Tips on Traveling with Children

Travelling with your little one can be difficult even at the best of times, so we have devised a a small list on how to achieve fuss-free travel.

The Perfect Stroller

Whether you’re travelling from home to the supermarket, or even from New York to Paris, one of the most important ways to avoid a melt-down is the perfect stroller. Strollers should be versatile, functional and safe, and can mean the difference between balancing your child on one hip and your heavy suitcase in your free hand, and seamless, stress-free commuting. Every parent will have a different idea on what they need in a stroller, so here are a few of our favorites.


Evo Stroller in Black


Quad Stroller in Red


Classic Pram in Navy Blue


Hand’s Free Travel

Another convenient way of travelling with infants is using a sling or pouch. This way, your hand’s are free and you have a lot more mobility. This is additionally convenient when flying because you don’t have the hassle of carrying a stroller or pram, and can avoid the dreaded ‘lost luggage’ department.


Maya Wrap in Grey


Baby Sling in Lola



The Perfect Bag

Every parent will agree that having the right baby bag to suit your lifestyle is paramount. Picture this: You’re at the check-in counter at the airport, your baby is fussing because they don’t want to be held anymore, you reach into your bag to try and find your passports. You pull out keys, a toy, a bottle, and everything else but the passports! This stressful situation can be completely avoided by having the perfect bag with specific compartments for bottles, diapers, pacifiers and – best of all – passports. Luckily, we have a bag to suit every style.


Tan Leather Slouch Tote



Brooke Backpack in Black


Tote Diaper Bag in Navy and Orange


Versatile Baby Blanket

A swaddle or blanket can make all the difference in airports, car rides or train trips. A swaddle is versatile because it offers both comfort for baby in those cold airport terminals, and privacy for you and baby if needed. Swaddles and baby blankets can also help if your baby or toddler gets tired or anxious, as many children find comfort in their favourite blanky. blankey, swaddle baby blanket


Personalized Modern Stripe Blanket


Anchors Aweigh Cotton Muslin Blankets (Set of 3)


The Velveteen Rabbit Baby Blanket


Enjoy your next adventure!


Design Inspiration: Modern White Nursery by Naomi at Little Crown Interiors

Naomi Alon is the incredibly talented artist, author, designer and founder of Little Crown Interiors who has produced this perfectly curated bright and modern nursery for one of her clients. Baby Kale’s room is a combination of modern and minimal, with unexpected pops of colors and statement furniture pieces. To incorporate Naomi’s style ethos, keep things simple but don’t be afraid to let your imagination take over!


Crib | Crib Mattress | Crib Sheet

Naomi’s color palette consists mostly of neutrals which accentuate the pops of color in the statements pieces she has chosen. The use of the acrylic crib not only creates the illusion that Baby Kale is floating on a cloud, but is a fun piece which will be the talk of playgroup. The decision to add foliage creates harmony in a room which consists mostly of hard lines and edges, as well as complementing the timber flooring.

Rug (Similar) | Glider (Similar) | Ottoman (Similar) | Wall Art


Wall Art | Elephant | Giraffe

Creating a nursery built prodonemtntly using white not only makes the space feel larger, but also encourages the addition of unexpected color and lines. Feel free to use your imagination and be brace with your decor choices!




Tee Pee | Small Rug

When designing your baby’s nursery, giving the room ownership makes the space a retreat for you and baby. Adding personal touches such as personalized wall art or framed family photos brings warmth and familiarity to a space which is already full of love and hope for your new baby.




Statement pieces in neutral colors often become multipurpose throughout their life-cycles; the Tree Bookcase looks as good in Baby Kale’s room as it would in a playroom, or even a modern living room to display an array of books and family artefacts. Never be afraid to inject some personality into a shared space, especially when deciding how to refresh your home without breaking the bank.




Accent walls are a great way to ground an overall theme; Naomi’s use of blue and green decor lends personality and purpose to a crisp white space. As your baby gets older, accent walls can be painted over to suit your child’s (and yours!) changing tastes and preferences.


A very warm thank you to Naomi from Little Crown Interiors for letting us use her images. Naomi can be contacted through her website, Little Crown Interiors.

Winter Mocktail

Winter time is all about being with family, snowball fights and warm nights by the fire. For women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, the thought if mulled wine or a warm winter cocktail can be inviting, but has to be forgone. Lucky, we found a non-alcoholic spin on the classic winter Mulled Wine for those who are avoiding alcohol, or just want a warm, spicy and fruity drink.



Mock Mulled Wine


1 Litre Pulp-free Orange Juice
1 Litre Cranberry Juice
8 Cinnamon Sticks
5-6 Cloves
8 Star Anise
8 Blueberries
1 Orange


Combine and Orange Juice, Canberry Juice, 3 Cinnamon Sticks Cloves and Star Anise in a large saucepan. Slowly bring the mixture u to a boil, when reduce to a simmer, and keep on the heat for 5-6 minutes when the spices start to become fragrant. Once simmered, pour immediately into mugs. Slice the orange into rounds and place 1 round, 2 blueberries, 1 Star Anise and a cinnamon stick each individual mug as a garnish. Each batch should produce enough Mock Mulled Wine for 6-8 mugs.

Enjoy in the evening with a few squares of dark chocolate for an indulgent treat.

Images from Mitzy at Home

Design Inspiration: Chloe’s Big Girl Room by Winter*Daisy

Perhaps you’re searching for some inspiration for your little darling’s ‘big girl’ room? This can be a tricky task as you move from sweet nursery into a territory that you may not be sure how to navigate! One of Rosenberry Rooms’ favorite designers – Melissa of Winter*Daisy – has created the perfect whimsical haven for one lucky girl named Chloe.

chloe room bed view


The room is the perfect harmony between modern and girly, with the gold accents balancing out the soft lavender walls and patchwork style quilt.




The addition of the tent in the reading nook gives Chloe the perfect place to sit with friends and debrief on the day’s events at school, or curl up on a rainy day with a book on the sheepskin rug.




It can be difficult to know how to decorate bare walls without going overboard, however Melissa has achieved this seamlessly! The gold decals used for one of the accent walls have been framed and utilized as artwork to bring the theme together.




The Chloe print next to the bed allows this little girl to feel that this is her big girl space, and it looks adorable and highlights the mauve wall. By painting the recessed wall over the bed a different color, it eliminates the need for a tall headboard and allows for endless decorating possibilities for above your child’s bed.




The design of this room works so well because it allows Chloe a bright and soft space to grow in and explore, without sacrificing any of the wonder or whimsy of the carefully curated nursery that she is transitioning out of.

Nursery Design Tips from Tori Swaim:
How to Design Your Dream Nursery

We are excited to share some nursery design tips from Tori Swaim! Tori is a mom of three, designer and the brilliant mind behind New Arrivals Inc. Tori has tons of experience designing spaces for little ones, and she has shared some ideas to help you get inspired.

There are so many online resources for nursery design inspiration right at your finger tips! Some of my favorites include Houzz, Pinterest and Decorpad. Design blogs are also a great resource for gathering ideas. Deciding on your favorite colors and patterns will help you get started on creating your dream nursery! A good starting point for your nursery design is the baby bedding.


Start by visiting a fabric store and gathering swatches of your favorite fabrics. Separate your swatches into color groups. Spend some time playing around with different color combinations and throw in fun patterns as well. You can also create a mood board by searching for colors samples and patterns online.

swatch and accessories collage

Next, decide which group has your favorite colors and patterns. Think about whether or not these fabrics will coordinate well with other items you have in mind for your room (furniture, lighting, decor, ect). Choose one main patterned fabric and then coordinate basic patterns around it. Decide where you will use the main fabric. Usually the main fabric will be used on the crib skirt or crib bumper. Coordinating basics are perfect for the sheet and changing pad cover. The main fabric is also good for curtain panels and throw pillows. Mixing and matching patterns and colors will create visual interest.


After you’ve decided on colors and patterns for your crib bedding, it’s time to select paint and coordinating decor. Pull together a few paint samples and match them to your bedding fabrics. It’s also a good idea to take paint samples and fabric swatches with you when shopping for other nursery items. This will help you visualize how items will look once they are all in the room together.

Non-toxic paint is great for nurseries

Designing a nursery can be overwhelming.  Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to decide on colors, fabrics, furniture and room decor. It’s never too early to start coming up with ideas and getting inspiration. Pinterest is a great starting point and a great way to keep your ideas organized.

Whatever you do, design a nursery that makes you smile.  After all, you will be spending a lot of time there once your little one arrives!

– Contributed by Tori Swaim, Owner and Designer of New Arrivals Inc. Bedding

tori bio pic

Products featured above include Zig Zag Baby Crib Bedding Set in Rainbow by New Arrivals Inc.; DENY Designs canvas wall art – Hedgie, Miss Gladys, and Have Spirit; Innit Design’s Acapulco Chair in White Weave; non-toxic wall paint by Lullaby Paints; Blabla’s Pink Birds Mobile; 3 Sprouts’ Crocodile Toy Chest; Tocky the Rolling Alarm Clock in Aqua; and Bungalow 5’s Yellow Shangrila Lamp Base.



Spring 2015 Diaper Bag Trends

Blog-DiaperBags-April2015_01There are so many options when it comes to diaper bags these days, why not choose something that is practical and stylish? Here are some of our favorite trends for the Spring 2015 season!


Left / Right


backpacksLeft / Right


Left / Right


Left / Right


Left / Right



Left / Right

Which style is your favorite? Share with us in the comments below!

DIY Stuffed Bunnies by Anders Ruff!

Post by Adria Ruff of Anders Ruff

andersruff-diy.stuffed.easter.bunny-07I don’t know about you, but my girls are getting super excited for the Easter Bunny to arrive in a couple weeks. We have been decorating at my house and to get ready for this Easter season, I decided to make DIY Stuffed Easter Bunnies with scrap fabric and ribbon I had laying around the house. I’ve created a tradition that every Easter I give the girls some sort of Easter Bunny. Now that the girls are older, I like coming up with more creative bunnies – ones that we can make together and create memories along the way. I’ve seen several ways to make your own stuffed bunnies and this particular style caught my eye. I designed an Anders Ruff FREE PRINTABLE Stuffed Easter Bunny  to share with you, so you can make some too!

Supplies needed:

Anders Ruff FREE PRINTABLE Stuffed Easter Bunny
Scrap Fabric
Scrap Ribbon
Sewing Machine
Needle & Thread
Pinking Scissors
Sewing Pins
2.5″ – 3″ Yarn Poms – Tutorial Here
Pillow Stuffing
Wooden skewer/dowel rod  *helpful to poke stuffing in the corners


1. Print template on 8.5×11 cardstock.
2. Trim along line.
3. Cut two pieces of fabric, allowing 1/4” extra all the way around template. Fabric will be approximately 7“ x 11.5”.
4.  Trace bunny on reverse side of fabric, 1/4” outside of the template line (draw it freehand, so the bunny is bigger than template). If you don’t want bunny to be bigger, that is fine too… but this gives you a larger size option.
5.  Pin both pieces of fabric together, (right side to right side) and cut both at once with pinking scissors.
6.  Flip fabric and place together (wrong side to wrong side), so right sides are exposed. Repin together.
7.  Starting at the bottom left foot, sew 1/4” along the entire edge until you reach the right foot.

andersruff-diy.stuffed.easter.bunny-039. Leave 2” opening at the bottom for stuffing.
10.  Stuff bunny. A wooden skewer or dowel rod comes in handy, when trying to get the stuffing in the bunny and feet corners.  You have to poke it in to fill the corners.
11.  Hand stitch bottom to close.
12. Tie ribbon around neck. (I used 3/4″ ribbons in different colors – I tied in a knot and trimmed off the edges to create little bow-ties)


13.  Sew on a 2.5” – 3” yarn pom for bunny tail. Tutorial Here
14. Tails will create a way for bunnies to stand upright.
15. Create several bunnies with various shades & colors!andersruff-diy.stuffed.easter.bunny-05

Are these bunnies cute or what??  Brynne helped me pick out color combos and Graycie helped me stuff the bunnies and also helped me make the yarn pom bunny tails.  The girls and I loved them so much, that we decided to put them on our mantel display this year!  And the best part… I didn’t spend a dime like I have on several other Easters – all my supplies were found right here, in my house!!!andersruff-diy.stuffed.easter.bunny-06

How fun would these be in your kids’ Easter Baskets? Or pass them out as favor gifts if you are hosting an Easter dinner at your home. You can even make adult versions by making them in neutral colored fabrics such as linens & burlap with twine neck ties.


Even my husband commented on how much he liked these festive little bunnies… and we didn’t even prompt him to say it! Have fun creating new Easter Memories for your family – We would love to hear what Easter traditions your family does each year!  Feel free to share with us your family favorites!

Marlowe's Fall Fun

April Christensen of April Marie Photography has shared these darling photos of her beautiful daughter, Marlowe (age 1), enjoying the fall weather before the winter chill kicks in!

The colors of autumn provide a perfect, serene backdrop – and we just LOVE little Marlowe’s outfit! How cute is that plaid vest?!AprilMariePhotography01 AprilMariePhotography02 AprilMariePhotography03 AprilMariePhotography04 AprilMariePhotography05 AprilMariePhotography06 AprilMariePhotography07 AprilMariePhotography08 AprilMariePhotography09 AprilMariePhotography10 AprilMariePhotography11 AprilMariePhotography12 AprilMariePhotography13Credit:
April Marie Photography

Meet Lauren of A Lovely Lark!

A-Lovely-Lark-HeaderNAME: Lauren



FAVE FOOD: Chocolate



FAVE MOVIE: Love Actually

FAVE TV SHOW: The Walking Dead and Downton Abbey!

FAVE WEEKEND ACTIVITY: Going on adventures with my three favorite people – my husband, Kevin, and my two daughters, Violet (4) and Lucy (1)

A Lovely Lark Family Christmas

What inspired you to create A Lovely Lark?

After having my first daughter, Violet, I fell in love with children’s design and decor. I love that it’s all so fun and whimsical. There are really no rules – the sky’s the limit! While I was already admittedly a bit of a blog addict, there weren’t many resources out there for cute/modern kids’ design, so I decided to start my own!

Your home is gorgeous! What was your favorite room to makeover and why?

Thank you! My favorite rooms to makeover have definitely been my girls’ rooms. I felt like there were really no rules – I could really get creative and play with color, pattern, and all of those sweet, whimsical elements that really make a child’s room feel special. Plus I loved adding personal touches like the tree mural in Violet’s nursery and the cloud mural in Violet’s big girl room.

A-Lovely-Lark-Violet's-Room-Update-6A-Lovely-Lark-Living-Room-Family-Room-Art-Wall-15A-Lovely-Lark-Wood-Floors-Kitchen-RenovationWhat has been your favorite DIY project? Tell us about it!

My favorite recent DIY Project was the water table that I created for the girls this summer. They are both obsessed with water and I wanted to give them a fun, but safe place to play outside while I was pulling weeds or doing other not-so-fun outdoor chores. At the same time I didn’t want a plastic monstrosity that would sit on my patio for a few years and then be shipped off to the donation pile or a landfill somewhere. So instead I created a DIY water table out of a thrifted side table and a deep metal tray. It took a little elbow grease, but they love it. We can also use it as a sensory table with sand or rocks in the cooler fall months, and I love that when they outgrow it it could take on a new purpose as a pretty outdoor planter.

DIY-Water-Table-A-Lovely-Lark-3What do you like best about your work? What is the most challenging?

I love having a creative outlet. While I absolutely love and cherish my role as a mother, since having children I’ve sometimes felt like I lost a piece of myself. My needs are no longer first and finding time for those things that were previously my hobbies and interests can be very difficult. Blogging has helped me to hold onto a little piece of myself that I otherwise feel like would be completely swept away in the crazy ride that is motherhood. I also love that I have a way to support my family that allows me to spend more time with my girls. My writing has allowed me to take over a year of unpaid maternity leave and to recently return to work part-time rather than full-time. I’ve also met some really amazing people through the blogging world. The thing I’m currently finding the most challenging is just having the time and energy to write after a long day of work, making meals, giving baths, romping around the yard, playing princesses, reading books, and you know, just being a human being. The most important thing for me is being present for my girls and maintaining a strong and healthy relationship with my husband. My family comes first, and finding a balance between work, motherhood, marriage, and writing has been especially challenging.

photo 1How would you describe your style?

I would definitely describe it as happy and whimsical, with a mix of both traditional and modern elements. I have an equal love of the bright, clean feeling of white and bold, vibrant color, so I love creating rooms with a very light overall palette that have pops of color throughout. I also enjoy playing with pattern and texture, so I’ve used a lot of wallpaper, playful fabrics, and patterned rugs throughout my home.

IMG_2660 A-Lovely-Lark-DIY-Banner-5If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

I’m kind of obsessed with Peter Walsh and would be insanely thrilled to have him work with me on organizing my home. Back in the Oprah days I used to dream that he would – Surprise! – show up at my door. Unfortunately, (considering that I’m not a hoarder) I knew that it would never happen, but a girl can dream, right?! While I do my best with keeping the toys and general clutter under control, I just know that there are all sorts of tips and tricks that he could teach me for making the most of our tiny home.

Do you have advice for other working moms?

You’re doing okay, ma. When you start to feel that mom guilt creeping in or those feelings that you aren’t enough, remember that you’re doing the very best you can for your kids and you’re enough. I love the saying, “You can do anything, but not everything.” It’s helped me to remember to choose what I’m going to make a priority in my life and I try to do my very best at those few things. I may have a pile of dirty dishes in the sink, I might not craft up Martha Stewart-worthy Halloween costumes, or create perfectly styled Bento-box lunches, but do you know what? That’s okay. If you’re keeping your kids safe and making them feel loved, then you’re doing it right, period.

A Lovely Lark AboutIf you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

I absolutely loved our honeymoon to Germany and Austria and would go back in a heartbeat. I’d also love to visit more European countries – they’re just so different from our young country. I’ve visited Australia a few times now (my sister and her family live there), and while it’s so unique and beautiful in its own way, there’s nothing quite like the sense of history and depth that you experience in Europe.

What are your 3 favorite Rosenberry Rooms products?

1. Aden + Anais swaddle blankets

2. Blabla Knit Dolls (Love Wooly the Sheep!)

3. Little Auggie’s Pretty With Pink collection

Laurens-PicksWhat’s next for A Lovely Lark (upcoming events, projects, etc.)?

I’m so excited to be putting the finishing touches (finally) on Lucy’s nursery! I’m currently working with Restoration Hardware to finish off the space and I’m thrilled with how it’s all coming together. I’m also working on my annual holiday gift guides, which are always super fun to put together!DSC05693Be sure to check out Lauren’s blog, A Lovely Lark, for beautiful inspiration and fun DIY projects!


Summer Family Photos from April


Summer is the perfect time to get outside and capture your family in some photos that will last a lifetime!

April Christensen of April Marie Photography has shared some of her wonderful summer photography, featuring fun families and precious babies. They are sure to inspire you for your next photoshoot! Thanks again for sharing your beautiful work, April!

AprilMariePhotography01 AprilMariePhotography02 AprilMariePhotography03 AprilMariePhotography04 AprilMariePhotography05 AprilMariePhotography06 AprilMariePhotography07

April Marie Photography

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