Happy Father's Day!

What melts a mother’s heart faster than a man with his child? There are not too many things that make our hearts melt! This Father’s Day we wanted to share some adorable images of dads and their children from April Marie Photography! While you get ready to celebrate a day dedicated to dad, take a look at these oh-so-sweet snaps!

AprilMariePhoto01AprilMariePhoto02AprilMariePhoto03AprilMariePhoto04AprilMariePhoto05 AprilMariePhoto06 AprilMariePhoto07 AprilMariePhoto08 AprilMariePhoto09 AprilMariePhoto10The photos below are of April’s husband, Shawn, and their daughter Marlowe. Here are a few sweet words from April about Shawn and his new role as Marlowe’s dad!

AprilMariePhoto11“Shawn stepped into the world of Fatherhood with exceptional grace and selflessness. He was prepared to clean nasty diapers (the very first one was the worst, so he says!), give baths to, play with and cherish our daughter right from the start. He enjoyed being involved every step of the way. As cliche as it may sound, I’m going to say it anyway: I cannot imagine life without Shawn around to love on our daughter, side-by-side, with me. He is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom and I look to him for guidance when life-changes happen with Marlowe.

Even though he’s only been a dad for 11 months, Shawn has proven time and time again that he is, in my eyes, the world’s best dad. I appreciate my husband, the father of our precious daughter, more than words can say.”


Do you have photos of your favorite dad? Share them with us!

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