Mother’s Day Salad

Post by Adria Ruff of Anders Ruff

We are celebrating Mother’s Day again this week. When I used to live in Ohio, I hosted Mother’s Day brunches for mothers and grandmothers over the years. While planning the menu, I would try to create a healthy main course, yet delicious just the same! I wanted to share with you a simple main course salad that is perfect for any special occasion and will impress your guests!

What makes this salad so fantastic, is the warm breaded goat cheese patties. It takes a few extra minutes, but SO worth the fuss! I have served this to a few people who “don’t like goat cheese”… and you better believe they thought it was the best part of the salad!


Mixed Greens with Grilled Chicken and Warm Goat Cheese (Served with Balsamic Vinaigrette)

Mixed Greens  (baby spinach leaves blend well with this salad)
Grilled chicken (can be prepared a day or two ahead of time)
Fresh asparagus (no need to blanche) – cut longer if placing on plate; cut smaller if mixing in bowl
Dried cranberries
Almond slices
Strawberries (washed and sliced)
Goat cheese
Panko crumbs
1 egg


2/3 cup Olive Oil
1/3 cup Balsamic Vinegar
2 tbsp of honey  (you can add more or less to taste)
1 tsp of dijon mustard (you can add more or less to taste)
Salt  & pepper to taste


1. Prep your salad greens, and place on plate (or bowl – depends on if you are doing individual plates or one large bowl)
2. Add strawberry slices, dried cranberries, fresh aspragus (it tastes great, just raw and crisp) and almonds to mixed greens
3. Slice grilled chicken and lay on top of salad
4. Prepare goat cheese patties as follows:
4a.  Scoop goat cheese into small balls or patties
4b.  Dip into mixed egg andersruff-mothers-day-brunch-salad-01-640x6914c.  Roll in panko crumbs until coatedandersruff-mothers-day-brunch-salad-02-640x2064d. Fry in really hot oil, until all sides are golden brown – only takes a few minutes; leave in pan on warm until ready to serveandersruff-mothers-day-brunch-salad-03-640x219

5.  Top it off with the balsamic vinaigrette and serve!

The great part about this salad, is that it is an “all-in-one” meal. You can serve warm pita bread with it for a final touch!andersruff-mothers-day-brunch-salad-04-640x1007

This is a perfect salad for a shower as well. Even if you aren’t hosting a Mother’s Day event, you can make this for dinner – that’s what I do and my family loves it!

Let me know if you try this salad – I would love to hear if you love it as much as I do!

Make Mini Tissue Tassels with Holly!

Post by Holly Moeller of Paper Crush


I’m loving the tissue tassel trend for party accessories right now – there are so many fun ways to use them and dress up your parties! I finally sat down and made some large ones; they were pretty easy and I got the hang of it after a couple of tries.

Then I thought to myself…boy these sure would be cute in a mini version, wouldn’t they??!!

And thus the mini tissue tassels were born. I quickly added them to some long skewers to easily dress up a simple white cake.Mini-Tissue-Tassel-Supplies


  • Tissue paper
  • Cutting Mat
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Straight Edge/Craft Ruler
  • Twine

One piece of tissue paper will make 4 mini tissue tassels.Mini-Tissue-Tassels-Steps-1

1. Start with a piece of tissue paper (mine was 20″ x 20″)

2. Fold the paper in half from top to bottom

3. Fold in half the other way (from left to right)

4. Fold in half again from left to right. You should now have a piece folded tissue paper that measures 5″ wide by 10″ long.Mini-Tissue-Tassels-Steps-2

5. With folds on the left and bottom, cut your paper to 4 inches

6. Rotate paper so that folds are at the top and left. Start on the right side and cut 1/4″ sections from the bottom up, leaving approx. 1 inch uncut at the top

7. Cut entire width of paper from right to left in 1/4″ sectionsMini-Tissue-Tassels-Steps-3

8. Unfold cut paper one time.

9. Cut down the middle of your paper all the way through to the top, giving you two sections.

10. One section will remain folded. Unfold this section and cut down the middle all the way through.

11. Now you will have 4 sections of paper.Mini-Tissue-Tassel-Steps-4

12. Unfold one section and open so that fringe is on the outside.

13. Start at the bottom of your section and roll up to the top, untangling fringe as you go, if needed.

14. Once at the top, this is what your tassel will look like.Mini-Tissue-Tassel-Steps-5

15. Find the center of your tassel and twist the tassel around the skinny end of a pen to form your loop.

16. Continue twisting

17. Twist tassel around the pen approximately 2-3 times.

18. The finished product.

I know this seems like a lot of steps, but once you do it a couple of times, it will seriously only take you about 5 minutes to make 4 mini garlands.Pretty-Mini-Tissue-TasselsThis poof of pretty mini tissue tassels makes me smile!Circle-of-Pretty-DIY-Mini-Tissue-TasselsThe last step to create a garland is to tie your tassels onto a piece of twine or string.Mini-Tissue-Tassel-Garland-CloseupTo add to a cake for a sweet topper, simply tie your twine onto 2 bamboo skewers and insert into cake.Mini-Tissue-Tassel-Garland-2To create a similar cake using the colors of your party, I purchased a plain white 8″ cake from Walmart. Then I added pearl sixlets around the top and alternated sixlets with sour balls around the base of the cake. This is a simple and inexpensive cake that anyone can easily make.Mini-Tissue-Tassel-Garland-Cake Mini-Tissue-Tassel-Garland-Cake-Top-View


With a passion for party and event planning, Holly Moeller started Paper Crush to share ideas and projects, and to inspire others when planning their next event.

A Mustache Baby Shower!

Mustache parties and baby showers are all the rage recently! This charming theme, while a little silly, is actually a lot of fun for you and all your guests. Whether you include them as photo booth props at your next birthday party or the centerpiece of a baby shower for a little boy, like our Creative Contributor, Paula Biggs of Frog Prince Paperie is sharing today, you can’t go wrong with the iconic mustache!

mustache baby shower-3

My sweet friend Richelle needed a celebration to mark the upcoming arrival of her second child – and since she was having a little boy, I took the opportunity to try out the mustache craze everyone is so excited about!

mustache baby shower-30

When throwing a mustache party, it is very difficult not to put a mustache on everything that moves. But I did it anyway…because it was too much fun not to. This hairy decor ended up being thoroughly appreciated by the mom-to-be and all our guests.

mustache baby shower-28

mustache baby shower-8

mustache baby shower-12

mustache baby shower-18

Since the mustache was such an overwhelming part of the presentation of this party, it didn’t lend itself to requiring a lot of time being crafty. So I was free to focus on my big “wow” factor – the food! Shower food is always the best, and I was able to make every last thing from scratch for this event.

mustache baby shower-mustaches

mustache baby shower-details2

mustache baby shower-17

mustache baby shower-14

Chocolate creme brûlée sat along side a chocolate truffle buttercrunch cake (recipe here) and chocolate cupcakes–mom had a bit of a chocolate craving!

mustache baby shower-19

mustache baby shower-details

mustache baby shower-13

For savories, offerings included bacon wrapped stuffed dates (details here), wasabi and crab vegetable roll ups, hot ham and swiss rolls, and balsamic basil strawberries. No one left hungry!

mustache baby shower-food

mustache baby shower-20

The favors were my favorite part of the party after the food. I had some black vinyl cut into mustache shapes and the vinyl was applied to the side of a pint glass. There are a dozen in my cabinet now, they are so much fun. My coffee mugs may or may not have been mustached as well after doing this craft!

mustache baby shower-4

mustache baby shower-6

This was such a fun party and the lighthearted theme really made the baby shower so much more enjoyable.


Printables for this party can be found at Frog Prince Paperie’s Etsy Shop – Mustache Bash Baby Shower or Birthday Party Set


Vintage Traveling Circus Baby Shower for Amber Ridinger!

Amber Ridinger, daughter of Market America founders Loren Ridinger and JR Ridinger, recently celebrated her new addition with an amazing Vintage Traveling Circus themed baby shower! This incredible event was put together in just 5 days by Jackie Fernandez and her team at Jackie Ohh Events.

traveling circus baby shower

The event was in Miami on a gorgeous outdoor patio with dozens of fabulous details. The most wow-worthy moment had to be the overhead decor complete with vintage umbrellas and several Hot Air Balloon Models from!

hot air balloons

traveling circus shower

Other details include an ice cream bar and cotton candy station and even a kissing booth!

ice cream bar and cotton candy station

baby shower kissing booth

Guests got to indulge in the extravagant Hot Air Balloon cake by Ana Paz Cakes and leave with adorable party favors complete with printables by Dollhouse Paperie.

circus baby shower cake

shower party favors

However, the most exciting thing for Amber and guests was getting to play with a 7 week old Australian Bengal Tiger and 10 month old Gibbon Monkeys!

guests in kissing booth

baby shower animals

We were so thrilled to be a part of this incredible event! Congratulations to Amber Ridinger and Duane McLaughlin!

amber ridinger and duane mclaughlin

Vendor Credits

Jackie Ohh Events

Unearthed Vintage – Farmhouse table and other vintage furniture rentals

Uplyte – Lighting and draping

Dollhouse Paperie – Party printables

Ana Paz Cakes

Rosenberry Rooms – Hot Air Balloon Models

10 DIY Baby Shower Favors and Decor!

Whether you’re hosting a baby shower, in charge of the favors and decor, or the guest of honor, you’ll love this round-up of 10 DIY baby shower favor and decor ideas! You don’t have to spend a lot of money to throw a memorable baby shower that all your guests will love. With a little creativity and ingenuity combined with some inspiration from the list below, you should have everything you need to shower the mom-to-be!

Dual-Purpose Decor – All of these DIY ideas serve as both cute decoration for the shower as well as great gifts for mom and baby!

1. Diaper Cake

Diaper Cakes make the perfect table centerpiece for a baby shower and are a fabulous gift for the mom-to-be. After all, you can never have enough diapers! Create your own diaper cake by following this tutorial or if you’re short on time, shop these lovely options by Bloomers Baby!

Diaper Cakes

2. Floral Bouquet with a surprise twist

Flowers are always a great choice for any party. This particular bouquet however, has a fun surprise element. If you look closely, the flowers are actually made from baby hats and headbands! You can use the bouquet as decoration for the party and afterwards, mom has an adorable set of accessories for baby. Create your own by folding up a group of flower hats and/or headbands and securing with rubber bands or shop these pre-made sets!

Hats and Headbands Bouquet

3. 4. and 5. Cupcake Onesies, Onesie Lollipops and Onesie Sundaes!

Another gift new moms can’t get enough of is onesies! Why just throw it in a gift bag when you can create these clever onesie treats that everyone is sure to love?!

Cupcake Onesie How To

Cupcake Onesie tutorial Onesie Cupcakes

Onesie Lollipops

Onesie Lollipop

Onesie Sundaes

Onesie Sundaes

Baby Shower Favors

When deciding on your shower favors, try and think of something that all your guests will use/like, something basic but dress it up in a creative way.

1. Polish off your shower with these adorable Nail Polish Favors! What girl doesn’t want more nail polish? You can really choose any color you like but I think this idea to do blue for a boy’s shower and pink for a girl’s is super cute and complements the decor.

Baby Shower Nail Polish Favors

2. Having a Safari or Jungle-themed shower? Try these adorable Animal Cookie Favors from Kara’s Party Ideas!

ElephantShower-Animal Cookies

3. How about a nautical theme? These Life Saver candy favors fit in perfectly with the theme and who can’t use more breath mints?


4. Ready to Pop Popcorn – How cute are these boxes? Find them at Hobby Lobby and the M&M and popcorn recipe here!

Ready to Pop

5. Hand Sanitizer! – This clever idea comes from the blog Home By Heidi. The tag reads “Thank you for coming and touching “Insert Mom’s Name” life, now you’ll be able to touch her baby” Love it!

Hand Sanitizer Favors


For more creative DIY ideas for your next baby shower, be sure to follow our Baby Shower Ideas board on Pinterest!




Owl Cupcake Topper Tutorial!

Owls have become increasingly popular characters for nursery themes, kids room inspiration, baby shower themes, kid’s parties and so much more! They work great as the basis for any child’s room design or party because they are gender neutral, whimsical and fun. Our fabulous Creative Contributor, Lynlee Beckett of Lynlee’s Petite Cakes, is sharing a tutorial for how to make her adorable Owl Cupcake Toppers so that you too can use them at your next party where they are sure to be a hit (or should I say hoot)! She’s calling these her “Thank Whooo Cupcakes”. So, if you’d like to learn how to make these adorable fondant owls, keep reading!

Owl Cupcake Toppers

Thank Whooo! Cupcake

Owl Cupcake Toppers - Ingredients

Supplies Needed

*yellow fondant

*rolling pin

*oval, teardrop and flower cutters

*round tip (in this case, Wilton tip 12)

*modeling stick

*food safe brush and water

*gold shimmer food color spray (in this case, Wilton Color Mist)

Owl Cupcake Toppers - How To

Roll some yellow fondant into a ball and shape tips of owl ears with fingers.

Owl Cupcake Toppers

Roll out more yellow fondant flat with the rolling pin and use the cutters to cut out necessary shapes (2x flower shape for eyes and teardrop shape for wings).

Owl Cupcake Topper - Tutorial

Shape the small circle into a ball and then use your fingers to make a tip for the owl nose.

owl cupcake topper tutorial

Utilize the modeling stick to make holes in the eyes . With the round tip angled at a 45* angle, make indentations in the large oval for a feather pattern.

owl cupcake topper how to

With the food safe brush dipped in water, glue all the fondant pieces to the three-dimensional owl figure.

Owl Cupcake Topper

Cover your working surface and spray the fondant owl with the shimmer food color spray. This can be any color depending on the palette of your party! Top on your favorite cupcake and voila!

To see more owl-themed goodies for kid’s rooms, visit or click here!

Ahoy! Nautical Baby Shower

Summer is here and that means lots of time by the beach or lake, fun outdoor entertaining, and all things seaside and nautical (my favorite theme!). That being said, I’m so excited to share this adorable “Ahoy Baby!” baby shower from Lynlee’s Petite Cakes! The combination of sea blues and sunshine yellow mixed with darling rope and anchor details make this shower so perfect for summer! 

For expectant mothers due in the Summer months, there’s no better way to welcome their new first mate than with a nautical-themed baby shower! I adore the Mod Nautical Anchor collection by the WH Hostess, pairing several shades of blue with a bright and refreshing pop of yellow, which I utilized to style this bright and cheery luncheon for the Summer 2012 issue of The Party Dress. I decided to focus on a mature feel to honor the mother-to-be, with the infusion of playful and sweet details. The beautiful invitation set the mood, inviting guests to join the celebration seaside.

The dessert table was set-up along the waterfront, providing a gorgeous view and anchoring the party. To avoid obstructing the scenery, I created a backdrop inspired by a window at Anthropologie that not only resembled a sail from afar, but at closer look, also simulated coral from the ocean. With the use of chicken wire, I constructed the shape and then inserted white folded coffee filters to develop coral designs. As a juxtaposition, I propped up a basketweave anchor that, with the burlap tablecloth, added a natural, sandy feel to the crisp and vivid colors.

The desserts centered around the nautical theme and coordinating colors. Due to the Summer season and outdoor location, I thought it would be refreshing to utilize several lemon and fruit treats, along with some traditional sweets. I hollowed out lemons, added lemon custard topped with blueberries and  displayed them in a seaside lantern. I also inserted the collection’s cupcake toppers to add height and decor to the oversized container. Small mason jars were filled with milk and lifesaver donuts sat perched on the rims with the help of fish drink stirrers.

Chocolate-dipped Oreo pops were decorated with fondant to look like portholes, while marshmallows resembled numbered buoys. Lemon cupcakes were embellished with fondant sailor onesies, bibs and baby bottles, nestled in sugar sand, along with chocolate sea shells in a nautical steering wheel tray. I made layered jello lighthouse push pops, as well as mini fruit tarts to complete the table. Buffet cards were displayed with the correlating desserts and centerpiece sticks adorned glass jars filled with sugar sand. Sea urchin meringue cookies were scattered throughout and an “AHOY” pennant banner hung in front of the table.

The luncheon table was set with a burlap covering and a striped blue runner. A lantern served as the centerpiece and inside, a coral decoration sculpted with chicken wire, white coffee filters and yellow cupcake liners. Small vases with floral decor were enhanced with natural string and cupcake toppers throughout the table. Each setting consisted of blue fish plates and coordinating small plates to carry lemons for the seafood meal. Additional lemons were served in small, plastic containers resembling boat houses. You can dress up the silverware by simply tying a colorful ribbon around and placing it directly on the napkins. The water bottle labels can also be used to adorn simple glasses and were filled with cool and fresh-squeezed lemonade.

Lastly, urge your guests  to leave a “Message in a Baby Bottle” for the parents-to-be on a framed notecard from the collection. These super sweet notecards are so versatile and can also be used for thank you cards, as well as designating activities during a party or shower. And as a final send off, wish your guests a bon voyage with lifesaver candies packaged in cello bags with toppers and wrapped with string for an added touch!

Vendor Credits:

WH Hostess ~ Paper Goods (

Styling, desserts and photography ~ Lynlee’s Petite Cakes (

CupKate’s Event Design ~ Push pop containers (

Baby Love Shower by Frog Prince Paperie!

Paula Biggs, our newest Creative Contributor from Frog Prince Paperie, recently put together this darling Baby Love baby shower for a good friend. Now, she is sharing all the beautiful details with us! I’m in love with the unique lavender color scheme and impressive paper crafts. Check it out and let us know what you love the most!

My good friend Karrie moved way up north away from her friends not too long ago and started working on her 3rd child. We were thrilled when she decided to drop back down and visit and a “sprinkle” so we could let her know how much she and the baby were loved.

I baked 5 different types of cakes to feed any craving Karrie might have! Chocolate, lemon with blackberry crème, bailey’s-soaked le reine, coconut and plain white cake with swiss meringue frosting.

We also had some truly decadent chocolate covered oreos from Sweet Temptations – I nearly hid these and ate them all myself they were so delicious.

Beautiful sugar cookies designed and decorated by the Talented JP Creatibles were also displayed on the dessert table—the lavender hearts, pretty ruffles and hand piped damask were the perfect complement to the rest of the décor.

We wanted to let Karrie and her little girl keep with them a reminder of how much we thought about and loved them. We provided squares of material for each guest to write a little love note to the baby. After the shower, the squares were made into a quilt for Karrie’s daughter.

Every party needs a little entertainment. And since we never seem to do anything in a small way, three of us wowed our audience by donning 50’s style flip wigs and putting on a performance of “baby love” for the mom-to-be. It was one of the more memorable moments at the shower!

As our guests left, a beautiful bouquet of lollipop roses from The Sweetest Affair were out. This was such intricate papercrafting and really impressed the guests!

Karrie positively loved her “sprinkle” and really loved being loved for the evening!



Paperie and Styling | Frog Prince Paperie |

Photography | John McLaughlin |

Sugar Cookies | JP Creatibles

Chocolate Covered Oreos | Sweet Temptations

Lollipop Roses Favor | The Sweetest Affair

Cake Server | Luv Handles

Baby Banner | Southern Belle’s Charm

Fondant Pearls | Two Sweet Cakes

Imprinted Ribbon | Thirty Seven West



Fresh Sea Breeze Baby Shower on the Beach!

Very Rosenberry Contributor Maureen Anders of Anders Ruff, here – excited to share our new baby shower theme! Ready for a totally do-able and fresh gender neutral baby shower?  Sea breeze inspired hues of mint, aqua, lime, and yellow set the stage for some yummy desserts and soft, yet striking decor!

THEME HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

– Homemade “Baby Pickles” favors in upcycled glass baby food jars.
– Decorative monogram “B” silhouette trimmed in yarn!
– Yarn Pom and Marshmallow Pop bouquets
– Yarn Cupcake Topper “Rattles”

We {Anders Ruff} love to go overboard incorporating fabulous professional dessert artists, party decor companies and seamstresses.  There is so much talent out there, but there is also the reality of a budget.  This time we Anders Ruff girls did it all on our own {with exception of our sidekick photographer, Becca Bond Photography}.  It was fun to create a realistic menu including easy and beautiful desserts and finger foods that we made ourselves.

Jenn Sbranti, Editor-in-Chief of Hostess with the Mostess, has always been an inspiration and we have always admired her creative use of yarn.  Yarn is such an economical embellishment and while we were trying to show a “down to earth” baby shower, it seemed like it would set the tone perfectly.

Party Details:

Sweets & Nibbles

The menu consisted of  homemade fancy desserts mixed with store bought basic desserts that were easily embellished.

Cake: We bought a $12 plain white Target cake and added mini yarn poms {Keep in place with toothpicks that are easily hidden by the fluff}.  The cake was topped with a printable flat label from our baby shower printable collection.  Simple & Soft.

Ombre Macarons: I finally mastered macarons and now have been experimenting with color.  I added a squirt of darker aqua batter into my piping bag and the results were beautiful with ombre macarons.  We filled them with easy butter cream and topped them with our printable party flags for embellishment.

Meringue & Chocolate Oreo Delights: We showed this dessert combo in our North Pole shoot and wanted to freshen them up.  Golden Oreos were covered in chocolate (a layer of white chocolate on top with light yellow chocolate for the rest).  I made the meringues using a Martha Stewart recipe and added a stripe of contrasting color as she showed in a recent magazine.  We put the meringue on top of the chocolate oreo and slipped in a little printable flag under the meringue for extra detail.

“Gourmet” Cucumber Sandwiches: Adria is our savory goods chef.  She stacked white bread with cream cheese and cucumber.  She topped it with a light layer of cream cheese and strips of the peel of a cucumber to add a dramatic stripe.  Lemon peel was added to the top and a printable flag.

Marshmallow Pop Bouquet: Marshmallows were dipped in yellow, aqua and lime chocolates (We mixed regular store bought colored melting chocolates to come up with the tones that matched our decor).  I tapped the top of the marshmallow onto a tray of pearl sprinkles of the same shade.  These were stuck into the milk glass vases with the DIY Yarn Pom flowers.  Simple and fun display technique!

Rattle Topped Cupcakes: Target cupcakes were easy enough to embellish!  Some cupcakes were embellished with yarn backed cupcake toppers with a little bow around the stick to resemble a baby rattle!  (Easy yarn backing – glue yarn in a circular shape onto cardstock and trim around the edges.  Do double sided to hide the paper!)  Others were topped with a small macaron with a little bow around the stick to also resemble a rattle. Yummy!

White Chocolate Drizzled Popcorn: Easy and delish!  We utilized the drawers in the antique dresser to display some of our items.  Popcorn cones were made out of the printable patterned paper and stuffed with aqua tissue liners for the white chocolate covered popcorn.

Lemonade Spritzers: These were displayed in glass bottles from Shop My Little Love and put in the top drawer of the desk.  A yarn pom was wrapped around the neck and a printable flag adorned straw was stuck in the side.  The bottles were labeled with a printable wrap, of course!


Our main piece of furniture was an antique desk.  This was helpful for displaying the desserts and drinks because we could use the drawers.

Yarn Pom Bunting with Mini Pennants: Printable mini pennants from our collection were strung on a length of yarn.  Various sizes of yarn poms were made in coordinating color combos.  These were sewn together onto a long piece of yarn and hung over the table.  Since our shoot was outdoors, we used white painted thin dowl rods that we attached to the back of the antique desk to be our “stands”.  It worked well!

DIY Milk Glass Stands: We searched high and low for unique milk glass display pieces.  A local antique store had votive holders out of milk glass and small milk glass plates that were interesting.  We used a little hot glue and made our own stands!

Yarn Pom Flowers: More poms were made using the easy pom maker we created on our Ruff Draft.  These were attached to pipe cleaners and the stem was wrapped with more yarn.  Add some interesting bends in the stems and the flowers looked adorable in milk glass vases with the marshmallow pops!

Yarn Wrapped Gifts: To coordinate with the table, we wrapped some gifts in coordinating solid papers and embellished them with more yarn and poms. Labels from the printable collection were added to the gifts as well.


Baby Pickles in Baby Food Jars: Every pregnant woman craves pickles at some point, right?  We made homemade baby pickles and put them in upcycled glass baby food jars. The lids were painted and embellished with yarn trim.  We added a printable label to the front and it made for a memorable and funny favor.

Baby Candy Jars: We found an antique spice rack with old glass spice jars.  We cleaned it up and used the little jars for solid colored M&Ms. (Hint – Easter candy on clearance was separated by color and made for an economical favor).  These were labeled with our printable flat label and displayed on the aqua spice rack along with other treats.

The printable invitation, registry card and coordinating printables are available in the Anders Ruff shop.


Vendor Credits:

– Production, Styling, Printables, & Food (Macarons, Merinuges & Sandwiches): Anders Ruff
– Photography: Becca Bond Photography
– Glass Bottles & Straws: Shop My Little Love

Baby Shower Centerpieces from Pizzazzerie!

Party design extraordinaire, Courtney Dial of Pizzazzerie, really knows how to make just about anything into an adorable centerpiece for any event! We sent her some of our Lollipop Onesies by The Baby Bunch, challenging her to do just that – and boy, did she deliver! She turned these already adorable baby bodysuits into a wow-worthy centerpiece for a baby shower and we wanted to share so that you could do the same! Check out her how-to and pictures below and be sure to visit Courtney at!

One of my favorite color schemes is a red + aqua, and I think it is perfect for a whimsical baby shower (a fitting combo for gender neutral showers too)! So when Rosenberry Rooms shared their Lollipop Bodysuits with me, I instantly knew they would make a darling baby shower centerpiece! Shaped like lollipops, they unfold to cute ONESIES! Love! This is the perfect way to decorate and give a gift to the mom-to-be!

The cute “onesie” lollipops come in baby blue, baby pink, and red! I set up a centerpiece with the red suits using a gold planter leftover from the holidays. A quick spray paint using a bright aqua color turned my chipped gold planter into the perfect baby shower centerpiece! Then I filled it with floral foam and stuck 3 red lollipop onesies down into the foam. Covered with a krinkle paper to hide the floral foam and tied the planter with a wide aqua + red polka dot ribbon. Tie your baby shower theme together by using the ribbon to decorate store-bought red cupcakes! My local grocery store made red cupcakes for me, and I simply added a ribbon bow for a cute accent.

When gift time  comes around, your cute “lollipops” become sweet baby onesies! Decorate your baby shower table with lollipops and cupcakes topped with lollipops. Mom-to-be will love the sweet decorations for her sweet baby!

To buy these cute LOLLIPOP ONESIES, visit Rosenberry Rooms!

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