High Point Market Round Up – Part 2!

With so many great new lines at High Point Furniture Market, we had to split our round up in to two parts! Now although it’s called High Point Furniture Market, there are also some beautiful art, bedding and decor lines that have showrooms at market as well. This post highlights more of our favorites in these categories including some new pieces from lines already on RosenberryRooms.com as well as some from brand new vendors we are hoping to add soon! (Plus a few that don’t really fit with our offering but were pretty cool!)

One of the most eye-catching and beautiful displays at all of market was the Sugarboo Designs showroom. This eclectic collection includes unique picture frames, reclaimed wall art and vintage inspired prints. The quality of this line is amazing and each piece would definitely serve as stand-out, unusually attractive accent in any room of your home. Check out a few of these gorgeous pieces we saw and be sure to view the rest of the collection available here.

Speaking of vintage-inspired pieces, we also saw a wow-worthy showrooms with an amazing display of authentic models. From vintage airplanes to model sailboats to bookshelves in the shape of canoes, this line is a dream when designing a nautical or airplane-themed boys room! Each piece in this collection warrants a conversation and inevitably the question, “Where did you get that?”. They are all stand-out, high quality and beautifully designed historical reproductions guaranteed to ignite a spirit of exploration and adventure in your child’s room (or even in your husband’s office!).

They also had these hot air balloon mobiles which were simply amazing! These would look so cool as a group, hanging over a crib or kid’s bed, or for you party designers, for a boy’s explorer party. The possibilities are endless!

In the bedding section of the show, we saw the beautiful Bella Notte Linens collection. Let me just tell you, the fabrics, colors and just overall feeling you get from this line is pure bedding couture. And yes, that crib is suspended in the air. Maybe not the best idea for a nursery but definitely a conversation piece at the show!

Large, even oversized, upholstered headboards were another popular trend we noticed at the show. This one was definitely the biggest! How gorgeous are those lines? And that coral bedding? Makes me want a beach house…now.

One of the more unique collections of furniture and decor we saw was from a company called GuildMaster. This line had sort of a vintage European motif with naturalistic distressing and very creative designs. For example, a bench made to look like three chairs. Or three chairs made to look like a bench? I’ll let you decide!

Lots of Bohemian inspired pieces in this collection as well!

There were not a ton of art collections showing at market but we did find an absolutely adorable new line we plan to add very soon! I love the playful characters, bright colors and detail that goes into each piece. These are so cute for the nursery and can be personalized too!

Now this art display was actually within a furniture showroom but I thought the idea was so cute, I had to share! Instead of using framed art pieces, they just clipped them to the wall for a creative and fun display. You could use art prints or even display your child’s artwork this way for a unique look!

That about sums up our trip to market…well in addition to 5,000 other pieces of furniture I could share, but thought that might get a little repetitive. 😉 We hope you enjoyed our round up and look for a lot of these pieces available now on RosenberryRooms.com or coming soon!


Meet Kathleen McCoy of Bella Notte Linens!

The luxurious line of Bella Notte Linens, now available on RosenberryRooms.com, are not only pure couture for your home, but also approachable and adaptable for your life. Designer Kathleen McCoy describes the line as having couture accents with a vintage edge that can be cared for right at home. Kathleen’s road to creating Belle Notte is a winding and interesting one so I will let her share the story of how she got started making these gorgeous linens that are fit for a King or Queen…your little King or Queen that is.


How would you define the Bella Notte Linens style philosophy?

Bella Notte Linens is modern, custom dyed bedding with couture accents and a vintage edge. But most importantly, our luxury linens are easy care and have minimal impact on the environment due to our use of natural fabrics and low-impact/non-toxic dyes.

What inspired you to become a designer and start a business?

I always enjoyed fashion because of both the hands on aspect and fast paced excitement of the business. This lead me to fashion school, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, that had a wonderful job placement program. After graduation, I was hired by Jessica McClintock as Assistant Designer, where the experience as well as the contacts I made proved paramount in my transition into the home design industry.

Why did you choose to design luxury bedding and accessories?

The funny thing is I didn’t start out with the idea to design bedding…my first business, which I started out of my home in Mill Valley, CA, was a fleece jacket line called Marinwear. After a few years, and longing for a little change, I decided to introduce Linen jackets into the line. Having a few bolts of Linen left over from the cutting, I made up a Duvet Cover and matching shams and, on a whim, brought them to a local furniture store in the hopes that they would allow me to dress their bed—and they did! I suppose I came into the market at just the right time because almost out of the blue I started getting calls from people asking to represent the line. I followed my instincts and decided to switch over into an entirely new business, and luckily the market and demand for our products were there to meet us!

What is your favorite part of your daily work when you reflect on the day, what is most rewarding?

The most rewarding and exciting part of my job is being able to design and see the samples and finished product come through.

If you had to pick a favorite piece from your collection, what would it be?

One of my favorite pieces would have to be our Silk Velvet Embroidered Pillowcases in Pebble. I love their draping elegance, the way they can add interest and a bit of drama to a simple bed.

What sets Bella Notte Linens apart from other designers in your industry?

With the variety of tones and textures in our line, Bella Notte allows the customer to create a bed that truly reflects their individual personality and taste…we present a palette with which to create art for your bedroom, your living room, your home.

Do you have any news that you would like to share, perhaps about upcoming designs or introductions to your line?

We just introduced a Tabletop Collection, available in an assortment of our signature fabrics, that we are very excited about! We have also created two gorgeous new colors–Rose Quartz and Pacific, as well as a lovely new texture called Vivianne–a lightweight, large-scale, botanical jacquard.

Now…Just for Fun

Favorite Food

I love my vegetable garden and being able to harvest fresh Swiss Chard and Kale to cook up with my dinner.

Favorite TV Show

Honestly, I don’t watch much TV, but I do love films!

Favorite Movie

I have many: “A Room with a View”, “Young Frankenstein”, “Dirty Dancing”, “The Princess Bride”, and on and on.

Favorite Weekend Activity

I love hiking on local Mt. Tamalpais, going to concerts, and spending time with my family.

Favorite Band

Currently, one of my favorite musicians is Patti Griffin. She has an incredible voice and beautiful lyrics!


Bella Notte Linens at Rosenberry Rooms!

New to RosenberryRooms.com is the luxurious line of bedding from Bella Notte Linens! Bella Notte Linens are not only pure couture for your home, but also approachable and adaptable for your life. The style of this collection can best be described as vintage luxury. Take a peek at a few of these stunning crib bedding sets and you will see why.

These heirloom quality bed linens are sure to inspire any nursery, children’s room or bedroom with elegant yet contemporary designs and harmonious color palette. Each Bella Notte fabric begins in a neutral muslin color and when you select your color palette, the fabrics will be dyed upon order using Bella Notte’s low-impact techniques and non-toxic dyes. This allows you to bring your dream nursery to life using their luxurious collection of designs and fabrics. All Bella Notte Linens products can be cared for at home too (cold water, light detergents and gentle cycles are recommended).

These gorgeous linens exude style and understated vintage design while also creating a serene and cozy oasis for your precious little one. Each piece of the sets can also be purchased separately if you wish to mix and match. I am so thrilled we have added this line to our site and would love to see some pictures of the Bella Notte Linens in your nurseries! Which look is your favorite?

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