How To: Mix and Match Patterns!

Mixing patterns can be tricky and scary! How do you pair your favorite chevron and floral prints without the room giving you a migraine? Not to fear – mixing up patterns and colors is easier than you may think! Here is Elizabeth’s advice on where to start.

CadenLane-chevron1. Begin with the boldest pattern. Is there one fabric or wallpaper that you are just in love with? Great! Use this as your inspiration. You can pull other patterns from the colors found in the busiest pattern.

2. Use three different patterns. The rule of thirds is great for mixing patterns as it will create visual interest in a space! Try picking a large bold pattern, followed by a medium pattern, and then a small pattern.

Patterns1New Arrivals Inc – Candy Polka Dot // New Arrivals Inc – Layla Rose // Velvet Yellow Upholstery Fabric

 3. Mix up the prints! Try not to use three geometric prints or three floral prints. A large floral pattern, small geometric pattern, and solid color will always look great together. A large chevron, medium lattice, and small polka dot will be a little too busy and will have less depth.

Patterns2Doodlefishes Doodlefish Fabric // Navy Fabric // Boardwalk Doodlefish Fabric
Patterns3Purple Paris Sketch Wallpaper // New Arrivals Inc – Lime Green Stripe // New Arrivals Inc – Itsy Bitsy Dots in Lilac

4. Think about texture. Using three woven cotton fabrics won’t give as much oomph to a room like a velvet, satin, and sheer fabric combination will.

5. Still stuck? Look for inspiration! Check out our selection of crib bedding and kids’ bedding to see how our favorite designers use patterns and colors! Here are a few complete examples!

The Feather Your Nest in Aqua crib bedding set by New Arrivals Inc does a great job mixing a bold and fun aviary pattern on the crib skirt with a small polka dot pattern on the sheets! We also love the geometric wallpaper that serves as the medium pattern for the space!

NewArrivals-featheryournestAlso by New Arrivals Inc is the whimsical Primrose Lane crib bedding set that combines small polka dots, a medium chevron, and a large floral pattern!


NewArrivals-PrimroseLaneTake a look at the Plum Crazy Flat Skirt crib bedding set by Caden Lane! The bold floral crib skirt, the swirl geometric sheets, and the medium-sized floral baby blanket look amazing together!


CadenLane-closeupTo really show off your new skills, you can design your own custom crib bedding! Use our fun tool to choose from a wide selection of fabrics and preview your designs. Now that you have all the tips and tricks, you are ready to create your own mix and match space!

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