Staff Holiday Gift Picks: Kimberly

Kimberly-Holiday-PicksWe are so excited to share Kimberly’s holiday gift picks with you! As one of our Sales Representatives she knows what products you love!

yhst-83532116742892_2286_28737173943This papier mache bull head is a great gift and conversation piece!  Trust me; I have one above my kitchen table.

yhst-83532116742892_2291_5202215161This art center is great to nurture creativity while keeping supplies organized.

yhst-83532116742892_2291_2913111671This decorative hot air balloon is perfect for the adventurous spirit.

yhst-83532116742892_2287_1178300334This wood monogram is a classic gift, great for all ages.  A must have for any empty wall!

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