Bear Bear's First Birthday

This amazing party was sent to us by Amanda from Lily + Spice Interiors. With the help of The Swank Social, Amanda did a beautiful job putting together this first-birthday party for her son (who she affectionately calls “Bear Bear” – so sweet!). Check out all the stunning black-and-white details – including bowties and mustaches, of course!static1.squarespace-8static1.squarespaceLarge balloon and fancy frill from Confetti & Co
static1.squarespaceDonut cups from TomKat StudioAmanda-3 Amanda-20“B” piñata handmade by The Swank SocialAmanda-25Cotton candy jars from Petite PufAmanda-29Cookies from Shop the Whisk
banner“One” banner from Carousel Paper & Costatic1.squarespace-1Birth story print from Kardz Kouturestatic1.squarespace-2Fan backdrop handmade by The Swank Socialstatic1.squarespace-3Confetti poppers from Confetti & Costatic1.squarespace-4Ombre naked cake from Cake by Annie
Cake topper from Confetti & Sparkle Party Shopstatic1.squarespace-5Popcorn cups from TomKat Studiostatic1.squarespace-6Honeycomb garland from Carousel Paper & Costatic1.squarespace-7Goodie bags from The TomKat Studiostatic1.squarespace-9 static1.squarespace-10Striped straws and silver washi tape from Carousel Paper & Costatic1.squarespace-11Delicious and amazing paninis from Sunday Dinner Sistersstatic1.squarespace-12Custom “Bear Bear” print from Rizzle and Rugeestatic1.squarespace-13Flowers from Floralistastatic1.squarespace-14Bow tie party hat from Carousel Paper & Co
Licorice bib from Snap Bibs
Bow tie from Arrow and Lace Designs

Thank you, Amanda, for sharing this gorgeous event with us! And we hope that “Bear Bear” had a wonderful first year. Here’s to many more!

Photos by E. Fraser Photography

Lily and Spice

Amanda is the founder and freelance stylist of Lily and Spice, where she shares nurseries, kids rooms, DIY projects and more.

Valentine Printable from Paisley Petal Events!

Post by Holly Moeller of Paisley Petal Events


I’m the room mom in both my 5th & 1st graders classes this year so I’m always looking for fun things to do for the classroom holiday parties. Don’t Eat Pete is a favorite with kids of all ages so I thought it would be fun to make my own version of this school Valentine’s Day party game – Don’t Eat Val. Foxes are so trendy right now, so our game has a darling little fox theme, which is perfect for both boys & girls!

Dont-Eat-Pete-for-Valentines-Day-board-topIn case you haven’t played before, I’ll give you a quick run-down of how to play. First you place candy or other little treats on each square of the board game. Then you choose someone to go out of the room or just far away that they can’t see or hear what’s going on around the game board. Everyone else chooses which square is going to be “Val” and keeps it secret. Tell the person to come back and then that person starts taking the candy off of the game board one square at a time (and eating it if they want). When they choose the candy covering the square that’s “Val” everyone yells “Don’t Eat Val!” Then it is the next player’s turn and you just continue in the same way until everyone’s had a turn and time runs out. Dont-Eat-Pete-for-Valentines-Day-board-vertical I made the game in a couple different sizes and formats to suit your needs. I made an 8×10 and an 11×14 in JPEG format if you want to print at Costco or another photo place. You could even mount your 11×14 onto some foam core poster board to make it last longer.Dont-Eat-Pete-for-Valentines-Day-board I also made an 8.5×11 PDF to print on cardstock at home or at your favorite print shop (I love Office Depot).Dont-Eat-Pete-for-Valentines-Day-Closeup-collage




Tip: For the JPEG’s, once the image downloads and opens in a new window, simply right click and save to your computer. Then you can upload it to a photo lab.

And check out this post for more classroom Valentine’s Day party ideas!


Paisley Petal Events Shop

Paisley Petal Events Blog


With a passion for party and event planning, Holly Moeller started her blog Paisley Petal Events to share ideas and projects, and to inspire others when planning their next event.

Valentine's Day Printables!

Post by Maureen Anders of Anders Ruff


Last year, we were pretty giddy about this idea we came up with for teacher valentines, which can sometimes be cheesy. My friend, Shana, told me to design a label for hand sanitizer for teachers and so we racked our brains thinking of cute phrases. I thought of “love bug” and my husband helped with the wording and together we came up with “I’ve heard there is a love bug going around!” So cute, right!?

So, for $1 each at Dollar Tree, we bought big bottles of hand sanitizer (which all teachers love and need, especially this time of year!). We also got the mini bottles for $1 for a pack of 2. It was the perfect pair!

andersruff-Valentines-LoveBug-02The backside for the printable labels have a space to write a “to” and “from,” so the teachers will remember your little one!andersruff-Valentines-LoveBug-06 andersruff-Valentines-LoveBugWhat do you think of this Valentine’s Day gift for teachers? Fun, right!? And super practical! You can find these printable Love Bug labels in the Anders Ruff shop here.

Eloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Party

Post by Kayley Miller

Eloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party! | VeryRosenberry.comFor Eloise’s 1st birthday party I wanted to use pinks and aquas (like her nursery) along with some gold.  As I was pinning pink and gold decor ideas I came across a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star party and thought that theme went perfectly with the colors I wanted to use!

Eloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party! | VeryRosenberry.comI designed the invites and had them printed on pretty pearl paper!Eloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party! | VeryRosenberry.comThis party was lots of work and so much fun to plan :).  I made most of the decor myself so it was a labor of love for sure!  I’m so happy with how it turned out, and so thankful my sister Marci could take these gorgeous photos for me!

Eloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party! | VeryRosenberry.comEloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party! | Eloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party! | Eloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party! | VeryRosenberry.comWe had almost 90 people, and I’m so relieved we had enough food and that everything went smoothly. I served brunch foods – cinnamon rolls and cake pops on sticks, mini donuts, quiches, parfaits, cookies, muffins, breakfast sausage balls with apple honey mustard sauce, fruit salad, some baby snacks, and of course cake and mini cupcakes.
Eloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party! | Eloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party! | Eloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party! | Eloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party! | VeryRosenberry.comEloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party! | Eloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party! | VeryRosenberry.comWe had Oliver and Eloise’s music class teacher (Janna from Katy Smash Kids) do a mini music class. That was a huge hit with the kids and the perfect activity for mixed ages.Eloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party! | Eloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party! | Eloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party! | VeryRosenberry.comEloise's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party! | VeryRosenberry.comSOURCES

Invitations designed by Kayley and can be found at OllieAndLulu on Etsy
A tutorial on how to do these streamers can be found here
Cake was pretty and delicious and made by Jami Cakes 
Cute AND super yummy cookies are from Ladybug650 on Etsy
Lulu’s darling crown came from Little Blue Olive on Etsy

Photos by Three Peas Photography

Check out Kaylee’s Etsy shop!

Star-Studded Broadway Birthday Party

By Paula Biggs of Frog Prince Paperie


My daughter. I love her to pieces. But she’s definitely inherited a few (ahem) dramatic qualities from her parents. (Ok, really, just from me…my husband is as undramatic as they come.) Lucky for us, we have a fabulous budding acting school around the corner, The Viera Studio, where we can channel all that dramatic energy! When Maddie’s birthday came around this year, there was no question, it was going to be a Broadway Birthday Party, and we were absolutely having it at acting broadway-birthday-party-22 broadway-birthday-party-18Location birthday parties can be harder to pull off than a home party, but if everything is kept fairly streamlined you can get a lot of flair and keep the setup time to a minimum. This party was set up in two hours – and the birthday girl said it was her favorite party was timed it so the kids weren’t going to be there during a meal, so only cake and snacks made it to our Broadway birthday party stage. The food was kept very simple: roasted almonds (like you find in the theater), snack mix, a tray of fresh strawberries, some gluten-free cupcakes, marshmallow pops and that gorgeous cake you saw at the top of the page. It was plenty! The food was decorated with a few printables from the Frog Prince Paperie Etsy broadway-birthday-party-place-settingSince the space the birthday cake portion of the party was in was already so predominantly black, the party colors were based around where we were having the event and we threw in some red and gold as a nod to those Broadway theater curtains. I found gold paper plates in the store, and added simple card stock and gold star placemats underneath. Balloons from the dollar store decorated the tables; the name of the game here was EASY!broadway-birthday-party-2With black tablecloths and red satin tie-backs, the atmosphere was just perfect in the room…and it didn’t take long to put together.Broadway-Birthday-Party-activitiesBefore we even made it to the food part of the afternoon, we had a dozen kids to keep entertained. As everyone filtered in, we sent them to make stars for their dressing rooms. A pile of sparkly sticker letters and a some pre-cut 9 inch gold stars kept the crowd busy until all our guests broadway-birthday-party-27broadway-birthday-party-29The kids were let loose on all the costumes in the studio to dress at they see fit. Even if that meant wearing four costumes at the same time. My daughter’s favorite musical is Annie, so they learned “It’s a Hard Knock Life” complete with choreography and brooms. It was pretty impressive what a skilled teacher and 45 minutes can do!broadway-birthday-party-31And because I think it’s a parent’s duty to truly earn all those therapy sessions their kids will have later in life, I had a little Broadway Birthday Party surprise for Maddie. The parents came out and did their own Broadway number complete with kick-line, off-tune rendition of “Happy Birthday” and giant Maddie heads. She was completely mortified at first (my work here is done!) but then she thought it increasingly funny as the show went on. (Good thing she has a sense of humor!)broadway-birthday-party-17After a little more free play and freeze dancing, the kids were sent home with some specially-made gourmet popcorn in the party’s colors from the Tin Roof Popcorn Company. Popcorn and theater just go together!broadway-birthday-party-33Easy set-up, easy take down, and the birthday girl couldn’t have been happier. It’s what I call a successful event!

Plan a Broadway Birthday Party of your own! Pin this for inspiration later!Broadway-Birthday-Party-Ideas


Printables, Styling, Photography | Paula Biggs of Frog Prince Paperie

Cake  | Something Sweet Bakery

Venue  | The Viera Studio

Popcorn Party Favors  |  Tin Roof Popcorn Company

A Back to School Party!

Post by Anders Ruff

We love teachers, we love books, we love how this party looked! So, while the rest of us are fighting crowds and scrambling to complete the “Back to School” list for each of our dear sweet children, another Mom is out there throwing together a quick impromptu party to celebrate the last days of summer. Bettina, a Berlin customer of ours, threw such a precious Back to School party for her son and his friends that we couldn’t keep the party photos all to ourselves.

Bettina used our “Back to School” printable collection for her decorations and shared the details of her party:

“It was the last week of our summer-holidays when I found your lovely printables. I thought they were so cute, so I decided that I wanted to make the last day of summer a little special for my son Caspar and his little friends.”

8PUV69fnP7WIdeivC99NsZGBRJ0nlHlbukJTscZxbKo copy WWBp_grMXVnejTGzO2Nmbawag4cZegxxsxJe1p-psMQ“I took a side table and threw a white blanket/table cloth over it. I wanted it to look easy and natural.  I bought little cherry lollipops on sticks and then I filled some colored cups with floral foam. I just turned the cups upside down and pressed them into the foam. It kind of felt like cookie cutting. This way the cups were filled and I just put the lollies into the cups and then glued the Anders Ruff printable cupcake toppers to the cups.”RzeRl5-OTzcnvcCM5Cb80VBfVjH1BBitNmV4fXkOL7U“I put some lovely french mandarin lemonade in little bottles for the kids to have some little drinks. Three glass jars were filled with candy and the big one was closed with a little cupcake topper which I glued to a red ribbon around the jar in the middle.”y7UHOSumHAs6bktz_wVafavSAS5aMc4EtofJ7ybhkFM8zhnpuu56zuAipXAa2kuhTnd8RtjI80OqqmwZHOJpKc-2“I took a side table to decorate some little gifts for the kids: I had sticker paper and decorated little lunch boxes, crayons and little note books as well as plain stickers for the kids to use as name tags for their books.”

dZCFmzb5diq4qWW10MC91lwzjYho8NHyjsCJyBdrkx0collage-3“My favorite item from this little party was my piñata. I love piñatas. I wanted one that matched the design so I decided to make an apple, which I filled with sweets. There are several tutorials for piñatas on the web right now. I hung it in our apple tree and the kids had so much fun.”

Back to School Printables from the Anders Ruff Shop
Party Styling by Bettina

Find other fabulous Anders Ruff school printables including the Trendy School Supply Label set, Teacher’s Survival Kit and more!

Brennan's Motorcycle Birthday Party

Post by Paula Biggs of Frog Prince Paperie

motorcycle-low-44-634x951My son’s birthday party is my favorite one that I throw all year. Boy parties are challenging. No pink, no fluff, just down and dirty wholesome boy goodness. That can be fun if you let it! After some gentle steering from his father, our kiddo was quite enthusiastic about paying homage to motorcycles. For weeks before (and after!) the party, all conversations had focused around motorcycles in one way or another. And for good reason…his party even brought little boy smiles to dads in attendance at the event!

There were some pretty amazing vendors who leant talent to this party. Rockets and Rainbows designed this detailed (and beloved) party shirt just for the birthday boy. I have to pry it off him at night he loves it so much.

The checkerboard floor was actually plastic sheeting we taped to the floor; it gave a great motorcycle shop effect!

motorcycle-low-11-634x524For lunch, we set up a “Biker Burger Bar” with lots of different yummy toppings: carmalized onions, sauteed mushrooms, bacon, thick cut pickles, tomatoes, lettuce and cheese.  With a big spinach salad and a side of bbq and hotdogs there was a little something for everyone.

double-2The oil cans were one of my favorite details. Every “oil can” was a can of tomato I wrapped a specially-designed label around. They were stacked and used as dessert stands.

motorcycle-low-70-634x422double-1Flame-licked french macaroons in vanilla. AND they’re organic. I love when we’re able to marry artistry with better-for-you options. And did you see the flames? Righteous. By the talented earthandsugar.

Love and Sugar Kisses provided the wildly fun fondant toppers and chocolate covered oreos.

motorcycle-low-35-634x422double-3motorcycle-low-47-634x951motorcycle-low-89-634x951Party guests had so many goodies to go home with! I had planned for all the kids to gear up with do-rags, sunglasses and really cool “born to be wild” t-shirts in a jar, all in individually personalized “motorcycle parts” containers.

motorcycle-low-53-634x422motorcycle-low-7-634x422double-4By the end of the party, the little guests had all wandered back to sift through their boxes. We sent each family home with a CD of the party playlist — inspired by motorcycles and a need for speed.

All in all, a highly successful party! Brennan had the time of his life and still gets excited to see pictures from his party.


Event Design, Styling & Printables – Frog Prince Paperie – The printables for the party can be found here.

Cupcake Toppers & Chocolate Covered Oreos – Love and Sugar Kisses

Vanilla Flame Macarons – earthandsugar

Cookies – The Hungry Hippopotamus

Embroidered Birthday Shirt – Rockets and Rainbows  

T-Shirts – Stirling Promotions

Anders Ruff: Fourth of July Party

Believe it or not, 4th of July is right around the corner! We love this festive holiday not just because it celebrates all things red, white and blue, but also the season of summer! If you are throwing you own backyard barbeque or shindig you may be looking for decorating tips! Look no further than Anders Ruff and their super patriotic All American 4th of July Party Printable Collection! Take a sneak peek here!

4th-of-july-party-ideas-640x873Full of American spirit, this party is full of all of your favorite treats! What’s more American made than S’mores, ice cream cone cupcakes and a rice crispy cake?! Top each party treat off with a different, yet equally adorable printable!
4thofJul_SideBySideice-cream-cone-cupcakes-640x501One of our favorite parts of this party is the kid friendly DIY S’mores kit!
smores-640x563-2Looks like these kiddos had a great time!

Gifts for Dad!

Treat the best dad ever to something that he will really appreciate! Find everything from dad-duty accessories to tech gifts in our Gifts for Dad section at Rosenberry Rooms! Here are a few of our favorites!

What does every man dislike? Holding Mom’s purse, or even worse, carrying around the pink, paisley diaper bag! Give him something that he will be proud to carry! Not a diaper mag, but a masculine back pack! We love these two styles by Sons of Trade and Oioi! The Journey Pack in Heather Black and the Chocolate Crushed Waxed Canvas Messenger Diaper Bag combine style with spacious, flexible and completely functional convenience!

If being in style is not a worry for Dad, how about pulling at his heart strings? He will be proud to display his heart around the house or at his desk! The Daddy and Me Picture Frame, I Love Daddy Picture Frame and the New Daddy Picture Frame will pull on his heart strings and store his favorite memories with his little one!

Do you have a tech dad in your house? Buy a few fun accessories for all of his gadgets! The Lexicon Laptop Sleeve is stylish and durable and looks great with the Dapper Stripes Personalized Mouse Pad! Find out what makes him tick with the Enterprise Moving Gear Table Alarm Clock, perfect for any dad who walks on the brainy side of life!

Our last pick is sure to surprise Dad! Dress your little one in a message that he is sure to read loud and clear with the I Love Dad Personalized T-Shirt or the My Dad Rules Personalized T-Shirt!

Lynlee's Colorful Rio Party!

We love sharing the sweet creations from Lynlee, who specializes in fondant and party inspiration tutorials! Being from Brazil, Lynlee was excited to throw a bright and bold Rio-themed party, especially after watching the animated movie “Rio”, which has a sequel, “Rio 2” set to be released this Friday, April 11.

Here are the details of the col­or­ful trop­i­cal party that will make you want to hop on the plane, put on your Car­naval mask and dance the samba on the beaches of Rio!
IMG_8534-logoThe iconic and rec­og­niz­able side­walk pat­tern from Copaca­bana beach was used as a back­drop, which was achieved with a printed shower cur­tain. Since the Brazil­ian flag is pri­mar­ily green and yel­low, Lynlee focused on these hues, but also infused addi­tional bright col­ors, espe­cially found in the country’s gor­geous native birds. The buf­fet labels and signs were designed with clip art from Foto In Scena and Klouise Digi Art.
49The cup­cakes anchored the table, resem­bling the Rio beaches with the sandy {crushed gra­ham cracker} tops and col­or­ful sea of umbrel­las. A cou­ple of the cup­cakes were decorated with fon­dant top­pers inspired by a sou­venir mag­nets. One included a pair of the super pop­u­lar Brazil­ian flip flops, Hava­ianas, while the other depicted a sun­bathing beauty with a flag beach hat!
15Lynlee re-used the lemon­ade stand, which orig­i­nally made an appear­ance at her daughter’s Vin­tage Luau ear­lier this year to dis­play sev­eral trop­i­cal juices and the Brazil­ian soft drink, Guaraná. The table is adorned with fancy and col­or­ful masks decorated with stones and feath­ers as well as beach paddle balls that were just per­fect for the occa­sion!
SideBySideWith all of the radiant colors and festive friends at this party we officially feel ready for summer! Stayed tuned for a fantastic giveaway from Lynlee! Her new book, Sweet & Unique Cupcake Toppers will be up for grabs on the blog soon!

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