Make Mini Tissue Tassels with Holly!

Post by Holly Moeller of Paper Crush


I’m loving the tissue tassel trend for party accessories right now – there are so many fun ways to use them and dress up your parties! I finally sat down and made some large ones; they were pretty easy and I got the hang of it after a couple of tries.

Then I thought to myself…boy these sure would be cute in a mini version, wouldn’t they??!!

And thus the mini tissue tassels were born. I quickly added them to some long skewers to easily dress up a simple white cake.Mini-Tissue-Tassel-Supplies


  • Tissue paper
  • Cutting Mat
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Straight Edge/Craft Ruler
  • Twine

One piece of tissue paper will make 4 mini tissue tassels.Mini-Tissue-Tassels-Steps-1

1. Start with a piece of tissue paper (mine was 20″ x 20″)

2. Fold the paper in half from top to bottom

3. Fold in half the other way (from left to right)

4. Fold in half again from left to right. You should now have a piece folded tissue paper that measures 5″ wide by 10″ long.Mini-Tissue-Tassels-Steps-2

5. With folds on the left and bottom, cut your paper to 4 inches

6. Rotate paper so that folds are at the top and left. Start on the right side and cut 1/4″ sections from the bottom up, leaving approx. 1 inch uncut at the top

7. Cut entire width of paper from right to left in 1/4″ sectionsMini-Tissue-Tassels-Steps-3

8. Unfold cut paper one time.

9. Cut down the middle of your paper all the way through to the top, giving you two sections.

10. One section will remain folded. Unfold this section and cut down the middle all the way through.

11. Now you will have 4 sections of paper.Mini-Tissue-Tassel-Steps-4

12. Unfold one section and open so that fringe is on the outside.

13. Start at the bottom of your section and roll up to the top, untangling fringe as you go, if needed.

14. Once at the top, this is what your tassel will look like.Mini-Tissue-Tassel-Steps-5

15. Find the center of your tassel and twist the tassel around the skinny end of a pen to form your loop.

16. Continue twisting

17. Twist tassel around the pen approximately 2-3 times.

18. The finished product.

I know this seems like a lot of steps, but once you do it a couple of times, it will seriously only take you about 5 minutes to make 4 mini garlands.Pretty-Mini-Tissue-TasselsThis poof of pretty mini tissue tassels makes me smile!Circle-of-Pretty-DIY-Mini-Tissue-TasselsThe last step to create a garland is to tie your tassels onto a piece of twine or string.Mini-Tissue-Tassel-Garland-CloseupTo add to a cake for a sweet topper, simply tie your twine onto 2 bamboo skewers and insert into cake.Mini-Tissue-Tassel-Garland-2To create a similar cake using the colors of your party, I purchased a plain white 8″ cake from Walmart. Then I added pearl sixlets around the top and alternated sixlets with sour balls around the base of the cake. This is a simple and inexpensive cake that anyone can easily make.Mini-Tissue-Tassel-Garland-Cake Mini-Tissue-Tassel-Garland-Cake-Top-View


With a passion for party and event planning, Holly Moeller started Paper Crush to share ideas and projects, and to inspire others when planning their next event.

Anders Ruff: End of the Year Teacher Gift!

teacher-gift-end-of-year-favor-tags-free-printable-02-640x352Summer is almost here and soon the kiddos will be out of school! Let their teacher know just how much they are appreciated for all of their hard work and guidance throughout the past school year with an easy and adorable DIY gift from Anders Ruff! Here are FREE PRINTABLE THANK YOU TAGS to add to a potted plant of your choice (used in this example for popular and easy to care for succulents).  There are also easy steps on how to dress up inexpensive terra cotta pots so your gorgeous plant has an equally adorable pot! Let’s dig in!
teacher-gift-end-of-year.hang_.tags-02-640x494Supplies Needed:
FREE PRINTABLE THANK YOU TAGS (printed on paper of your choice)
Terra Cotta Pots
Succulent plants (or plants of your choice)
Spray Paint
Scissors/tape/hole punch
Hot Glue
Needle & Thread
teacher-gift-end-of-year-favor-tags-free-printable-01-604x1024Directions For Painted Pot with Burlap Flower and Twine:
1. Print and cut out your “Thank you for helping me Grow” printable tags
2. Tape to sticks (wooden skewers) or punch a hole and string twine through it to hang from pots
3. Spray paint your terra cotta pots
4. In the meantime, cut four  3″ squares out of burlap
5. Fold each one in half and trim out flower petals (they don’t have to be perfect)
6. Rotate four of them and stack together.
7. Sew them in place
8. Using hot glue, put dabs in between layers and pinch the layers up.  I put dabs of glue in all kinds of places to pinch the flower into the shape I liked.  (you basically are molding it with glue until you get the shape you want).
9. Once pots are dry, transplant succulents (I used rocks along with soil).
10. Hot glue twine along rim of pots and then glue on burlap flower.
11. Add Thank You tag on a wooden stick and place in pot for final touch.
teacher-gift-end-of-year-favor-tags-free-printable-03-478x1024If you want a less elaborate pot (or run out of time) you can always just tie the hang tag along the side of the pot.  You can also use bigger pots and plants – If you have a bigger container, you can print the design on full sheet label paper to create a sticker and adhere to the front of your pot.  Any way you do it, your teacher will know how much they are loved.
teacher-gift-end-of-year-favor-tags-free-printable-04-640x364teacher-gift-end-of-year-favor-tags-free-printable-05-640x721We cannot get over how cute and simple this craft from Anders Ruff is! Any teacher is sure to love the thought and time that went into their special gift!

Valentine's Day Printables from Mari Robeson!

Ah, love is in the air! We have paired up with designer Mari Robeson who created two FREE printables, easy enough for anyone to use this Valentine’s Day! These adorable elephant cupcake toppers and ‘Be Mine’ banner is perfect for a child’s Valentine’s Day party!
RR_ELovePhant Prints You can even turn this into activity time with your kiddos and let them help you create the pieces!
RR_ELoveBannerRR_ELove CupcakesIt’s truly as easy as print, cut, assemble and use! A big thanks to Mari Robeson for designing and sharing these printables with us! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

To download your free printable click the link here: ELoveBeMine

Holiday How-To: Gift Wrapping

For some people (myself included), wrapping holiday presents is just as much fun as opening them! While the kiddos will ultimately rip our beautifully crafted packages to shreds come Christmas morning, these decorated presents will still look awfully pretty perched under the tree, even if it is only for a little while.

Our favorite supplies? You really can’t go wrong with a giant roll of kraft paper, washi tape, and colorful twine. We are big Pinterest people at Rosenberry Rooms, and here are the best gift wrapping ideas we found! Happy wrapping!


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

Elizabeth Burns – Web Merchadiser

Quick and Easy Halloween DIY Projects


Halloween is the perfect season to get a little silly and a little spooky. If you’re a mom on the go, we understand that you may not have a lot of free time (who are we kidding, we know you have zero free time), but you still want to get into the Halloween spirit. No worries! We’ve picked 3 super simple and insanely quick DIY crafts that are easy to do with the kids and will also give your home that hint of Halloween you’ve been searching for!

These Mummy Jars are easy as 1,2,3!

IMG_8807Take the lid off of the jars and being by wrapping the gauze around the base of the jar. We put a few drops of craft glue at the beginning of our roll, just to make sure it would stay in place. Roll the gauze all the way up to the top and back down again, depending on how long your roll is. Placement is not a huge factor because some uneven edges make the jar look more mummy-ish!

Mummy-SideBySideAdd another drop of glue at the end of the roll to make sure it stays together and finish by gluing two eyes to the exterior. You can easily fill the jars with candy or use a battery-operated tealight candle to transform the jar into a luminary. Seriously… it’s that easy and absolutely adorable!

Mummy-SideBySide2Our next project is just as simple! This Googly Eyed Frame is sure to attract some eyes!

IMG_8819This project is great for a toddler because it is as simple as glue… and glue… and glue some more! One tip we suggest is putting the picture inside the frame before you begin, just so you won’t have to worry about taking the back off while the glue is drying.

Frame-SideBySide IMG_8842Last, but certainly not least are these effortless Ghost Suckers!

IMG_88052Begin by cutting white fabric into 8 inch squares. Place the fabric over the top of the sucker and tie a ribbon where the sucker meets the stick. All that’s left is giving your ghoul a cute face and just like magic, you are finished!

Ghost-SideBySideIMG_8837Your home will be decorated for Halloween in no time with DIY crafts this easy! Just remember to have fun and enjoy the season’s tricks and treats!


DIY – Upcycled Menagerie!

For all you DIY-ers, we’ve got a really fun project for you and your little one to work on together provided by one of our Creative Contributors, Aaron Christensen of Embellishments Kids! Aaron shows us how to create charming animal sculptures for your child’s room using recyclables you already have at home. These are perfect for the little animal lover or safari themed kid’s room and offer a creative and crafty project for you and your son or daughter to do together! Check out the details from Aaron below and be sure to visit his blog, Embellishments Kids, for an awesome giveaway announcement!

Create fun fauna with everyday recyclables.

Take a long hard look in your recycling bin. It’s crawling with creatures great and small!  Hopefully, not real ones, but fun future faux ones.  Utilizing a few inexpensive supplies and some easy to follow instructions, you and your kiddies can imagine and create artistic fauna decor for their rooms.

As a kid space designer, it is my goal is to have every child’s room be an expression of their personality, creativity and uniqueness.  Quite often, I’ll have the child work with me on a craft project or an art assignment that we will use as decor, in the room.  Kids love to have their art and handicraft on their own walls.  To inspire you, here’s a collection of animal sculptures I created using readily available recyclables.

Taking cues from the kid’s modern movement, your animals can be painted simply, monochromatic or decoupaged with colorful tissue or patterned fabric.  An artistic zoo of animal sculptures would make a great party craft idea, school auction project or make for a fun room decoration.

A wide array of animals can be created with a little ingenuity and an eye for utilizing or altering the shapes of containers.  For something different, cover them with old maps, dictionary pages, clip art or paint them with fun patterns.

Exploring a theme, for your menagerie, can enhance your existing room design or add an eclectic and artistic feel to the space.  Ideas inspired by the a jungle, farm, forest or the sea can offer unlimited animal possibilities. Or, for something different, you can consider making robots, friendly monsters or aliens.

Step-by-step instructions, downloadable templates for the wall mounts and a supply list are provided on my blog found here.

Get your hands dirty, get crafty!

Aaron Christensen is an artist, designer and father of two.  Through his company Embellishments Kids, he designs children’s rooms and spaces, products and creates art in his Portland, Oregon based studio.

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