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Meet Artist & Designer Aaron Christensen!

Today I am so thrilled to introduce to you Aaron Christensen, the amazing artist and designer behind some of my favorite pieces on! Inspired by vintage details, Aaron Christensen is especially known for his boys’ art that feature themes such as sports, racing and rock & roll. His style is also perfect for girls who want princess themed rooms with an antique twist! We are so lucky that Aaron has agreed to become one of our ‘Creative Contributors’ because his work is so innovative,  detailed and well, creative! Father of two, Aaron also owns his own design company known as Embellishments Kids, where he creates his unique art pieces which are also published by Oopsy Daisy, Fine Art for Kids! Check out some of his awesome work below as well as an inside look into the inspiration for his designs.


What inspired you to be a designer of children’s spaces? 

My two and a half year old son who loved cowboys and my daughter whom was still in the oven at 6 months.  I was a blanket fort and theme park builder, as a kid and wanted them to use their imaginations just as I did.  I don’t remember my room being just a room, I always had some walk though attraction for my friends and siblings to experience.  Haunted houses were my favorite, with all the toilet paper ghosts hanging from fish line.  There were pirate ships made from chairs and blankets, trips to outer space with cardboard box rocket ships and plenty of superhero adventures whizzing around in capes and underwear to rescue friends.  As, I matured….not really, I found that the skills and training I gathered through the years being in department store design, specifically window display and prop building could be combined with my love of art to create rooms for my own children.  And this time, I wouldn’t be using blankets and toilet paper. I built a cowboy room for him and a cute little bird nursery for her.  Those two rooms caught the eye of a magazine publisher and the rest is history.  It’s been 14 years and I’m still playing like a kid.

What is your favorite part of your daily work … when you reflect on the day, what is most rewarding?

Most days, I start with drawings or rough ideas, whether they are of custom items I want to create in the studio shop or art I’m rendering.  Minute, by minute and hour by hour they turn from ideas into something real, you can touch, hang on the wall or experience.  While it’s not David Copperfield “poof” magic, it sometimes feels that way.  The feeling is just as thrilling and rewarding with every project.

What is your most memorable design project? 

There are so many great memories, but the one that sticks out in a humorous way is the time we created a truck bed for a client.  This was to be an entire truck sculpted in three dimensions to look like a shrunk down vintage truck, rust and all.   The client’s house was still in the rough framing stage.   We remembered the old adage and measured twice, referenced the blueprints and consulted the finish carpenters on the final door openings.  After all, we had to make sure the truck could fit through the door in parts to be assembled in room.  Well, despite our diligence the manufacturer had sent doors with a slightly different clearance.  There we were on installation day with a truck bed that wouldn’t fit in through the door.  Cutting the door frames was not an option.  Luckily, removing the second story window was.  So utilizing two extension ladders like a sloped track, tying rope onto the truck we drug and pushed it up the precarious system and into the room.  It was quite the sight, two guys pushing what seemed to be a truck up two ladders.  We were obviously preoccupied, so taking pictures was never on our mind, but I’d give anything to see the pictures passers by were snapping.  Luckily, everything went smooth from there.

If you could design a room for anyone in the world, who would it be? 

I can honestly say, I’ve never thought about it that way.  I’m so grateful to design for any child.  They are young for such a brief moment, it’s rewarding to have my work or art be part of their childhood memories and nurture their imagination.  Although, if Katy Perry and Russell Brand are ever expecting, I’d love to be on the short list for a tricked out nursery.

What thing/place/event were you most recently inspired by?

With most projects I get to meet a new child.  My goal is to design for that child and the moment they realize I’m there to facilitate their ideas and not just those of their parents is the event that inspires me.  It’s tangible and moving.  They love to be heard and appreciate it when their daydreams, of how they want their room to be, are included in the grander picture.   Artistically, I was recently inspired by our family summer vacation.  We visited Southern California, my old stomping ground.  Seeing familiar sights from my childhood brought fond memories to the forefront of my mind.  I wouldn’t be surprised if a SoCal sun, sea, sand and surf influence appears in my forthcoming art.

Where is your favorite place you have traveled to?

While I love big cities and the urban art and design culture, my heart and creative soul longs for the beach.  My wife, Angela and I fell in love with a little spot in Cerritos on the outskirts of Mazatlan Mexico.  It’s rustic and simple with only a neighboring coffee shop, a few restaurants and miles of beach.  It’s the quality of our down time that makes it so appealing.

Where in the world are you dying to go next?  

I have yet to visit Europe.  Antiquing in Paris, junking in London, the history, the sites, the people, I’d be in heaven.

What is your favorite Rosenberry Rooms product? 

Right now, Russell & Mackenna‘s furniture has my full attention.  Their pieces are a handsome blend of vintage styling and modern aesthetic.  Also, Jamie Young’s Steam Punk lighting has me inspired.  I’ve always loved the Steam Punk culture.  The pieces would shine in a boy’s room with antique maps, repurposed industrial accents and of course vintage styled art.  As far as bedding goes, New Arrivals’ Stella Gray crib set is gorgeous.  It would be a great foundation for a chic urban nursery.

Do you have any news that you would like to share, perhaps about upcoming events or projects? 

I’ve teamed up with several manufacturers and retailers in my continued effort to reach out beyond wall art and am launching a collection of accessories and decor.  While some of the products are not specific to the children’s market they follow my neo-vintage style and could be used in kid’s spaces.  They will be debuting with a national craft store and with retailers in late fall and into 2012.   I’ve also partnered up with one of the top Mom children’s room designers, in the industry, to work on branching out into new media, collaborating on projects and some top secret stuff that is oh so exciting.

Here are just a few more of Aaron’s amazing designs and art pieces. To see his entire collection, visit or click here!

Now, just for fun:

Favorite Food-

Anything spicy, five star hot!  As of recent, I’m hooked on roasted hot peppers bedded on a smear of cream cheese and rolled in a spinach tortilla.

Favorite TV Show-

While I’m an intrigued haphazard watcher of Design Star, I am a faithful fan of American Pickers and Modern Family.

Favorite Movie-

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  As a child Roald Dahl’s books nourished my imagination.  The movie versions, while they interpret the book differently, both speak to my inner child.  It’s all about being the good kid, being true to one’s values and family and maybe someday you’ll get your share of the chocolate!

Favorite Weekend Activity-

I have a true love of gardening and plant collecting.  I live in complete zonal denial landscaping our yard with tropical plants that I have to baby through Portland, Oregon’s winter wet and cold.  What good is it to have a hammock without two palm trees to hang it from? Ha, Ha.

Favorite Musician/Band-

When I’m painting in the studio, I enjoy creating playlists that inspire and correspond to the art I’m working on.  Right now, my itunes play count would say my favorite is the swedish band Movits!  Which is funny, because I’m certainly not working on swedish swing art.


Designing a Superhero Room that Moms Love Too!

I’m very excited to have been asked to be a regular guest contributor to Very Rosenberry.  My relationship with the amazing team at Rosenberry Rooms spans back close to 10 years, since I first started selling my children’s art in reproductions. Over time, as both of our kid based ventures have grown, we seem to cross paths more and more.  Now with the intimacy of the social media component and the blogosphere, you would never know we are thousands of miles apart. We are more like neighbors chatting back and forth over the hedge talking shop. While I can’t pop over in my pajamas to borrow sugar for my coffee, I can call upon them to help me and my clients at anytime.  And like any healthy relationship, we support each other. They offer me feedback and cutting edge insight to the trends related to my art and I help them fulfill their customers wish lists by providing them with the best products and designs I can. Sadly, we have yet to figure out how to carpool to the industry trade shows. Dropping by Portland, Oregon on the way from Raleigh, North Carolina is just not practical.

I am a visual thinker. When I design my wall art, I try to visualize what it looks like on the wall, in a room and in a home of a particular style. Until they develop a USB plugin or iPhone app, that allows me to show the slideshows in my head to my clients, I have to put ideas on paper. One of the more convenient ways of expressing a room design visually is a storyboard. Combining the inspiration behind my art and the product power of Rosenberry Rooms, I’ve created an inaugural piece to share with you.

One of my recent wall art introductions, is my Superhero series.  As a children’s room designer, I know that a superhero room is likely the number one request by boys and the most feared and disliked ideas by moms.  Most moms do no like the commercialized graphics, the “less than decorator” color palette and the idea of bringing one more incarnation of television and video life into their homes.  Many of my client moms feel like the arch enemy when their child is told no. In a deep announcer voice, the thoughts are spoken aloud; “Evil mom squashes superhero dream by putting her foot down! Will Johnny survive? Will his superhero dreams be dashed forever?”

Never fear an answer is here! Designed to be the un-commercial version of superhero, my collection explores the genre from a interior design approved angle.  I tried to provide colors, textures and content that express the theme without glaring colors and too much cartoon campy-ness. In matching it to more traditional bedding color options, relating it to popular wall paint colors and providing a combination of colorful and limited palette options, I hope it helps SAVE THE DAY!

In this storyboard, entitled Superhero Class-ified, I’ve combined my signature style of neo-vintage with three of the latest trends in children’s decor. One, being the color grey- while it’s not the new black, it’s a fresh and viable alternative to the taupes, creams and baby blues of the atypical boys room. Second, is rough hewn fabrics and natural materials-  burlap, coarse linen, cork and jute are terrific accents for boy’s rooms and are hot as design ingredients, right now. They are not pretentious, offer rich yet neutral colors and can be used for everything from decorative pillows to upholstery.  The third is text- whether it be words, numbers or quotes the graphic power and humble simplicity of text is a sought out replacement for the more traditional motifs found in kids rooms.

When I design bedrooms and nurseries, I always try to include vintage pieces. Quite often I’m refurbishing or repurposing something my client already owns or I’m shopping my favorite haunts for just the right piece. In this storyboard, I’ve include a vintage stool and a retired marquee letter. To find your own pieces, I might suggest searching your local antique and architectural salvage dealers, online sites like Ebay and Etsy and type “vintage industrial’ into your search engine. For wall art, I’ve narrowed down the selection from my nine pieces to just the ones that are of a limited color palette. These pieces are about as far away from the hues of superhero spandex as possible. If you are still apprehensive about the superhero motif, you can swap these out for a variety of images from my collections of a similar palette for sports or racing.

It is my hope that I’ve class-ified what was once a hard sell for moms and a winner with boys.  If you have any questions feel free to reach out, my email is I look foward to sharing more ideas, d.i.y projects and exploring the kid’s world that’s Very Rosenberry with you, in the months ahead.

The combination of Rosenberry Rooms products includes the notable pieces-

Relic’s Small Storage Bed System

Nostalgic Style Picture Frames by Obrien Schridde Designs

Twelve Timbers “TEXT” Pillows

Simple Steam Punk Pendants by Jamie Young

St Charles Table Lamp Base by Jamie Young with Cork Shade

Rocket Flip Desktop Clock

Dwell bedding separates in Dove

Red Soho Jute Rug by Surya

Superhero Wall Art by Aaron Christensen

Using Decor to Introduce Other Cultures to Kids!

Rosenberry Rooms owner Susie Fougerousse grew up in Toronto, Canada where most of her friends were from other countries, spoke multiple languages and often traveled with their families. This allowed her to quickly gain an appreciation for other cultures and languages and a love for travel. Her husband, who is from Europe, fully shares this sentiment which is why it’s so important for them to pass this on to their five children, ranging in age from 14 to 1.

When they have the time, they make sure to take advantage and travel as a family to different places where their kids can learn and appreciate other cultures, lifestyles and traditions. When they don’t have time to travel, Susie and her husband make an effort to find small but helpful opportunities to achieve this same approach. Whether it’s through the toys their children play with, the television shows they watch or even the decor in their rooms, this general philosophy is introduced to their children each day. Susie shares with us some of her favorite ideas below and you can find others in her article on, Fun Ways to Introduce Other Cultures to Your Kids where you will discover that even if you don’t have time to travel, you too can introduce other cultures to your children, no matter their age.


Something as simple as putting a map in your child’s room, whether it be through wall art, an interactive rug or a wall-sized mural, can invite your child to ask questions and spark conversations about the different parts of the world and the various animals, cuisines, people, countries, climates and landscapes. Above my son’s bed hangs a map, and we spend most nights before he falls asleep reminiscing about places we have travelled to and discussing the cool places he dreams of visiting. Decorating with geography-themed decor is a great way to inspire imaginations.


On rainy days or cold nights, utilize this time inside by inviting your children to watch educational programs (that are fun, too). One of my favorites is the Families of the World video series which takes children through a day in the life of a typical family in a number of countries from around the world. It is a delight to see a child’s fascination and joy when watching these videos that allow them to take a peek through the window into another house in a far away place.


Father, artist and renowned interior designer, Aaron Christensen says, “As parents, we love to think of all the places our children will go, but looking back at the places they’ve been can also be a source of room decor fun. Shelves and shadow boxes are a terrific way to display mementos from their personal travels. While traveling, encourage your child to take their own photographs. Using thumb tacks and string, your little traveler can easily and visually notate, on a map, their world travels or the distant locations of family and friends.”

Photo credit: Centsational Girl

These are just a few of the fun and clever ways you can introduce your children to other cultures that allow them to participate and learn to appreciate their world. For more ideas, be sure to check out the full article on

Kid's Room Design Trends for 2012!

In her latest article for, Rosenberry Rooms’ owner, Susie Fougerousse comments on the trends in design for children’s spaces this year. One of Susie’s favorite things about designing kids’ rooms is that there are no rules or limitations when it comes to designing a space for a child, you can really just have fun. She also explains that although there are always hot colors and popular patterns, most children’s themes never really go out of style, they sometimes simply need a refresher!

With the help of some other creative minds like Aaron Christensen of Embellishments Kids, Naomi Alon and Gerri Panebianco of Little Crown Interiors and Katy Mimari of Caden Lane, you will find a few fresh takes on these classic motifs. Also, make sure to check out the full article (plus photo inspiration) over on!

Circus Charm

“The darling of the Pinterest crowd birthday themes- Circus, will edge its way off the cake table and into the kiddies rooms. The big top combination of eclectic patterns, animal motifs, vintage typography and the classic stripe will charm the little ones. The market’s dazzling array of iron cribs and traditional wooden crib styles will lend nicely to this fun and dynamic theme. Honey toned yellows, teal blues, grayed greens and faded reds are the incoming colors of the circus fans. But don’t be surprised if you see circus themes in soft pastels and unexpected color ways. Sorry clowns, you’re still too scary to be chic again. Maybe next year.” – Aaron Christensen

Science Style

“We’ve seen old school items like maps and globes play heavily into children’s decor, now it’s time to broaden the mind through the other sciences. The addition of biology, ecology, entomology and zoology will compliment the geology trend and bring brains, as well as beauty, to kids room design. Plants, bugs, molecules, hexagons and all things scientific are garnering interest. Brilliant minded rooms will call out for all the colors of the rainbow, in muted tones.” – Aaron Christensen

Forest Flair

“Moms, Dads and designers alike will applaud the trending of Mother Nature’s graphic palette going beyond the tree silhouette and birds, birds and more birds (yes, that includes owls). Forest friends like the fox, bear and raccoon are traveling into the scene and they’re bringing all kinds of patterns with them. You’ll see more wood grain, colorful florals, botanicals and oversized retro variations of plaid mixing in with the funky geometrics we see now. Decor items with a simple, made at summer camp feeling to them will also capture our hearts.” – Aaron Christensen

Chevron Chic

Chevron has definitely made a name for itself in the design world this year. This retro zigzag design has been updated with current colors and is showing up everywhere in children’s rooms from the floors to the walls. “The mod print brings a bold statement on rugs, curtains and bedding and is an easy way to add a pop of color to any room design,” according to bedding designer Katy Mimari of Caden Lane.

Fun Fonts

The personalize-it craze is another trend in kids’ room design that is here to stay. Naomi Alon and Gerri Panebianco, the design team that makes up Little Crown Interiors, a full-service interior design firm, say that finding new and fresh ways to display a child’s name is one of the year’s biggest trends. Update this idea by trying new things like an oversized wall monogram as the focal point of the room or using the classic wooden wall letters but in fun, innovative fonts for a fresh take on a tried-and-true trend.

Looking forward to seeing what 2013 has in store! Happy decorating!

DIY – Upcycled Menagerie!

For all you DIY-ers, we’ve got a really fun project for you and your little one to work on together provided by one of our Creative Contributors, Aaron Christensen of Embellishments Kids! Aaron shows us how to create charming animal sculptures for your child’s room using recyclables you already have at home. These are perfect for the little animal lover or safari themed kid’s room and offer a creative and crafty project for you and your son or daughter to do together! Check out the details from Aaron below and be sure to visit his blog, Embellishments Kids, for an awesome giveaway announcement!

Create fun fauna with everyday recyclables.

Take a long hard look in your recycling bin. It’s crawling with creatures great and small!  Hopefully, not real ones, but fun future faux ones.  Utilizing a few inexpensive supplies and some easy to follow instructions, you and your kiddies can imagine and create artistic fauna decor for their rooms.

As a kid space designer, it is my goal is to have every child’s room be an expression of their personality, creativity and uniqueness.  Quite often, I’ll have the child work with me on a craft project or an art assignment that we will use as decor, in the room.  Kids love to have their art and handicraft on their own walls.  To inspire you, here’s a collection of animal sculptures I created using readily available recyclables.

Taking cues from the kid’s modern movement, your animals can be painted simply, monochromatic or decoupaged with colorful tissue or patterned fabric.  An artistic zoo of animal sculptures would make a great party craft idea, school auction project or make for a fun room decoration.

A wide array of animals can be created with a little ingenuity and an eye for utilizing or altering the shapes of containers.  For something different, cover them with old maps, dictionary pages, clip art or paint them with fun patterns.

Exploring a theme, for your menagerie, can enhance your existing room design or add an eclectic and artistic feel to the space.  Ideas inspired by the a jungle, farm, forest or the sea can offer unlimited animal possibilities. Or, for something different, you can consider making robots, friendly monsters or aliens.

Step-by-step instructions, downloadable templates for the wall mounts and a supply list are provided on my blog found here.

Get your hands dirty, get crafty!

Aaron Christensen is an artist, designer and father of two.  Through his company Embellishments Kids, he designs children’s rooms and spaces, products and creates art in his Portland, Oregon based studio.

Real Rosenberry Rooms Contest – Top 5!

Our Top 5 Real Rosenberry Rooms (round 3) have been selected and are awaiting your votes! Be sure to check out our Facebook album with the images of the rooms and vote for your favorite. The owner of the winning room will receive a bedding set of their choice from Caden Lane! Check out the amazing rooms below and let us know which is your favorite by liking that photo on our Facebook page. To see the full album, click here.

This girl’s nursery features an adorable birdie theme complete with the Love Bird Crib Bedding Set by Bananafish and coordinating mobile. The soft color palette of pinks and blues with a neutral wall make this a serene oasis for little Sophia.

This hot pink and black nursery for baby Brynlee is funky and stylish, perfect for a little diva. The focal point on the wall is the whimsical Butterfly Dreams Wall Decal by Alphabet Garden Designs! The small touches of Zebra print in the wall art and the chandelier are such a fun accent too!

This stunning girl’s nursery is complete with the Caden Lane Finley crib bedding and accessories. The accent wall is stunning and the tree wall decal behind the crib is such a fun focal point. Also in the room is the Pink Three Bead Medium Lamp Base and Scallop Hourglass Medium Lamp Shade in White both by Jubilee with a bow in the Rose Dot fabric from Caden Lane.

This precious girl’s nursery includes the Uma Clear Crystal Tall Lamp with the Cream Pink Floral Lamp Shade, both by Maura Daniel. The changing pad is covered in the Maddie Boo Fabric in Minky Dot Pink, which pulls together the soft colors found throughout the rest of the room.

Representing for the boys, this cute sports-themed nursery includes the Vintage Soccerball and Baseball Canvas Reproductions by Aaron Christensen above the crib. Above the changing table is the Football Star Canvas Reproduction also by Aaron Christensen in between two Star Whimsical Wall Pegs in white.

To vote for your favorite room, ‘like’ Rosenberry Rooms on Facebook and then ‘like’ your favorite photo!

Designer Rooms Spotlight!

Today I want to highlight a few of our awesome designer rooms! We know that has lots and lots of products to choose from and that it can sometimes be overwhelming trying to decide which lighting goes best with which bedding, will this rug look right in the room and so on. Our team of designers and merchandisers have tried to facilitate this for you by creating designer rooms based on various themes. Below are a few of my favorites from each category, but be sure and check out the rest of them for more inspiration!

The Forest Orchid 3-piece Crib Bedding Set by Annette Tatum serves as the inspiration for our Pretty in Purple Nursery. Whimsical lilac and green flowers on the crib bumper and lilac stripes on the skirt create a simple and sweet space for your little girl to rest and play. Accessorize in shades of purple with the organic cotton wall prints by Amenity, lighting by Maura Daniel, a plush hand-tufted wool rug in lilac and a comfy glider from Oilo.

Looking for something dramatically different? Our Wheels Motif Nursery is comfortable and contemporary. The Wheels Motif three-piece crib set in cobalt and the Cohen Glider with custom piping by Oilo creates a sophisticated ambiance with clean, uncluttered lines in your newborn son’s room. The vintage car-themed artwork by Aaron Christensen adds a playful touch!

Your little one will love to sleep in the cozy Sweet Haven Nursery. The White Pique Crib Bedding in Khaki by New Arrivals Inc. and charming art by Doodlefish are simple and classic. Creamy natural linens and satiny-soft cottons bring an effortless elegance to our Sweet Haven Nursery. We paired the bedding and room décor selections with Bratt Décor’s stunning Manhattan Collection.

Our fun Eve Bedroom is a breath of fresh air! The Boutique Pink bedding set is part of the Caden Lane designer collection. Bright, beautiful artwork by Oopsy Daisy artists Gale Kaseguma and the Winborg sisters, lighting by Jubilee, the Aqua shag rug, and cute picture frames complete this fun and funky girl’s room.

Our Owls Sky Bedroom brings classic woodland features and bold hues of green and blue into your boy’s room. A duvet cover and tailored sham in the playful Owls Sky print by DwellStudio is paired with the Elite Reflections Collection by Lea Children’s furniture for a classic and timeless appeal. Throw in a fun wall decal from Alphabet Garden Designs and playful character art to complete this boy’s room.

For more inspiration, click the following category that applies to the type of room you want to create!

Designer Girl’s Nurseries.

Designer Boy’s Nurseries.

Gender Neutral Nurseries.

Designer Girl’s Rooms.

Designer Boy’s Rooms.


Real Rosenberry Rooms Round 2!

Our Top 5 Real Rosenberry Rooms (round 2) have been selected and are awaiting your votes! Be sure to check out our Facebook album with the images of the rooms and vote for your favorite. The owner of the winning room will receive a custom set of wall letters in the design of their choice from our awesome wall letter designs found here! Check out the wow-worthy rooms below and let us know which is your favorite by liking that photo on our Facebook page. To see the full album, click here.

This fun and funky pink and black nursery features two Pink Shaggy Raggy Rugs by The Rug Market, the Amore Crib Bedding and the Bird and Bunny Topiary Canvas Reproductions in pink frames, all by Doodlefish! Not to mention the two Blabla dolls little Zoe is snuggled up to!

In this sports-themed boys room, you see the Football, Basketball and Soccer canvas reproductions by Aaron Christensen as well as the super cool Football Field Pendant hanging from the ceiling to bring it all together!

This room for a six-year-old little girl features a fairies, butterflies and birds theme complete with the gorgeous Emma’s Treasures line of furniture by Lea. In it you see the Mirror Door and Chest, the Nightstand and the intricate Poster Bed all from the Emma’s Treasures collection. Also in this room are the stunning Pink Crystal Dangle Lamp and Pink and Green Five Arm Flower Garden Chandelier by Jubilee!

In this elegant and sophisticated girl’s nursery, you see the Anna Marie Silk Crib Linens with custom embroidery from Olena Boyko on the Casablanca Premiere Crib by Bratt Décor. On the walls are the gorgeous Limited Edition Barbie Art Prints by Art for Kids, the Clear Greta Lamp by Maura Daniel and the vintage Powder Puff Fairy Clock!

In this sophisticated girl’s room you see the Grand Fleur Peony Bedding from Annette Tatum, the Child’s Settee in Corsica Pistachio by Little Castle as well as the Julianne Chandelier! There are also two super cozy white shag rugs that help complete this big girl room!

To vote for your favorite room, ‘like’ Rosenberry Rooms on Facebook and then ‘like’ your favorite photo!



Real Rosenberry Rooms Contest Top 5!

Our Top 5 Real Rosenberry Rooms have been selected and are awaiting your votes! Be sure to check out our Facebook album with the images of the rooms and vote for your favorite. The winning room will get to choose a canvas reproduction of their choice from Oopsy Daisy Fine Art for Kids! Check out the wow-worthy rooms below and let us know which is your favorite by liking that photo on facebook. To see the full album, click here.

In this modern boy’s nursery, you’ll find the Sticks Three-Piece Crib Set in Pewter by Oilo as well as the 4 Boy’s Toys Canvas Reproductions from Oopsy Daisy!

In this gorgeous girl’s nursery you see the Caden Lane Finley bedding, Caden Lane Rose Lattice and Zebra fabric for the window seat and coordinating pillows as well as the Blooming Tree Wall Decal I from Alphabet Garden Designs behind the crib!

This boy’s nursery includes 6 vintage sports canvas reproductions by Aaron Christensen, New Arrivals Inc. Red Star Wooden Bookends, I Love You Picture Frame in Blue and the New Arrivals crib sheet in Blue Dottie!

This pink baby girl’s room includes the gorgeous Path Canvas Reproduction by MaryJack Studios!

This aviation-themed boy’s nursery includes the Capital Wall Letters in Red by New Arrivals, the Red Jenny Vintage & Yellow Barnstormer art pieces, the Pickup Truck Canvas Reproduction and the super cool Biplane Fighter Pendant!

The *winner will be announced November 30, 2011!

Thank you to Oopsy Daisy for partnering with us on this contest!

*Winner will receive one canvas reproduction from the Oopsy Daisy collection. Options do not include over-sized (39″ or more vertically or horizontally) or framed canvases. Any products labeled backorder or preorder on will not be included.


Creative Contributors

Maureen Anders

Maureen AndersA Michigan native, Maureen Anders grew up surrounded by creativity and design, and has always had a true passion for creating her own masterpieces. Drawing and sketching, painting and paper crafts, graphic design, sewing and smocking – the list goes on. Even with her art and design passion, she attended the University of Michigan College of Engineering to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Operations Engineering. She met the love of her life during her sales training program, moved to North Carolina, and hasn’t looked back!

She loved staying home with her boys, Jeffrey and Pierson, but had always needed a creative outlet to keep balance. Maureen started a business in 2006, Posh Papier, where she designed handmade invitations and took on large-scale art projects seen in House Beautiful and Lonny Magazine.

She loved working for herself, but always missed having a partner to bounce ideas off of, to be inspired by, and to collaborate with on late-night projects. When she met Adria Ruff at a random preschool open house, it just clicked and she knew it was meant to be! Maureen and Adria decided to work together in printable graphic design, calling themselves “Anders Ruff.”

Anders Ruff has been a dream for Maureen and every day she wakes up with as smile knowing that she will never “work” a day in her life.


Adria Ruff

Adria RuffAdria was born and raised in Lancaster, Ohio. She attended Auburn University, where she earned a Bachelor’s of Science and studied Fashion Merchandising, Design and Product Management (specializing in Design). She met her husband in her hometown during Christmas break in college. They have two daughters, Brynne and Grayce.

Before having her second daughter Grayce, she quit the corporate life. While staying at home with her daughters, Adria created a small photography business in her hometown. A few years later she incorporated graphic design with her photography as well as custom invitations. She had finally found her true passion!

In December, 2009, Adria’s husband’s job was uprooted, which brought them to Fort Mill, South Carolina. For the first two months after the move, all she did was paint and decorate her house – until one day she bumped into (and officially met) Maureen Anders. The two hit it off immediately and decided to work together in printable graphic design, calling themselves “Anders Ruff.”

Their design work started selling immediately, and in the blink of an eye Anders Ruff Custom Designs was created. Adria and Maureen are humbled daily by the support and encouragement they have gotten from friends, family, clients and new online business acquaintances!


Annette Tatum

Annette TatumWhenever I am designing a room, either for a nursery or the whole family, I look to create interesting living spaces rather than the perfect room. In my life, perfect does not exist – especially with four children and a dog – and my life’s imperfections are apparent in my lifestyle and my design choices. I create rooms for living, and with that sensibility comes the layered room concept I embrace. I am often asked the question, “What is your own personal style?” The answer is just that: My style is my own personal style, made of bits and treasures of what I like, combined with colors and textures that appeal to me, mixed in with the language of the people who I live with. The result is a basic traditional framework from which I build upon all the things I love. A romantic sofa paired with mod lamps, or a colorful bohemian tapestry rug under a classic four-poster bed  somehow it all works because it is all a little bit of me. I also have to create room in my home for others’ ideas, likes and dislikes. Learning to layer your own styles and the styles of those around you creates your personal style. Adding this layer of other personalities is what makes the rooms of my home ours.

xo Annette


Lynlee Beckett

Lynlee BeckettLynlee founded Lynlee’s Petite Cakes in 2010, shortly after throwing her daughter’s third birthday party, when her love of planning parties, crafting and decorating cupcakes culminated into an undeniable passion. After working in the fashion industry as an Accessories buyer for 10 years, Lynlee transitioned into the party world and began by offering fondant-decorated cupcakes to local Las Vegas, Nevada customers. One year later, the business has expanded to providing custom-designed cupcake and cake fondant toppers that can be shipped across the country and utilized to decorate homemade or store-bought baked goods and petite treats!

As Lynlee’s Petite Cakes continues to grow, so does its services, including party styling and consultations for celebrations of all kinds. Her mission is to help plan and throw an unforgettable and personalized party that will forever remain in the hearts of friends and loved ones!

Aaron Christensen

Aaron ChristensenAaron Christensen is an artist, designer and the creative force behind Embellishments Kids, his children’s design persona. Offering the juvenile industry his unique style of art and a masculine approach to addressing the needs of children’s spaces, Aaron’s works have quickly become tried and true classics. Through his company, he offers child-specific design, murals and handcrafted elements to create magical environments for residential and commercial clients. A father of two, living in Portland, Oregon, he’s an avid gardener, do-it-yourselfer and collector of things. Nurtured to celebrate his artistic talent from an early age, Aaron combines that gift and his training as a high-end holiday and display designer with the tactile crafts of woodworking and sculpting to transform his ideas into reality. His studio, in his own words, “is part a one-man manufacturing plant, museum and oversized craft room.” Aaron feels lucky and blessed to be able to play, create and dream like a kid, as a professional. He works hard to instill fun and childish mayhem into everyday life. While he takes the business side very seriously, he balances it out by remaining a true kid at heart saying, “My job may be childish, but someone has to do it….so neener, neener, neener!”


Paula Biggs

Paula BiggsPaula was smitten with the beautiful illustrations and stories that came alive from the well-worn pages of her beloved fairy tale book as a child. Her favorite was always the frog prince – her mother read it to her over and over (and over). The princess was glamorous, and the prince something wonderful in an unexpected package. The magic in fairy tales always sparked her imagination, both then and now.

After earning a degree in marketing and working in communications for a decade, Paula was finally able to return to that very same fairy tale book when she had two children. Her love of spinning a little magic into their birthday parties gave way to creating Frog Prince Paperie. Paula is currently based out of sunny Melbourne, Florida and has designers across the country that help her provide clients unforgettable event graphics.


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