Get to know Joanne Laipson of Checkerboard!

JoanneCheckerboard brings you an extensive collection of personalized home accessories allowing you to create custom, one of a kind art and decor. Featuring high quality and modern designs, this collection has everything from nursery art to personalized placemats. Family owned and founded in 1989, Checkerboard has been providing families with personalized home decor for over two decades. With such an amazing standard of quality in their products we couldn’t wait to introduce you on a more personal level. Everyone, meet Joanne Laipson, Vice President of Checkerboard!

Name: Joanne Laipson
Business: Checkerboard Lifestyle

How would you define the style philosophy of your work?
Checkerboard has been known for three generations as a leading fine stationery manufacturer. Our fine personalized invitations and announcements have helped people celebrate life’s major events in a unique way for years. Checkerboard’s reputation for personalized and customized products beyond stationery is the premise behind our newest offering, Checkerboard Lifestyle. We understand extraordinary design and personalization and have created “made-to-order” lifestyle, gift and home décor objects of refined beauty.
CheckerboardWhy did you choose to create children’s art as well as home decor?
We’ve been well known for our birth announcements and children’s birthday party invitations for years and for this reason, we feel we have a unique understanding of what parents want from a design perspective to celebrate their child. Moving into décor with our designs for kids is a natural evolution.

What is your favorite part of your daily work when you reflect on the day, what is most rewarding?
We’re incredibly lucky to be in the business of happiness. Whether our products are purchased for one’s own use or as a gift, we continually hear that our products surprise and delight. What a fun thing to be able to do everyday!
PillowsWhat sets your products apart from others in your industry?
Well, we think are design aesthetic is pretty special. We’re on trend but not too trendy. Our products can live happily in your home for years, not just one season. And, Rosenberry Rooms offers a great selection of our personalized products. There is nothing that puts a smile on a child’s face (or a Mom’s face, for that matter) than something personalized just for them. And at a reasonable price!

If you had to pick a favorite piece from your collection, what would it be?
Boy, one is not easy to do. Let me give you a few for different purposes. For a gift for a newborn, I love the Baby Banner throw pillow (and the Baby Bunting wall décor). Totally fun, great colors, simple and clean aesthetic.
ArtMy father collects anything that is ‘Elephant’ so a gift of our wall art item for him was a big hit. Our Zoo wall art collection showcases all different type of zoo animals from crocodiles to zebras. And, for each animal, their unique attributes are highlighted. For example, did you know that elephants have a way of using their ears to regulate their body temperature? I’d put a piece from the Zoo Collection on my wall just because it looks good but other folks might buy it as a learning tool (plus it looks good)!
crikeyFinally, I have our Urban Chic placemats at my home and I use them for dinner parties. My guests love them and of course, the personalization knocks socks off!
PlacematsDo you have any news that you would like to share, perhaps about upcoming designs or introductions to your line?
We have some new designs particularly for kids and babies coming soon. Emily of Rosenberry Rooms gave us feedback on many of these designs while they were in planning stage. We look forward to launching them soon on Rosenberry Rooms!

Now Just for Fun:
Favorite Food:
Probably the better question is what food don’t I like? We really love to entertain and I try to prepare something I’ve never tried before at every dinner party. It’s called living dangerously. You never know what might happen but I’ve had surprisinglyfew disasters. But the few I’ve had have been pretty spectacular disasters – fortunately with good friends!

Favorite TV Show: This week it is House of Cards. Ask me again next week.

Favorite Movie: I loved Hugo. Great story and equally beautifully filmed.

Favorite Weekend Activity: I’m a hiker. I take my little Border Terrier and head for the hills.

Favorite Band: Well, I suspect I will disappoint here. I think I was born in the wrong era. I’m not a current music buff. Give me a little Frank Sinatra or Etta James and I’m happy.

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