New & Notable Kid's Room Decor!

Fresh and fun decor for kids’ rooms has arrived at Rosenberry Rooms! We are so excited about the new additions and wanted to share with you a few of our favorites. Everything from storage bins to bookends to beanbags, our colorful collection of decor is sure to spark your little one’s imagination and serve practical and functional purposes for you!

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1. Believe and Dance Bookends 2. Alphabet Monsters Throw Pillow 3. Helly Friends Quatrefoil Magnet Board 4. Giraffe Hanging Wall Organizer 5. Script Initial Solid Wall Clock 6. Mini Bull Sky Blue Bean Bag Chair 7. Little Birdies Light Switch Plate Cover 8. Animal Canvas Storage Bin 9. White Scalloped Wall Picture Frame 10. You Are Loved Canvas Wall Art

When it comes to decorating children’s rooms, it’s the little details that really stand out. The whimsical characters present in some of these pieces are playful and fun for your little one and fit in perfectly with your nursery or kids’ room themes. The sweet sayings and inspirational words make a room feel extra special and full of love. To shop these colorful decor items and more, visit!

Using Decor to Introduce Other Cultures to Kids!

Rosenberry Rooms owner Susie Fougerousse grew up in Toronto, Canada where most of her friends were from other countries, spoke multiple languages and often traveled with their families. This allowed her to quickly gain an appreciation for other cultures and languages and a love for travel. Her husband, who is from Europe, fully shares this sentiment which is why it’s so important for them to pass this on to their five children, ranging in age from 14 to 1.

When they have the time, they make sure to take advantage and travel as a family to different places where their kids can learn and appreciate other cultures, lifestyles and traditions. When they don’t have time to travel, Susie and her husband make an effort to find small but helpful opportunities to achieve this same approach. Whether it’s through the toys their children play with, the television shows they watch or even the decor in their rooms, this general philosophy is introduced to their children each day. Susie shares with us some of her favorite ideas below and you can find others in her article on, Fun Ways to Introduce Other Cultures to Your Kids where you will discover that even if you don’t have time to travel, you too can introduce other cultures to your children, no matter their age.


Something as simple as putting a map in your child’s room, whether it be through wall art, an interactive rug or a wall-sized mural, can invite your child to ask questions and spark conversations about the different parts of the world and the various animals, cuisines, people, countries, climates and landscapes. Above my son’s bed hangs a map, and we spend most nights before he falls asleep reminiscing about places we have travelled to and discussing the cool places he dreams of visiting. Decorating with geography-themed decor is a great way to inspire imaginations.


On rainy days or cold nights, utilize this time inside by inviting your children to watch educational programs (that are fun, too). One of my favorites is the Families of the World video series which takes children through a day in the life of a typical family in a number of countries from around the world. It is a delight to see a child’s fascination and joy when watching these videos that allow them to take a peek through the window into another house in a far away place.


Father, artist and renowned interior designer, Aaron Christensen says, “As parents, we love to think of all the places our children will go, but looking back at the places they’ve been can also be a source of room decor fun. Shelves and shadow boxes are a terrific way to display mementos from their personal travels. While traveling, encourage your child to take their own photographs. Using thumb tacks and string, your little traveler can easily and visually notate, on a map, their world travels or the distant locations of family and friends.”

Photo credit: Centsational Girl

These are just a few of the fun and clever ways you can introduce your children to other cultures that allow them to participate and learn to appreciate their world. For more ideas, be sure to check out the full article on

Meet Julie & Terry Burns of Wish Upon a Star!

Wish Upon a Star designers Julie & Terry Burns make adorable children’s room decor including wooden lamps, bookends, picture frames, wall clocks and more! Their color palette is perfect for nursery decor for both boys and girls and their unmistakeable style allows you to use multiple pieces for an adorable and cohesive look! What I love most about this line is that their products are hand crafted and hand painted down to the last detail, making them truly special and unique. Their company is family owned and Julie and Terry have two boys and a third on the way, which is why I believe their products do so well! They are designing from the heart and designing what they would want to see in their own children’s rooms. For more on the story behind this adorable line of children’s decor, meet the owners of Wish Upon a Star as I ask them a few questions about their inspiration and growth!


Julie & Terry Burns with their two sons.

How would you define the Wish Upon a Star style philosophy?

We design things we like. Our traditional products have clean, crisp lines and we like to offer as many choices to the customer as possible.

What inspired you to become a designer and start a business?

Transportation Lamp

Art has always been a huge part of my life since I was a little girl. I had always hoped I could use my God-given abilities to create a business I could be proud of. When Terry (my husband) and I met, he helped my dreams come true. He had studied business in college and was naturally artistic himself. We came up with the idea to go into business together right away. We made a great team, and still do today. (It helps when your partner is also your best friend!)



Why did you choose to design and make nursery decor?

Wish Upon A Star is a “faith-based” company and we completely believe God has led us on our 12 year journey of success… we give Him all the glory. When we began our business in year 2000, we were expecting our first child, so we were completely inspired by the baby. We looked at many products available in the marketplace and knew we could create something better, more beautifully hand-made with an “attention- to- detail” we knew others wanted also. In these times today, there are less and less products made in the USA, and that was really important to us to keep our manufacturing in Texas, and we believe it  is one of the main reasons we have been so successful. People want to buy from USA manufacturers, not imported.

What is your favorite part of your daily work when you reflect on the day, what is most rewarding?

Right now my favorite part of my daily work is the end of the day… I’m 43 years old and 6 months pregnant!!!!

Cow Over the Moon Table Clock

If you had to pick a favorite design from your collection, what would it be?


We have 2 boys (third on the way) so we tend to lean towards unique designs for boys. We enjoy the sports themes in our boys room. (They play golf & tennis) Terry custom built the boys a bunk bed /Pro Shop for their room. We also love the initial bookends. Each time we design a custom bookend with a personalized child’s initials, that child is getting a one-of-a-kind product made just for them… we love that concept!

What sets Wish Upon a Star apart from other decor designers?

The flexibility to create what people envision for their child’s room and bringing that to fruition for the customer. Handcrafted top-of-the-line quality made in Texas USA for each individual customer.

Sherbert Pink Letter Bookends

Do you have any news that you would like to share, perhaps about upcoming designs or introductions to your line?

Wish Upon A Star is a POB (parent owned business) and we are expecting our third child due in October!

Fun Facts! We all enjoy golf, tennis, fly fishing and camping out!  We are also renovating a 100 year old house in a historic town in Texas!

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