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Maureen Anders

Maureen AndersA Michigan native, Maureen Anders grew up surrounded by creativity and design, and has always had a true passion for creating her own masterpieces. Drawing and sketching, painting and paper crafts, graphic design, sewing and smocking – the list goes on. Even with her art and design passion, she attended the University of Michigan College of Engineering to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Operations Engineering. She met the love of her life during her sales training program, moved to North Carolina, and hasn’t looked back!

She loved staying home with her boys, Jeffrey and Pierson, but had always needed a creative outlet to keep balance. Maureen started a business in 2006, Posh Papier, where she designed handmade invitations and took on large-scale art projects seen in House Beautiful and Lonny Magazine.

She loved working for herself, but always missed having a partner to bounce ideas off of, to be inspired by, and to collaborate with on late-night projects. When she met Adria Ruff at a random preschool open house, it just clicked and she knew it was meant to be! Maureen and Adria decided to work together in printable graphic design, calling themselves “Anders Ruff.”

Anders Ruff has been a dream for Maureen and every day she wakes up with as smile knowing that she will never “work” a day in her life.


Adria Ruff

Adria RuffAdria was born and raised in Lancaster, Ohio. She attended Auburn University, where she earned a Bachelor’s of Science and studied Fashion Merchandising, Design and Product Management (specializing in Design). She met her husband in her hometown during Christmas break in college. They have two daughters, Brynne and Grayce.

Before having her second daughter Grayce, she quit the corporate life. While staying at home with her daughters, Adria created a small photography business in her hometown. A few years later she incorporated graphic design with her photography as well as custom invitations. She had finally found her true passion!

In December, 2009, Adria’s husband’s job was uprooted, which brought them to Fort Mill, South Carolina. For the first two months after the move, all she did was paint and decorate her house – until one day she bumped into (and officially met) Maureen Anders. The two hit it off immediately and decided to work together in printable graphic design, calling themselves “Anders Ruff.”

Their design work started selling immediately, and in the blink of an eye Anders Ruff Custom Designs was created. Adria and Maureen are humbled daily by the support and encouragement they have gotten from friends, family, clients and new online business acquaintances!


Annette Tatum

Annette TatumWhenever I am designing a room, either for a nursery or the whole family, I look to create interesting living spaces rather than the perfect room. In my life, perfect does not exist – especially with four children and a dog – and my life’s imperfections are apparent in my lifestyle and my design choices. I create rooms for living, and with that sensibility comes the layered room concept I embrace. I am often asked the question, “What is your own personal style?” The answer is just that: My style is my own personal style, made of bits and treasures of what I like, combined with colors and textures that appeal to me, mixed in with the language of the people who I live with. The result is a basic traditional framework from which I build upon all the things I love. A romantic sofa paired with mod lamps, or a colorful bohemian tapestry rug under a classic four-poster bed  somehow it all works because it is all a little bit of me. I also have to create room in my home for others’ ideas, likes and dislikes. Learning to layer your own styles and the styles of those around you creates your personal style. Adding this layer of other personalities is what makes the rooms of my home ours.

xo Annette


Lynlee Beckett

Lynlee BeckettLynlee founded Lynlee’s Petite Cakes in 2010, shortly after throwing her daughter’s third birthday party, when her love of planning parties, crafting and decorating cupcakes culminated into an undeniable passion. After working in the fashion industry as an Accessories buyer for 10 years, Lynlee transitioned into the party world and began by offering fondant-decorated cupcakes to local Las Vegas, Nevada customers. One year later, the business has expanded to providing custom-designed cupcake and cake fondant toppers that can be shipped across the country and utilized to decorate homemade or store-bought baked goods and petite treats!

As Lynlee’s Petite Cakes continues to grow, so does its services, including party styling and consultations for celebrations of all kinds. Her mission is to help plan and throw an unforgettable and personalized party that will forever remain in the hearts of friends and loved ones!

Aaron Christensen

Aaron ChristensenAaron Christensen is an artist, designer and the creative force behind Embellishments Kids, his children’s design persona. Offering the juvenile industry his unique style of art and a masculine approach to addressing the needs of children’s spaces, Aaron’s works have quickly become tried and true classics. Through his company, he offers child-specific design, murals and handcrafted elements to create magical environments for residential and commercial clients. A father of two, living in Portland, Oregon, he’s an avid gardener, do-it-yourselfer and collector of things. Nurtured to celebrate his artistic talent from an early age, Aaron combines that gift and his training as a high-end holiday and display designer with the tactile crafts of woodworking and sculpting to transform his ideas into reality. His studio, in his own words, “is part a one-man manufacturing plant, museum and oversized craft room.” Aaron feels lucky and blessed to be able to play, create and dream like a kid, as a professional. He works hard to instill fun and childish mayhem into everyday life. While he takes the business side very seriously, he balances it out by remaining a true kid at heart saying, “My job may be childish, but someone has to do it….so neener, neener, neener!”


Paula Biggs

Paula BiggsPaula was smitten with the beautiful illustrations and stories that came alive from the well-worn pages of her beloved fairy tale book as a child. Her favorite was always the frog prince – her mother read it to her over and over (and over). The princess was glamorous, and the prince something wonderful in an unexpected package. The magic in fairy tales always sparked her imagination, both then and now.

After earning a degree in marketing and working in communications for a decade, Paula was finally able to return to that very same fairy tale book when she had two children. Her love of spinning a little magic into their birthday parties gave way to creating Frog Prince Paperie. Paula is currently based out of sunny Melbourne, Florida and has designers across the country that help her provide clients unforgettable event graphics.


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