Tips on Traveling with Children

Travelling with your little one can be difficult even at the best of times, so we have devised a a small list on how to achieve fuss-free travel.

The Perfect Stroller

Whether you’re travelling from home to the supermarket, or even from New York to Paris, one of the most important ways to avoid a melt-down is the perfect stroller. Strollers should be versatile, functional and safe, and can mean the difference between balancing your child on one hip and your heavy suitcase in your free hand, and seamless, stress-free commuting. Every parent will have a different idea on what they need in a stroller, so here are a few of our favorites.


Evo Stroller in Black


Quad Stroller in Red


Classic Pram in Navy Blue


Hand’s Free Travel

Another convenient way of travelling with infants is using a sling or pouch. This way, your hand’s are free and you have a lot more mobility. This is additionally convenient when flying because you don’t have the hassle of carrying a stroller or pram, and can avoid the dreaded ‘lost luggage’ department.


Maya Wrap in Grey


Baby Sling in Lola



The Perfect Bag

Every parent will agree that having the right baby bag to suit your lifestyle is paramount. Picture this: You’re at the check-in counter at the airport, your baby is fussing because they don’t want to be held anymore, you reach into your bag to try and find your passports. You pull out keys, a toy, a bottle, and everything else but the passports! This stressful situation can be completely avoided by having the perfect bag with specific compartments for bottles, diapers, pacifiers and – best of all – passports. Luckily, we have a bag to suit every style.


Tan Leather Slouch Tote



Brooke Backpack in Black


Tote Diaper Bag in Navy and Orange


Versatile Baby Blanket

A swaddle or blanket can make all the difference in airports, car rides or train trips. A swaddle is versatile because it offers both comfort for baby in those cold airport terminals, and privacy for you and baby if needed. Swaddles and baby blankets can also help if your baby or toddler gets tired or anxious, as many children find comfort in their favourite blanky. blankey, swaddle baby blanket


Personalized Modern Stripe Blanket


Anchors Aweigh Cotton Muslin Blankets (Set of 3)


The Velveteen Rabbit Baby Blanket


Enjoy your next adventure!


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