Children of Celebrites: Girls Rooms

Living the in the limelight isn’t always easy, especially when you’re a toddler with celebrity parents. However, these young Hollywood kids have taken to that life with ease, elegance and a great sense of style. Their distinct style is what inspired us to put together these Children of Celebrites: Girls Rooms.

The Suri Room

Whether she is jet setting to either of her celebrity parents’ movie sets or taking a walk in the park, Suri Cruise has shown she is more than capable of maintaining her own sense of comfortable and classy style. The mini Hollywood fashionista is frequently seen wearing trendy frocks and classy kitten heels. Her classic but trendy style is what inspired us to put together these pieces to create a room that is “oh-so-Suri.” The first is the Catalina Duvet by Serena & Lily. We love the boldness of the print accented in a classic navy color. The contrast between the two creates a nautical inspired room that remains very vogue.

The name Suri is a Persian name meaning “red.” So naturally, we wanted to accent the boldness of the duvet with this bright red Fleur Di Lis mirror. The antique mirror adds to the classic feel of this room, but gives a fun pop of color to the room.  We also included the Lucky Elephant in Red Canvas Reproduction by Oopsy Daisy. The colors in this print work with both the bedding and the mirror, and make the space appropriate and inspiring for a four-year-old TomKitten. Finally, we accented Suri’s trendy space with a little sparkle from the 6-light White Crystal Chandelier. This handmade chandelier boasts a traditional design accented with contemporary touches such as twinkling teardrop crystals.

The Violet Room

Not unlike Suri Cruise, four-year-old Violet Affleck is known for her princess style and love of tea parties. However, as she’s grown we’ve noticed a sassy streak in Ms. Affleck’s sense of style. This led to the creation of an urban princess inspired room. For Violet’s room, we wanted to combine feminine accents with sassy colors, so naturally we chose the Boutique Pink duvet cover by Caden Lane. The duvet features a mix of floral print and pink zebra stripes that add a touch of sass to Violet’s bedroom. We accented this bedding with the Bubble Gum Shaggy Raggy Rug by the Rug Market. This unique rug is a vibrant and plushy accent piece, supporting the bring pink of the bedding. We also loved the fun and unique shape of the Scalloped Monogram Wall Decal by Alphabet Garden Designs. Finally, we wanted to add a luxurious touch to Violet’s room and did so by adding the Amanda Chandelier. The chandelier’s design draws on the floral pattern from the duvet print but doesn’t overwhelm the room. The small crystal beads add a little sparkle and put the finishing touch on this urban princess’s chamber.

The Shiloh Room

Born in the African country of Namibia into a family that already boasts American, Cambodian, and Ethiopian backgrounds, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt has proven herself more than capable of keeping up with her jet-setting parents. Living with five other siblings has led Shiloh to create her own sense of style, which has been both praised and scrutinized by the press. However you feel about her tomboy look, we’re sure you’ll love the nature inspired space we’ve created for her. We love the Oopsy Daisy canvas reproduction entitled Tree Buddies, so we let it inspire the rest of our room. The vibrant colors pop off the canvas and the cute woodland creatures will delight any animal lover. The bright green leaves in canvas reproduction are emphasized with Serena and Lilly’s Classic Whites Grass Bedding collection. The simplistic print may give off a sense of sophistication for a four-year-old, however we like the minimalist style, which adds a feeling of serenity and peace to the room. We also like the intense green of the Gabby Pendant by Jane Gray for Stray Dog Designs. Hand-painted by Mexican artisans, the delightful sprigs of leaves offer a creative way to bring light into any room, and highlight Shiloh’s distinct personality and charm.

As the daughter of parents who are known for their support of humanitarian aid,  Shiloh spends a lot of her time traveling across the world. Whether she is in Namibia or New Orleans, it is important to keep her animal friends close at hand. This is why we’ve chosen the  Lime Polka Dot Duffel Bag by Four Peas to accent Shiloh’s nature inspired space. We love the bold print, not to mention the sensible design that makes it easy to for a child to transport their most precious cargo from place to place.

So which bedroom fits your little girl? Is she a Suri, Violet or Shiloh? Whatever the style, Rosenberry Rooms has all of the pieces to create a custom space for your little fashionista. For more designer rooms for girls, check out our Designer Girl’s Bedrooms and Designer Girl’s Nurseries. We also have an extensive selection of theme-room products for all shapes and styles!

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