Meet Shell Dransart of Wildflower Studio Photography

Company Name: Wildflower Studio Photography
Name: Shell Dransart
Occupation: Photographer

Kirk Collage1What inspired you to be a photographer?

There are a few main things that have always made me want to pull out my camera- natures beauty, my imagination needing to express itself, trying to express the emotions I feel in images, and capturing the essence of people/animals. I have always loved to create in some form- my mom will tell you that – she said it was like oxygen to me. Even from a young age I have always loved taking photos. I remember my first camera I got as a gift as a little one. I loved the feeling of capturing the world through my eyes, my own perspective and also experimenting with different angles, etc.  As I grew older what really got me inspired is my appreciation for nature’s beauty and also my love of travel and my fascination with different cultures around the world. Then, once I had kids I found a new love for photography- portraits of my kids and capturing their raw sweetness and funny little expressions and just documenting them as who they are. Also, once I had kids, photography was the most accessible and practical type of a creative outlet for me, the paints, writing, crotchet and other projects took the backburner, but photography became my main source of creative expression.

DSC_9622What is your favorite part of your daily work … when you reflect on the day, what is most rewarding?

Hands down, when my clients light up when they see their images (or even cry tears of joy) and tell me I saw who they really are, or who their child really is, etc. and that I was able to capture it in a personal artwork for them to cherish forever. I feel so blessed I am able to make so many people happy and help families see their own love in photographs, and it’s a job that brings me so much joy. To know I am able to make so many people feel beautiful inside and out and capture love and memories is pretty amazing.

Receiving all of the wonderful emails and notes and texts and calls make me know I am doing what I was meant to do. That is all so rewarding.

SideBySide2Do you have any advice for other working moms?

I think it’s really important to carve out a little time each day just for you. It doesn’t matter if it’s 10 minutes or an hour. Do something that brings you simplicity & allows you some peace of mind, or joy. For me, I know my magic recipe is going on a walk or jog outside- even if it’s freezing cold- its like medicine for me. I need a little time to breathe fresh air, get my body moving and get some daydreaming in. This is when my most creative ideas come to me as well. You need to find your simple recipe and take time at least once a day to do something that brings you peace or joy.

MarMini-5202-3 72What is your most memorable photo session?

I put my heart and soul into each & every photo session I do, and I am not just saying that. I am passionate when planning each and every session I do.  I have so many that come to mind, but the one I was touched very deeply by was one I did for a dear family a few years ago who had just lost their husband/ father to a tragic accident. They hadn’t had photos taken since their loss, and I wanted with my whole heart to just be there for them and capture the love and beauty between that sweet mom and her 2 little ones. The shoot ended up being very simple, but what was so memorable is that when I was going through the images I fell in love of this one of their faces- all of their 3 heads together with mom in the middle of her 2 children. What struck me was that there in that very image was their dad, her husband- right there in the photo! How had I not seen in in the session? It was totally unplanned. There on here necklace- center stage of that photo-was his wedding band. He was indeed in their family photo after all. It’s a family photo I will never forget.

MayMini11-9898 72If you could photograph anyone in the world, who would it be?

Rather than say some famous person who gets photos taken all of the time, more than anything I would LOVE to one day photograph children and families all around the world. I would love to make a book of their beauty and exhibit love around the world. Kids are probably the hardest subjects to photograph because they tell it like it is. They don’t fake it. They are so challenging, but I can’t stop being inspired by the wonder and innocence and imagination of children. Kids are so unpredictable in their moods, so it can be a tough challenge, and requires a lot of patience, but children are so rewarding to me. I love seeing the purity in a child’s expression or emotion and sense of wonder. I would love to travel and photograph children from all over in their happy place, or in their play or daily life.

2013-11-07_0001 72What thing/place/event were you most recently inspired by?

The incredible colors of autumn in New England and New York. I am from Southern California, so moving to a place with 4 seasons is quite a change for me! I love experiencing the changing seasons. Fall has always been a favorite of mine, and now its just spectacular here in New England with the colorful fall foliage. Now that colder weather is on the way, I am inspired to take some more snowy images, as well as more documentary photography indoors of my kids just being kids in our cozy home.

DSC_8886 2 72

Malone-4307 2 72

Where is your favorite place you have traveled to?

This is such a hard question for me to answer! I Love Travel, and I have a hard time picking favorites. I am one of those people that tries not to repeat a trip, but Italy is irresistible. I also really love many of Indonesia’s islands and cultures.


Where in the world are you dying to go next?

Oh boy, are you sure you want to ask me this? I am all over the place when it comes to this question! Before becoming a mom, the answer would be some crazy far off land, but now my answer is anywhere with my family- I did a lot of international travel and not much of North America before now and now that seems to be my main focus.. Now I have dreams of traveling around the US in a VW bus with my little clan: my hubby, 2 boys and our dog, lol! J but aside from that crazy idea, I tend to be drawn to places that promote and support the local musicians and artists. We just went to New Orleans in May, Montreal and Quebec City in August and it was so amazing to see places that are so supportive of the arts and music. I want to continue to travel to more places like that. I would LOVE to go back to Europe with my kids. I can’t wait to take my kids with me to more places and have them experience the art, food and culture. Also, I’d like to show them the Swiss Alps. I lived with a sweet family there before I was married and had my own family. It’s such an incredibly breathtaking place. My hubby is an avid surfer, and it’s his turn to pick our next destination. It would be fun to see a new part of South America.

DSC_8775-4cr1 72What is your favorite Rosenberry Rooms product(s)?

The Ava Dolls are adorable and I love products that inspire creativity and imagination- I think they would do just that. Also, I am really digging the eco-friendly stuff you have as well!

2013-11-15_0003 72Do you have any news that you would like to share, perhaps about upcoming events or projects?

What I am really excited about right now is how much travel I am doing for work. I have shoots in Martha’s Vineyard, MA, Southern CA, CT, and NYC to name a few. I have always loved photography and travel and I am so thrilled and beyond blessed that I have a job that pays me to do what I am passionate about. I also have a few exciting upcoming travel sessions that have been scheduled: I will be shooting in California in January and Costa Rica in Feb 2014!


Now, just for fun:

Favorite Food: I love trying different restaurants and I will try just about anything, although I’m not a fan of red meat. My favorite things are fresh veggies & fruits, good coffee, and locally caught fresh fish.

Favorite TV Show: I am THE WORST on this subject. Out of choice, my hubby and I don’t have cable  and I am so out of habit on not watching TV, I simply forget to use it.  I have been watching this show on Netflix- I think it is from the Discovery Channel called Alaska: The Last Frontier. I am a bit obsessed with it. I will watch like 5 episodes in a row. I am so inspired by this family that lives purely off of the land. I really respect them and their simple life living off of the land.

Favorite Movie: I can never say just one favorite movie! It all depends on my mood. I especially love movies that show the details of a place. I love cinematography. I will watch a foreign films just to see a different culture and feel like I am taking a mini trip.  Other than that, if you were to ask me which movie I have seen the most, it would probably be a movie that had Bill Murray in it. We love all movies with Bill Murray!

DSC_2491 72Favorite Weekend Activity: I love being outdoors in nature with my family, no matter what the season. Our favorite activities are visiting local farms, something involving the ocean or rivers in the warmer seasons- canoeing, surfing, etc. and skiing/snowboarding in winter.  I also love exploring new places with my family. Now that we live on the East coast, we are always looking for more to learn and experience that is different than our CA experiences.

Favorite Musician/Band: Aside from my hubby & kids (who really inspire me), I would say it really depends on my mood. I have a very eclectic mix of music in my library varying from music from all over the world, reggae, jazz, rock and then modern stuff like Phoenix, The Lumineers & Mumford & Sons, and oldies like Ella Fitgerald, and Billie Holiday.

2013-09-20_0002 72

Wildflower Studio Photography




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  1. These photos are so magical! Love it!

  2. Absolutely GORGEOUS work by Shell! She captures the true essence of the people she photographs. Not just their image, but their heart, their soul. Her pictures are always incredible. Wish I was more local to her to have our pictures done!!!!

  3. Could you be anymore passionate or wonderful? Beautiful work. Beautiful woman.

  4. Danae Peloquin says:

    I haven’t had the chance to really travel, for my photography, but I love how you are able to catch the essence of the surrounding nature in all of your work.

  5. I love Michelle’s photography, in fact I get the privilege to shoot along side her at a few weddings. As she returns the favor for me, she is the best I could ask for. She is an amazing talent artist, and is easy to get along with. She photographed myself as I needed some headshots for my recently published book. I was worried as I’m the one all ways behind the lens, but I felt so calm and wasn’t worried at all because I knew my photo’s would be great! This is a great article/interview and it’s really her!

  6. This interview really captures you. Thanks for sharing. You are very talented. I was touched by the story about your favorite photo session.

  7. Love your eye for color Shell!

  8. Thank you all so much for the wonderfully sweet comments! I am really touched. Also thank you again Rosenberry Rooms for the fun interview and featuring my work! <3

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