Marlowe's Fall Fun

April Christensen of April Marie Photography has shared these darling photos of her beautiful daughter, Marlowe (age 1), enjoying the fall weather before the winter chill kicks in!

The colors of autumn provide a perfect, serene backdrop – and we just LOVE little Marlowe’s outfit! How cute is that plaid vest?!AprilMariePhotography01 AprilMariePhotography02 AprilMariePhotography03 AprilMariePhotography04 AprilMariePhotography05 AprilMariePhotography06 AprilMariePhotography07 AprilMariePhotography08 AprilMariePhotography09 AprilMariePhotography10 AprilMariePhotography11 AprilMariePhotography12 AprilMariePhotography13Credit:
April Marie Photography

Summer Family Photos from April


Summer is the perfect time to get outside and capture your family in some photos that will last a lifetime!

April Christensen of April Marie Photography has shared some of her wonderful summer photography, featuring fun families and precious babies. They are sure to inspire you for your next photoshoot! Thanks again for sharing your beautiful work, April!

AprilMariePhotography01 AprilMariePhotography02 AprilMariePhotography03 AprilMariePhotography04 AprilMariePhotography05 AprilMariePhotography06 AprilMariePhotography07

April Marie Photography

Advice From April: Moving with a Baby

April-ChristensenMy husband, daughter, pets and I are now settled into our new home in Colorado Springs (phew), but it wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be. There are a few things we didn’t plan on, but on the upside, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been!

This wasn’t our first move since we’ve been married, but it was our first move as parents. Our daughter, Marlowe, is almost 9 months old now. Old enough to be crawling and rolling all over the place! I didn’t take that into account while preparing to move. I didn’t take a lot of things into account, as a matter of fact. So I’m going to tell you all the things I wish we had done while moving with a baby (and pets!), and share with you a few tricks we managed to pull off!
AprilMariePhoto01After we packed all our things into a moving van and said our farewells to friends and family, we started the long 22+ hour drive. It’s always a good idea to split the drive into a few days at a time, especially when each parent is driving a vehicle (I had Marlowe in my car while my husband had our dog and cat in his truck). Needless to say, I was completely high on caffeine in order to drive the 10 1/2 hours to our first stop: Nashville. Starbuck’s Cool Lime Refresher was a must-have, along with any other coffee/tea I could get my hands on!
SideBySide_cupsIn retrospect, I wish we had stopped more frequently. It was beautiful outside and we passed a lot of gorgeous rest stops. So, here’s where I tell you that it’s a good idea to get your little one(s) out of their car seat every few hours or less. They’ll need to stretch their tiny backs and get some playtime in so they can sleep happily when they’re back in their seat.
AprilMariePhoto04It was a terrific idea to stop at Cracker Barrel for lunch on the first day (thanks to my husband’s eagle eye – I would have missed the sign for sure)! I had previously packed a few jars of baby food and some oatmeal for Marlowe. While we were waiting for our food, I fed her and gave her a bottle of formula. I definitely recommend letting the baby jump up and down on your lap as much as possible during this time so he/she can expel some energy.
AprilMariePhoto05Once we got back on the road, Marlowe started getting upset. I tapped into my motherly instincts and realized that she may still be hungry, as I fed her pretty quickly at Cracker Barrel. Aaaaand, here’s where I recommend you plan in advance a bit better than I did. Normally, I have my formula dispenser all stocked up, but when I pulled it out this particular time, I realized that I had forgotten to add formula to it! Really? I’ll remember next time.
AprilMariePhoto06Luckily, our pets are pretty low maintenance. By the end of our first 10 hour day, though, they were as ready as we were to get into a hotel. While we were driving, my husband used Siri on his iPhone to look up hotels that accepted pets. This wasn’t difficult, but it would have been better if we had planned that better in advance to schedule a reservation and look through reviews. The first hotel we stayed at was NASTY. We changed to a LaQuinta immediately.
AprilMariePhoto07It’s also a great idea to look at all the kid-friendly restaurants close to your hotel. Texas Roadhouse had a coloring book and crayons for Marlowe to suck on (yeah, I had to exchange those for her toys 30 seconds in). For slightly older children, though, it’s a blast!
AprilMariePhoto08AprilMariePhoto09Staying in a hotel room with a baby can be a bit rough. If it isn’t an option to get a 2 bedroom + suite, you’ve got to make do. We had Marlowe’s travel bassinet and sound machine, which fit perfectly in our closet! We could turn on her sound machine, close the closet doors and she had her own room – she slept really well, with the comforts of constant pouring rain and her awesome little bed.
AprilMariePhoto10My husband and I are pretty relaxed when it comes to keeping Marlowe occupied, so we only packed a few toys and books for her. When she got bored, we improvised! Shawn would pick her up and spend quality time with her on the bed. And I would catch up on work while she sat beside me and watched (reached for, really) the computer screen. I didn’t get a lot of work done. 😉
AprilMariePhoto1Our last day of traveling was much easier, having just had a few days of fun and relaxation in Nashville. We stopped a few times to stretch, eat and play and we arrived late that night at Shawn’s parents’ place in Colorado Springs. I was very relieved to have the long drive behind us, but overall, it wasn’t unpleasant!
AprilMariePhoto12If you’re planning a move with a little one(s) or just pets (or both!) please don’t hesitate to contact me at: or on Facebook with any questions you might have. Advice is most welcome as well! Either way, I’d love to hear from you!

Baby's First Snow

April-ChristensenThe southeast coast of the United States recently received its first gift of the new year… snow! With such a warm climate, a light dusting of snow is exciting and usually welcomed by residents of North Carolina. For some little ones, it is the first snow they have ever seen! Our creative contributor, April Christensen from April Marie Photography, is sharing a few ‘aw-worthy’ images from her daughter Marlowe’s first mesmerizing adventure in the snow!
AprilMariePhoto07Since I am Canadian, it’s almost mandatory that I brave the chilly snow with a smile on my face. And that’s exactly what I did when I took these photos of my daughter! She was completely mesmerized by her first snowfall. She stared at the beautiful, fluffy whiteness with a curious expression on her face: “What the heck is this cold stuff?” It was adorable!
AprilMariePhoto06We live in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and since winters here are pretty mild, it was such fun when the snow made an appearance. It started the evening before I took these photos, and it was so beautiful. I love it when it snows at night; it’s so dreamy and quiet. Peaceful, really.
AprilMariePhoto02I remember walking outside and just standing there, watching it fall, thinking to myself in a way that only photographers can understand, “I am SO gonna take pictures of Marlowe in this tomorrow! I sure hope it sticks!” It stuck. And I was so happy for it!
AprilMariePhoto05I had a little bit of inspiration for this shoot: I was looking through another photographer’s photos in the snow, and I desperately wanted to take some of my own. There’s something so glamorous about the way the snow glistens and reflects light; it looks so ethereal in photos. You can imagine how excited I was when my opportunity came! Needless to say, I am one happy photographer!

A Farewell to Fall

April-ChristensenToday is Thanksgiving, which is certainly a time to be appreciative, but also collectively a time to  goodbye to autumn and a hello to winter. We know it can be heard to let go of orange sunsets, colorful trees, and crisp afternoons. That is exactly why we are giving you a little eye candy by April Marie Photography. We asked April to share her captivating fall photography and to share what she loves about Thanksgiving!


Holidays-02“Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! I enjoy planning sessions during this time of year, and not just because of all the beautiful, bright colors. It’s so much fun to shoot a laughing family, playing in the leaves. Or a young lady, embracing the cool weather with a scarf and a thick, wooly sweater.”


Holidays-07“It makes my heart flutter when I think about wrapping myself up in a warm blanket, a cup of tea by my side, and editing all the beautiful pictures that I’ve taken. I am unbelievably blessed to love and be good at what I do. Especially during Thanksgiving!”


We want to let all of you know how thankful we are for your continuing support and kind words! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


April Marie Photography

Meet April of April Marie Photography!

We are so excited to introduce April Christensen, owner and photographer at April Marie Photography. As a self- taught photographer and a born creative, April began photographing seriously in 2009. She tremendously values art as a part of her craft, which is a huge component that sets her apart from other lifestyle photographers. We could not help but notice and share such a huge talent! AprilMariePhoto_01What inspired you to be a photographer?

I’d love to give you this amazing story about how I was inspired by one of the great names in photography, but it started out as nothing other than an idea. Back in 2009, I went to school for graphic design. I quickly learned, after having taken a few pictures with a friend’s camera, that I didn’t really have much of a passion for graphic design anymore. My heart belonged to photography!

After practicing a lot by taking shots of my sister and various friends, my husband bought me my own camera. I started a business called Esprit Photography – Esprit is French for “spirit” and at the time I thought it was classy. A little over a year ago, I realized how tacky it actually sounded, so I changed it to April Marie Photography – and here I am today!

What is your favorite part of your daily work?

Haha, this is going to sound so ridiculous to people, but here goes! I really love having an excuse to dress up and put makeup on, whatever the occasion may be – whether it’s meeting a client to discuss wedding plans, or going out and taking pictures.

I’m a very social person, so interacting with people on a daily basis is important to me. Not only does my job ensure that I get to meet new people, but it’s also a great way to really hone and develop my creativity. I love it!

When you reflect on the day, what is most rewarding?

This is probably the easiest question to answer. The most rewarding time I spend during the day is playing with my three-month-old daughter, Marlowe. She doesn’t do much, other than smile at me, but it’s so adorable!
AprilMariePhoto_02Do you have any advice for other working moms?

Well, I’ve only been a mom for about three months, so I don’t have a lot of advice that comes with experience. However, I can say with certainty that being a relaxed mommy has its benefits. When I leave my daughter with my husband or a babysitter, I don’t like to worry. I can see how easy it would be to worry about whether or not Marlowe’s okay, but what good would that do? I know that if there was an emergency, I’m only a phone call away.

If you could photograph anyone in the world, who would it be?

Oh, this is a toughie. Hmmm. I’d have to say that it would be my honor to photograph Andria Lindquist, who is also a photographer. Her style is absolutely breathtaking. She inspires me more than anyone else.

What thing/place/event were you most recently inspired by?

A friend of mine posted a video on Facebook a few months ago. It’s called “Paperman,” a Disney Short Film. When I watched this film, a feeling overtook me. I can’t really describe it, other than to say that my heart started beating really fast and I immediately wanted to go out and take some pictures. Almost like creativity was running through my veins, fighting to get out. I started thinking about how to tell more of a story with each couple that I took pictures of. In the end, I think it helped me improve my skills even further.

What is your most memorable photo session?

I love shooting dancers. They are so beautiful and graceful; the perfect models. I usually get to shoot one per year (If I had my way, I’d shoot them every day!) and this year I shot Sarah. She was so confident in front of the camera, so I barely had to instruct her.

AprilMariePhoto_03Where is your favorite place that you have traveled?

I’ve been to over 6 countries, and my favorite was definitely the Grand Cayman Islands. The beaches were beautiful and the water was so blue!

Where in the world are you dying to go next?

My husband and I would love to go to England. It depends on a lot of things, but if we end up going next year like we plan, we will travel by train across Europe with my family. I would particularly like to go to Scotland. My family is Scottish, and my great- great-great Grandfather, John McRae, once owned a castle called the Eileen Donan. That castle is actually one of the most photographed castles in all of Scotland! I’m dying to go see it; it’s a part of my family’s heritage!

What is your favorite Rosenberry Rooms product(s)?

I absolutely love my Timi & Leslie diaper bag. The reason I bought it is because it doesn’t look like a typical tacky diaper bag, it looks like a cute over-the-shoulder purse. I know that I’ll keep using it, even after the kids have grown out of their diapers!

Do you have any news that you would like to share, perhaps about upcoming events or projects?

As a photographer, I think it’s important to get in front of the lens on occasion. I like to put myself in my clients’ shoes by modeling, and often times I’m completely inspired by the other photographer(s).

Sarah Onken, a photographer here in Fayetteville, will be taking our family pictures next Saturday. I can’t explain how excited I am! I’m going all-out for this stylized shoot. I’ve thought out everything and I can’t wait to reveal our pictures on my blog!



Favorite Food – Sushi. No hesitation there.

Favorite TV Show – This, among many things, changes with my mood. At the time, my favorite comedy is New Girl, and my favorite drama/suspense is Revenge.

Favorite Movie – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I had no idea what Harry Potter was when I first saw it over 12 years ago. I can only say that I wasn’t expecting to be hooked within the first two minutes!

Favorite Weekend Activity – I really enjoy having lunch with my family at one of our favorite local Cafés. Then bowling and/or mini golf afterwards. (Autumn is my favorite time of the year, so I love anything outdoors when the weather is in the 50s or low 60s!)

Favorite Musician/Band – This, too, changes with my mood. For the time being, I often listen to Alex Clare, Florence + The Machine, and Jamie Cullum.

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