all the rage during the decorating stage! In the most recent issue of Life & Style Magazine, Trista and Ryan Sutter were featured with their newborn baby, Blakesley, and son, Max.  The couple used New Arrivals bedding and accessories to make the perfect nursery and “big boy room” for their children. Also, star of Desperate Housewives, Marcia Cross, decked out her twin daughters’ nursery with New Arrivals décor. Some finishing touches in Eden and Savanah’s room included pink and green flower pegs, pink polka dot wood cottage frames, and Shabby Rose burpee sets. In addition, Sean “Diddy” Combs, father of Jessie James and DLila Star, used New Arrivals to create the perfect room for his twin baby girls. After selecting a “French Garden” theme, Combs’ designer chose pink and green accessories like wall clocks, footprint frames, and wastebaskets to finish off the girls’ nursery.

Belle Baby Carriers has successfully merged comfort, safety, flexibility and style to make the ideal baby carrier. This line of baby carriers is the answer for any parent on-the-go, and is even available in an organic material to appease the environmentally conscious mind! With six children under the age of eight, Angelina Jolie certainly has her hands-full. This past year, she was featured in W Magazine with a chic Organic Black Belle Baby Carrier. This invaluable accessory allows Angelina to keep Knox or Vivienne right “in her arms” while remaining attentive to Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh, and Pax.

Pixie Dust Décor’s adorable collection of bedding, blankets, burp clothes and more will bring a little extra warmth to your baby’s first years. Choose from one of their classic bedding sets or customize your own with their beautiful fabric-by-the-yard; the perfect nursery is right at your fingertips! Alison Sweeney, host of the The Biggest Loser, was recently featured in People Magazine with her newborn baby girl. Megan Hope was wrapped in a cute, cozy, and chic Pixie Dust Jardin Secret Stripe Blanket.

Bratt Décor offers a wide selection of children’s furniture and accessories to suit any room or nursery. Whether it’s a contemporary, elegant or simple look you’re going for, the sky’s the limit with Bratt Décor! Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller brought their twin boys, Max and Bob, home to a Bratt Décor nursery. Based off the vintage baseball theme of the room, the couple chose matching beds, changers, and cubbies from the Blu collection and a Casablanca Daybed in Pewter.

Featured as a favorite on Oprah and in many big name magazines, Fleurville is certainly one of top lines in the diaper bag industry. Known for their fabulous designs, unrivaled durability, and eco-friendly products, you can’t go wrong with a Fleurville bag. They’re even great for dads! Over the years, celeb after celeb has taken to the Fleurville diaper bag line. Recently, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwenth Paltrow, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were all seen with children sporting their fabulous Fleurville bags.

So if you’re looking for a testament of customer satisfaction, turn to the celebs; AmyKathryn, New Arrivals Inc, Belle Baby Carriers, Pixie Dust Décor, and Fleurville (among many others) have all received the stars’ approval! Look for these exceptional designers and more at Rosenberry Rooms as you begin your seasonal makeover. Happy summer shopping!

-Katy Burns

Update Your Child’s Room for Summer

Over the weekend, my husband and I were outside with the girls, trying to stay cool with a couple of beers when we acknowledged that summer is indeed upon us. The mornings are no longer cool and breezy and you can’t even think of stepping outside without sunscreen or you will be well on your way to a lobster-like hue. Somehow all of this seems to have happened overnight and now I am scrambling to lighten up the décor in my daughters’ room with fresh and summer-like pieces. Obviously I don’t want to completely redo their room…that will happen when we transfer our youngest out of the crib in a year or so, but it needs a little lift for now. I was on the hunt to find practical (can these things be used in a year when we rearrange?) and affordable (does this fit our budget?) pieces of décor that will bring a sense of summer to my girls’ bedroom.

There are an endless number of ways to quickly update your child’s room without completely redecorating. I chose to focus on three areas of their room that I thought would make the biggest impact: Bedding, Window Treatments, and Wall Décor. For the bedding, I already have solid pale pink crib sheets, so I just left those as is, but for our older daughter’s bed, I wanted to ditch the princess sheets (very cute, but a little heavy in color) and replace them with something predominantly white with just a hint of some pink in a subtle design. I also changed out the throw pillow (princess themed) and brought in one that again is mostly white with just a hint of pink in stenciled flowers here and there. The window treatments were definitely too heavy (fabric and color) for summertime and so I went with a lightweight fabric that gave the room much more open and airy feel. Lastly, I chose to update some of their wall art with a new canvas that really livens up their space. My decision to update their art was more of an excuse to purchase another great piece of kid’s art, but I still think it is a great design trick to alter the look of a room. A new piece of art immediately changes the amount of bare wall space so your eye travels around the room in a different pattern than it did before. Just think of when you moved into your first apartment and were haunted by the seemingly endless white walls all around…then you hung some art and next thing you know, it has become a completely different place.

So, after these small changes to my girls’ room – the sheet set and throw pillow, window treatments, and a new piece of art – what a difference! Their room is so fresh and it just feels like summer…truly amazing. If you think your child’s room needs some change, I would suggest looking around and pick three things that stand out the most…chances are those define the overall look and feel of the room. By updating those three things you will add a new twist without a complete overhaul. Here are some décor pieces from Rosenberry Rooms that I think are perfect for a simple summer update for your child’s room or nursery:

Melon Penny Dot Sheet Set…simple with just enough punch of color:


Monogram Framed Painted Letters…these are so fresh and they have several color options you can choose:


Classic Wooden Block Wall Clock…I can’t decide what is better – the color or style…love it:


Now that the girls’ room is done, I really need to tackle mine…

Adriana Dehring

Fun, Earth-Friendly, & Hip Playroom Furnishings

Having recently celebrated Earth Day, I wanted to focus on a great kids’ product line that gives you all the pieces needed to create an earth friendly and oh so hip playroom for your kids. When I first saw ecotots’ art easel I was actually jealous that I was no longer a kid…then I took a deep breath and thought perhaps I should buy it for my own kids and live vicariously through them even though that isn’t quite as fun. Either way, I think if you are looking for great products that are earth-friendly, very unique but still sturdy and well-made then the ecotots line is for you. Made in the USA, non-toxic and water-based stains, no tools assembly, and a lifetime construction guarantee are just a few highlights of this line. I was drawn in not only by the art easel, but the color of their “leaf” finish. Obviously I have a thing for green, so this is no surprise, but I also think all four of their color choices actually enhance the line – they are the best combination of fresh and unique with just enough touch of modern.

The ecotots line covers all the basic pieces you are probably looking for like a table and chairs set, desk, step stool, and bookshelf. But they also have some really fun and different pieces like their art easel, locker, book caddy and surfboard growth chart. Personally, I am picturing my girl’s playroom now, and these are the pieces that I would love to see in there (all in leaf, of course, but I will show you examples of their other finishes so you get more of an idea of their full line!):

Art Time Easel – so they can express themselves and let their inner artist shine:


Sideboard Storage Unit – hopefully to help keep things organized and clean:


Project Table and Stool Set – I love that they have stools, not chairs…so much easier for kiddies to move around and get in and out:


Bonsai Book Caddy – to house all of their favorite books:


Beach Locker – to hang their art smocks and store their art supplies in some cool metal tins:


Be sure to check out the complete ecotots line on Rosenberry Rooms as well as all the other Earth-Friendly products they offer…

Adriana Dehring

The Best Gift I ever Gave My Baby and Myself

The Best Gift you can give Your Baby at his Birth

When my son was born 10 years ago, somebody mentioned to me that I should write down everything about his birth so that I would always remember. At first, I thought that was ridiculous – I would ALWAYS remember every detail of his birth. He was my firstborn and the experience so powerful and all-consuming that I was sure I would never forget a single detail. So, when he was about three months old, he was sleeping better and I started to have some time on my hands. Also, the exact details of his birth only 3 months ago were not as crisp and I started to think perhaps my memories would fade after all. I decided to form my memories of his birth into a letter to him. I titled the letter “The Happiest Day of my Life”. (Later, after my daughter was born, I went back and revised the title to “The Happiest Day of My Life – Part 1”!

I wrote down everything about the days leading up to his birth. I wrote down who was there, who I called, how I felt. I wrote down how his father was so excited, how the soon-to-be grandparents were already on their way. I wrote down how his father’s face was glistening with joy at the first sight of him. I wrote down how we called his name when the nurse took him to clean him up and I swear he was searching for our voices. I wrote down how that singular moment that he entered the world changed our life forever and that I had never in my life imagined I was capable of such intense love for another.

I wrote it all down – then I folded up the letter and put it away in one of his special baby boxes. I left it there for 7 years.

On my son’s 7th birthday, we went through his baby box and found the letter. I read it out loud to him. He silently listened with a curious expression on his face. I tell him I love him every day, but somehow, this letter was proof that he was loved from the very start. I will never forget that hug he gave me when I had finished.

Now, each year on his birthday, I get out the letter of his birth and read it to him. It is a treasured memory we look forward to every year. When his sister was born 2 years later, I wrote a letter for her, too, and we read her letter on her birthday.

This year, my son turned 10 and it was a hard time for me. Me? The mom of a kid in double digits? Where did all the time go?

This year, when my son asked for his birthday letter, I surprised him. I had written a new letter titled “My Son – Highlights for the First 10 Years”. In this letter I told him how much I enjoyed knowing him, the special person he has become. I outlined the qualities that make him unique. I included some hysterical times and things he’s done. I reminded him his heart is full of love and how much I appreciate what a great big brother he has always been. I also pointed out some ‘quirks’ of his that I could do without that had him on the floor in a fit of laughter.

This letter will go in his box next to his birth letter.

If you give one gift to your baby and yourself, write that letter to your baby. Years later, it will be priceless. Keep it in a special place. Here are a couple great boxes for your child’s birth letter:

Fresh Greens Toy Box

First Impressions Toy Box

Shop for more great childrens toy boxes at Rosenberry Rooms


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