A Back to School Party!

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We love teachers, we love books, we love how this party looked! So, while the rest of us are fighting crowds and scrambling to complete the “Back to School” list for each of our dear sweet children, another Mom is out there throwing together a quick impromptu party to celebrate the last days of summer. Bettina, a Berlin customer of ours, threw such a precious Back to School party for her son and his friends that we couldn’t keep the party photos all to ourselves.

Bettina used our “Back to School” printable collection for her decorations and shared the details of her party:

“It was the last week of our summer-holidays when I found your lovely printables. I thought they were so cute, so I decided that I wanted to make the last day of summer a little special for my son Caspar and his little friends.”

8PUV69fnP7WIdeivC99NsZGBRJ0nlHlbukJTscZxbKo copy WWBp_grMXVnejTGzO2Nmbawag4cZegxxsxJe1p-psMQ“I took a side table and threw a white blanket/table cloth over it. I wanted it to look easy and natural.  I bought little cherry lollipops on sticks and then I filled some colored cups with floral foam. I just turned the cups upside down and pressed them into the foam. It kind of felt like cookie cutting. This way the cups were filled and I just put the lollies into the cups and then glued the Anders Ruff printable cupcake toppers to the cups.”RzeRl5-OTzcnvcCM5Cb80VBfVjH1BBitNmV4fXkOL7U“I put some lovely french mandarin lemonade in little bottles for the kids to have some little drinks. Three glass jars were filled with candy and the big one was closed with a little cupcake topper which I glued to a red ribbon around the jar in the middle.”y7UHOSumHAs6bktz_wVafavSAS5aMc4EtofJ7ybhkFM8zhnpuu56zuAipXAa2kuhTnd8RtjI80OqqmwZHOJpKc-2“I took a side table to decorate some little gifts for the kids: I had sticker paper and decorated little lunch boxes, crayons and little note books as well as plain stickers for the kids to use as name tags for their books.”

dZCFmzb5diq4qWW10MC91lwzjYho8NHyjsCJyBdrkx0collage-3“My favorite item from this little party was my piñata. I love piñatas. I wanted one that matched the design so I decided to make an apple, which I filled with sweets. There are several tutorials for piñatas on the web right now. I hung it in our apple tree and the kids had so much fun.”

Back to School Printables from the Anders Ruff Shop
Party Styling by Bettina

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